What’s The Best Men’s Running Shoes In 2017?


Men’s passion and love for shoes are apparent in today’s trends and innovation in the best men’s running shoes. From maximalist to high cushion, this year is flooded with promising advancement regarding new designs, new materials and new construction techniques to look out for.

However, beyond aesthetic appeal is functionality that makes the best men’s running shoes still attractive as it is since its first breakthrough. It is primarily designed to protect the foot and ankle movement from running-related injuries.

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Who Needs The Best Men’s Running Shoes

As the name suggests, the best men’s running shoes are marketed for runners as they are more comfortable footwear than regular shoes. They are constructed to be more flexible on the ball, heel, and mid,to the forefoot to allow a greater range of motion.

Fitness walkers, however, should opt for a specialized footwear that is mainly designed for the very own activity to avoid blisters and joint pain.

The best men’s running shoes also are made with a higher amount of mesh to keep feet cool during exercise which is very helpful for sports enthusiasts and athletes in carrying out their training goals.

Moreover, for those who are suffering from supination, pronation and other ankle issues, some of the best men’s running shoes are designed to provide support and help neutralize walking abnormalities.

What Are Running Shoes?

The best men’s running shoes are designed based on the body mechanics of running activity. The heel, mid sole, and toes are cushioned since runners mostly land flat-footed. The goal of the best men’s running shoes is to facilitate balance and stability when running while also promoting proper posture. A high cushion in the best men’s running shoes is a prominent feature designed to support the weight of the body, withstand wear and provide a more comfortable landing of the arches.

The height of the toe from the height of the heel in the best men’s running shoes, which is commonly referred to as the heel-to-toe drop may or may not differ depending on the three categories which are trail running, cross-training and road-running shoes.

The rigid outer structure found in the best men’s running shoes, on the other hand, ensures that it can adapt to foot strikes on occasional forays and design of the pavement.

What To Look For In The Best Men’s Running Shoes This 2017?

One should choose the best men’s running shoes that are tailored to their performance and health needs. Buying a perfect pair of running shoes that will give you a great run is far different from buying one that will leave you with blisters, joint pain, or even sprains.

That is why it is always helpful to know what to look for in a good fitness running shoes and how to know that the pair you pick is the right set of shoes for your running style.

Durable and High-Quality Construction: Of course, no shoes can last you a decade, unless you barely use them. When it comes to longevity of use, a pair of the best men’s running shoes should be able to last you a year, at least according to experts.

Synthetic materials are a good way to go because they are light, breathable and have strong seams. Look for something that’s made of mesh, possibly at times nylon mesh like that of synthetic leather which is more better for runners than compared to a genuine leather because of its breathable panels.

Quick Drying: The lining of the shoe should be water-resistant, particularly the upper part of the shoe which is the area that circles the ankle to minimize the amount of water that gets into the shoes which allows you to walk on wet floors without falling off and without water flowing toward to shoe.

Flexes Right: A good pair of the best men’s running shoes flexes along the same lines as your feet. An improperly aligned flex point can welcome arch pain, numb toes, shin splints, and other problems.

Perfect Fit: The arch of the shoe should follow the contours of your feet. There should also be enough space in the shoe so that your feet can wiggle from side to side at the forefoot andyour toes should be able to move freely up and down.

Design and Style: Men enjoy collecting shoes too as much as women do. For some, it is a personal statement of individuality and a shared passion for collecting running shoe. However,whetherit is your collecting psyche or your need to replace your old shoe that triggers you to buy a pair; nothing can motivate you more on your fitness endeavor if you have running shoes that speak to your sense of style and personality.

Reasonable Pricing:It is always a good thing if the best men’s running shoes you are aiming for is within your budget. However,it will not also hurt if you pay a little bit extra, knowing that you will get the quality and satisfaction you are aiming for. The high-end price is mostly associated with the trademark’s extensive research and constant improvements regarding construction. Regardless, high price does not always justify the quality. One should still be cautious and consider all mentioned buying guide. This should help you determine if you are going to get what you pay for.

What Are the Precautions when Buying the Best Men’s Running Shoes?

