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Is one of your New Year resolutions to lose weight? It’s one of the most common that people set. We have this aim to start the New Year just right and then end the year much better than how we ended the last. Why not want to be a better version of ourselves when it comes to out weight?

Losing weight isn’t just one of those things that happen. It takes time and effort to see the results. After all, we didn’t gain the weight overnight, so why would it work the other way around overnight? That doesn’t mean we like putting the effort in, though, right?

Well, the great news is that we can make it easier on ourselves. With some meal planning and right meal choices, we can get a good start on the day to focus on healthier and lower calorie foods. By eating well, we reduce cravings and feel much fuller throughout the day.

High protein is one of the best ways to start the day. Protein takes the time to break down in the body, so we feel fuller sooner, and we’re left feeling full throughout the morning. There’s a lower chance of eating snacks throughout the day, which means we consume fewer calories. Our bodies have a calorie deficit, which means we have to burn the excess calories that have been stored in the past.

So, how do we start the day off right? We’ll look into 13 excellent and delicious high protein breakfasts to start the day. And I know that you don’t have much time to cook on a morning, so these breakfasts are also quick and simple to make.

#1. Start Your Day With an Omelet

Eggs are one of the best ways to get protein into your diet. They’re not vegan-friendly, but they are vegetarian-friendly. They’re also paleo and Atkins friendly, along with many other diets out there. So, it’s time to stock up on them in your kitchen.

Yes, eggs used to get a bad reputation. They were full of cholesterol, but it turns out that they are full of good cholesterol. You can lower the amount that you get, too, by only using the egg whites. The yolk is the bit with the worst stuff in (although that’s not exactly super bad for you).

It’s worth starting your morning with an omelet. You can cook it all in one pan and use as many vegetables as you want. Just use two or three eggs with some chopped peppers, mushrooms, and onions.

You can also add some ham or bacon if you want to add more protein to your omelet. If you’re going to use meat, make sure it’s the lean varieties.

#2. Mix Cheese with Your Scrambled Eggs

Another idea with the eggs is to scramble them instead. Again, you can do scrambled egg whites if you want to keep the calories to a minimum. One option is to have two full eggs and two egg whites to get more on your plate without the extra calories.

Cheese is an excellent way to get some protein. But isn’t cheese bad for the waistline? It’s not too bad, but you do need to eat it in moderation. There are some fats in cheese, but we still need some fat in our diet even when we’re losing weight! Cheese is also full of dairy, which means it has calcium and vitamin D for healthy bones and teeth.

Make your scrambled eggs with some spinach and kale. Then add some shredded cheese and allow to melt within the eggs.

Don’t forget to add some toast on the side. You will have a filling breakfast within 15 minutes, and it will have all your food groups in one meal! On top of this, you get a warm breakfast when you thought you were going to have to put up with just fruit and yogurt!

#3. Add Some Spice to Your Scrambled Eggs

Let’s stick with the scrambled eggs for this breakfast recipe. It’s the eggs that make these breakfast ideas so simple and quick to make.

Eggs tend to miss out some taste. They can be bland if just eaten on their own, so it’s time to add some spice to your day. While you get the protein, the spices have also been linked to helping with weight loss, which makes them worthwhile adding to your diet.

Add some cherry tomatoes cut in half to your scrambled eggs. These just help to add a little juice and some fiber to the start of your day. Like with the idea above, you can add some toast to help create a more filling start to the day.

#4. Make a Bacon and Egg Sandwich

Who would have thought that when you’re losing weight, you could have a bacon and egg sandwich? It’s a common misconception that all your favorites have to be avoided because you’re on a “diet.”

Eggs and bacon are both full of protein. With the bacon, you will need to focus on the lean parts of the meat. Avoid the fatty and stringy stuff and look out for the medallion parts of the meat. These are lower in calories, still, have a little fat, but have all the protein. Turkey bacon is a healthier option and doesn’t taste that much different, especially when thrown into a sandwich.

Try some English muffins for your sandwich. They just give you something different and give you some of the carbs that your body will need throughout the day. You can also opt for some whole wheat bread to get the carbs and fiber if you want to opt for healthy.

Dry fry your eggs so that the yolk is still runny if you like it that way. Just watch out for the bursting of the yolk while eating your sandwich.

Try adding some jalapenos on the top of your sandwich for a bit of a kick!

#5. Try Out Smoked Salmon Frittatas

Frittatas are excellent ways to start your morning. They sound difficult to make initially, but they’re not. In fact, they take just as long as a normal omelet.

You can add all sorts of ingredients to your frittatas. Smoked salmon is one of the best, especially when you’re creating a high protein breakfast.

Start by whisking your eggs and chop up your smoked salmon and some chives. Mix and throw into a pan, as if you’re cooking an omelet. Don’t flip! Instead, pop it in the oven for a few minutes.

You can add some cheese on the top if you’d like!

#6. Have a Bed of Asparagus for Your Poached Eggs

We will move on from the eggs soon, but there are just so many ways to cook them! One of the best ways to make your eggs is to poach them. You add no extra oil since you make them in boiling water. You do have the full egg when it comes to poaching, but it’s so worth it when you get deliciously runny eggs!

Boil some asparagus at the same time and lay it on the plate as a bed. The asparagus is often a forgotten vegetable, but full of nutrients and tastiness. You can then top with your poached eggs and can even add some smoked salmon if you’d like.

