What’s The Best Juice Brand For Calorie Counters?


Fruit juices; people who are trying to reduce calorie intake either hate them or love them. Since they are sourced out from fruit, they could be relatively high in sugar — the kind of juice which health experts advise you to refrain from. However, then there are also those juice diets that are based on the varied selection of the best fruit for you to aid in a dramatic weight loss.

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Who Needs Fruit Juice?

Many health advocates encourage everyone to drink fruit juice because it has the highest absorption of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, all essential to promote the overall health and support the immune system.

Fruit juice is particularly useful for someone who has trouble digesting and absorbing nutrients from fruits and vegetables. The juice of the fruit is extracted in an electric juicer or blender to form a liquid mixture that is more assimilated by our body in just roughly 15 minutes when compared to solid foods that take several hours to digest.

Supplementing fruit juice in the diet plan of athletes and fitness enthusiasts will boost their level performance and endurance in training along with fulfilling metabolic functions to help the body carry out workout goals.

In general, fruit juice is low in calories but high in nutrients which make them useful to everyone who wants to shed some pounds. Some are also detoxifying which is not only beneficial for weight loss but also helpful in cleansing out body toxins that we get from eating fatty and unhealthy foods, combating heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.

What are Fruit Juices?

Fruit juices are drawn from a fruit or combination best fruits for you. They are processed by either pressing using a mechanical squeezer or extracted using a hand or electric juicer.  Some homemade fruit juice like berries and apples employs the use of boiling water to extract the contained juice in the fruit. However, this process is less popular since the heated solvent accelerates the loss of many vitamins.

After the juice is processed, sweeteners may or may not be added depending on the type of fruit used.  Commercial juices frequently use more advanced treatments to preserve the shelf life of the juice. Manufacturers may also be permitted to mixed in other additives such as preservatives, colorings, and artificial flavorings. These juices can be bought in pre-mixed powders or concentrate in which it requires adding water as part of the preparation. However, most of the favorite store-bought fruit juices come in handy in a container ready to drink.  The formed liquid can then be consumed as a beverage, as an ingredient in cocktails and smoothies or as an additional flavor to recipes.

What are the Benefits of Fruit Juices for Dieting?

If you like consuming fruit juices, you will be happy to know that there’s a lot of scientific pieces of evidence that claim fruit-based juices have countless benefits when it comes to trying to lose some pounds. This is especially true if the source of raw materials is coming from fresh organic best fruit for you, free from fillers or artificial sweeteners and flavoring.

Cuts Back Appetite: They add bulk to your diet, making you feel full and satisfied with just low-calorie ingestion. Moreover, since thirst center in the brain is linked to appetite, hydrating the body with fruit juice may signal the brain to sedate the hunger hormones. Many of these juice diets require taking the food at three days minimum, as only the source of calorie intake without leaving you ravenously hungry while some involve eating food to increase appetite.

A Healthy Alternative to Sweet Cravings: Naturally, best fruit for you contain a high portion of fructose that is healthier than artificial sweeteners or refined sugar used in sugary foods and drinks. The latter can be addicting and may provoke insulin levels in the body which may lead to serious health diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Natural fruit juices tend to have secondary volume in sugar content making it an excellent substitute to high glycemic-foods while warding off unhealthy cravings.

Speeds Up Metabolism: Other best fruit for you are one that is fiber-rich and has pectin properties (common in ripe fruits) can work as natural fat burners especially when itis complemented with regular exercises. Juices that are sourced from Grapefruits, Apples, Berries, Watermelon, Nectarine, Peaches, and Plums are among the best fruit for you. They target visceral or belly fat when taken before or every meal. This is attributed to the phytochemicals and Vitamin C present in these fruits that are said to shrink fat in the waist.

Hinders Body Fat: Fruit juices that are fiber-enriched slows down the accumulation of glucose in the body to prevent an insulin spike. Along the process it allows the body to convert the glucose into energy before it gets stored as fat.

