What’s The Best Essential Oil For Aroma Therapy?


Essential oils have been around for over 5000 years. The aroma and therapeutic compounds brought about by the natural fragrance of the plant which the best oils to diffuse are derived from has been a trusted practice among varied cultures, religious groups down to medical pursuits.

Various parts of rare medicinal plants went through the process of distillation extraction and are the best oils to diffuse. The aromatic oils when inhaled are thought to improve health, mood as well as spiritual well-being. Dispersing essential oils through different diffusing methods maximize their healing and therapeutic benefits. Today, there are over 90 essential oils out and best oils to diffuse are still being continuously explored for their varied aromatherapy.

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Who Needs Essential Oils and Aromatherapy?

Since potent active ingredients within the best oils to diffuse are often source out directly from a high yield of medicinal plants, it helps people overcome various medical problems with or without the aid of medications.

Depending on a plant or blends of different best oils to diffuse used, it can aid in the treatment of people diagnosed with HIV, asthma, bronchitis, heart and cardiovascular strokes, cancer and a whole lot more.

Other rely on essential oils to reduce symptoms of colds and flu. Some best oils to diffuse may also help people who need little boosts of the immune system as well as those who need the help of digestion for a better nutrient absorption.

Best oils to diffuse are ones which help one’s psychological being. Inhaling the aroma of best oils to diffuse calms down emotions and help cortisol levels or the”stress hormone” in the body even. This can produce an excellent quality sleep beneficial for individuals who are suffering from insomnia. Best oils to diffuse are also used in hospice settings to help reduce fear and anxiety for patients during a childbirth and surgical procedures. Alternatively, best oils to diffuse are now being used in massage centers, spas, and yoga studios for same therapeutic purposes.

However, anyone can diffuse essentials oils at the comfort of his or her own home. There a lot of best oils to diffuse for aromatherapy that can be considered. If you are feeling a little down or just want little mood enhancement, for instance, calming essential oils are the best oils to diffuse. There is said to be a powerful connection between emotions and scents. Moreover, the fragrance brought by aromatic best oils to diffuse can directly affect the areas of the brain to build positive thoughts for everyone who is after a better productivity, physical performance, and well-being.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are merely the oils extracted from a variety of plants, herbs, grasses, or trees. Depending on which have the highest concentration of healing and aroma compounds, raw materials may be derived from the flowers, seeds leaves, roots, barks, resin, or stem. The resources go through a process called distillation that is often done by steaming to vaporize the volatile compounds of the resources. The process uses a coil for the vapors to flow throughout where they condensed back to form a viscous liquid (known as the essential oil), collected through a receiving vessel. Other manufacturers of best oils to diffuse uses different processes such as absolute oil extraction, cold pressing, solvent extraction and much more.

Store bought-essential oils often are mixed with alcohol to preserve their strength. Since the finished result is a very concentrated formula, it can be combined with other substances or carrier oils when they are topically applied. Unless you are treating a skin, disease or using the essential for the benefit of good skin, diffusing them is the best delivery method.

One of the most straightforward approaches to getting the benefits is through inhaling the essential oils directly from the bottle. Other prefer putting a drop of the best oils to diffuse in their hands, rubbing them together and sniffing the aroma. Among the different efficient delivery needs store-bought diffusers such as spray mists, ultrasonic and atomizing diffusers, or personal aromatherapy inhalers such as nebulizers. Regardless, the diffusing method does not need heating the oils which makes the healing and therapeutic constituents in the best oils to diffuse still be untouched, maximizing all the benefits of the essential oils.

What Are The Benefits of Essential Oils?

Therapeutic-grade aromatherapy oils are the best oils to diffuse, inhale, or applied topically. Its worldwide recognition can be dated around 18,000 B.C.E. when ancient people first discovered the healing properties of botanicals. Fast-forward to over 500 centuries later, the practice of using the essential oil is still spanning the globe for its innumerable contribution to the medicinal, therapy and cosmetic industry.

Enhances Mood: Whenever you are faced with fatiguing mental situations, best oils to diffuse are ones that can help restore emotional balance while reducing perceived levels of anxiety and stress that may also help you overcome symptoms of depression. Essential oils are composed of very small molecules that when dispersed into the air enters the nostrils and travel to the lungs. Blood vessels in the lungs spread them throughout the body including the brain. Moreover, depending on chemical constituents present in best oils to diffuse, it may deliver a quick dose of calmness, alertness or concentration while inducing mental and body fatigue.

