What’s The Best High Protein Breakfast Bar For Women


Who does not love a breakfast bar in a morning rush? Besides having a handy pick-me-up to get you through busy mornings, best breakfast bars are delicious and are packed with protein and fiber. Best breakfast bars will give you the energy to kickstart your daily activities and keep you satiated until your next meal.

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Who Needs Breakfast Bars

Best breakfast bars are intended for both active men and women who do not have the time to cook or plan extensively for a healthy meal in their demanding schedule. While there are many prepackaged items such as crisps and biscuits that are also portable, they do not contain the proper nutrition to head start on the day.  Best breakfast bars are based on a healthy breakfast including dietary protein, dried fruits, whole grains or vegetables that have the right amount of nutrition to fuel your day.

However, even though they are dubbed as best breakfast bars does not mean they should be taken only during breakfast. Best breakfast bars can be consumed in between meals for those who are trying to cutback appetite. Rich in fiber, best breakfast bars will keep you full, so you will eat lesser calories when your actual meal comes.

The high proportion of protein in best breakfast bars makes it a staple in a bodybuilder’s or athlete’s diet. Unlike protein shakes, no blender or shaker is required. Just tear into the protein bar and consume it an hour before exercise to give you optimized energy and endurance during training. As a post-workout supplement, it helps body and muscle recover fast as much as possible.

Lastly, for everyone who just wants something high quality and nutritious to snack on, rely on best breakfast bars. They are far off healthier snack than processed and sugary foods.

What Is A High Protein Breakfast Bar?

High protein best breakfast bars are a prep-free opportunity for everyone to have a nutritious on-the-go meal during busy mornings. These best breakfast bars contain a high amount of isolated, quality protein sourced from either soy or whey or a blend of both. Moreover, because it provides the ideal lean protein, best breakfast bars increase the fullness throughout the day so you will eat the moderate number of calories on other meals.

To augment the ideal breakfast plan, manufacturers push through adding carbohydrates and healthy fats as supporting components to complete the macronutrients, along with vitamins and minerals all in best breakfast bars. Among the carefully selected whole real ingredients are dried fruits, nuts, whole grains, and greens.

What Are The Benefits Of High Protein Breakfast Bar For Women

Consuming the best breakfast bars is one way of elevating protein in your body without gaining weight since they only come in a fair amount of caloric value. Protein is very crucial in every woman’s breakfast for several reasons.

Provides Energy: Although they do not give energy as much as energy bars do, best protein bars deliver a quick and stable energy you need to start your day right.

Eliminates Sugar Cravings: Best breakfast bars contain natural sweeteners such as organic fruits to squash away sweet cravings. Moreover, taking best protein bars as a substitute for sugary foods can help stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes as well as heart disease.

Aids in Weight Loss: Because protein-dense foods like best breakfast bars stimulate peptide YY — a hormone that keeps you feeling full — they reduce hunger. Also, a protein naturally slows down the absorption of carbohydrates. Thus it prevents fat from accumulating to help you stay lean and toned.

Builds and Repairs Muscle Tissues: Best breakfast bars contribute essential amino acids to your diet. When combined with exercises, these amino acids optimize muscle growth, repair or even maintain muscle tissue.

Source of Fiber: According to a study, people who include high-fiber in their daily breakfast reduces the risk of heart failure by 30 percent. Consuming best breakfast bars is one way to get fiber overload.

Supports Immune System: Best breakfast bars contain the essential vitamins that feed your body with antioxidants which is one way to boost the efficacy of the immune system.

What Are The Precautions Of High Protein Breakfast Bar For Women?

Best breakfast bars, as other dietary supplements are not all created equal. Some may contain sugar additives and more calories than a candy bar. The hefty splurge does not only contribute to obesity but may also welcome serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Another thing to keep an eye for is unhealthy trans-fat as this component is linked to heart-related diseases.

Check the nutrition facts; the carbs content should not exceed the protein proportion. For women, daily sugar intake should be no more than 25 grams, and that is one thing you should consider when choosing the best breakfast bars for you. As meal replacement, best breakfast bars should contain around 200-300 calories, depending on your fitness goals

Although best breakfast bars are intended as a meal replacement, nothing beat fresh fruits, vegetables. These actual foods contain thousands of phytonutrients needed to maintain a healthy body, which can’t be achieved in eating protein bars alone. If you intend the bars as a meal replacement, limit you your intake about twice or thrice a week.

What Are The Best High Protein Breakfast Bars For Women?

If you are among those women who are looking forward to their protein intake — and cooking a decent breakfast is not always the scenario in your demanding schedule — best breakfast bars are your convenient option to squeeze in protein into your morning meal. Following are the best breakfast bars for women who either want to tone up or maintain their lean physique.

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Quest Nutrition Protein Bar


If your sweet tooth is nagging you during breakfast, indulge yourself in best breakfast bars. Go ahead and grab Quest Nutrition Protein Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It is a guilt-free way of satisfying your sweet tooth with just 180 calories in each bar. It is a good source of fiber but fewer carbs, less in sugar and fats but still packed with 21 grams of protein. This makes this protein bar easier to squeeze into your morning breakfast and better snacking option if protein intake is what you look forward to in between meals.

