What’s The Best Yogurt For Weight Watchers


Yogurt is processed using fermenting yogurt cultures that are found in milk. This prime commodity contains some of every nutrients that the body needs. With all these essential nutrients present, it is no wonder that it has so many benefits for its consumers. Health conscious individuals often stock up on these products at home. Now you may think, what is the best yogurt for you and weight watchers?

Weight watchers, being aware of what they sink their teeth into, are cautious of their food intake. Being in a program set to lose weight or to maintain a specific level of one can be difficult and tricky. However, with the right kind of products, one can efficiently manage and prosper. A dairy product known as yogurt is said to be helpful to all sorts of people – the young, the elderly, all the people part of the health-conscious community especially the weight watchers.

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Who Needs Yogurt?

Those who need yogurt are weight watchers, the elderly and those who are health-conscious.

Weight watchers, especially, live for this stuff. They consider it a dietary powerhouse. The people who follow a diet program to lose weight and those who want to stay fit need the best yogurt on the market. Since it has plenty of health benefits, yogurt is said to be a usual part of their meal plans and dietary programs. With the right yogurt product, many things can be made possible

Due to its long list of benefits, this product has sky-rocketed in demand and have entered the lifestyles of the majority. Yogurt-eaters are more likely to have lower blood pressure and lower levels of circulating triglycerides and, blood glucose. Those who consume more than three servings of yogurt per week appear to be better at managing their weight. With so many yogurt brands available on the market, the question is what is the best yogurt for you?

What is Yogurt?

Yogurt is a popular dairy product that is made by the bacterial fermentation of milk. The bacteria used in the process of making yogurt are called yogurt cultures. Although yogurt can be made from all types of milk, choosing the best yogurt for you can still be mind-boggling to some consumers. There are varieties made from skim milk that result in the ones many call fat-free, whereas those made from whole milk are known as full-fat yogurt. To help in visualizing this, plain yogurt without added colorant is simply a white, thick liquid with a tangy flavor.

Yogurt dates to the 3rd millennium where goat herds in Turkey, fermented milk in sheep-skin bags to preserve it. This impressively old commodity is now being consumed worldwide due it is marvelous health benefits. The new satisfaction that it gives to a person’s life can be enumerated and seen daily. Just ask one of the members of any community. That person in the community can even help in finding the best yogurt for you.

Now, one must need to understand the difference between yogurt and curd. What makes Greek yogurt different from the regular one? Well, for yogurt and curd, there is this prevalent myth that what yogurt is to the West, is what curd is to India.

However, there is a fine line where these two products differ. It lies in their method of preparation. The curd is made by curdling or coagulating the milk.

After the process of curdling the milk, a separation of the milk solids and liquids happens. This is the main difference between curd and the best yogurt for you.

Moving forward to the difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt and as to which one is the best yogurt for you? For starters, Greek yogurt is more strained than regular yogurt making it thicker and creamier than regular yogurt. It also contains more protein. Plus, it will keep you full for a longer time than regular yogurt. Greek yogurt has less sugar and carbohydrates than regular yogurt. The downside is that it also has more fat.

How is the best yogurt for you made? Well, to start off, fresh milk is fermented using lactic bacteria starters. The bacteria are then added to heated, pasteurized, and homogenized milk. At some point, the milk is then incubated at a specific temperature to maximize the activity of the bacteria.

The bacteria convert lactose, which is called milk sugar to lactic acid thus thickening the milk and giving it the familiar taste and characteristics of yogurt. The best yogurt for you is then finally cooled and can be sweetened by adding fruit, sugar, extract flavors or any sweetener.

What Are The Benefits of Yogurt for Weight Watchers?

The dairy aisles of most grocery stores have been taken over by the yogurt section. It is even getting hard to find other traditional dairy foods like cream cheese and sour cream since there are too many yogurt options. However, when one thinks about it, it only makes sense that a commodity like a yogurt is given such a huge spot in the supermarket.

However, what could be the best yogurt for you? What are the health benefits of yogurt?

