What’s The Best Pre-Workout Snack For Weight Watchers


The food you eat before working out can sometimes spell the difference between a successful session and a failed one. For an optimum strength and endurance during exercise, your body will need carbs and a smidge of protein along with healthy fatty acids to carry out the goal. An excellent mini breakfast should suffice, but it is not all the time that one can cook a decent meal. And not to mention, your meal may not always be under your planned macronutrient and calorie counters to yield results.

In such cases, consider best pre-workout snacks. They come conveniently in ready-to-eat dense foods to deliver the right nutrition your body needs to function optimally during exercises.

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Who Needs The Best Pre-Workout Snacks?

Best pre-workout snacks include handy snack bars and goodies aim to target people who are always on the go and needs a fair caloric value to kick-start their daily activities. Best pre-workout snacks also contain just the right amount of energy to carry out successful fitness exercises and sports training.

Those who are limiting their carbs and sugar intake for weight loss may also include best pre-workout snacks on their diet plan. They have the right amount of nutrients to feed the body and may even fill in the nutritional gap for anyone who needs a nutritional boost.

What Are Best Pre-Workout Snacks?

The best pre-workout snacks are based on the nutrients your body needs to fuel up before a workout. Carbohydrates as the main component in best pre-workout snacks provide a sustained energy essential for long and intense workouts. Protein in best pre-workout snacks supports muscle growth and relieves muscle depletion particularly beneficial if you are into lifting exercises. Best pre-workout snacks may also contain healthy fats and elevated vitamins and minerals that backs up muscle gains and rapid metabolism rate. These nutrients are incorporated in the form of sweet or savory bars, trailmix, whole-grain cereals or even pre-mixed superfood powders, shakes or smoothies that make the best pre-workout snacks.

Best pre-workout snacks may range from 100 up to 250 calories depending on your weight loss plan. Best pre-workout snacks are typically taken 30 minutes to three hours before exercise. Giving it, a time allowance this way allows the breakdown of the glucose as it enters the muscle cells, which will then be converted to a preserved energy. Feeding your body with these healthy-calorie and best pre-workout snacks maximize the benefits of your training and hardwork.

What Are The Benefits of Best Pre-Workout Snacks?

Not feeding your body with enough calories before a workout can produce more setbacks than your desired outcome. Your body could break down and devour itself in the process leading to a destructive metabolism where you degrade your muscle more than you burn fat. On the other hand, taking time to consume the best pre-workout snacks can produce many benefits.

More Energy: The best pre-workout snacks are a great alternative to sugary snacks because pre-workout snacks are normally composed of complex carbs that are a great source of stable, long-lasting energy.

Suppresses Appetite: Consuming the best pre-workout snacks on an empty stomach allows you to stick to moderate or lesser calorie consumption during meal time. When taken in between meals, it will make you feel full enough until your next lunch.

Longer Endurance:  The best pre-workout snacks consistently fuels your body with a steady flow of energy that may be attributed to high carbohydrates and slow-digesting protein content so you can last longer in your fitness exercises.

Muscle Gains: Lifting exercises when combined with tasty, best pre-workout snacks that contains quality protein (at least 8 grams) helps in the synthesis of muscle growth. It also repairs and rebuilds muscle tissues that may have broken down after that hard ride.

Speeds Up Metabolism: Protein and fiber are the two key components present in the best pre-workout snacks that helps you burn more fat.

Fends Off Body Fatigue: If you are strapped off the right nutrients during your workout, you will likely feel sluggish to finish off, a more reason you should consume pre-work snacks to keep your energy pumping.

Fills-in Nutritional Gap: The snack allows you to add the essential nutrients your body need for better health and immune system.

What Are The Precautions of Best Pre-Workout Snacks?

There are few steps and considerations you need to take to make sure you are on the right track of your goal.

First and foremost, always check nutrition facts and ingredients on the package of best pre-workout snacks, as not all store-bought foods are created equal. Some may have a reasonable calorie content but high in refined carbs and may employ the use of unhealthy transfat, sugar additives, artificial flavorings and other banned substances that are not strictly regulated by FDA. Careless consumption may not only take over your energy requirements but might also lead to the development of a range of health problems.

The next thing you need to watch out for in best pre-workout snacks is the potential food allergens. Foods free of gluten, dairy and nuts are always a safe way to go.

Lastly, if you have a certain medical condition, pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor or physician as your condition or the medications you are currently taking might react negatively to dietary or workout supplements.

What Are The Best Pre-Workout Snacks For Weight Watchers?

The market is flooded with best pre-workout snacks that come in many varieties. Several companies also produce the own line of fitness snacks. If you are part of the confused masses who do not know where to start, we have got you covered. Here are some of the best pre-workout snacks to fuel your fitness exercises with proper nutrition.

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Skout: Organic Energy Bar


According to nutritionists, when looking for the best pre-workout snacks to fuel your workout — opt for one that is packed with carbs with no more than 10 grams of protein. Do not go above 5 grams of fiber and 4 grams of fat as these components take time to digest and may slow down performance. These are the reasons you may want to go for Skout Organic Energy Bar. It contains all the right ratio of those above. Another thing that makes this bar stand out is that it provides minimal ingredients yet it is all organic and free from refined sugar and fillers.


  • checkContains no more than six ingredients, all of which are locally sourced and organic
  • checkProvides the ideal ratio of carbs, fats, and protein for a pre-workout snack
  • checkSeven flavors to choose from to squash your sweet cravings
  • checkFree from sugar additives or fillers
  • check​​​​​The entire line is all dairy, gluten, and soy-free
  • checkGreat as a trail snack and conveniently packaged for outdoor activities
  • checkSuitable for vegans
  • checkAlso, Certified Kosher
  • checkNon-GMO.


