What’s The Best High-Protein Office Snack For People Who Can’t Help But Nibble


Aside from baseball, one of the most popular pastimes of Americans is snacking. According to reports, around 97% of children, 83% of adolescents, and some 90% of adults eat snacks on a daily basis. In some cases, their snacking is even more frequent or more than once a day. What makes the situation alarming is that what people usually eat are not the best office snacks, the unhealthy variety: chips, cakes, ice cream, and soda, among others.

This is the reason why many people have health and weight problems. It is also one of the primary reasons why obesity is a big problem nowadays. And this unhealthy, uncontrolled snacking is also the reason why a lot of people lack protein in their system. Protein, of course, is an essential part of anyone’s diet. It has a lot of benefits for the body; for your general health and well-being.

This is also the reason why some people, especially bodybuilders, are investing a lot in protein shakes and bars. This is also the reason why some women started learning how to eat protein bars instead of chips or cakes and even chocolates. They know that protein is essential for the cells in the body, as well as for weight loss.

As a result of the rising interest in protein-rich snack products, manufacturers are now racing to produce the best protein-rich snack; one that can easily satisfy what most people are looking for. With all the choices available, however, it is important first to understand what protein and protein snacks are all about.

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Who Needs High-Protein Snacks

Protein is an essential nutrient that helps build tissue and cells in the body. It is something that bodybuilder need for proper muscle development. Additionally, people who need or want to lose weight also need to ingest the right amount of protein.

The right protein intake is likewise important for people whose diets do not supply all the essential vitamins and minerals the body needs.

Also, for individuals who are trying to or are leading a healthy lifestyle, protein-rich snacks are important. This applies especially to those who spend eight or more hours of their stuck inside their cubicles or tables in the office.

What Is A High-Protein Snack

A high-protein snack is the healthier alternative to all the commercial snacks that we have gotten used to doing. Instead of snacking on chips, sodas, sugary cookies, cakes, and ice cream, your options have higher protein content and less of those that you do not need.

Protein is necessary because it is a macronutrient essential for providing the support needed to build tissue and cells in your body. It contains a significant amount of amino acids, something that your body needs. Our body needs more or less 20 amino acids, which protein can easily provide.

Additionally, protein provides the energy your body needs so you can perform all your tasks and responsibilities, especially if you work eight or more hours every day. You will need the best office snacks to keep your energy level up.

Bodybuilders and gym goers use much help from their high-protein snacks whenever they need some extra boost for their workouts.

Men and women who need to get rid of the extra weight their bodies carry are also partial to high-protein snacks. This is because the protein these snacks contain will help improve their metabolic levels.

So, yes, a high-protein snack is important for you and for every person who wants to lead a healthier life.

Although there are a lot of high-protein snacks available on and offline, there are certain products that are up on the list because they do not only taste good, but they are rich in protein content, too. These should be your choices for the best office snacks with high protein content.

Jerky. This is one snack that has high protein content, more or less a total of 28 grams. A jerky is best described as beef, chicken, salmon, or turkey meat that has been trimmed of their fats. They are usually dried and then cut into strips. You just have to carefully choose because there are brands that come with artificial ingredients and added sugars.

Greek Yogurt. If you have been eating traditional or the regular variety of yogurt, you need to switch now to the Greek type. Greek yogurt has more protein and does not contain much sugar like the traditional ones. It is strained so that the whey is removed, so it is also creamier and thicker. Greek yogurt can be eaten as is or with your favorite cereal or fresh fruit. One 6-ounce Greek yogurt is capable of providing a least 15 grams of protein.

Trail Mix. This healthy and high-protein snack has been gaining popularity over the years. It combines nuts and dried fruits (and some grains and chocolates, too) in one package. The best nuts to use for higher protein content are pistachios and almonds, although the most popular trail mixes use cashews and walnuts.

