What’s The Best Smoothie Mix For Healthy Skin


Everybody wants great-looking and healthy skin. That is why many use various products they see on advertisements because they promise rosy, glowing skin. However, some of these products can be harmful to the skin and overall health of its users. That is why many are now going for healthier options in achieving the perfect complexion. The truth is, one does not have to take different medications or try expensive products just to attain glowing skin. Human skin will sag in the long run, but there are lots of ways to cheat nature.

Proper nutrition can help in attaining healthy skin. By having the proper diet, great-looking skin can be achievedeasily, and the best thing about it is that it has no harmful side effects on the body. There are many ways on how to get healthy skin, for instance drinking the right smoothie.

One right way is to drink healthy smoothies that have a good effect on the skin. These beverages should contain fresh fruits and veggies that are good for the skin. Sometimes combining fruits and vegetables can help one achieve the best smoothie. These drinks can be prepared at home, and one can experiment with it by trying out various recipes.

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Who Needs Smoothies for Healthy Skin?

People who wish to have glowing skin are the ones who need the best smoothie for healthy skin. People who have acne problems also need these smoothies.

Other people who need smoothies for healthy skin are pregnant women since it is during this time that their hormones are always fluctuating and those who want to get rid of signs of aging such as wrinkles, uneven skin spots need them as well.

What are Smoothie Mixes?

A smoothie mix is a beverage created from blended raw fruits or vegetables and combined with ice. Aside from being a nutritious drink, a smoothie is also good for the skin.

Healthy smoothie mixes are rich in carotenoids. Some examples of carotenoids are lutein, beta-carotene, and lycopene. They are good for the skin because they help prevent premature skin damage as well as skin cancer. Foods that are high in carotenoids prevent the occurrence of melanoma, aged-looking skin, wrinkles, drying, scaling and follicular thickening of the skin. Carotenoids also keep the skin moist, meaning it prevents the keratinization of the skin or making it dry. At least 15mg of beta-carotene is needed for healthy skin everyday.

Leafy greens are also needed for the skin because they are packed with lots of vitamin C. Fiber helps to keep unwanted constipation at bay. So better add these greens to smoothie mixes. On the other hand, tofu adds loads of protein to smoothies. That protein is what promotes elasticity, meaning the muscles will contract and not sag. Remember the movie Age of Adaline? The main character is already in her 50s, but her skin did notsag. That is the intention here. Proteins coming from tofu also block damaging enzymes.

All the beta-carotene that one needs comes from fruit smoothie mixes. They will make the skin golden, one that others perceive as attractive. Making smoothies is not just as simple as blending fruits, ice and then whisking them together. Combining them with produce and healthy fats (like yogurt) is vital. Fats are needed to convert the beta-carotene into something that intervenes with the skin aging process. Also, when mixing kale, spinach, and carrots with ice only, the smoothie will taste bitter. However, with smoothie mixes, everything tastes good.

Violet cabbages must also be on one’s ingredients list for creating the best smoothie mix. Aside from being delicious with no bitter aftertaste, violet cabbages are packed with vitamin C which is needed for collagen production. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is a key to connecting connective tissues. That is why one will have healthy skin when one is consuming food that is rich in collagen. Violet cabbages are also cited for unwanted toxins that affect the rejuvenation of one’s skin.

Papaya is another source of smoothie ingredients because it contains papain. Papain is an enzyme that is used as an ingredient in facial masks. So it is concluded that smoothies containing papaya are good for the skin too. Wounds are easily healed because papain can be used topically, not just in drinking.

Meanwhile, sunflower seed butter contains copper which helps the skin from both the sun and environmental damage. With an umbrella in one hand and a handkerchief on the other, people are always shielded from the sun. However, smoothies can add additional shield from the heat of the sun.

One can combine almost anything from pumpkins to avocado, flaxseed, mango, lime, leafy greens (kale, parsley, and mint), cantaloupe, kiwi, tangerine, cilantro, celery, apricot, banana, cucumber, pitaya or chia seeds, apple and many others.