This quest nutrition bar also contains few simple ingredients for a processed nutrition bar. They are gluten-free and besides the protein blends are soluble corn fibers, and an FDA approved sweetener.


  • checkAll-natural and quality ingredients
  • checkContains the same protein found in protein shakes
  • checkRight balance of macronutrients
  • Excellent source of fiber, vitamin C, and phosphorous
  • Great as dietary breakfast supplement but also suitable as a healthy snack option

  • Can be consumed directly or microwave


  • Can be integrated into many recipes


  • Low in glycemic index


  • Sweetened with FDA-approved Erythritol


  • Best-tasting flavor


  • Doesn’t contain soy and gluten and trans fat



  • Contains cholesterol
  • Falls a bit short on caloric content


Rise Bar Real Food Protein Bar


“Fewer Ingredients, More Protein” is what this bar stands for. True to its philosophy, this protein bar is made with just three simple ingredients consisting of almonds, honey and whey protein yet a little goes a long way. Each bar is loaded with 20 grams of protein coming from whey isolate — your most reliable source of pure, high-quality protein containing nine essential without the added fillers. The whole product itself does not contain anything artificial only pure 100 percent real food.

Listed as one of the best breakfast bars, Rise Bar’s best-selling bar only contains 280 calories each serving and caters to all calorie conscious.  When it comes to taste, the combination of almond and honey is enough to keep your cravings away while keeping you satiated for a period.


  • check100 percent real food
  • checkHigh-quality protein
  • checkCan be taken as pre-workout or post-workout snack
  • checkFair caloric value as meal replacement
  • Contains significant amount of potassium and calcium 
  • Naturally sweetened
  • Free from sugar alcohol, gluten, and dairy
  • Non-GMO and certified Kosher
  • Great taste


  • Contains nut allergens
  • Sweetness can be addicting
  • No vitamins added

CLIF Builder’s Protein Bar


Don’t have time to whip your favorite peanut butter morning sandwich? Tear into Clif Builder’s “peanut buttery protein-packed goodness.” It has complete protein you need if you are heading out for a long run or cardio workouts. Delivering 20 grams of protein blends in each bar, it helps in muscle synthesis by assisting in rebuilding and repairing tissues along with carbs for an optimized endurance.

From a nutritional standpoint, this Amazon’s Choice for ‘Protein Breakfast Bars’ provides a total of 23 essential vitamins and minerals that include vitamin A, C, iron, and calcium, thus, earning a rightful spot in this list of best breakfast bars.


  • checkMade of organic ingredients
  • checkHigh in protein
  • checkAids in muscle synthesis
  • checkProvides stable energy for workouts
  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals
  • Low in glycemic and caloric content
  • Trans fat and cholesterol-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Non-GMO
  • Very affordable


  • Relatively high in carbs and sugar
  • Contains soy and nut allergens

Whole Earth & Sea Pure Food Organic Vegan Greens Protein Bar


Consider best breakfast bars if you are looking for a convenient way to add greens to your breakfast. You may want to try Whole Earth & Sea Pure Food Organic Vegan Greens Protein Bar. It features a super blend of greens consisting spirulina, broccoli, beet juice, carrot juice, wheat grass powder and barley grass powder, all of which are organic. However, while these greens might ring a disinterest to those who are not a fan of veggies, the bar is coated in creamy peanut butter and antioxidant-rich dark chocolate that both contribute to the flavor.

The 15 grams of protein in each bar is derived from organic brown rice which by compounds are identical to dairy-based proteins that give a fast release of protein. It is naturally sweetened with stevia, lychee berry extract with the blend of orange flavor. Other ingredients include whole organic fruit bits and grains that deliver a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, making this protein bar nutritious handy whole-food bar.


  • check100 percent organic raw ingredients
  • checkConvenient source of whole food including greens
  • checkPacked with vitamins and minerals
  • Contains the right number of calories to tie you down over your next meal
  • Naturally sweetened
  • Gluten free
  • ​​​​​Non-GMO
  • Certified Vegan


  • High in carbohydrates and sugar
  • Contains trans fat
  • Contains a wide variety of allergens
  • Expensive

thinkThin High Protein Bar


Another great on-the-go protein-packed bar that satisfies hunger, but this time it contains zero grams of sugar. Although weight watchers might scratch this 230-calorie bar off their snack list, the caloric value is ideal as meal replacement considering that it satisfies the recommended macronutrient allowance and not to mention it is a low glycemic food. Eating best breakfast bars everyday as a substitute to one of your meals will undoubtedly lower your sugar levels, making it a diabetic-friendly peanut-butter flavored bar.


  • checkHigh protein bar
  • checkSourced from whole roasted peanuts
  • Provides a sustainable energy
  • Ideal as a meal replacement
  • Low glycemic food
  • Low in fat
  • Diabetic and heart friendly
  • Good source of calcium


  • Highly-processed
  • Can cause stomach bloating

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Our Choice For The Best High Protein Breakfast Bar For Women

While all the products featured here contains the ideal amount of protein, Quest Nutrition Protein Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough appears to be more balanced when it comes to nutrients and essential vitamins. As compared to other product, it is fewer in calories and lesser in sugar but still packed with protein so you can squeeze them in your breakfast without hassling over macronutrient counters. It also stands out as one of best of the protein bars with cleanest ingredient profile.

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