Protein Powder/Shake. This is one of the most popular (and favored) high-protein snacks. Protein powders are used to make protein shakes and makes for the best office snacks. They are usually packed in big cans or canisters and are often sold in health shops and gyms or fitness centers. Many people prefer protein shakes because they are easy to prepare and can be brought anywhere. They also contain a significant amount of protein. For example, one scoop of whey protein powder can provide a minimum of 18 grams to a maximum of 30 grams of protein.

Energy or Protein Bars. Like protein powders, protein bars are also highly popular. They are also favored by many because they are convenient to carry around and do not require much preparation. Some brands, however, may contain added sugars, so it is important to pay attention to the ingredients of the one you are planning to buy.

Protein bars are some of the best office snacks for people who have no time to go out and buy the right kind of food or snack.

High-protein snacks are essential if you want to minimize or eliminate binge eating, proper muscle development and toning, faster metabolism, and to support your body’s daily functions.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating High-Protein Snacks

Protein is essential for the body, particularly for the proper functioning of tissues and cells. It helps keep our body healthy and in good condition. Here are some of the most significant benefits of choosing high-protein snacks over the more traditional ones.

High-protein snacks are perfect as meal replacements. High-protein snacks, mainly the bars and shakes, are ideal meal replacements because of their significant protein content, as well as all the vitamins, minerals, and fiber that they can provide the body. So essentially, they are like complete meals and can provide what’s needed for a well-balanced nutrition. For this reason, they are also useful for people trying to lose weight.

High-protein bars can help you lose fat. Consuming high amounts of protein is said to help you lose fat. As such, you will not have a difficult time losing the extra weight you are carrying, and you will be able to get rid of high cholesterol levels. What this also means is that your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases is lowered. The best thing about this is that even if you lose fat and your LDL levels are lessened, you will not have to worry about muscle loss because there won’t be any.

High-protein snacks are perfect snack support for people who workout. Because if their high protein content, these snacks are perfect for people who workout and for those who want to build and tone their muscles. You can take one protein snack before the workout so you will have the energy needed for all the physical activities you will be doing in the gym (or your home gym). Moreover, since it has high amounts of amino acids, a high-protein snack will also be good after a workout because it can help your body generate new muscle tissues while repairing the muscle tears that resulted from your time in the gym.

High-protein snacks can help lower your blood glucose levels. Diets or snacks that are rich in protein have been proven to help you maintain healthy blood glucose levels. Protein is not easily digested like carbohydrates, so your blood sugar level will also be slow in its rise.

High-protein bars are the safe and healthier alternatives to sugary snacks. These protein-rich snacks can help you reduce overeating, especially in between meals. Contrary to what most people think and believe; these snack alternatives are delicious. So you will not be tempted to reach for your favorite chocolate/candy bar, or soda, or vanilla icing cake. You will be safe from blood sugar crashes and spikes.

High-protein snacks are convenient to prepare and carry around. Most protein-rich snacks are considered the best office snacks because they are easy to make and they are very comfortable to carry around. There are no complicated instructions or procedures needed. Additionally, these best office snacks can also be eaten quickly and easily.

What Are The Precautions Of High-Protein Snacks

If there are benefits of consuming high-protein snacks, there are also precautions or disadvantages that you need to consider. First off, be aware that you should not focus only on protein; you should make sure that you also take in the right amount of carbohydrates. Second, be mindful of the fact that ingesting too much protein can lead to an in uric acid levels, which can then lead to calcium loss. Third, there are protein-rich snacks that may be high in cholesterol. This is what the situation is like for those who take high-protein snacks but also consume a lot of meat and dairy products.

In addition to all these, you should pay attention to the sodium, sugar, and fat content of the protein-rich snack you choose.

What Are The Best High-Protein Snacks For People Who Cannot Help But Nibble

Here are five of the best high-protein snacks, especially for individuals in the office who cannot help but nibble.