Detoxifies and Cleanses: Fruit juices labeled as “Detox” are made from a selection of mix fruit that contains high fiber (may be combined with veggies and greens) which is the best fruit for you to promote regular bowel movement that flushes away excess fats and toxins mainly in liver and blood.

What are the Precautions of Fruit Juices for Dieting?

Solely relying on juice-diet and permanently substituting the beverage as a meal replacement might not keep you energized till your next meal. It can cause headaches and more food cravings. Nothing beats satiety and feeling of satisfaction for a more extended period than a consumption of actual solid food. Besides, some nutrients cannot be duplicated with a well-balanced diet. Such nutrients are protein and iron that your body needs to repair and function properly, which cannot be gained by drinking fruit juices alone.

Some fruits naturally contain more sugar than other. Regardless, taking it excessively, be it in the form of solid fruit or fruit juice may wreck your diet more than it will do good, especially those commercial juices that contain sugar additives.  High consumption of sugar is always associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes. All sugar is equal when it comes to their side effect, and it still advised to take it in moderate consumption.

For those who have liver or kidney health-related problems, it may worsen the condition. Although several fruit juices are considered kidney-friendly, it is still wise to consult your doctor before consuming any fruit juice to preserve your overall health.

Some fruit juices may not be FDA approved and may contain banned substances that may be harmful to health. Always be alert of the possible side effects.

What Are the Best Juice Brands for Calorie Counters?

There is no such thing as “miracle juice” to go on a liquid diet. However,certain fruit juices when added to daily diet make it is easier for you to manage calorie intake which can pave a way to weight loss or staying slim. Below are top 5 juice brand consisting of the best fruit for you to carry out the goal.

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Raw Generation

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The company is widely known to produce and formulate cleansing juice from fruits, veggies and plant-based protein that promises you to lose few pounds in a minimum of 3-7 days. Most of their products are cold-pressed juices that did not go under pasteurization or any heating process, so you get all the benefit of the raw ingredients in its purest form. However, while you can also detoxify at home by juicing out best fruit for you, Raw generation’s ready-to-drink- skinny juice is an easier approach to harp all the benefit of a 100 percent raw and organic juice without going through all the work involved.

You can choose from a selection of fruit, and veggie blends all which claim to be the best-tasting pressed juice you can have online. Calorie ranges from 110-140 which can be taken as a snack in between meals to keep you energized until your next meal. Consuming it on an empty stomach increases appetite which makes you eat less during meal times. It also optimally fuels the body with energy for endurance so you can last longer in training. In addition to weight loss is a clearer and brighter complexion. Every product of Raw Generation arrives in a frozen state to preserved nutrient attributes


  • A convenient way to add greens to your diet
  • Fat-burner ingredients
  • Eliminates bloating in the stomach
  • It also optimally fuels the body with energy for endurance so you can last longer in training
  • Supports a clearer and brighter complexion


  • Their promise to lose 5 pounds in 3 days is not fulfilled for many consumers
  • It might be a bit pricey for a fruit juice


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Reducing calorie intake does not mean you should resign yourself to a lifetime of bland food and drinks. After all, your body still needs sugar, and the absence of sweetener makes sugar craving more intense. Reaching for a tasty drink with almost very low-caloric value yet naturally sweetened is your best bet. Bai is a sweetened beverage inspired by best fruit for you, manufactured by company Bai, whose line of products include varieties of superfruit juices mostly mix with coffee fruit.

All their juice mixes deliver a range of just 5-10 calories and only a gram sugar per serving, making it ideal healthy drink in a strict low-calorie diet plan. It offers quite a variety of flavor, and most are a unique blend of tropical fruit flavors. Some flavors employ the use natural caffeine (35 mg) from coffee fruit extracts which also works as an appetite suppressant.

