Protein Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Recipe


With the official arrival of fall comes the familiar season of everything and anything being pumpkin flavored. Pumpkin scented candles and pumpkin spiced lattes make their annual appearance, but what really makes this time of year special is the pumpkin pie that we treat ourselves to.

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, pumpkin pie is yet again the foothold of the season and is beloved by all. Though, that being said, when the time of Thanksgiving has passed, we’re all completely sick of it. We overindulge during the festivities and, in turn, even the biggest pumpkin pie lovers aren’t all that upset to say goodbye to the treat for another year.

Though this really doesn’t need to be the case – and you can actually make the experience of treating yourself to the taste of pumpkin pie into a pretty healthy one too! Instead of consuming as much as possible during Thanksgiving, there’s an easy and simple way to treat yourself to the taste of pumpkin pie whenever you feel like it, no matter the weather.

We’re talking about letting yourself enjoy the pumpkin pie flavor all year round in the more convenient and more nutritious form of a protein smoothie. Smoothies are so versatile and so easy to make that they can suit nearly everybody’s lifestyle – no matter how busy you are in the morning or what style of tastes you may have. Though, if you’re prone to craving pumpkin pie like most of us are, this is the perfect way to curb the craving and stay healthy at the same time.

As well as being flexible and easy to take with you on the go, smoothies are a great way to make sure that you’re getting enough protein in your diet. A lot of us tend to overlook our daily protein requirements as we believe that we’re getting enough through the other foods that we consume, though this isn’t always the case. Protein is one of the most important nutrients that our body requires to be able to remain functioning as optimally as possible, and too little protein only causes more health issues which can include the likes of organ failure in the elderly and muscle loss.  

Ensuring that you’re getting enough protein is going to help you stay feeling as good as possible and working to the best of your ability. Not only does protein leave you feeling fuller and satisfied for longer, but it’s also going to provide you with so much more energy. If you’re looking to get into shape, protein is a key element to building muscle mass as it helps improve your athletic performance as well.

When it comes to this protein smoothie, we recommend adding a scoop of unflavored whey protein powder as it’s a natural supplement that’s easily absorbed by the body and largely well-tolerated. The supplement is made up of a range of essential amino acids and nutrients that are going to help keep your body in the best shape possible. For a little extra flavor, use Naked Nutrition’s vanilla whey which has a more faint flavor using only vanilla and organic coconut sugar and not the overpowering artificial sweeteners of many brands.

To create this delicious, pumpkin-pie inspired protein smoothie, you’ll need:

Add the milk of your choice and the whey protein powder to your blender and give it a quick mix. You can skip this step, but it helps make the smoothie creamier. Then, combine the rest of the ingredients to the mixture and blend until it’s all smooth. If you’d like it thicker, slowly add ice until the shake is your desired consistency.

Serve it up and enjoy that pumpkin goodness!

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