What’s The Best Fitness Tracker For Active People


The best fitness tracker app is a useful tool for monitoring and measuring motion. All of the best fitness tracker apps use sensors to monitor movements. The types of activities will mainly vary by variant according to the user’s preferences and needs. For instance, there are best fitness tracker apps that include the number of walking steps taken, calories consumed in a day, number of sleeping hours, heart rate, skin temperature and perspiration levels.

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Who Needs The Best Fitness Trackers App?

Health-conscious individuals are the ones who need the best fitness tracker app the most. Those who are also on a weight loss journey the best fitness tracker app because they help them monitor their progress and keep on track with their goals.

Sometimes, people get off-track from their former fitness routine. There are also those who can maintain a fitness regimen but just want to sustain what they started. Others are also athletes who are training for upcoming sports competitions. For these types of people, having the best fitness tracker app is a must.

What Are Best Fitness Tracker Apps?

Best fitness tracker app is a device or digital application used for monitoring and tracking fitness-related measurements such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption, heartbeat, and quality of REM. It can usually be found in smartwatches that are synchronized to one’s cellphone, so the results of day-to-day tracks will be analyzed.

Best fitness tracker app has been proven effective through actual results that there are improvements in weight loss in obese people who use them. The term best fitness tracker app now primarily refers to wearable devices that monitor and record a person’s motion whether awake or sleeping hours.

Wearable best fitness tracker app including wireless heart rate monitoring that integrate with commercial-grade fitness equipment purchased by gyms were available to mass users as early as the beginning of the 2000s. Best fitness tracker apps are essentially upgraded versions of pedometers. Also, they use accelerometers and altimeters to calculate mileage and altitude of the wearer’s location. Moreover, they are also used to calculate distance, overall physical activity, calorie expended, and the like.

Some of the more sophisticated best fitness tracker apps may include a heart rate monitor to track the pulse throughout the day as long as the wearer is walking or moving. There are also best fitness tracker apps with gyroscopes to determine whether the user is lying down, standing, sitting, reclining lazily, swimming, biking, driving, etc. Then there are best fitness tracker apps which have embedded barometers to determine altitude which is used to calculate how many steps were taken.

Some best fitness tracker apps sync with external heart monitors, pacemakers and other devices to offer more precise readings. When paired with these third-party applications, best fitness tracker apps can provide insight on how to become healthier.

Other best fitness tracker app models have smartwatch-like alerts such as incoming calls, text messages, IMs and emails received. Some have a vibrating alert when a particular alarm time is set.

On the other hand, training best fitness tracker apps are ideal for swimmers, golfers, skiers, weightlifters and marathon runners. These best fitness tracker apps have quite some features such as speed, pace, and stride associated with the number of steps taken. There’s even one fitness tracker that takes 35 various measurements – from continuous heart rate to distance, pace, swimming laps, intervals, punches thrown (for boxing training), speed and calories burned.

Regular best fitness tracker apps on the other hand records steps taken, stairways climbed, duration of a particular exercise, calories burned and even calories consumed. They will also track sleep, especially REM sleep. More sophisticated best fitness tracker apps will track altitude changes for skiers and mountain bike cyclists. Others have more advanced accelerometers to detect the blood flow in the body, sweat volume, and altimeters that show changes in altitude. They are also able to count precise calorie needs for the user after inputting these details to them; gender, age, and weight.

Now let’s go to the other options. Many best fitness tracker apps are designed to be worn on the wrist, but some can be worn as pendants or clipped to the shirt. They come in various shapes and colors. Some have their cute LED displays.  It is important to note that fitness trackers are generic. So if accurate data is desired, then the user must sync the heart rate monitor to the best fitness tracker app.

The battery life of the best fitness tracker app can last up to several months, but the more sophisticated best fitness tracker app has a shorter lifespan. It is also important to note that all fitness trackers are waterproof for the reason that they are intended for swimmers, scuba divers, and deep sea fishing enthusiasts.

What Are The Components of the Best Fitness Tracker Apps?

G-Sensor. A G-sensor is a motion sensor that can measure the acceleration of the best fitness tracker app. G stands for gravity. The best fitness tracker app uses gyroscopes which give the angular position of a frame reference relative to inertial reference fame. It is otherwise known as an accelerometer. When the fitness tracker tilts itself, that is also the work of the G-sensor. All G-sensor provide analog output signals and are designed to be connected directly to the amplifier inputs or the analog inputs of the data acquisition system.

