What’s The Best Low Calorie Drink For Women


The daily recommended calorie intake for women is starting from 2000 to 2200 calories to maintain their weight. This is comparatively lower than that of the ideal calorie intake for men. This is also partially the reason women pay more attention to their calorie intake as compared to men.

For women who are trying to lose weight or on a strict low-calorie diet, sugar-laden drinks can already be too much. This could mean resigning oneself to bland drinks since flavored drinks is always associated with high proportion of sugar that equals to high number of calories,

If such is your case, best low calorie drink is your best choice. Best low calorie drink comes in flavored if the taste is what you are after, yet will not count much to your calorie intake because of its low-calorie content.

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Who Needs Low Calorie Drinks?

Calorie-conscious people who try to cut calorie intake often focus on food. However, another way to reduce calories is through best low calorie drink. Cutting sugary drinks and upgrading it too best low calorie drink daily can make a significant difference in your calorie deficit. Moreover, best calorie drink is also delicious and gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy drinking without derailing their healthy-eating efforts.

Individuals who need to limit sugar intake, particularly those who are diagnosed with diabetes often rely on best low calorie drink as their way of keeping their blood sugars even. The best low calorie drink is low in sugar, some almost zero but still brings in a delicious taste so diabetic patient will not feel deprived.

Lastly, for everyone who wants to establish good drinking habits, best low calorie drink is very hydrating. The best low calorie drink also comes with nutrients your body needs to replenish vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. The nutrients associated with best low calorie drink also makes it staple drink for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who often need to rehydrate after intensive training. Check out more info on how to make aloe vera juice for drinking here

What is a Low Calorie Drink?

Best low calorie drink is designed to be relatively low in calories, allowing you to allocate more calories in your meal, thereby giving you more freedom with your food choices and more balance and compliance with your fitness efforts. The best low calorie drink also has the function of quenching thirst, with extra added vitamin and minerals that you cannot achieve by drinking plain water alone.

Most of the best low calorie drink is just  flavored and infused water so you will have something tastier drink to gulp on as compared to plain water. Although best low calorie drink does not contain the significant amount of carbs to lull hunger, it contains a dominant water composition in which nutrition experts claim consuming it on an empty stomach causes you to eat less during the meal.

Best low calorie drink often employs the use of fruits as natural sweeteners to enhance the taste without the inclusion sugar additives and thus only amounting to little to no sugar content. Some best low calorie drink can either be served hot or cold, typified by tea, coffee, milk-based beverages.

Fruit or vegetable juices and carbonated drinks may also be considered as best low calorie drink.

Best low calorie drink may come in a readily available form that can be directly consumed. Alternatively, best low calorie drink can be bought as pre-mixed powders or concentrates that just needs water-mixing as part of the preparation

What Are The Components of a Low Calorie Drink

It is essential to know what makes a best low calorie drink because there are a lot of sugary drinks disguised as healthy drinks in the market right now. A true best low calorie drink rarely has any additives other than the flavor and preservatives used, thus needing only simple, minimal components. Here are the components that make a best low calorie drink.

Water: This a chief constituent in any commercial drinks that includes purification as the initial process. Best low calorie drink specifically has a large water composition which makes it easier for the soluble constituents to be infused and suspended in water. Additionally, water also makes best low calorie drink genuinely hydrating.

Flavoring Agents and Sweeteners: What makes best low calorie drink differs from other flavored beverages is that it is naturally sweetened. A sugar-laden drink often employs the use of sugar alcohols and sugar additives while best low calorie drink relies on plant-based sweeteners to naturally flavor and enhance the taste of the drink. Besides fruit extracts, natural sweeteners that can be found in best low calorie drink are stevia leaf, Aztec sweet herb, and licorice. Other sugar substitutes that you may want to consider are aspartame and sucralose, both of which goes through body system without being digested and thus does not give extra calories

Nutrients: Best low calorie drink may have vitamins and minerals that are particularly helpful if you are getting difficulty in getting the nutrients in actual food. Because best low calorie drink is in liquid form, nutrients that are often associated with it are more assimilated by the body faster than compared to solid foods.