Treats Symptoms of Flu and Cold: Certain best oils to diffuse may have antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can help cleanse the air, keeping bacteria and microbes lingering around at bay. Once the best oils to diffuse are inhaled, it helps fight off invading agents in the body and thereby reduces the duration of colds, flu as well as a sore throat. Best oils to diffuse in this case are those that have citrus, oregano, and eucalyptus scents as they do not only soothe respiratory issues but further boost the body’s defense against disease-causing microorganisms.

Relieves Pain and Inflammation: You can use a combination of the aromatic scent of best oils to diffuse for any source of pain including stomach cramps, achy joints, tensed muscle, injuries, and pain caused by inflamed tissue or headaches. They may be diffused in the secluded room but can also be massaged on the troubled areas for an immediate sense of relief.

Balances Hormones: Leading manufacturers of best oils to diffuse usually carry their line of hormone balancing oils. It has a long history of enhancing libido and treating sexual dysfunctions among men. For women, best oils to diffuse or apply are clary sage, lavender, and peppermint to alleviate Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and hormonal imbalance.

Improves Skin Condition: Best oils to diffuse, especially those which are diluted can also be spritzed directly into the affected areas to soften the appearance of cellulite and treat acne, dandruff, and skin irritation. This another benefit of the cleansing qualities associated with essential oils. However, even though you do not have skin issues, you can slather essential oils such as tea tree oil, clary sage, lavender, frankincense, and many other nourishing essential oil for a myriad of skin beauty benefits.

Counteracts the Effect of Cancerous Cells:  A published study conducted by Cancer National Institute claims that therapeutic massage with essential oils improves the quality life of cancer patients. In fact, as more research is being done, it is becoming more evident that cancer patients tend to rely more on aromatherapy as opposed to chemotherapy and radiation to eradicate cancer. Although most of the studies published are still experimental and theorized, essential oils have shown a benefit of preventing and treating cancer at a cellular level as well as patients who are at risk of side effects of medical interventions.

What Are the Precautions of Using Essential Oils for Aromatherapy?

Best oils to diffuse and topically applied are effective when used correctly, but also share risks and safety issues if taken in an inappropriate manner and dose.

Be especially mindful when spraying best oils to diffuse in not secluded spaces especially around children and elderly. They are most vulnerable to the compounded effects of essential oils so do always consider the concentration as well as your choice of best oils to diffuse.

It is very important to understand the complexity of each essential oils and the degree to which they can impact the skin. Some essential oils are quite potent and strong in nature or may be combined with an active ingredient that may be too irritating if gets in contact with skin. If your skin can only tolerate less concentration, consider diluting essential oils with carrier oils such as jojoba, coconut or argan oil. Mixing essential oils with carrier oils also boosts their hydrating properties.

It is also important to note that most essential best oils to diffuse and topical treatments are off-limits during pregnancy because they can cause uterine contractions and cramp that may impose a risk on your health and the life of the baby. As a precaution, check with a qualified health practitioner before using any essential oil if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition.

What Are The Best Essential Oils for Aromatherapy?

Not all store-bought best oils to diffuse and topicals are equal. Some essential oils are nothing, but perfume oils masked with artificial synthetic fragrance lessening the therapeutic benefit of true essential best oils to diffuse. On the other hand, therapeutic and clinical grade essential oils are the best oils to diffuse as they are pure and not highly processed, resulting in superior quality. Here are five of the best oils to diffuse out in the market today.

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Healing Solutions Stress Relief Blend 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

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Healing Solutions takes advantage of the potent blend of calming essential oils; Bergamot, Patchouli, Blood Orange, Ylang Ylang, and Grapefruit, all of which delivers their unique healing power scents and are the best oils to diffuse to relax the mind and body,

The scent of Ylang Ylang alone can uplift the mood while soothing anxiety combined with Blood Orange and Grapefruit for a more uplifting aroma. Bergamot is an essential oil that specializes in reducing the corticosterone or stress hormones in the body along with Patchouli to help relieve stress and depression. The scent results in citrusy base top notes with a hint of earthy scents that will surely help distress a stressful environment.

While the best oils to diffuse incorporated are thoughtfully selected, they are organically farmed and went through a superior GMP distillation as well as a meticulous bottling process making them aromatically exceptional. Healing Solutions Stress Relief Blend 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil is one of the best oils to diffuse and topically applied, however, it is not meant to be ingested.


  • Certified FDA, ISO 9001, and kosher
  • 100 percent quality therapeutic content
  • Powerful blend of best oils to diffuse to relieve stress
  • Comes in amber glass oil bottle with European dropper cap
  • Also available in other fruit flavors


  • Scent is too strong for some

Pure Body Naturals Bulgarian Lavender Aromatherapy Essential

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Lavender essential oil alone is calming and sleep-inducing. It also has its analgesic and disinfectant and anti-inflammatory advantages. This the reason it is the most common and popular best oils to diffuse.