It sits quietly on your wrist while counting your steps, calculating the difference between a light jog and a sprint. Best fitness tracker apps measure motion. Many of today’s wearables come with a three-axis accelerometer to track movement in every direction, and some come with a gyroscope to measure orientation and rotation. To count steps while walking, best fitness tracker app looks for periodic motion with acceleration above a certain threshold.

Software algorithms analyze those movements and estate the number of actions you have taken. The data collected is then converted into actions. However, when you are just sitting down or even going to sleep while wearing the best fitness tracker app, it just records the force of gravity. Any movement though, even household chores, is counted by the G-sensor in the fitness tracker. They can also tell when you are cycling. Their artificial intelligence is still far from perfect, yet they already know a person’s overall daily activity level.

Bluetooth. Another component of the best fitness tracker app is Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances from mobile devices such as a fitness tracker and personal building networks. It is said to be the foundation of a transformative wireless connectivity. Bluetooth is a wireless connectivity technology used to stream and transfer data information from the fitness tracker. The most common scheme used is a point to point or P2P. It is used when syncing data from one device to another.

Aside from your favorite fitness tracker, Bluetooth can also be found in a hands-free headset, car stereo systems, wireless speakers, tablets, medical equipment, the latest game consoles, and the like.

Battery. An electric battery is a component of the best fitness tracker app consisting of one or more electrochemical cells with external connections provided to electrical power devices such as flashlights, smartphones, and electric cars. Battery comes in many shapes and sizes, but in a fitness tracker, we are using a small one apparently. Disposable batteries, such as those used in best fitness tracker app, typical lose eight percent of their original charge per year when stored at room temperature.

A battery stores energy in chemical form. It is then converted into electrical energy when needed. Simply put, batteries are mobile sources of power.

GPS. People may not be aware, but the GPS system in your best fitness tracker app or cell phone can receive signals from space-based satellites operated by the Air Force Space Command of the United States Armed Forces. Civilians can access satellites thus our best fitness tracker app is one of those devices that can use the GPS system. To accurately pinpoint your location, you will need four GPS satellites to confirm the track of your fitness tracker. A GPS device can retrieve from the GPS system in all weather conditions anywhere on or near the Earth.

Today, GPS is used to access street maps, turn by turn navigation in vehicles or fitness trackers, maps of locations where traffic is congested and the location of places such as restaurants, gas stations and tourist attractions, including hotels. Today, almost all cell phones have GPS technology with varying degrees of coverage and user accessibility though.

All the 30 GPS satellites currently in orbit circle the Earth twice a day whether weather conditions on the ground are sunny or not. Each satellite transmits a unique signal and orbital parameters that allow GPS devices to lock in. GPS receivers use this information to calculate a user’s exact location by two meters. Once your best fitness tracker app or any other device is closed, the device can calculate other information such as your speed, bearing, track, trip distance, distance to destination and sunrise or sunset time. GPS is still valid even when you are inside a building.

Heart Rate Monitor. A heart rate monitor is a personal monitoring device that allows one to measure one’s heart rate. Fitness enthusiasts largely use it before and after exercising or jogging or even cycling and swimming. Heart rate monitors today are usually embedded in the best fitness tracker app. Modern heart rate monitors usually comprise two things – a chest strap transmitter and a wrist receiver. More recent devices measure heart rate using infrared light. This is achieved through an internal bulb. As the blood absorbs infrared light, a sensor measures the amount that the infrared light is darkened by.

The strapless heart controls now allow the user to just touch two sensors on a wristwatch display for a few seconds to view heart rate data. These are popular for comfort and ease of use. Some fitness trackers have heart rate monitors that can also measure heart rate vitality, activity, and breathing rate to assess parameters relating to the person’s fitness. Other add-on factors are added in such as core temperature and body dehydration. Newer versions of heart rate monitors especially for women are embedded in their sports bras. Your heart rate is an important metric, providing insight into how hard your heart has worked at a particular hour.

