What’s The Best Natural Treatment For Depression


The World Health Organization has identified depression as the most common illness globally. 350 million people from different parts of the world suffer from depression. This is not surprising because, over the years, cases involving clinical depression or major depressive disorder have significantly increased.

While the causes of depression vary from person-to-person, a combination of the following factors is believed to contribute to the situation: environmental factors, genetics, a change in neurotransmitter levels, and psychosocial or psychological and social factors. Additionally, there are also risk factors like significant life events, trauma or childhood trauma, recreational drugs abuse, chronic pain syndrome, and some prescription drugs.

All these factors play a significant role in making depression a current health and mental health issue in our highly modern and developed world. As such, industry experts and manufacturers are working double time to come up with the best depression treatment that is reliable and efficient at the same time.

Best depression treatment is essential because it is one of the ideal ways to reduce symptoms and restore a person’s general, mental, and social health. The earlier the best depression treatment is administered to a person suffering from it, the higher his chances of becoming entirely well.

The common options for best depression treatment are psychotherapy, medications, electroconvulsive therapy, brain stimulation therapy, and treatment options with natural ingredients.

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Who Needs The Best Depression Treatment?

People who exhibit the signs of depression are the ones who need the best depression treatment. Some of the symptoms you need to watch out for are a persistent feeling of sadness, anxiety, or emptiness; a sense of hopelessness; unexplained irritability; unexplained feelings of worthlessness, helplessness, and guilt; fatigue; a particular kind of restlessness (cannot sit still); loss of interest in his hobbies, studies, or work; weight loss and loss of appetite; cannot sleep or rest or oversleeps most of the time; and digestive problems and aches and pains that are unexplained.

Depression can happen to anyone at any age, so there is no age limit or level when it comes to giving the best depression treatment.

What Is A Depression Treatment?

No matter the degree or level, depression is treatable. The secret to defeating depression is proper management. This is what the best depression treatment is all about.

Managing depression involves three essential components: support from and for family members, psychotherapy, and medication (antidepressants and other forms of treatment). There is also an option for the patient to join an outpatient treatment program. However, if the level of depression is severe, there might be a need to admit the patient into the hospital for proper monitoring and management.

The most popular among the best depression treatment is drug treatment or medication using certain antidepressants and its alternatives.

Antidepressants as the best depression treatment work by helping the brain improve how it uses some chemicals that control a person’s mood. So generally, what they do is uplift moods. Most of these best depression treatment drugs do not take effect until after about two to four weeks. A person who makes antidepressants cannot just take one when he wants to; he should consult with his doctor since, as previously stated, there can be severe side effects when taking the best depression treatment.

However, some cases have been reported wherein the patient stopped taking his medication even without his doctor telling him to do so. He does this because he believes he feels better and all right already. Cases like this usually end up with the patient getting depressed again and again because the administration of the best depression treatment and management period was not sufficient.

Before starting to take the best depression treatment, it is essential to know that there are different kinds of antidepressants a patient can take. One of these best depression treatment is SSRIs or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. SSRIs are the ones doctors usually prescribe first because they have fewer side effects compared to other best depression treatment. The SNRIs or serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors are another options. Examples of SNRIs include venlafaxine and duloxetine.

Atypical depressants are difficult to classify, but they can be an option, too. Tricyclic antidepressants, on the other hand, can significantly help in managing depression. However, they cannot be the best depression treatment because they have some of the worse side effects, so they are not usually prescribed to new patients and to those who have not tried SSRIs yet.

The MAOIs of monoamine oxidase inhibitors, meanwhile, are only prescribed when all other drugs have not worked. Aside from the fact that they can react negatively (or dangerously) when taken with food, they can also trigger serious side effects.

For some, the best depression treatment is not any of the options indicated above, but the ones that contain natural ingredients. Some people choose to go with alternative medicine as the best depression treatment. Although this is not discouraged, there are certain precautions to using this best depression treatment option, especially if the patient has stopped taking conventional treatment.

Another best depression treatment option that uses natural ingredients is supplements. Although some of these supplements are not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, many are still using this best depression treatment to manage and treat the condition. It is essential, however, to ask for professional advice from your doctor before choosing to do so. (Many doctors also recommend these natural treatment alternatives for best depression treatment.)