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Optimum Nutrition: Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder


This protein powder is an Amazon’s Choice product, and all for the right reasons. Each serving of this healthy snack alternative contains at least 24 grams of whey protein. It also has 4 grams of naturally-occurring glutamine, as well as 5.5 grams of naturally-occurring BCAAs. Best of all, this product comes in different sizes and in 20 flavors that you will learn to love right after your first taste. This protein powder also has the essential amino acids needed for proper muscle protein synthesis. This is best drank first thing in the morning, before a workout, and after a workout. You can easily drink this in the office as well if you are having an extra busy day.


  • checkIt comes in different flavors and sizes and contains all the proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals you need for a healthy snack in the office, at home, or wherever you are.
  • checkOne consumer described this product as “one of the best tasting protein shakes” in the market.
  • checkSince it is powdered, it can be added to other healthy snacks, too, like yogurt.


  • Some consumers complained that Optimum Nutrition changed their formula, so the powder does not taste that good anymore and is not that healthy anymore because it already contains sucralose.

One: Protein Bar


This protein bar comes in a variety of flavors, all proven all-time favorites: blueberry cobbler, salted caramel, birthday cake, and maple glazed doughnut. These bars contain a maximum of 22 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber. It is a gluten-free product that contains a very minimal amount of sugar (1 gram). One Bar is perfect not only as a snack but also as pre- and post-workout food. Some people also take it for breakfast. This product uses whey protein isolate and milk protein.


  • checkComes in a variety of delicious flavors.
  • checkIt is gluten-free, and you are guaranteed that it does not contain added sugars.
  • checkIt can satisfy hunger, energize and sustain energy, and is perfect for workout recovery.
  • checkHigh protein – low carb.


  • Some customers complained about the taste – too artificial
  • Can be expensive for some.

Brown Cow: Plain Smooth and Creamy Non-GMO Greek Yogurt


This is a non-GMO Greek yogurt that’s authentically strained. It is thick and creamy as Greek yogurts should be. It also tastes good. This product has to be refrigerated and is shipped refrigerated.


  • checkIt is authentically-strained, so you are sure to get authentic Greek yogurt.
  • checkNot everyone likes the taste of Greek yogurt, but this one is delicious.


  • It may not have a long shelf life as it has to be refrigerated.

Kirkland Signature: Trail Mix


This is one of the most popular trail mix varieties. It contains a combination of healthy nuts like peanuts, raisins, almonds, and cashews, among others. For added flavor (and color), it also has M&M candies. It is a healthy hearty snack that tastes good. Also makes for best office snacks in-between meals.


  • checkCombines a variety of healthy nuts.
  • checkThe M&Ms are for added flavor and color
  • checkThe taste of the nut blends well with the sweetness of the M&Ms
  • checkThis protein-high snack is good for both kids and adults.
  • checkSince it is packaged in a large bag, it can last for quite a long time.


  • The M&Ms may be too sweet for some.


KRAVE: Beef Jerky Variety Pack


This snack alternative is gluten-free and is guaranteed to contain a significant amount of protein. It is made of gourmet ingredients and lean meat cuts. This product comes in different jerky flavor varieties like sweet chipotle (beef), black cherry BBQ (pork), and chili lime (beef). It is also gluten-free, so you will not need to worry about reactions or allergies. Kids will enjoy this jerky treat safely because it does not have any artificial ingredients. Each one oz. Serving has around 8 to 12 grams of protein.


  • checkContains a significant amount of protein.
  • checkYou can choose different flavor varieties, too, courtesy of the gourmet seasonings used for the products.
  • checkMoreover, it is perfect for snacking, as well as a pre-workout meal. Your kids can also enjoy it as a lunch or snack in school.
  • checkThe meat slices are tender and moist, so they are easy to eat.


  • The packaging is not resealable, although most consumers like the fact that they come in smaller packages.

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Our Choice For The Best High-Protein Office Snack For People Who Cannot Help But Nibble

The best office snacks do not have to come in solid form; they can be in a can like Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder. It has all the necessary ingredients for a safe and healthy snack option, especially for those who want to stop nibbling and finally eat healthier, even when working late night shifts in the office.