Indeed,proper nutrition is key to great skin. For instance, cucumber is an ideal fruit to make one’s skin glow because it is packed with enzyme-rich water and antioxidants thatkeep the skin smooth and helps stave off wrinkles. Meanwhile, kale also makes up the best smoothie since it contains Vitamins A, C, and E. These three vitamins are ideal for cell growth. Cells are needed to continually replace the old or dead cells in the skin that’s why the production of new cells is required for glowing skin.

Pineapple also contains plenty of elements for great skin. It helps in the buildup of collagen while its anti-inflammatory properties keep acne at bay.

Strawberries have folate. This vitamin B is known to stimulate cell repair which means it will cause new cells to appear giving the skin an overall glow. Hemp hearts are needed as well since it calms flaky red skin.

Vegetables which are probiotic should not be ignored either. It has all the bacteria, yeast, calcium, protein and vitamin D needed to boost the skin. When paired with lemon, the smoothie becomes a radiance-boosting tonic.

What are the Benefits of Smoothie Mixes for Healthy Skin?

Smoothie mixes have lots of benefits for the skin. They have a role in entering the bloodstream of bodies so that cells will be repaired thus causing the skin to glow.Here are other benefits of smoothie mixes that can contribute to beautiful, healthy skin.

Repairs Skin Cells. The ability of the skin to immediately heal after a trauma is due to the presence of stem cells. They generate new tissue thanks to healthy smoothies. After a scab is formed after an injury, skin cells begin to divide through mitosis and migrate to the edges of the scab and contraction then occur. This is a natural phenomenon. As epithelial cells continue to migrate around the scab, the dermis is repaired by the activity of stem cells. These active cells produce collagen fibers and ground substance. Blood vessels soon grow into the dermis, restoring circulation. If the wound is so minor, the epithelial cells eventually restore the epidermis once the dermis has been regenerated.

There are lots of food choices to help repair skin cells. These foods are rich in amino acids that help speed up the repair and regeneration of skin cells and collagen. Avocados are not just considered as edible; they may be applied topically like a facial mask, so they can aid in regenerating new cells, making skin even lovelier. They can also hydrate parched skin. Tomatoes, which are rich in lycopene, prevent sunburn and also help slow down cell damage from free radicals. All these can also be used in making healthy smoothie mixes.

Prevents Acne. Acne is annoying bursts on the skin, especially on the face, chest and upper back. These are all oil-prone areas, and this is where acne bursts. To prevent acne in the future, fill the diet with foods that are not so rich in oil and fat and drink healthy smoothies.

These fatty substances ultimately go to the body and burst in the skin as acne, so it would be best to avoid fatty food. Studies have proven that people who have minimal pimples, whiteheads or blackheads in their entire life are those that consume less oily stuff. So always go for foods that are high in fiber such as whole wheat and leafy vegetables. Pickles are another excellent source since they contain probiotics as well. Drink healthy smoothies to help prevent acne as well.

Anti-Aging. Smoothies that have pomegranates in them help soften the skin thus fighting skin aging. The best fruit ingredient for smoothies that can eliminate fine lines is watermelon.

Kale and spinach are the best ingredients for smoothies. For healthy, glowing skin adding olive oil to smoothies can do much good as well. In short, drinking smoothies can help keep the skin looking young and beautiful.

Kidney Health. Them being in liquid form, smoothies can also help in stabilizing the kidney aside from making the skin glow. Not only are they rich in fiber, but they can also hydrate the body. However, to help smoothies in laying a healthy kidney, one needs to eat a healthy diet too. Eating fruits is the easiest way to gobble healthy foods since fruits do not require preparation. For instance, apples are higher in fiber, vitamin C, and numerous antioxidants. Apples are very filling and perfect as snacks if one is hungry in between meals.

Hydration. Smoothies are an excellent source of hydration. For instance, celery is 96 percent water and provides sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. Meanwhile, watermelon is 95 percent water and rich in vitamin C. Bell peppers are 92 percent water and rich in vitamin C. Cucumbers are 95 percent water and provide calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. Strawberries are 92 percent water and rich in potassium. Cantaloupe is 90 percent water and rich in potassium. The body needs eight glasses of water a day and fruits can largely fill in the gaps.