Inorganic Constituents: As with other commercial beverages, best low calorie drink may go through treatments that allow it to have a longer shelf life and adds to its consistency. This can include chemical components such as potassium sorbate used in conjunction with potassium metabisulfite to prevent refermentation. Others are in the form of potassium benzoate and calcium disodium that acts as preservatives to keep the beverage fresh. Manufacturers may also push through mixing buffering agents such as sodium citrate to regulate the acidity and tartness of best low calorie drink.

What Are The Precautions of Low Calorie Drinks?

Although some nutrition facts may appear as very low in calorie content, take note that it may just represent a part of the serving size. This is particularly true in some beverage drinks that can be bought in bulk which is not conveniently portioned. When comparing best low calorie drink, look closely at the serving size details and do the calorie calculations if necessary to determine if it is your best low calorie drink option.

“Healthy Drink” “Low-Calorie” and “Natural” are among the stamps that are not regulated by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means that any manufacturer can lawfully glorify their products as such but can contain questionable nutritional info. For instance, a fruit drink may not do not have something to do with real fruit, and high sugar content may be disguised in its artificial flavorings, making it low in nutritional value. This is another reason to check nutritional information rather than relying on biased stamps.

Some beverages are zero-calories but also do not contain nutrients at all. This is particularly true for most flavored water which just slightly infused with vitamins and minerals. Permanently relying on zero-calorie drinks rather than nutritious drinks is impractical. Other beverage drink may be higher in calorie but packed with vitamins and minerals your body needs to be healthy. It is essential to find a balance in both types of drinks to truly achieve a healthy lifestyle.

What Are The Best Low Calorie Drinks For Women?

We went on a hunt for the best low calorie drink out on the market today and here is a roundup of them. Most of the featured best low calorie drink does not exceed 50 calories yet still contain a splash of the essential vitamins and minerals.

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GoodOnYa 1051 Organic Hydration Electrolyte & Mineral Infusion Lemon Sports Drink

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When it comes to a best low calorie drink that can rehydrate you after intensive training, rely on this GoodOnYa’s sports drink. It is packed with over 70 sun-dried ionic sea mineral needed by your body to bring back the lost electrolytes that are sweat out during heavy excursion — all in 10 calories and 1 gram of sugar. That is surprisingly low calorie and sugar content for a sports drink, as compared to conventional sports drinks that normally provide over a hundred calories.

The flavor is based on an organic concentrated lemon juice that makes this best low calorie drink packed with ascorbic acid. It is naturally sweetened with organic stevia leaf to enhance the taste. Taste-wise, its sweetness is balanced with a savory taste with a touch of sourness to the finish.


  • A very good source of quality mineral content
  • Also packed with vitamin C
  • Clean profile ingredient
  • Ideal daily best low calorie drink


  • Taste needs improvement

Diabetic Kitchen Gourmet Drinking Chocolate

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Gourmet Drinking Chocolate is a healthy nutritious drink from Diabetic Kitchen that provides one of the cleanest glycemic indexes for a best low calorie drink. It has zero sugar and does not contain any flagged sugar additive, making it a staple drink not only for diabetic people but for everyone who wants to keep their blood sugar even.

The chocolate powder is sourced out from Holland’s plantation, one of the most excellent sources of Royal Dutch Cocoa. It also uses a zero calorie sugar sweetener in the form of monk fruit extract that enhances the flavor, mixed with a smidge of sea salt to balance the taste. Other ingredients listed are prebiotic dietary fiber derived from Non-GMO corn and guar gum used to thicken and stabilize the consistency.

This best low calorie drink contains macronutrients such as 10 grams of dietary carbs and 15 grams of healthy fats to curb down hunger but in only 35 calories per serving. The preparation just needs 1 to 2 tablespoons of the powder mixed with water or over your choice of milk. The drink can be served hot or cold.