Aside from supplements, there are also alternative options for best depression treatment. This is the non-conventional approach to managing and treating depressive disorders. Take note, however, that even if a person is already taking alternative medications as their chosen best depression treatment, he still needs to consult with his doctor. These alternative treatments are merely complementary therapy options; they are not a substitute for conventional medical treatment, and even for the natural supplements.

What Are the Benefits Of Natural Best Depression Treatments?

Patients will enjoy several benefits when they choose to use natural treatments as their best depression treatment to manage their case. Aside from general advantages, each of these natural options also has their benefits. The majority, however, are focused on making a patient feel better by lifting his mood. Here are some of the benefits that you might find useful in taking these best depression treatments

Natural best depression treatment are gentle sedatives that uplift moods. Some of the most popular natural best depression treatment act as gentle sedatives, while also helping uplift a person’s mood. Ingredients like hypericum are used to alleviate symptoms and problems related to anxiety and depression. This ingredient is perfect for treating and managing mild to moderate depression.

There are also natural best depression treatments that work on increasing the levels of a patient’s serotonin, a chemical found in the brain that can help a person feel good. As a result, they can be effective remedies for depression.

The best examples for this are saffron and St. John’s Wort.

Some natural best depression treatments mimic antidepressants but without the same side effects. There are natural best depression treatments that imitate the effects produced by some antidepressants. This happens because of the neurotransmitters, serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, among others, increase action and as a result, binds the cell receptors. These natural best depression treatments are great for alleviating anxiety and depression.

Natural best depression treatments help patients cope with antidepressant medication withdrawal effects. There are certain herbs used in making natural treatments that are effective in helping patients cope with the effects of withdrawal from antidepressant medications. Also, these are effective in managing anxiety, long-term stress, and depression.

These natural treatments are also good for inducing relaxation.

Using supplements as natural treatment can help patients respond well to antidepressants. Some supplements are essential not only for uplifting moods but also for helping patients react well to antidepressants. The supplements work by increasing the levels of vitamin B12 and folate, which are needed for the improved response.

In addition to this, B complex vitamins are also helpful as they have been proven to properly manage depression, just like how the best depression treatment should be.

Natural treatments do not contain harmful chemicals. Majority of natural treatments – and some supplements – do not contain harmful ingredients, which means they will not cause any severe side effects. If there are side effects, they will be basic ones; not the life-threatening ones.

Additionally, natural treatments for depression are not as expensive as antidepressants. You can even make some of them at home. As such, you do not have to worry about going back and forth to the doctor, the clinic, or the drugstore just to get one.

The best depression treatment for depression is made of natural ingredients. As previously mentioned, natural treatments for depression do not contain chemicals. Instead, they are of/from herbs and other natural ingredients. Even the supplements used for controlling depression are not chemically-laden. In fact, most of these treatments have been used since thousands of years ago as natural remedies for specific conditions and illnesses like burns, wounds, ulcers, melancholy, and yes, nervous disorders.

What Are the Precautions Of Natural Depression Treatments?

Just because they are natural treatments does not mean that you or your patient should not exercise precaution. Here are some things you need to consider before going to the doctor or drugstore to purchase some natural treatments for depression.

First off, keep in mind that even if they are made of and from natural ingredients, they can still have side effects. Maybe not as serious as those created by antidepressants, but just as dangerous. Before purchasing anything, ask for recommendations first or try to do preliminary research. It also helps to read the package label.

Also, not all-natural treatments are FDA-approved or recognized. So, you might want to keep this in mind. Also, some natural treatments can interact negatively with some prescription drugs. Pregnant women and people suffering from bipolar disorder should take extra precautions before taking natural treatments.

What Are the Best Natural Treatments For Depression?

Here is a combination of alternative natural medications and natural supplements that you should consider for treating and managing depression. One of these should be your choice of the best depression treatment.

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VitaStrength: St. John’s Wort 500mg Capsules


St. John’s Wort is one of the most popular natural treatments for depression. It is best for treating and managing mild to moderate depression. This natural remedy comes from a plant native to western Asia, northern Africa, and Europe. Its primary effect is increasing the body’s serotonin levels. VitaStrength’s St. John’s Wort is chemical additives-free. It is also FDA-inspected and is therefore safe to use.

This natural treatment targets general depression, anxiety, and SAD or seasonal affective disorder. It is also said to help manage PMS and menopause symptoms. It also contains 0.3% hypericin, which is the natural chemical that’s found in the plant.