Also, the best office snacks also need to taste good – and this protein powder is just that – 100% delicious. Moreover, it comes in different

too. So you can choose whatever suits your taste buds or mood.

While some people may complain that protein powders are too bulky for the office, you do not have to bring the whole container, do you? You can just prepare one or two tumblers of ON protein powder drink and keep them in the office refrigerator.

It is the best for us because it is the most flexible variety – because you can pair it off with other high-protein snacks.


Long-Term Weight Loss Maintenance

If you want to lose weight, the most successful way to do so AND MAINTAIN the new weight is to begin a healthy lifestyle like eating best office snacks. I’ve written about how to lose the unwanted fat, now we can look at maintaining a sustainable way to keep the weight down.

For me personally, the key is to enjoy the choices you have made like eating best office snacks and the lifestyle you have adopted. In my posts, I have provided not just a quick fat loss system but an effective and manageable one, including consuming best office snacks. This means, stuff like eating best office snacks can be adopted as a lifestyle. For example, exercise: Personally, I don’t work out coz I’m in a phase. No. I have begun a lifestyle. I will always work out, or eat the best office snacks one way or another. We, as humans, are creatures of movement: Our bodies were designed to move. With sedentary jobs and quick convenient alternatives, we have deviated from that like best office snacks consumption. We no longer walk as much, we use a car instead; we no longer do as much manual labour, we use a vacuum cleaner instead; we no longer cook meals, we use pre-packaged food or ‘convenient’ food like lite n easy, we stop consuming best office snacks, etc. So we need to alter the way we live to counter balance these changes like adding the best office snacks in our health goals.


Correct Posture for Plank

Your body loves it: It releases endorphins just like when eating the best office snacks, afterwards to thank you and it makes you feel fitter, stronger and sexier. Of course, there are loads more benefits to it but one big factor to remember: exercise along with the best office snacks should be a regular habit in your life. That’s right, we need to keep moving for the sake of our health ( physical and psychological).

There is a huge variety of physical activity available out there, most are easier to find than packaged food or best office snacks: walking, running, swimming, pilates, yoga, dancing, jogging, etc, etc.  While you’re losing weight and are looking at adopting a healthy lifestyle to maintain this, include regular physical activity. It’s easier than you may think. I used to go for a walk every day at night( not alone of course) one hour after dinner or after consuming best office snacks during my losing fat stage and I swear it was the thing that helped me keep the weight off. I used to go to all the classes offered at the uni gym and loved it, there was variety and loud music and I built up a sweat.

Once you are incorporating your exercise and best office snacks in your lifestyle, give it priority and look for different things you can do every day. Eventually you will develop a habit and will not be able to live without exercise. I love hitting the gym and eating best office snacks, but I also like trying things like yoga, spin and pilates. I also did a bit of tae kwon do and of course pole dancing.  I want to do as many things, eat best office snacks, and continue working out as much as I can for the rest of my life. I also like to try different things such as looking for new best office snacks: I’ve started doing yoga every weekend, eat best office snacks, and Im wanting to start pilates too. What Im trying to show is that exercise and consuming best office snacks will become part of your life: do things with friends which are active instead of sedentary, seek a hobby like dancing, munch on best office snacks, and incorporate it in your life.

When you develop an active lifestyle and choose eating best office snacks, not only will you feel and starting to look great but you will get addicted to moving and exercising: people who do yoga have been doing it for YEARS and they have developed their skills every time they do it. The better you get at it, the more you want to do it. The more you want to surpass your previous achievement the more addictive and regular it becomes. Have you heard people say: “oh i couldn’t live without running.. or I couldn’t live without my karate class- I love it”.. or perhaps, “I love munching on best office snacks”Those are indicators, these people have adopted a regular exercise lifestyle plus eating only the best office snacks. You will too if you haven’t already.


The biggie. Choosing the best office snacks, this is the most important thing when looking at developing a healthy lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight. But it’s our behaviour with food and our use of food that is bad, not the food itself or best office snacks. What I mean by that is, having the best office snacks and a glass of coke on a Sunday will not give me diabetes but having a bottle of coke and best office snacks everyday, will. So you see, everything is in our control. Let’s talk about the biggest CRAP people can do in regards to food: DIETS.