Top with a bit of parmesan cheese to finish off this quick and protein-filled breakfast.

#7. Don’t Forget About Avocado with Your Eggs

The last one with the eggs, I promise. One ingredient that tends to get a false bad reputation is avocado. It’s known as being fatty and difficult to use. Well, the truth is that it is one of the healthiest options out there.

Sure, there are fats to it. However, the fats are unsaturated. They’re good for your body, and your body does need some fat in the diet to support it! Why not opt for something that is full of vitamins and minerals and will help to support and protect your arteries?

Mash up your avocado with a fork and spread along your whole wheat toast. You can then top with a poached or scrambled egg, and you have a tasty start to the day.

#8. Move on From Eggs with Peanut Butter on Toast with Chia Seeds

I told you we’d move on from the eggs at some point.

Peanut butter gets a bad reputation. It’s known as being fatty and full of oils that you shouldn’t add to your body. On the contrary, it is a highly effective dietary item, especially when used in moderation. You only need a tablespoon or two every couple of days to take advantage of the healthy oils, protein, and fiber in the peanuts.

If you don’t like peanut butter, you can opt for other nut butter. And if you’re allergic to nuts, there is Sunbutter and other seed butter available as alternatives. They’re not as good for the protein, but they do offer some.

Add the peanut butter to your whole wheat toast and then top with some sliced banana. You can then sprinkle some chia seeds or sunflower seeds over the top to finish off your protein-filled breakfast.

#9. Add Some Quinoa to Your Fruit Salad

Fruit salads do make healthy and delicious breakfasts. You can throw together all sorts of fruits for a fibre-filled morning. Strawberries, blueberries, oranges, and even mango work together well for a nutritious start to the day.

But what about the protein? Well, it’s time to add some quinoa to your morning. While the fruit you can prepare the night before, the quinoa is best made on the morning. The great news is that you can get other things done while waiting for it to soften.

Make it before you start getting ready for work. By the time you’re finished, you can throw it into your fruit and enjoy a delicious and healthy start to the day.

#10. Add Protein to Your Porridge on a Morning

Why not make porridge on a morning? This doesn’t take as long to make as many people believe. It’s also one of the best starts to the day because of all the fiber. You won’t feel hungry until lunch time!

When it comes to adding protein, it’s exceptionally easy. You can use all sorts of seeds and nuts for your toppings. Walnuts and almonds are among some of the best options, and you’ll get some healthy fats at the same time.

We’ve also mentioned quinoa for protein toppings to fruit salads. This is good for a topping to your porridge, too.

If you want to make your porridge quicker and even take it on the go, you can add the oats to some yogurt with fruit, nuts, and other toppings the night before. Layer it all and place in the fridge. You get overnight oats that are ready to pull out and eat the next morning.

#11. Drink Your Protein on a Morning

Smoothies do offer an excellent and quick way to start the morning. One of the best things about them is that you can make them the night before and keep them in the fridge overnight. Just pull them out and drink your breakfast.

Do watch out with smoothies. While they are good, you can consume more calories than you need. Our bodies don’t quite register that we’re full right away because we’re not chewing the food. We also have a habit of throwing far more portions of fruit and vegetables into smoothies, meaning that we get more than we need.

Smoothies tend to be high in fiber, but you can add the protein by using milk instead of water. You’ll get plenty of calcium this way. You can also add peanut butter to add more protein to your morning!

Don’t forget about some crushed nuts and seeds to your smoothies for the added protein.

#12. Make a Protein and Health Carb Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast burritos are quick and simple. They can be made the night before and then heated up in the oven before you need to rush out the door. You can eat them anywhere at all.

But they get this bad reputation because of the most common ingredients added to the breakfast burritos. Well, it’s time to make some changes and add a few deliciously healthy ingredients instead.

Why not try some sweet potato and black beans? The sweet potatoes will give you the healthy carbs while tricking your brain into thinking you’re enjoying something sweet. At the same time, the black beans will give your body the high protein that they need.

To top this off, this is a vegan-friendly breakfast, as well as allergy friendly (depending on the tortilla wraps you use) and in some cases Atkins friendly. It’s also easily adaptable to make it paleo friendly.

#13. Have Some Fun With Chocolate on a Morning

Who said that you needed to avoid chocolate while losing weight? In a small amount, dark chocolate is good for you. But I do say in a small amount.

This breakfast idea will give you all the chocolate you need while adding protein to the start of your day.

Chop up some apple slices and top them with some granola (mixed with honey or maple syrup) and chocolate. You get the protein out of the granola while getting plenty of fiber from the apples. You also get a sweet start to the day, so you’re less likely to crave it later.

These apple bites can be made the night before. Just make sure they stay in an air-tight container, so the apples remain fresh. You can take them on the go and enjoy some leftovers as a snack if you need them!

Which High Protein Breakfast Will You Start Your Day With?

Now it’s entirely up to you. I’ve given you 13 breakfasts that aren’t just quick to make but are also high in protein. You can the best start to the day without a lot of hassle.

Yes, half of the breakfast ideas do involve eggs. That’s because the eggs are one of the best sources of protein. Nuts and seeds are other popular options to get healthy fats and protein in one go.

Have fun on your morning and stop using a lack of time for unhealthy choices. These high protein breakfasts will help you with your New Year weight loss goals.

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