  • Low-carb and no sugar added
  • Natural and quality ingredients
  • Can be consumed hot or cold
  • Appetite-suppressant


  • It takes longer to mix in a cold liquid

ALO Exposed Light Aloe Vera and Honey Drinking Water

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Alo is a flagship line of best low calorie drink based on refreshing aloe vera juice. Some of their best low calorie drink is infused with fruit essence. Their Exposed Light Aloe Vera and Honey Drinking Water has half the calories of the original flavors, delivering only 30 calories and zero grams of fat per serving.

Aloe vera juice, in general, is very hydrating drink and is attributed to many positive health benefits that include treating digestive issues and detoxifying the body. This best low calorie drink is juiced out straight from real aloe vera plant evident by the pulp that still contained the product. This also makes its vitamin constituents almost untouched. It is 30 percent rich in vitamin C with a smidge of minerals.

Alo does not use any artificial ingredients, preservatives, or colorants in most of their best low calorie drink. Although this best low calorie drink does contain erythritol (a form of sugar alcohol), most of the sweeteners come from natural sweeteners such as sugar cane and honey. It only amounts to 7 grams of sugar which will not mess your blood sugar level. The water that is used went through Reverse Osmosis (RO), a system that excels in purifying and removing water impurities.


  • Naturally sourced from aloe vera plant
  • A reliable source of vitamin C
  • Low sugar content
  • Free from artificial flavorings, preservatives, and gluten
  • Non-GMO and Kosher


  • A bit pricey
  • Contains sugar alcohol

Bai Brasilia Blueberry Antioxidant Infused Beverage

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The biggest perk of this best low calorie drink is its low calorie content. Bai Brasilia Blueberry Antioxidant Infused Beverage only contains five calories per bottle which means you can indulge yourself in a hefty splurge, a bottle of two or three and still will not mess with your calorie bank.

Bai Brasilia Blueberry Antioxidant Infused Beverage is a sweetened best low calorie drink inspired by berry fruit essence. Unlike other flavored water drinks that contain no nutritional value, this bai drink is infused with antioxidants Vitamin C. The antioxidant is helpful in giving the body extra electrons that guards against free radicals, thus preserving health and vitality of our body.

In addition to the antioxidant, it also delivers 100mg polyphenols and chlorogenic acid from coffee fruit and white tea composition, both of which works as a natural appetite suppressant and metabolism booster.

The only drawback, however, is the composition of carbohydrates, listing 5 grams of sugar alcohol erythritol and 1 gram of stevia leaf extract that amounts to total 6 grams of sugar. However, if the sugar alcohol does not bother you, Bai Brasilia Blueberry Antioxidant Infused Beverage is one of your best option for a best low calorie drink.


  • Best low calorie drink for people who are in low-calorie diet
  • Can be mixed with cocktail drinks
  • Very hydrating
  • Great tasting berry flavor
  • Reasonably priced


  • Vitamin content could be higher
  • Contains sugar alcohol

Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

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Delivering a mere 30 calories per serving, this Amazon best seller in soy drink is less than half of the calories in a skim milk but enhanced with 50 percent more calcium than a regular milk which is why it made it to our list of best low calorie drink.

Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its nutritional value. Besides providing half of your daily requirement of calcium, it also contains a significant amount of vitamin E and vitamin A along with other minerals and healthy flavonoids.

This is best low calorie drink is ideal for those who are lactose intolerant and those who are pursuing vegetarian lifestyle. It is plant-based and free from dairy and other animal products. It is unsweetened and does not contain any sugar yet has a tangy hint of vanilla.


  • High nutritional value
  • No added sugar
  • Free from dairy, casein, egg, and MSG
  • Does not get spoil at room temperature even after it is opened
  • Also, suitable for baking recipes


  • Bland taste

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Our Choice For The Best Low Calorie Drink For Women

While each of the featured best low calorie drink is truly low in calories, GoodOnYa 1051 Organic Hydration Electrolyte & Mineral Infusion Lemon Sports Drink stands out when it comes to nutritional value. In a meager ten calories each bottle, it delivers a load of quality minerals and vitamin that is missing on some of the best low calorie drink. What’s more, it also comes clean with its ingredient profile, employing the use of only natural ingredients free from anything artificial which is why it is highly regarded as the best low calorie drink.

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