Water rids the body of toxins, carries nutrients to cells and prevents dehydration. Twenty percent of humans’ water intake comes from food.  After all, water is an essential nutrient that the body needs. Indeed, there are plenty of alternative options if one does not like the taste of tap. The body is made up of more than half water, and people use it for pretty much every bodily function – from regulating body temperature to removing waste to lubricating joints to carrying oxygen to the cells.

Boosting the Immune System. The immune system is essential since it is the system that prevents the body from efficiently contracting ailments. There are lots of foods that can continuously boost the immune system. They are the very same ones that can create the best smoothies. Citrus fruits are one of them.

What are the Precautions of Drinking Smoothie Mixes?

One cup of kale nearly has ten times the minimum amount of Vitamin A that a person needs every day. It is best advised that one should not generously consume kale with a supplement on the other hand. Adding just the right amount of kale to smoothie mixes is critical to avoid overdose.

What are the Best Smoothie Mixes for Healthy Skin?

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UB Super Plant Based Protein Smoothie

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This UB Super Plant Based Protein Smoothie – Powder Mix Dietary Supplement (Natural) has a total of 75 vitamins and minerals, and 90 calories with absolutely no sugar added. True to form, its users have attested that the product tastes great and has boosted a glowing skin.  The vegan protein is also much more comfortable to digest than the whey protein.


  • Vegans love it because of its all-natural ingredients
  • Tastes great
  • Gives more energy to users


  • There are no negative reviews and comments about this product

Blenditup Protein + Plant Based Smoothie Mix

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The Berry Protein Powder Vegan Smoothie Mix with Berries contains three kinds – strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry. The product prides itself to be GMO-free, gluten-free and dairy-free.

It is perfect for those on whole foods plant-based diet, vegans, and vegetarians. It is 100% vegan supplement since it does not contain eggs, yeast, nuts, and gluten. This smoothie mix is also ideal for athletes doing yoga, Qi Gong, strength training, calisthenics, martial arts or any sport for that matter.


  • Uses Stevia sweeteners
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Helpful to those who have cancer


  • Chalky taste
  • Lacks thickness
  • Contains unnecessary bits of fruit

Torani Strawberry Real Fruit Smoothie Mix

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Torani Strawberry Real Fruit Smoothie Mix is made with real fruits, and it reflects on its taste. For every 16 oz serving, users get the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C and 4 grams of fiber that curbs hunger. It is very healthy since it does not contain caffeine, fat and dairy. They taste best when combined with yogurt and ice cream.


  • Tastes delicious
  • Good value for money
  • Mixes well in creating other drinks


  • Expiry date too short
  • Too sweet for one user
  • Poor packaging

thinkThin High Protein Smoothie Mix

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thinkThin High Protein Smoothie Mix is a refreshing and energizing smoothie drink that does all the work by combining real fruit with nutritious ingredients. Real dried strawberries and raspberries, chia seeds and ground flaxseed mixed with a high protein blend of whey and sunflower proteins. It contains 15 g of protein, 5g fiber, three fruits per serving, is gluten-free and GMO-free.


  • Very satisfying
  • Tastes great
  • Great meal replacement


  • Some complaint of chalky taste
  • Too expensive according to one user

Concord Foods Chocolate Banana Smoothie Mix

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The Concord Foods Chocolate Banana Smoothie Mix is a creamy chocolate banana smoothie mix; it is very nutritious and delicious. It mixes well with other ingredients to create a healthy meal replacement. Each pack contains three servings, so it gives excellent value for money. This is a unique way to incorporate fruits and calcium to one’s diet.


  • It is low in calorie
  • Has a delicious taste
  • The product is very filling
  • Perfect meal replacement


  • It does not taste much like chocolate
  • Some complaintabout it being too bland
  • Contains aspartame
  • Can cause nausea according to one user

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Our Choice for the Best Smoothie Mix for Healthy Skin

Our choice for the best smoothie mix for healthy skin is the UB Super Plant Based Protein Smoothie – Powder Mix Dietary Supplement (Natural) because it gained a lot of positive reviews. Aside from that, it is also packed with lots of vitamins and minerals, and no sugar was added to it. What’s great about it is its taste, many users claimed that it tastes terrific as compared to other smoothies they have tasted.

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