  • checkIt is FDA-inspected, free of chemical additives
  • checkManages not only depression but also anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, and symptoms brought about by premenstrual syndrome and menopause
  • checkMajority of the reviews are positive, with users declaring a gradual decrease in their depression symptoms


  • St. John’s Wort can react negatively with some medications
  • It also does not work well when taken alongside antidepressants as doing so can lead to side effects

Windmill Health Products: Double Strength Saffron Extract


Saffron is a spice that can help treat and manage mild to moderate depression. Significant amounts of saffron extract can create a treatment that can be as effective as Prozac. It is also useful for treating stress and anxiety, among others.


  • checkAside from controlling appetite, this double strength tablet can enhance your positive mood
  • checkSome users have also reported an improvement in their mood swings
  • checkNo side effects have been reported


  • The primary effect of this supplement is for weight loss, and some users may not like it

Pure Encapsulations: SAMe (S-Adenosylmethionine)


SAMe or SAM-e is a supplement that is made to mimic the natural mood-boosting chemicals of the body. It is considered the synthetic form of the said chemicals. Pure Encapsulations’ SAM-e contains natural ingredients. It does not have eggs, gluten or peanuts. It does not include GMOs or wheat, artificial colors, and trans fat. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic. People who have bought and tried the product agree that it is effective in alleviating depression symptoms. No side effects have been reported so far.


  • checkThis can be the best depression treatment as it is effective and hypoallergenic
  • checkIt does not have any side effects


  • It may be a bit expensive for some people

Dr. Tobias: Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil


The healthy fat, the kind that we need, are called Omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential in improving low levels of certain brain chemicals that are essential for fighting depression. Dr. Tobias’ Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement contains three to four times more of the fatty acids, enough for patients who want to get the recommended amount of DHA or docosahexaenoic acid. As such, it is effective in supporting and improving not only brain and heart health but also a person’s mental health and mood.


  • checkIt is pure and refined fish oil that does not contain chemicals
  • checkNon-GMO, and sourced from wild fish
  • checkIts triple strength guarantees its efficiency and effectiveness
  • checkThis natural treatment product has also been tested 17 times, all with excellent results
  • checkNo reported stomach upsets or burps
  • checkThe taste is better than other fish oils, too


  • Not recommended for children under 18 years old, as well as for pregnant and nursing mothers
  • One consumer also complained that it is probably made of cheap Omega-3 fish oil

NatureWise: 5-HTP Plus+


5-HTP, also known as 5-hydroxytryptophan, us an over-the-counter supplement that works to increase serotonin levels. NatureWise’s 5-HTP supplement is made to regulate a person’s mood, as well as reduce stress and anxiety. It was developed with the belief that the quality of sleep, stress levels, and one’s mood are interconnected. As it increases serotonin levels, NatureWise 5-HTP supplements can improve a person’s sleep quality, memory, appetite, and mood, among many others.

This product is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant and is 3rd party-tested as required by the FDA.


  • checkIt is a non-GMO product
  • checkSome users have also reported an improvement in their mood swings
  • checkNo side effects have been reported
  • checkIt is vegan
  • checkIt contains 200mg of 5-HTP that’s enhanced with vitamin B6
  • checkSince it is GMP compliant, it is tested and guaranteed to be safe and of good quality


  • The primary effect of this supplement is for weight loss, and some users may not like it

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Our Choice For The Best Natural Treatment For Depression

The best depression treatment for us is VitaStrength St. John’s Wort 500mg Capsules. We chose this product not because it is made of the most popular natural ingredient but because users are satisfied with its effectiveness and efficiency. While it effectively strengthens the levels of serotonin, it does not contain any chemical additives, which is crucial because you want to be as safe and as natural as possible.

Of course, the fact that it is FDA-inspected also helps. We all know that the FDA does not approve most of the natural treatments for depression. This one, however, has gone through inspection, so it is guaranteed to be safe and potent.

Also, this best depression treatment does not only focus on depression; it also works on improving and alleviating symptoms of anxiety and seasonal affective disorder or SAD. It can also be used to relieve PMS and menopause-related problems.

VitaStrength St. John’s Wort capsules should be on top of your list if you want an effective, efficient, and safe, natural treatment for depression.

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