Pure Body Natural captures the clean scent of lavender in their Bulgarian Lavender Aromatherapy Essential –sweet, fresh, and natural floral fragrance with playful woody earthy undertones due to the soil and climate condition where it is organically grown. As the name indicated, it is farmed in Bulgaria which is worldly renown for increasing and distilling some of the best oils to diffuse.

Pure Body Naturals Bulgarian Lavender Aromatherapy Essential can blend into many useful formulas. It can be used as a base note for mixing essential oils. Alternatively, you can dilute it with carrier oils to harbor its nourishing benefits on skin. Alternatively, add drops to your diffuser or bath water as a relaxing remedy.


  • Certified 100% pure Bulgarian lavender essential oil
  • Can be used as a sleeping and calming remedy
  • Analgesic and disinfectant
  • Great potent aroma
  • Can be used as base note


  • Possible skin irritation unless mixed with a carrier oil

Prime Natural Breathe 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil Blend

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The key ingredients of this product are Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lemon, Lavender, Cardamom, and Bay which are the best oils to diffuse if symptoms of flu such as cold, cough, and congestion are bothering you. Each of these best oils to diffuse has antiseptic, antibacterial and analgesic content that when diffused helps clarify air, creating an environment for you to breath.

The combination of the carefully selected best oils to diffuse give off a comforting fresh minty smell accentuated by warm middle notes to calm and soothe inflammation and irritation in the respiratory system, resulting to a shortened duration of a cough and cold. The only drawback is its tendency to cause a rapid flow of mucus out of the nostrils since its ability to unclog a stuffy nose. Nevertheless, this is an all-natural product that does not employ the use of any fillers or additives, so you are getting an excellent graded therapeutic content.


  • 100 percent pure, natural, unfiltered content
  • Instant relief from seasonal allergies
  • Contains the best oils to diffuse that helps purify air
  • Included with Euro-style dropper


  • Scent is too overwhelming for some
  • Can cause a runny nose
  • Faulty dropper

doTERRA Balance Essential Oil Grounding Blend

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Each best oil to diffuse having the Balance Essential Oil Grounding Blend is carefully chosen by doTERRA to entice a captivating aroma that works in harmony with body’s natural chemistry. The result is a balance and tranquility in mental and physical well-being and is also the reason it is highly regarded as best oils to diffuse by yoga practitioners and meditators.

Enlisted as one of the ingredients is Spruce that is said to one of the best oils to diffuse to energize someone is feeling lethargic and melancholic. It is merged with Frankincense to bring back emotional balance. Ho Wood, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile are also added to achieve an optimum level of comfort. It is diluted in a fractionated Coconut Oil that has its topical advantages. One may apply it on skin without having to deal with the possibility of skin irritation. Moreover, the combination of best oils to diffuse gives a woodsy and sultry scent that so enticing users use it as a body fragrance.


  • Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Eases mind and helps with emotional imbalance
  • Will not cause irritation


  • Scent barely lasts
  • Does not come with dropper

Radha Beauty 100% Pure and Natural Rosemary Essential Oil

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This product’s main part is 100 percent premium therapeutic rosemary oil. Rosemary essential oil according to studies are the best oils to diffuse to boost concentration. Additionally, rosemary oil has its renewing properties that when diffused creates an energizing and settling environment that may also increase alertness.

This makes Radha Beauty 100% Pure and Natural Rosemary Essential Oil one of the best oils to diffuse when you are studying to enhance focus or in workplaces to enhance productivity. This product, however, is highly potent and concentrated, so a little goes a long way. If you are planning to diffuse, 1 to 3 drops will suffice so the fresh camphoraceous woody pine smell it gives off will not be overpowering. Also, rosemary oil also has its natural antiseptic properties making it excellent disinfectant when massaged on skin and hair.


  • 100 percent premium therapeutic rosemary oil
  • Free of chemical additives
  • Boosts mental activity and concentration
  • Improves the condition the skin and hair


  • Make sure to dilute with carrier oils otherwise may cause skin irritation

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Our Choice For The Best Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

Emotional and physical stress brought about by daily lives may just be the one that is keeping us from advancing. The best oils of diffuse are ones that help us release the stress, so we can pull ourselves back to the center core. Therefore Healing Solutions combined the healing properties of Bergamot, Patchouli, Blood Orange, Ylang Ylang, and Grapefruit in their Healing Solutions Stress Relief Blend 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil — to create an environment of oasis where you can relax and feel calm. Also, each of the essential oils is the best oils to diffuse because they have their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and other unique properties on their own, making it one of the best oils to diffuse for added health benefits. More importantly, all the essential oils in the product are of therapeutic grade that adds up to their value as the best oils to diffuse.

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