What’s The Best Razor For Sensitive Skin


Shaving has been part of men’s facial grooming and women’s beauty routine. In the process, there are only two possible results; it could either leave your skin smooth and flawless or consign razor burn, ingrown and cuts.

The latter can happen to anyone, but of all people, those have skin sensitivity issues are more susceptible and can only tolerate less irritation. If such is your case, then it might be time to choose among the best razors for sensitive skin that’ll work for you.

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Who Needs The Best Razors for Sensitive Skin?

Both men and women can benefit from using any of the best razors for sensitive skin, in particular for those who have issues with waxing in the past.

Shaving is more a gentle approach for hair removal in the facial skin, particularly for men who often target a larger scale of unwanted facial hair. When you wax, you pull hair out from the root which can cause damage to the epidermis. The best razors for sensitive skin are designed for a minimal pressure to lessen the risk of broken capillaries on the skin.

Women who find waxing a painful process can also switch to shaving with the best razors for sensitive skin instead. It is pain-free and glides smoothly on the legs and arms.

Using the best razors for sensitive skin is also a great option for people who neither have the time nor the budget to visit a salon for laser hair removal.

What Is A Razor

A razor refers to a piece of metal blade affixed to a handle with the aim of getting the task of removing unwanted hair follicles more efficient and safer than just the metal blade alone.

When it comes to sensitive skin, however, the friction of scraping the metal in the flesh irritates, thus, using the best razors for sensitive skin is advisable.

The oldest type of the best razors for sensitive skin is the straight edge razor made of a foldable long, straight blade in a fixed handle. One may go for straight razors considering that you have the knowledge to manipulate it because the long blade is exposed and downright dangerous. However, they come in tiny little guards over the edge. With the right technique, this type of best razors for sensitive skin can smoothly glide over with minimal pull and tug, minimizing irritation.

People who find straight edge razors complicated to use may go another type of the best razors for sensitive skin called “safety razors”. They are composed of one to five disposable shorter blades built in an adjustable shaving head with handy grip. The beauty of it is that it comes with detachable blades and that you may choose according to skin type. Akin to these are the cartridge razors and other double edge blades. As best razors for sensitive skin, they are designed to get the job done in just a fewer passes. Fewer strokes mean less irritation and rashes.

If your skin is not overly sensitive, you can ditch the best razors for sensitive skin and opt for a good clean electric razor with a little power behind it. Electric razor’s concept involves rotary shavers equipped with a DC motor. The market is full of many designs that require different shaving techniques and uses and with a little know-how, one can get the job done in a quicker time with electric razors.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Best Razors For Sensitive Skin

Shaving through razors is one of the traditional and the most popular way of hair removal. Whether it is through a classic razor or electric shavers, single or multiple blades —  shaving is the answer for almost all of hair removal dilemma.

Built for Safety. They are the safest bladed tool you can ever use for shaving purposes. The handle is often ergonomically designed for more reliable grip and to fend off wrist fatigue.

Versatile and Efficient. Best razors for sensitive skin are built with a pivoted head that facilitates shaving in different angles to fit the various contours of the body. They can accurately groom beards and mustache or remove unwanted hairs.

Time Saver. Regular shaving takes no more than 10 minutes. It also gets the job done faster for when you want to shave hair scalp.

Easy Access. Rather than making a trip to a salon, you can get the comfort of shaving wherever and whenever you need one. The best razors for sensitive skin is perfect for people who are always on the go as they are portable and handy and can be brought in just about anywhere

Easy-To-Use. It just requires a sharp razor, shaving cream or gel, and a little know-how.

Affordable. The best razors for sensitive skin are available in budget-friendly price for those who are tight on budget. Regardless of the price range, they are cheaper than hair removal treatments.

Pain-Free. Those who are bothered by waxing turn to the best razors for sensitive skin because the blade runs in smoothly whether it is on legs, arms or facial skin without the feeling pain.

What Are The Precautions When Using The Best Razor For Sensitive Skin?

Those burn, cuts, nicks, bumps caused by shaving are almost unavoidable, even with the best razors for sensitive skin.  However, you can avoid this by prepping your skin through steaming or applying shaving creams to minimize blade issues. Post-shave moisturizers and ointments can also help lessen irritation and minor burns. You may also experiment with stroking technique by gliding the razor on the less sensitive part of your body first, so you do not end up with rashes.

Razor shaving can cause the hair to grow in different directions that can trap hair underneath. Over time it leaves dark marks, but the real issue is discomfort. They can be very painful and if your skin is prone to such, do consider other options of hair removal.

Taking care of the tool and equipment should also be part of the routine. The best razors for sensitive skin with a rusty blade can cause bacterial infection. Unless you are using a straight razor, a quick rinse and drying should suffice but do replace the blades from time to time once they get dull.

What Are The Best Razors For Sensitive Skin?

The market offers a staggering variety of shaving tools from different manufacturers. Today, we will list down and walk you through some of the best razors for sensitive skin.

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Braun: Series 7 Electric Shaver, Model 790cc


First on the list among the best razors for sensitive skin for shaving dense and coarse hair, rely on this Braun Series 7 model. It is engineered with OptiFoil, so you get all unwanted hair out without leaving a single stubble. Then you also get an Intelligent Sonic Technology that allows efficiency in just one pass. If you want to get what you pay for in a high-end electric shaver, Braun Series 7 Model 790cc is your bet among the best razors for sensitive skin.