  • Needs moderate to the high-intensity level of exercises to burn down the 170-200 calories
  • Sugar content is relatively high
  • Dryness in texture is one of the concerns of some consumers

Kay’s Naturals: Protein Cookie Bites


Earning a spot on the best pre-workout snacks list, these cookie bites come in handy when you need to squeeze in lean protein and fiber in your diet. The thread satisfies the appetite while the protein boosts energy performance levels. It comes in sweet and savory flavors so you can diversify your food choices while you are on your low-calorie diet and shedding some pounds


  • checkCasein-free which means it releases a quick acting protein just when you need it, making it more ideal as a pre-workout snack
  • checkDelivers only 110-125 calories per portion which could quickly be shed out with low-intensity exercises
  • checkExcellent source of protein and fiber
  • checkIdeal for vegans and lactose intolerant as the protein is sourced from plants
  • checkVery low in fat and sugar content
  • checkContains iron and calcium to support your workout goals
  • checkConveniently pre-packed, so you do not have to through the hassle of portioning your food
  • checkAvailable in different flavors and varieties so you can lose weight without being deprived
  • checkA selection of savory treats is also available in the form of pretzel sticks, crispy chips, and cheesy puffs
  • checkCan be taken as a snack in between meals
  • checkMaybe given to children as a healthy sweet treat
  • checkAll- natural ingredients
  • checkFree from trans-fat and cholesterol
  • checkCertified Kosher


  • Manufactured in a working place where it may cross-contaminate with the allergens
  • Inconsistency in some of the flavors according to top critical review

Gourmet Nut: Power-Up Trail Mix


As one of the best pre-workout snacks, this healthy snack option is for those who want to stay fit while looking forward to leaning muscles. The pack contains nuts which are an excellent source of protein to promote muscle growth while the dried fruits and raisins provide long-lasting energy if endurance is what you are after. Calorie wise, this one offers a moderate amount and is suitable for your weigh-smart diet.


  • checkEnriched with protein
  • checkA tasty blend of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits to ease your sweet to salty palette
  • checkIncludes vitamin A and C that destroys free radical gained from intense exercises while speeding up metabolism
  • checkOnly 150 calories per serving
  • checkNo cholesterol and transfat, it uses Omega-3 which as a healthy source of fats.
  • checkContains calcium to promote stronger bones so you can carry on with longer exercises while iron boost workout performance
  • checkProtein Packed, High Energy, Antioxidant Mix, and Mega Omega are among the seven variances you can choose from (along with other flavors), depending on your goals
  • check100 percent all natural, vegan and gluten-free


  • Carbs content could be higher
  • Not conv​​​​eniently portioned
  • Too expensive for a bag of trail mix

FlapJacked: Mighty Muffins


For serious fitness enthusiasts out there, this a healthier alternative for when you want to make ‘cheat plans’ along with your fitness journey. Instead of eating a whole cake in one sitting, indulge yourself in a scrumptious, low-calorie, protein-packed pre-workout snack, like that of FlapJacked Mighty Muffin. The best part is that the protein is based on whey isolate — the most quality, the fast-acting protein you can give your body to power up before an exercise. Just add water, microwave, stir, and you are all set!


  • checkYour significant source of whey isolate, a quality protein containing nine amino acids
  • check

    Also,includes pea-protein


  • checkWashes away your sweet cravings without breaking your diet; Only 200-240 calories per serving
  • checkLoaded with calcium and iron
  • checkDelivers a steady flow of energy for cardio and intense workouts
  • checkFeatures a patented prebiotic which is helpful in digestion and immune system
  • checkIdeal as snack taken, before, after exercise
  • check

    A good appetite suppressant


  • checkAlso,suitable as a breakfast replacement
  • checkEight flavors to choose from, all gluten-free
  • checkLow in sugar content and free from artificial flavors


  • Contains 25 percent of the daily allowance of fiber and it is easy to go overboard
  • Only intended for more prolonged and high-intensity workouts to burn fat without accumulating calories
  • Not an ideal everyday snack for people who do not exercise on a regular basis
  • High in sodium
  • Contains 5 percent cholesterol

Pure Protein Shake


Experts suggest that in addition to a well-balanced meal is proper hydration in the form of water or nutrient-rich fluids for optimum support during training. Drinking Pure Protein Shake before your workout will let you achieve that. This is one of the best pre-workout snacks that contain a significant amount of protein and calcium, working together to promote healthy muscle tone and lean body mass. It isan excellent supplement to your pre-workout diet considering it is low in caloric value.


  • checkDelivers 35 grams of protein in only 110 calories per serving
  • checkProtein content is a blend of fast-acting and slow-release kinds for both strength and endurance
  • checkHigh as a pre-work drink but also can be consumed after workout for fast muscle recovery
  • checkIdeal for those who are carbs conscious
  • checkCan be a compliment drink for a good breakfast to wake and power you up
  • checkMay be taken on an empty stomach so you will eat lesser calories when your actual meal comes up
  • checkAvailable in 7 delicious flavors
  • checkReady to drink in a pick-me-up can
  • checkYou get 12 packs for an affordable price


  • Side effects for some consumers include bloating, gas and upset stomach
  • Contains milk allergens
  • Low in carbs for a pre-workout snack

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Our Top Choice Among The Best Pre-Workout Snacks For Weight Watchers

Taking the number one spot on our best pre-workout snacks list is Skout Organic Energy Bar. It stands by what a real pre-workout snack is — one that has the ideal ratio of carbs, protein and fat content in low calories per serving.   Moreover, it has an excellent profile ingredient with no more than six organic ingredients, no artificial additives or fillers. In short, it is pure, clean and simple — all you could ever ask for in best pre-workout snacks.

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