Noun: The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats like the best office snacks.

A legislative assembly in certain countries.

Verb: Restrict oneself to small amounts of best office snacks or special kinds of best office snacks in order to lose weight: “it is difficult to diet in a house full of cupcakes and best office snacks”.

What the western society consider to be a ‘diet’ is not what our definition of a diet is. Putting it simply: Diets are phases where a person restricts certain foods like best office snacks out of their nutrition repertoire in order to lose weigh. Let’s face it, instead of consuming best office snacks, we’ve all done some weird diet in our lives : decided to do the ‘lemox detox diet’ or the ‘no carb diet or the Hollywood diet’ or decided to let go of best office snacks and then go vegan for a few weeks to lose some weight or a Romanian’s favourite: ‘cabbage soup diet- where you drink nothing but boiled cabbage  for a few weeks.” Here is why these silly things DO NOT WORK instead of munching on best office snacks:

The ‘No Carb’ diet

They are temporary: Soon enough you will be reverting back to the old ways and munching on best office snacks, and suddenly food will taste even better than before so you will be eating more best office snacks like crazy. I’ve heard so many people say they are on a diet for the next month coz an event is coming up and they wanna lose weight to look good. During the event and afterwards, they eat best office snacks like they’ve been starving all their lives. The weight will then be put back on if not surpassed the previous one. This yo-yo approach of best office snacks consumption is detrimental to your body as well.

You are starving your body of best office snacks so it’s forced to eat itself to keep you alive. Carbohydrates from best office snacks are the main, most important source of fuel for the body and if the body doesn’t have this, it’s forced to eat the fat and the muscle instead. Don’t see this as a good thing though because, believe it or not, we need fat to live from best office snacks- plus, exercising will burn the fat anyway but in a safe way when eating good food and best office snacks. When your own body starts eating itself, you will die. Simple as that. To maintain the body’s functions and to stay alive, your body requires a certain amount of calories from best office snacks: this is called your Basal Metabolic Rate and I’ve talked about it in my  best office snacks to eat to lose fat article. This is our baseline to keep our bodies working at resting level. For your heart to keep pumping, your digestive system to digest the best office snacks, your liver to break things down, you need to have enough energy to keep these going as they use energy obtained from best office snacks. Check it out and see how many calories and how much best office snacks you should be eating per day. Plus, if you feed your body ‘often’ with best office snacks, the metabolism gets more effective so it will burn more energy- buh bye fat.

There are a lot more reasons a ‘diet’ cannot be maintained as a lifestyle but I want to give you the tools of how to live a healthy lifestyle as opposed to HOW NOT TO (referring to diets). To adopt a healthy lifestyle, you need to have a balance of things you like to eat like the best office snacks with things that are healthy. What I mean is that best office snacks can be delicious: it’s not all about lettuce and chicken. I bet you can think of best office snacks which you love to eat that are great for you: mushrooms, salmon, berries, tomatoes, etc. In fact, healthy and best office snacks even taste better than the processed cheeseburgers from Macas.

This brings me to the main rule of thumb about healthy and best office snacks eating and well being:

Eat clean: what we mean by that is stay away from processed foods( packaged, artificial, things that can’t be seen, etc). Ditch the one-minute noodles and cook the best office snacks instead— brown rice, swap the bag of potato chips with almonds or peanuts.  Instead of canned peaches, have real peaches. Real, unprocessed food from the ground, trees and animals is the way to go. Just like our parents used to eat: a well balanced meal and best office snacks which includes carbs, protein and fat. Each meal you have, should contain these 3 macronutrients.