It uses natural sweeteners such as stevia and erythritol, both of which won’t rut your teeth out and low regarding sugar and carbs content. Cutting soda and upgrading your drink to this low-calorie drink can make a massive difference in your calorie dent and can stimulate weight loss. The bonus part, it is enhanced antioxidant for your body’s natural protection against damaging radicals.


  • Low calorie using natural sweeteners
  • Appealing flavors and fits in with cocktail recipes
  • Infused with antioxidants
  • Free from artificial colorings and preservatives
  • non-GMO, certified Kosher and vegetarian


  • May cause stomach bloating
  • Low concentration of fruit juice
  • Not a good significant source of dietary fiber


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Biofinest is one of those very few which takes advantage of the use of advanced proprietary dried and freeze technology in preserving the nutrients and enzymes, employed in their superfruit powders. The fruits are based on a variety of Berries, Mangosteen and Grapeseed, all of which are considered by science as the best fruit for you if you want to lose fat.

The fruits are organically grown and free from pesticides and herbicides as well as chemical fertilizers that boost phytochemical (vitamins and antioxidant) content, making each the best fruit for you. Biofinest incorporate common missing nutrients in fruits. You can source out calcium and iron by consuming this product which you cannot achieve by eating whole fruits alone.

Regarding sugar content, these fruits have a lower sugar than other fruits such as mangoes and bananas. The juice powder themselves are very low in sugars, so rest assured you will not gain calories as much as other pre-mixed juice powders that are high in sugar content. What’s more, Biofinest only grows and harvests quality fruits and extracted in an unrefined manner making the nutritional value of the fruits preserved and untouched.


  • Fair in caloric value
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Excellent source of fiber and a healthy detox
  • Energy booster
  • It is USDA certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher and vegan
  • Free from preservatives
  • Reasonably priced


  • Some of the berry flavors taste bitter for some
  • Few flavors to choose from

Dynamic Health

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Dynamic Health offers some of the best fruit for you; Goji, Noni, Maqui, and Camu-camu are just among the exotic fruits you that is hard to find in many other juice brands. The company itself has an impressive line of fruit juice concentrates that not only contribute to overall wellness but also in the calorie deficit.

The company also boasts of its 100 percent certified organic ingredients which are higher in nutritional value. As a dietary supplement, most of the components are clinically tested to target visceral fat for a synergistic weight management plan. Their tart berry juice concentrate, for instance, has been clinically proven to reduced body fat including belly fat. This is due to the antioxidant compound known as anthocyanins which can also be found in their other flavor of juice concentrates.


  • Certified organic
  • Dietary supplement for smart-weight diet
  • Unique flavors
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Free of cholesterol, preservatives, and sugar additives


  • Unpleasant taste according to some
  • Watery texture for a concentrated juice
  • Expensive


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In just 110 calories per serving, V8 will give a 100 percent juice from a different blend of delicious fruits without the addition of artificial flavor colors and preservatives. V8 has an impressively wide range of fruit juice products from their best-selling V8 splash tropical blends to energy boosting V8 VFusion.

If you happen to be calorie-conscious, V8 will get you covered with calories starting from 100 and not exceed beyond 110 (depending on flavor). Most provide antioxidant such as Vitamin A, C, and E. another line such as the VFusion contains B vitamins to power you up if you ever feel tired or sluggish also provides a steady flow of energy you can use to carry out your daily activities.


  • 100 percent juice
  • Low-calorie fruit juice
  • Loaded with vitamins
  • Boosts energy
  • Many flavors to choose from


  • Contains added grams of sugar
  • Doesn’t contain fiber

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Our Choice for the Best Juice Brand For Calorie Counters

We highly recommend Raw Generation. Out of all the featured juice brands who run on organic side, this brand of fruit juice has the most reputable clean profile ingredient and employs the use of the best fruit for you. Raw Generation also stays true to its name; it uses only quality raw ingredients preserved naturally by freezing without the use of artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Moreover, it gives you reasonable healthy calories that can be easily converted into energy so it will not be stored as fat.

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