Running is an activity that requires proper footwear. Not wearing the best men’s running shoes not only cause pain in the heels but can also put yourself at risk of more serious health-related problems.

It is important to change the best men’s running shoes you’re using from time to time, after a 400-500 mileage at least, so it will not cause discomfort.

Wearing a brand new best men’s running shoes on race or long runs may cause blisters. Make sure you already used the best men’s running shoes for 100 mile runs at a minimum to avoid discomfort and disappointment on your marathon games. If you happen to be injury-prone, ask your healthcare provider if your condition is fit enough to wear the best men’s running shoes or to pursue any fitness exercises for that matter.

What Are The Best Men’s Running Shoes In 2017?

It is important to note that there’s no such thing as the perfect, one-size-fits-all best men’s running shoes. However, there is a selection of the best men’s running shoes on the market to cater to a range of needs like playing athletic sports, distance running, and training of any kind, and here are 5 of them.

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ASICS: Men’s GEL-Venture 5 Trail Running Shoes


This one of the best men’s running shoes are sturdy, durable, and lightweight but the biggest advantage of ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe perhaps is its versatility.  As one of the best men’s running shoes, this footwear is suitable for fitness workout and casual activities. The rugged outer sole does not limit the performance on hard, uneven surfaces nor will it prevent runners to have optimum reliable traction even on slippery and slushy pavements. It is ideal for your fitness Exercises but also goes well with outdoor activities such as hiking.  This one of the best men’s running shoes is enhanced with aggressive tread to offer stability, support and underfoot protection. They will keep you logging miles comfortably, but the designs also look great when you are sightseeing.


  • checkThis is one of the best men’s running shoes which has a lightweight concept that makes it favorable for runners particularly the entry-level trail enthusiasts
  • checkFit for general fitness; good for a gym workout, casual use, running, and even walking on rugged terrain
  • checkIt is excellent in durability and quality, a claim that is also backed up by the verified users
  • checkThe open mesh layers allow the free flow of air inside the shoe hence you are guaranteed
  • checkIt has the cushioning technology of stability shoes has a plush and soft feel
  • checkThe removable sock liner can accommodate medical orthotics
  • checkIt can fix supinated foot motion
  • checkThere are wide range and colors to choose from
  • checkIt comes at a budget-friendly price


  • The primary concern of the users is the tightness despite choosing their sizes accordingly. Perhaps this is  because the footwear designed to protect and secure soles
  • The area over the big toe is not reinforced and may wear out prematurely with regular use, at least according to one user
  • It might be stiffer than regular running shoes

Brooks: Men’s Adrenaline GTS 15 Running Shoes


Brooks is one manufacturer of the best men’s running shoes, and is is widely known for their high cushioning on the heel and the cushioning on the toe — 12mm to be exact which is higher than most on the market these days. The updated Adrenaline GTS 15 continues its tradition of being Brooks’ ‘Go-To-Shoe’ (GTS) providing excellent stability for those runners who have had some unease with the conventional running shoes. The updated higher cushioning from heel-to-toe is particularly helpful in relieving some of the stress that can be placed on the calf. Complemented with the newly extended crash pad, you will sure to feel well supported every step of the way. All these makes this footwear worthy of landing a spot as one of the best men’s running shoes in the market.


  • checkThe updated Segmented Crash Pad offers a smoother landing from heel-strike to toe-off
  • checkThe midsole enhanced with BioMoGo DNA delivers improved and more comfortable cushioning
  • checkIt is engineered with Omega Flex Grooves that allow for more natural forefoot movement and fluidity
  • checkThe upper with fewer stitched overlays help reduce risks of irritation
  • checkUsers and interested buyers laud the colorways of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15
  • checkThe breathable element linings will help wick away moisture to keep feet cooler and drier
  • checkAdjustable saddle design is intended for maximum support


  • This is not for someone who is more into a low-heel drop
  • It is quite expensive
  • A slightly stiffer forefoot of the shoe is one of the heftiest of its line unless this does not bother you then it is not going to be a concern
  • The shoe runs a half size small, and you may need to go up in size depending on fit.