First off, the body needs a healthy amount of “good” bacteria in the digestive tract. What does this have anything to do with the best yogurt for you? Well, many yogurt products are made using active and good bacteria. One familiar word that might ring a bell when talking about yogurt is, “probiotics.” This word means “for life,” but it refers to living organisms that can result in a health benefit when taken in adequate amounts.

Medical marketing manager for Dannon Co., Miguel Freitas, Ph.D., said that the benefits associated with probiotics are specific to strains of these beneficial bacteria. One of these benefits includes the adjustment of the microflora, which is known as the natural balance of organisms in the intestines.

Another one is by acting directly on specific body functions, such as digestion or immune function. Let’s not forget that the best yogurt for you contains several useful nutrients that the human body needs.

Since yogurt comes from milk, those who consume yogurt will also get a dose of animal protein and with it comes familiar nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B-2 and B-12. Because of the milk, yogurt can help prevent osteoporosis. Calcium has been shown to have beneficial effects on bone mass for people of all ages.

The next benefit is that yogurt can reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Studies show that a 50% reduction in the risk of developing high blood pressure is due to the consumption of two to three servings of low-fat dairy a day.

Moving on, yogurt with active cultures can help the stomach. It can help with certain gastrointestinal conditions like lactose intolerance, diarrhea, and constipation. The best yogurt for you, containing active cultures, may also prevent vaginal infections.

Yogurt can also make you feel fuller, which means that eating yogurt can prevent you from starving. Not only that, but yogurt can also be used as a substitute ingredient in all sorts of recipes.

So due to yogurt’s several benefits, health-conscious people store plenty of yogurt in their refrigerators. Consuming it becomes a daily habit and a part of their lifestyle.

What Are The Precautions of Yogurt for Weight Watchers?

Just like in any usage of a product, regardless of whether it is the best yogurt for you or not, there are safety precautions take one must never forget. Always keep in mind that while consuming yogurt, make sure it is fresh and has not expired yet.

Most yogurt products have a typical shelf life which is two to three weeks. Also, once the yogurt has been opened or prepared, it is advisable to store it in a tightly closed container and place it inside the refrigerator.

Keep in mind that yogurt usually has a date on its label that tells the producer to sell it before that date and inform the consumer to eat it before it expires. However it is best and safe to consume one week before that date. Frozen yogurt should be thawed in the refrigerator before being eaten. The best yogurt for you is the one that contains live bacteria, so be sure to do your research and check this out before buying any yogurt product.

What Are The Best Yogurts for Weight Watchers?

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Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt

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This product can be considered as the best yogurt for you. The newly formulated version only has 80 calories (20 more than it had before), a bit more sugar, and is thicker than the previous version (which was a bit runny). Many people think that the changes in flavor and texture are a definite improvement — not everyone agrees though. With the 12 great flavors this yogurt comes in, like Orange-Mango, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Strawberry-Kiwi, one has a wide variety of choices to choose from.


  • Contains 12 grams of protein
  • Zero fat percentage
  • Only has 80 calories
  • It has a smooth yogurt texture
  • Price is reasonable


  • No grams of fiber
  • Contains sweetened sugar
  • Not made from all natural ingredients

Chobani Simply 100, Vanilla Blended Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

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Chobani is a name synonymous with Greek Yogurt but can it be considered as the best yogurt for you. Well, the company did take the yogurt category by storm less than 10 years ago and since then has had a positive impact on the consumption in America. The US is still in Europe, but today more Americans are consuming yogurt.

Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt is made with milk, real fruit, and live and active cultures. It features a proprietary blend of three natural sweeteners — monk fruit, stevia leaf extract and evaporated cane juice to achieve the best balance of taste, calories, and nutrition. It is a standard Greek yogurt that has 100 calories. Since Greek means strained yogurt, it is also high in protein and therefore a very filling snack. So, you do not need to worry about the calories because it will keep you full for a long time.