Calorie Counter. All calorie counters boast of a database of more than 150,000 different foods and drinks. It is embedded in a fitness tracker and is a quick monitor of your weight loss quest. They list not just the calories but also the fat contents of generic food, branded products, meals from around the world, alcoholic drinks and even restaurant meals including popular ones from popular fast food chains such as Kentucky Fried Chicken.

What are the Precautions of Fitness Trackers for Active People?

One main issue of fitness trackers is the lack of privacy. Most of these trackers are equipped with GPS systems that make users vulnerable from unwanted individuals or groups like a nosy employer for example. Since fitness trackers record everything, they are rich sources of legal evidence for people who file complaints against the wearer. In short, private information of users can get into the wrong hands so users must be careful when wearing fitness trackers and make sure the confidential information there cannot be accessed by anybody.

What are the Best Fitness Trackers for Active People?

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Fitbit Alta HR


Fitbit Coral is the best fitness tracker application because of its beautiful color which is “coral.” Get the power of continuous heart rate in Fitbit’s slimmest design.


  • checkWith heart rate continuously monitored even while typing on the office computer, one can opt for Fat Burn, Cardio or Peak to find the right workout intensity for one’s fitness goals
  • checkFitbit measures calorie burns too
  • checkWhen wearing this device at night, it can track one’s actual sleeping time and most importantly the person’s REM


  • People might find the coral-colored device too feminine

Letscom Fitness Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor


Coming in Aqua Green, Letscom Fitness Tracker accurately records all-day activities like steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and sleep status. Its heart rate monitor feature checks the heart rate automatically or manually.


  • checkIt gives an all-day heart rate and views heart rate curve to get a clear picture of one’s health before going to a physician
  • checkThis fitness tracker also doubles as a calls and messages reminder
  • checkIts built-in USB plug makes it easy to charge in any USB port, no cable needed
  • checkOne full charge gives up to five days of use, including sleeping periods at night


  • One downside of this tracker is that it gives out a lot of notifications and reminders which means it can be irritating to some users if they hate these constant pop-up alerts

Beasyjoy Smart Band Wristband Bracelet


Beasyjoy Smart Band Wristband Bracelet comes in three colors including pink.


  • checkIt also has a heart monitor, a waterproof pedometer, sport walking step counter activity and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices
  • checkIts water resistance feature rocks
  • checkThe fitness wristband is a waterproof tracker. It can be worn even when washing the face, taking a bath, swimming, scuba diving or fishing
  • checkWhen fully charged within two hours, the owner may use it 24/7 for the whole two weeks


  • Some users complain that the app has some technical issues that need to be resolved and sometimes has difficulty establishing a Bluetooth connection

Runme Activity Tracker Smart Watch


This fitness tracker is a heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, water-resistant walking pedometer band in one with a call reminder that will oversee the heart rate automatically and provide suggestions to adjust the person’s fitness plan.


  • checkIt can record the steps, distance and calorie consumption in the user’s daily activities
  • checkThe activity tracker will identify and record sleeping quality all night, including deep sleep and light sleep
  • checkIt also acts as an alarm alert, call/SMS remind and remote camera shooting​


  • The downsides of this gadget according to some of its users is that its instructions are not that clear to them, it has difficulty reading display outdoors and sometimes the readings it provides are inaccurate

Letsfit Activity Tracker Watch


Letsfit Activity Tracker Watch has multi-sport modes that measure the appropriate steps one takes or the number of calories needed to be burned. It tracks exercises like running, horse riding, riding a treadmill, spinning or even yoga.


  • checkIts eight default sports modes are on display plus six more can be added
  • checkIt can connect to the phone’s GPS to see real-time run stats like pace and distance and record a map of the user’s workout routine


  • Some disadvantages include; lack of accuracy in counting steps, complicated to use and it is not always able to light up when the screen is swiped

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Our Choice for the Best Fitness Trackers for Active People

Whether it is Letsfit, Fitbit, Beasyjoy, Runme or Letscom, they all have similar offerings. So what will make one stand out? It is the appearance and the convenience of the device.

The thinnest among the five yet retaining the same quality is Fitbit Alta HR. It is never bulky and non-flashy, it is like wearing an ordinary bracelet. Plus, it comes with unique colors – coral, fuchsia, pink rose gold, lavender rose gold and aqua green.

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