What’s The Best Egg Protein Powder For Body Building


Eggs have been on the receiving end of so many negative reviews in the past. What these people do not know is the fact that eggs are some of the healthiest food in the market and your kitchen. For starters, they are a good source of protein. This is why many people nowadays, particularly those who are into bodybuilding, have included egg protein powder in their daily diet.

If we look back to several years ago, back in the 1990s, egg protein powders were already around. They were previously used by health enthusiasts and fitness buffs long before whey protein became the sensation that it is today.

Egg protein is considered a fitness food, especially by bodybuilders and those who are trying to build muscle strength. Its primary power is its protein content, which is essential for proper muscle growth. It is what you need if you want to achieve your goal of having a firmer and stronger physique.

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Who Needs Egg Protein Powder

While everyone can benefit from egg protein powders, bodybuilders are usually the ones that need them. Regular intake of the egg-based supplement will help them achieve their bodybuilding goals.

Additionally, those who regularly workout and want to build and strengthen their muscles will also benefit from egg protein powders. Likewise, people who do high-intensity physical training can use the protein from the powder supplement for extra muscle strength.

Bakers also use egg protein powder.

What is Egg Protein Powder?

Egg protein powder, also called egg white protein powder, is a supplement made of the white portion of an egg. The egg whites are dehydrated and then processed into fine powder form. Although some supplement brands include the egg yolk, most remove them and rely only on the egg whites.

What manufacturers usually do is separate the egg white and then pulverize it. The ground egg is then dried so that it becomes a powder. The most common process used for making egg protein powder is the spray-drying method. A highly advanced processor helps spray droplets of egg whites into hot air, and this helps dry out the eggs. This is what creates the fine powders of an egg protein supplement.

Part of the manufacturing process is pasteurization, which helps ensure that the products are free and protected from salmonella. This also helps inactivate avidin protein. Even as the high heat process destroys microbial organisms, it does not remove the essential proteins in the egg whites.

Egg whites are essential health food because of the variety of protein they contain. There are more or less 40 proteins including iron-binding ovotransferrin and the glycoprotein called ovalbumin. Although egg whites include avidin, a kind of protein that can be dangerous when taken in large amounts, the pasteurization process gets rid of the toxic protein and stops the binding of avidin and biotin.

Aside from powerful proteins, the best egg whites are also rich in amino acids like leucine, valine, and isoleucine. All three are essential for muscle growth and development. Because of their high protein and amino acids content, egg whites are often labeled as the perfect protein.

If you are planning to buy the best egg white protein powder, you might be surprised when you check the packaging and not find egg white protein listed in the ingredients. This is because manufacturers typically list it as egg albumen or ovalbumin. Additionally, there are several items that you need to consider before going to the supermarket or the online store to buy your first egg white protein powder.

First off, there is no need to worry about mechanical and chemical processing because egg white protein powder is not like other protein powders. It does not require these mechanical and chemical processes because it does not contain fat and carbs.

Second, egg protein powders do not contain lactose. They are not sources from cows, so people who suffer from lactose intolerance are safe and will enjoy drinking it.

Third, most egg white protein powders, aside from being dried, are manufactured in different flavors. As such, you will not have to worry about not liking its taste (especially since it is devoid of its yolk!). If you cannot stand the flavor or taste of eggs, you will learn to love your egg white protein powder – slowly but surely.

Fourth, even if you are on a diet or trying to lose weight, you can still take egg protein powder. This is because it is low in fat and cholesterol. Additionally, it is a medium-digesting protein, which means you will not easily get hungry.ifth, you can still use your whey and casein shake even if you already have egg protein powder. All that you need to do is add your egg protein powder to your whey and casein shake, and your muscles will benefit from the powerful combination. This is how some bodybuilders achieve maximum muscle growth.

Sixth, if you do not want to take egg white protein powder shake for breakfast, you are free to do so. You can have it as your afternoon snack and, if you prefer to, you can take it before or after your workout.

What are the Benefits of Egg Protein Powder?

Egg protein powder is considered as one of the most potent and powerful protein-rich supplement for bodybuilders and health enthusiasts. It is a simple and easy to use a supplement that overflows with a myriad of health benefits. Here are some of the most common and essential rewards that using egg protein powder can offer.

Egg protein powder is rich in proteins and essential amino acids. As previously mentioned, egg white protein powder contains approximately 40 kinds of proteins, and this is in addition to important amino acids. Its leucine, valine, and isoleucine content significantly help in muscle growth and development. Leucine can also assist in increasing your metabolic rate so that your ability to lose weight is boosted.

The proteins in egg whites are classified as high-quality protein and are essential for helping you perform your daily functions adequately, as well as for maintaining muscle mass. Also, a high protein meal is capable of producing Glucagon, a hormone that can help promote fat burning. As such, with egg protein powder, losing excess fat is easier.

Additionally, aside from the three amino acids mentioned, egg protein powder also contains another amino acid, one that’s called arginine. This essential ingredient helps improve blood circulation and oxygen intake, increase energy level, and improve mental clarity.

Egg white powder is cholesterol and fat-free.

It is known as the best egg protein supplement because it does not contain cholesterol. Since egg protein powder does not include the yolk of an egg, it is not high in cholesterol. In addition to this, egg whites are also free from fat, particularly saturated fat. As such, you do not have to worry about ingesting a high amount of this harmful ingredient when taking the best egg protein supplement.

Egg protein powder, therefore, is helpful for those who want to lose their excess weight.