  • The fabric tears easily


Adidas: Performance Men’s Ultra Boost Running Shoes


How responsive the shoe will be on your forefoot is something you want to consider when looking for the best men’s running shoes. You do not want to have something too soft, especially if you are doing shorter distance — a reason you ought to go for Performance Men’s Ultra Boost Running Shoe. Manufactured by the company Adidas that have been busy creating a more cushioned boost foam to improve their signature bouncy ride. This one provides plenty of bounce and even more cushion. It is quite pricey, but that is because cushioning costs a bit regarding energy return or how quickly the sole recovers its form after each foot strike. It is a great bouncy runners that will pay you back in quality and high level of comfort, thus landing a spot among the best men’s running shoes this 2017.


  • checkThe incredible responsive cushioning has an energy-returning boost technology that’s made up of a stretchy rubber in an open grid pattern —   designed to adapt to your foot’s movement and makes for a smoother transition from heel-strike to toe-off
  • checkIt also features Stretchweb design in the outsole that enhances the energy-returning properties of boost
  • checkThe toe is angled up higher, which further helps the shoe roll
  • checkThe Primeknit Upper innovation can wrap around feet snugly yet securely and provides a customized fit for runners with narrow feet
  • checkMany athletes love the appealing look of the footwear which allowed them to use it casually


  • It might not be ideal as training shoes as  feels very restrictive with some particular exercises, especially during faster paced runs


  • The cushion and the overlays around the heel and arch might be too stiff for some
  • The price is too high-end for running shoes


Nike: Men’s Revolution 3 Running Shoes


Among the best men’s running shoes, this running shoe is an exemplification that not all low price are made cheap.  If you are either a casual wearer, light runner, or are only looking for a sleek, stylish, and athletic shoe, NIKE Men’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe can provide you with excellent additional cushioning and support as for any of your fitness endeavor. It is a good standard running shoe for someone who is tight on budget.


  • checkIt is made from 100 percent polyester which is a strong, durable fabric known as lightweight, and resistant to shrinking, stretching, mildew and creasing
  • checkThe insoles could provide pain relief
  • checkThe fabric is also sun resistant
  • checkThe toe box and heel are covered with dense synthetic material, which protects the foot from injuries and provides durability
  • checkThe comfortable midsole and outsole are made of rubber to provide a smoother and secure transition with every stride
  • checkIt gives you an option to wear it without socks owing to the soft and cushy padding around the heel
  • checkThe footwear is represented in plenty great colors and styles
  • checkWhether you are on a tight budget or not, you can reap all these benefits at a low-cost price


  • The fabric is constructed from polyester which gets quickly look dirty and which stains are hard to remove
  • The insole is attached
  • The cushioning are not the best

New Balance Men’s 510v3 Trail Running Shoes


What makes this New Balance shoes one of the best men’s running shoes? It is unrivaled in sole protection. This is due to the incorporation of the great Vibram soles aggressive tread that provide extra shock absorption when used on packed surfaces and irregularities. Whether you are running on soft surfaces or rocky and uneven terrains, rely on 510v3 Trail Running shoes for maximum protection.


  • checkIt is designed with Vibram’s outsole that is durable and functional terrain-appropriate design
  • checkIt is also versatile; some users used it as a trail running and daily go-to shoe while some athletes use it to achieve their set goal
  • checkOne can also benefit from its breathable element
  • checkIt includes a detachable thick padding that can be inserted to achieve comfort on undesirable terrains
  • checkThe available colors and design are eye-catching
  • checkThe price is a reasonable amount


  • It was a half size smaller than their standard sizing due to due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes
  • Others mentioned how the shoes are bulky and heavy on their feet
  • It is not waterproof

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Our Choice For The 2017 Best Men’s Running Shoes

The product satisfied all the key components we are looking for in the best men’s running shoes; sturdiness, durability, versatility, and protection, all of which are lauded by its users. Moreover, whatever design you are looking for in the best men’s running shoes, you are surely going to find your style from the wide range available texture and color. What’s more, you can get all these at abudget-friendly price.  All of these components made the ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe the most highly accepted best men’s running shoes of 2017.

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