The Ultimate Round Up of Healthy Sugarless Snack for Your Kids this Halloween


Shops may be filled with sugar-filled candy and treats, but that doesn’t mean your Halloween needs to be filled with it. As we learn more about sugar and its effect on obesity and tooth decay, more and more parents are looking at ways to remove it from the diet.

The great news is that there are some fun snacks to create for the kids. They’ll forget all about the snacks being sugarless and focus more on the great time they can have with food. They’ll enjoy being creative and parents will love you for sharing healthy alternatives when it comes to trick or treating.

Here’s a look at a range of sugarless snacks for your kids this Halloween. Note that they are added sugarless. There are plenty of natural sugars in the likes of fruits, but in healthy amounts, they’re not about to cause problems for your kids. Our bodies are used to processing them.

Orange Pumpkins

Let’s start with something simple and quick to make—something that suitable for kids of all ages. How often have you noted that oranges look like mini pumpkins?

Well, there are a couple of ways that you can use this to your advantage. The first is to peel some little satsumas. Don’t separate the segments. Chop up some celery sticks, so they look like mini stalks and place them in the middle of your oranges—the gap that’s created when you peel them.

Serve them on a plate, and they’ll look like mini pumpkins. They’re great for a kid’s party, as well as for healthy snacks for your kids.

You could also cut the top off a larger orange and scoop out the middle. Carve a little face into the side of the orange, like you would with a pumpkin. Chop up some fresh fruit and add in your scooped out oranges. Serve it all in your little Jack ‘O Lantern orange as a fun fruit salad bowl!

Another idea for the orange pumpkins is to use soft cheese instead. Turn it into a ball and gently slice a knife to create the segment outlines. Add a small pretzel stick in the middle. This is a great way to add a little more dairy to your child’s diet.

Mummified Cheese on Toast

Toast can make a great snack for kids. It’s easy to make and very easy to eat. Cheese on toast tends to be a firm favorite for many, and it’s time to make it more Halloween-like.

Make your toast as you usually, would. While that’s cooking, slice up some cheese in thin strips, so it looks like bandages.

Once your toast is cooked, layer some tomato paste (that you’d used for pizzas) over the top. Layer your cheese strings across to make it look like you’re wrapping the toast up with the bandages. Pop under the grill just to melt the cheese.

While you grill, chop an olive up into slices to create the eyes. Pull the toast from the cheese and add the eyes to serve. Your kids will love it. You can even chop up a bit of pepper and use it to make it look like a tongue is sticking out.

Create Pizza Fingers

Make your own cheesy pizza. You could cheat with this by buying a frozen pizza, but watch out for the added salt in many of them!

Making your own pizza is very easy. You can get the pizza base or make one with the following:


  • A pack of active dry yeast
  • 1 cup warm water
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • 1 tsp salt


  • 1. Preheat oven to 350F.
  • 2. Dissolve the yeast in the warm water for about 10 minutes.
  • 3. Mix the flour, oil, and salt in a bowl. Add the yeast and stir to combine fully. When the dough becomes stiff, cover and allow it to rise for 30minutes.
  • 4. Place the dough onto a surface and roll out into a pizza shape.
  • 5. Cover with your tomato sauce and cheese and bake for 20 minutes.

Once cooked, slice the pizza into finger strips. Chop up pepper into small triangles to look like nails and add them onto the tip of your pizza slices. Serve with five slices shaped like a hand, and it looks like you have Halloween pizza fingers.

You’ll get a couple of pizzas out of the mixture included above, so you’ll be able to make plenty of snacks for the friends your kids have over or make them the fingers for a Halloween party.

If you don’t want to make fingers, you could make spider webs. Before cooking your pizza, arrange the cheese so that it wraps in circles like a spider web over the tomato sauce. Chop up a black olive, so it has a large body with 8 legs for your spider and place on your pizza. Cook in the same way that you would above.

Kids will love this as a Halloween dinner and not just a snack!

Boo-Nana Frozen Yogurt Pops

A little bit of sugar isn’t going to cause any harm, and if you play this one right, the only sugar will be in the chocolate drops (which will end up being negligible.

Start with bananas. Slice them in half vertically and then in half horizontally. Use popsicle sticks to slide up the middle of the banana and cover in natural Greek yogurt. Check out the packets for the amount of sugar in them.

Place two chocolate drops on for the eyes and then pop on a baking trap. Place in the freeze until the yogurt is set and serve cold.

You can also do this without the yogurt and the popsicle sticks. Just slice the bananas in half vertically and pop a couple of chocolate drops on the tips for the eyes. You can add a third for the ghoulish mouth. Serve on a plate with your orange pumpkins.