  • It contains 5 grams of fiber and 12 grams of protein
  • Has only 100 calories
  • Like Dannon Light and Fit, it has zero fat percentage
  • Uses Stevia as its sweetener
  • Also made from natural ingredients


  • Some thought that the texture consistency was a little watery
  • Some also described that there was something wrong with the overall taste – that it was a bit bitter
  • Contains 5 grams of inulin which is a fake fiber
  • Has artificial sweeteners
  • The size of the product is smaller than some

General Mills Yoplait 100 Calorie Vanilla Greek Yogurt

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This yogurt product is a filtered traditional Greek yogurt. It has a terrific taste profile; the new Yoplait Greek range comes in six flavors – Blueberry, Coconut, Pineapple, Strawberry, Raspberry, Tangerine, and Vanilla.

This product contains 14 to 15 grams of protein packed into 100 calories. It has no coloring or flavors from artificial sources and no high fructose corn syrup. It is a reliable source of calcium. It is also Kosher-certified, gluten-free and contains no gelatin.


  • Contains great protein
  • Has fewer calories
  • It has no artificial flavors
  • Is also gluten-free
  • Delivers great taste experience


  • Some say that it is too sweet
  • Some commented that the texture of the yogurt was too runny
  • Some say that it was a bit bitter
  • Full-fat offered / no low-fat
  • One could not find a statement on rbST use, so the assumption is that they use milk with hormones and antibiotics

Straus Family Creamery, Plain Yogurt

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The mission of the Straus Family Creamery is to consistently provide high quality, great tasting, organic milk products that are made with minimal processing and wholesome ingredients. Straus Family Creamery is a vertically integrated organic dairy producer and processor, the rest of its kind west of the Mississippi.

The Straus’s have proven that a small, integrated dairy/creamery can succeed, and others around the country have followed their lead. Many believe that their product is one of the best. It is smooth and creamy with high-quality ingredients. It is formulated with a wonderful nutritional minefield, so this yogurt is one of the most bought items in the yogurt market.


  • It has excellent and delicious flavor
  • It has great organic ingredients
  • Has higher protein content
  • Linked to lower blood pressure


  • No added sugars
  • Some say it is runny
  • Some also said that it has an inconsistent liquid texture
  • Hormone-free

Stonyfield Organic, Fat-Free Plain Greek Yogurt

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Fortunately, Stonyfield just came out with organic whole milk Greek yogurt. Many people say that it is one of the best yogurt products for them. It is creamy, and it does not have that tangy smell. It has a smooth feel in the mouth, a mild taste and is just delicious. The milk used in Stonyfield’s Whole Milk Greek Yogurt comes from cows that are pasture-raised. This does not mean entirely grass-fed (Stonyfield also has a new Grass-Fed Yogurt), but the cows get some time in the pasture, grazing on grass the way cows should.


  • It is gluten-free
  • It is also pasture raised
  • It contains zero fat percentage
  • Its texture is smooth
  • Some say that it is also creamy


  • Some say that it was a bit too sour
  • Others thought it had a funny aftertaste
  • Mild taste

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Our Choice For The Best Yogurt for Weight Watchers

For us, the best yogurt product among the top 5 choices is no other than Dannon Light& Fit Yogurt! Although it is not all natural, it has the same amount of protein as Chobani while having less than 20 calories per serving. More importantly, it is delicious, contains a zero percentage of fat and only six grams of sugar which is ideal for those who need yogurt especially for weight watchers.

This Greek non-fat plain yogurt is packed with a ton of essential nutrients like calcium and protein. It also comes in 12 great flavors to choose from. Its texture even has a smooth consistency to it that every yogurt eater loves.

One downside that can be seen in this product though is that the whole thing is not entirely made from natural ingredients. However, it does fit well into any weight watchers’ budget. With this yogurt, anyone with a strict meal plan or anyone in a health program can easily keep track of what they consume, how much they consume and the pros and cons that come with it. The weight watchers can joyfully enjoy this fine yogurt at peace. Therefore we conclude that this is also the best yogurt for you and anybody for that matter!

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