Timing of food, I think, is also extremely important because the body goes through cycles. Read this Body Cycle Article to find out exactly how the body operates. Due to the natural way the body operates, there are times where taking more protein than carbs and vice versa in best office snacks will be more beneficial. For example, HAVE BREAKFAST: the body has been starving all night, you need to replenish what is lost, plus the muscles have repaired themselves and are needing some food to grow. Breakfast is the optimum time to have protein and a complex carb to keep you lasting for a while. I find I am the hungriest in the morning so I want to eat a lot and add best office snacks. The best thing to have in the morning is eggs, veggies and wholemeal toast, if you’re a sweet tooth, oats with banana and strawberries.

In the afternoon the body starts slowing down digestion so best to avoid best office snacks and any carbs after 7pm. For dinner I tend to have a lean meat or a good fish( like salmon) and green veggies instead of having best office snacks. I also have sweet potato which although it’s a complex carb, I dont have much of it so i’m ok.

I’ve recently started to have 2 boiled eggs before bed or included in my best office snacks and I feel much better in the morning, I used to get a few stomach pains when waking up. Many health professionals explain you shouldnt go to bed hungry but not full either so if you can have some eggs an hour or 2 before bed, perfect.

To conclude, I havent given you any specific things to include in best office snacks and do ( except maybe eggs in the morning) but other than that, not really. This is on purpose. No food is bad for you, the amount you eat, the frequency and your behaviour towards food will affect your weight. The best thing to do is get informed. Read my previous blogs relating to best office snacks, food, and exercise and you will see nothing is temporary. I do think though, people will struggle most with food and getting their hands on best office snacks so here are some tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle with food.

– Eat fresh and non-processed best office snacks. Pick up fruit not canned fruit, or swap the potatoe chips for peanuts or almonds. Anything that has additives, etc AVOID.

– Read the nutritional info on best office snacks: If more than 2g of Saturated fat, avoid; more than 5g sugar, avoid and keep sodium low.

– Meat and veges are the best things for best office snacks. Try and find meals which include lean meat and veges as much as possible.

– Portion control: Having the typical Kiwi or Aussie dinner of a massive plate of food is certainly not ideal. To overcome this, have more food throughout the day as part of your best office snacks so you are less inclined to eat a lot at dinner time. Also, have a workout after work and before dinner as after a workout, the body craves best office snacks. Lastly, have at least 3L of water per day. Before eating the plate of food for dinner, have a glass of water, wait 15mins and then eat. Put a small portion on your plate or have a smaller plate so you dont eat with your eyes. Eventually, smaller portions for dinner will end up being the norm.

– Have best office snacks. Full stop. Your body needs best office snacks- If you are the kind of person who can’t eat best office snacks, start with a smoothie: banana, low fat milk and a tablespoon of peanut butter: BOOM, carbs, protein and fats in one shake.

– Prepare your best office snacks for the day either the day before or whenever and do not allow yourself to buy anything else than the best office snacks you prepared from home. Best office snacks saves you money and you have the control.

– Water, water and more water in your best office snacks: It detoxifies the body, it makes you feel fuller, it FEEDS your muscles, it keeps you alive, etc, etc. You get the point. Have about 3L of water per day. The more you have the more you will crave.

– It takes 28days to break a habit: See if you can maintain a healthy best office snacks eating pattern for a month and then you will not want to go back.

– Do not let weekends daunt you: They are tempting but the key is to have a good breakie, best office snacks,  and keep cheating to one day only. So you can have a big pizza or a glass of wine on Saturday but not Sunday: or vice versa. I personally have Nutella pancakes on Sunday for best office snacks coz I LOOOVEE hazelnuts, nutella is like the best thing ever!

– When out with friends, make healthier best office snacks decisions: at a restaurant chose tomato based sauces instead of cream-based. Have the entree size instead of the main- eat slowly.

– Cook and prepare your best office snacks On Sunday, if you can, and have this throughout the week.

So there you have it, you do not have to ‘restrict bad foods’ out of your life but you can certainly make smart choices which will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. DO NOT FORGET: clean eating, best office snacks,  and exercise will make you healthy, fit and happy. Everyone deserves to be happy- we only have one life, one moment so Live Your Momen


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