Cheese String Pretzel Brooms

Who said pretzels had to be boring? You can make them into mini witches’ brooms with cheese strings.

Chop up your cheese strings into 3-4in sections. Separate half way up the sections to create a broom-like appearance. Slide the mini pretzel sticks into the middle of the cheese string sections and hold in place with some fresh chive.

Do watch out for the pretzel sticks that you buy. While they won’t be covered in sugar, some of them have large amounts of salt. You don’t want to replace the bad for more bad.

You’ll also want to check the ingredients on the cheese strings. Some do have added sugar.

Spider Crackers

Crackers, like pretzel sticks, can be used in fun and entertaining ways. You can use them to create spiders. You’ll need pretzel sticks to complete this idea since crackers never break how we’d like them to!

There are two ways to make these cracker spiders. You can use peanut butter or cream cheese. Peanut butter is a great option as long as your kids aren’t allergic to it. If you’re going to throw a party, opting for cream cheese is often a safer option, since you won’t always know what people are allergic to.

Get two around crackers for the spider body. On one side of one cracker, add your cream cheese or peanut butter. Add 8 mini pretzel sticks to the cream cheese to create the spider legs. Put to one side.

On the second cracker, add two small dollops of your filling and add two raisins for the eyes. Piece the spider bodies together and place on a plate. Your spider cracker is ready to be eaten.

If you don’t want to do crackers, why not opt for sandwiches instead? You can cut your bread into small circles with the cream cheese and add strings of carrots or cheese instead of the pretzel sticks. There’s no need to add the eyes to this, although you can use bits of carrot or cheese on one of the slices of bread.

Bread Stick Bones

Remember that pizza dough recipe above? Well, this also makes bread and you can use it for this great kid-friendly snack.

Shape your bread into bone-shaped breadsticks instead. These are so great that they work as a snack or served with a meal, especially with soup!

Monster Mouths

Monster mouths are really fun to make and are absolutely delicious snacks. They’re a firm favorite in this household.

All you need is an apple (or two), some peanut butter, and some mini marshmallows. Slice your apple into segments. You’ll need to work quickly as the apples will start to go brown because of the air.

Add a little bit of peanut butter onto one slice of apple and then place three or four marshmallows along the segment. Add a second segment on top. You want the segments to sit so the teeth are on the skin side to make the skin look like lips.

You can also use slivered almonds or coconut flakes for the teeth instead. Add toothpicks to the top of the apple, with marshmallows on top for the eyes.

These monster mouths can also be made with sugar snap peas. Slice the peas in the middle just to open them up. Add in mini slices of cheese and a slice of pepperoni for the tongue!

Olive Worm

Kids seem to love their food created into animals—even the creepy crawlies they find on the ground. Actually, especially the creepy-crawlies found in the ground.

You can create a work out of olives, with a dollop of cream cheese to finish off this healthy sugarless snack. Add small bits of cream cheese on the front Olive with two little cuttings of olives for the eyes. Add to make even more fun with a bit of carrot for the tongues.

Do keep in mind that olives aren’t delicious for all kids. You can recreate this with raisins if you find your kids aren’t the biggest fans of the Med snacks.

Celery Mummies

There’s no need to spend time baking something to have fun with food. Celery is a great bed for all sorts of fillings. In this case, use it with hummus or cream cheese and some ham slices.

Slice the ham into strips to look like bandages. You can also use some cheese if your kid prefers this. Layer a bit of cream cheese or hummus in the middle of the celery stick and then wrap your ham and cheese slices across the top. If you want to get adventurous and don’t mind getting your hands messy, you can wrap the ham and cheese around a sausage shape of cream cheese or hummus and then place in the middle of your celery.

Don’t forget some dried cranberries or raisins for the eyes!

Stuffed Roaches

No, you’re not really getting the roaches from outside and stuffing them! Use dates for the roach bodies!

All you need is a bit of cream cheese to stuff them with, and you can pop them all on a plate. These are also great snacks for the lunchbox. There’s no way teachers will take these away from your kids.

Hotdog Fingers

Pizza doesn’t just make great fingers. Hotdogs are perfect.

Add a couple of notches in the middle of your hotdogs to create the knuckle and then slice a tiny bit off the top to create your nail bed. Add some tomato ketchup and place a bit of raw onion on the top to make it look like the nail.

Kids will love it, especially if you dip the bottom of the fingers in tomato ketchup to make it look like the fingers have been pulled off.

It’s Time to Get Creative This Halloween

Halloween doesn’t mean a time full of sugar-filled snacks. There are some great ways to turn everyday favorites into Halloween-themed food. These snacks are great for the house, the lunchbox, and even parties. Invite friends around and let parents not worry about the amount of candy their kids are going to be stuffed with!

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