  • checkIt features an Intelligent Pulsonic Technology that generates 1000 micro vibrations for hard-to shave hair strands
  • checkActive-Lift Trimmer works well with mustache and beard
  • checkDoubled with Optifoil to capture more hair as short as 0.05 mm in a jiffy
  • checkPivoting contour shaving head flexes up to 40 degrees and allows navigation on different angles
  • checkGets the job done in a single pass which significantly reduces irritation
  • checkFive adjustable settings to trim or cut long hair,  sideburns or facial hair
  • checkConsumers claim it is also very convenient in shaving legs, arms, and armpits
  • checkEasy-to-read LCD for charging and maintenance
  • checkClean and Renew System allows easier and cleaner maintenance; features a self-lubricating alcohol to kill germs
  • checkCharges in just a touch of a button
  • checkOperates cordless and very practical to be carried around
  • checkWaterproof and easy to wash
  • checkBuilt-to-last


  • Too pricey
  • Can be bulky
  • Gets hot in a few minutes

Feather: All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor, Model AS-D2


While this razor is known for its sharp blades that gives quality shaves, it does not aggravate sensitive skin. You can put some pressure without having to worry about burns or cuts because of the minimal blade exposure.  This is one of the best razors for sensitive skin that comes at a high-end price, but the quality and durability of the product gives you more than what you paid for. The surrounds of the headpiece are designed in a way that it keeps the blade perfectly aligned without feeling snug, one thing you could not find in cheaper razors. The stainless steel body is meant to be used for a longer period, and the product itself comes with five free blades which again justifies its price, earning a spot as one of the best razors for sensitive skin.


  • checkSuperior grip with its knurled handle of six horizontal grooves
  • checkSurgical grade stainless steel construction will not easily corrode or rust
  • checkIt is a long-term investment; you just need to replace the blades from time to time
  • checkInterchangeable blades fit perfectly for safer shaving
  • checkUtilizes a close comb with three piece head screws
  • checkDouble edge design allows a closer shaving in both sides of the blade
  • checkCan be maneuvered up to 45-degree angle while another conventional safety razor can only tilt up to 30 degrees
  • checkSuitable for beginners
  • checkComes with five blade refills


  • One of the most expensive razors
  • Heavyweight

Schick: Hydro Silk Razor


If you are looking forward to shaving hairy legs with the best razors for sensitive skin in just a nick of time, try Schick Hydro Silk Razor for Women. The rounded headpiece and the extra spaces between the blades and edges are built in with the comfortability of shaving fine hairs in legs and arms. However, the best part that landed this a spot among the best razors for sensitive skin comes with the water-activated Hydro-Boost technology which reduces the likelihood of cuts and calms down irritation and itchiness that are often caused by shaving with multiple blades.


  • checkFivecurve-sensing blades for faster quality shaving
  • checkFeatures unique guards in each blade for lesser irritation
  • checkPatented Hydro-boost technology hydrates skin with shea butter serum for up to two hours
  • checkThe sleek headpiece is designed to target hard-to-reach areas
  • checkGrooved handy grips are made of rubber for easier grip and optimal control
  • checkDermatologically tested and clinically proven
  • checkPre-packaged with two moisturizing blade refills
  • checkReasonably priced


  • Doesn’t remove all hair in one pass
  • Intended for shaving legs only and might require more effort for facial shaving
  • Difficult to rinse

Gillette: Fusion5 ProGlide


Gillette is one of the best razors for sensitive skin. Its promising blades are the thinnest and finest than most of its counterparts. This model also lives up on what Gillette is known for, the Fusion technology that offers a smoother glide with a lesser tug. Moreover, even if you are a beginner in razor shaving, an improved, easy-to-maneuver Flexball handle will make you like a pro in no time, securing its place among the best razors for sensitive skin.


  • checkOutfitted with Flexball technology for greater range of maneuver action and closer shaving
  • checkErgonomically designed handle
  • checkBuilt in with thinner and finer five blades to reduce the amount of pressure
  • checkLubricating strip above the blade is elevated and enhanced with mineral oils for a smoother glide
  • checkIncludes a precision trimmer to tame sideburns and other tight areas
  • checkAdded feature includes Streamline Comfort Guard that works well with shaving creams and puts the blade in constant maximum contact with the skin
  • checkThe body can also fit any Gillette Fusion shaver
  • checkAvailable in very affordable price and can be purchased in almost any supermarket and online shops
  • checkComes with two extra razor blades


  • Refillable blades only equals up a month and are costly
  • It is not the most efficient according to some

BIC: Twin Select Sensitive Skin Disposable Shaver


When it comes to budget-friendly and disposable best razors for sensitive skin, our pick is this BIC twin blade.It is a cheap, but quality razor that equals expensive razors. It is also one of the few best razors for sensitive skin that live up to its promise to withstand razor burn and other possible razor issues with sensitive skin. When it comes to efficiency, it also delivers a smooth, clean shave. The lightweight razor comes in standby and perfect as a traveling companion.


  • checkDesigned to edge sensitive skin
  • checkTwo functional blades guarantee a cleaner shaving with its patented quality blades
  • checkGreat bargain; a decent razor that comes in 10 pieces at a meager price
  • checkUsable 15-20 times
  • checkCan also navigate through hard-to-reach areas
  • checkAccurately shave hair in beard, mustache, legs, and arms
  • checkFeatures ergonomic handle
  • checkPerfect for beginners because it is easy to use and you do not have to worry about complicated set-ups
  • checkEach razor weighs less than 3 ounces, perfect for travel


  • Plastic is not comfortable to handle


  • Needs more swipes to accomplish the task
  • Doesn’t come in a resealable package

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Our Overall Choice Among  The Best Razors For Sensitive Skin

Topping the best razors for sensitive skin is Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver, Model 790cc for a hassle-free shaving that minimizes skin irritation. It has all the exceptional technology you could ask for in an electric razor. The cutting performance is unmatched and built to last you a lifetime. This alone makes the product a great long-term investment despite its high-end price.

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