Egg protein powder is low in carbohydrates. A low carb meal is essential for people who want to lose weight. One pack of egg white powder is said to contain only around two grams per scoop of carbohydrates. This is just the right amount even for bodybuilders, who need some carbohydrates in their meal plan. With egg white protein powder, they will get only enough.

Egg white protein powder is dairy-free. As mentioned earlier, egg white protein powder is safe for people who are lactose intolerant. This protein supplement is dairy-free, so there is no danger of developing allergies or adverse reactions for those who do not agree with lactose.

For those who are allergic to casein products, whey, and gluten, egg white protein powder is also safe. It is the best alternative to whey and casein powders, as well as to soy protein for those who have allergic reactions to soy.

Egg white protein powder is rich in vitamins. You will get many vitamins from egg protein powders as they contain significant amounts of vitamins A, B, and D. They are also rich in the antioxidant, vitamin E.

Egg protein powder is versatile. There are several ways of using or fusing egg protein powder into your diet. You can add it to your shake, milk drink, pancake & waffles, and even to your crepes. You can use it for everyday cooking.

Also, you can add egg protein powder to your baking ingredients (ex. cakes and cookies and even gelatin).

What are the Precautions of Egg Protein Powder?

As with any health and fitness supplement, egg white protein powder can produce side effects. The most common ones are diarrhea, gas, and bloating, among others. Some people may be allergic to eggs and can, therefore, have reactions like rashes.

Egg white protein powder, but you still have to be sure, so it is important to remember that even the best egg protein powder has to be served cooked to make sure that the avidin protein has been deactivated. This will ensure you that it will not bind to biotin and increase your risk to biotin deficiency. The more you know about a manufacturer’s pasteurization process, the better it will be for you.

Always read the product package before buying it. Make sure it contains egg albumen.

What are the Best Egg Protein Powders for Body Building?

Here are five of the best egg protein powders that bodybuilders can use.

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Jay Robb Egg White Protein Powder

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This egg white protein powder is an easy-to-mix formula that contains the highest quality ingredients. It is packed with proteins. It is sugar-free and uses Xylitol and Stevia. This non-GMO, gluten-free, cholesterol and fat-free, and lactose-free product also contains sunflower lecithin. The lecithin is what helps the powder dissolve quickly, with just one turn of your spoon.

Jay Robb’s egg white protein powder is described as an additional protein source and is sold in four varieties: strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and unflavored.


  • It uses ingredients of the highest quality and utilizes the flash pasteurization process for the egg whites
  • Guaranteed safe
  • Also, it uses egg white protein from non-GMO chickens
  • It tastes good, too
  • Its unflavored version is perfect for use in hot beverages


  • Jay Robb specifies that their products are manufactured in a facility that’s also used for other products that may contain dairy, wheat, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, shellfish, and fish
  • This product is also quite expensive

Paleo Protein Egg White Powder

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This egg white protein powder is GMO and soy-free. Its key ingredients are egg white powder and sunflower lecithin. It is unflavored and unsweetened, so it tastes the way it should taste: like egg whites. You can use this protein powder for your shakes and all your other muscle-building recipes.


  • Some consumers like that it is unflavored because they can quickly add the powder to their shakes and it will not affect the flavor
  • GMO and soy-free


  • Some consumers cannot tolerate the unflavored and unsweetened egg white-like taste
  • Others also complain that the powder does not mix easily even when placed inside a blender

Optimum Nutrition 100% Egg Protein

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This is a chocolate-flavored egg white protein powder. It is described as “instantized” egg protein. It also has around 22 grams of protein (per serving). Optimum Nutrition’s egg protein contains eight essential amino acids and is perfect for developing, increasing, and maintaining lean muscle mass. It is lactose and aspartame-free. One serving of this artificially flavored protein powder is said to be equivalent to seven egg whites.


  • High amount of protein and amino acids
  • It is flavored but does not contain aspartame or any other artificial sugars
  • Can be mixed with any drink and a variety of food and pastries


  • It is artificially flavored
  • Some consumers find it expensive, while one swears it is not filling

NOW Sports Eggwhite Protein

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This egg protein powder tastes like vanilla. Moreover, the best thing about it is that it does not have an aftertaste. Also, it contains significant amounts of protein. It is sugar-free and made with Stevia. No preservatives and chemicals, too.


  • No additives and it comes in vanilla flavor
  • It also uses Stevia as a sugar substitute
  • This egg protein powder is filling


  • Some consumers found it expensive
  • Others experienced minimal side effects

Rose Acre Dried Egg Whites

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This is an all-natural egg white protein powder, so it has zero additives or artificial sweeteners. A USDA-inspected, so you are guaranteed of product safety and quality. It has a long shelf life and can make more or less 370 servings. Rose Acre Farms supply the egg protein.


  • It is used as a meal replacement and post-workout meal, mainly if the workout was quite intense
  • This egg white protein powder mixes well with smoothies/shakes and other similar items


  • Some consumers say it does not taste good
  • There are also those who do not like the fact that it comes in a bag

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Our Choice for the Best Egg Protein Powder for Body Building

The best egg protein powder for bodybuilding is Jay Robb Egg White Protein Powder – Outrageously Delicious. Even if it is quite expensive, it delivers what it promises – and more. Also, it is rare to find manufacturers or sellers that are honest in saying that their products are manufactured in facilities that are also used for other ingredients that may be allergens. This shows genuine care for their consumers. Add to this the fact that they make sure the egg white protein they used to come from chickens that are not treated with growth hormones.

Additionally, the main components of this best egg protein powder can be broken down into the following: 1st class protein – 24 grams, cholesterol – 0, sugars – 0, and 4 grams of carbohydrates for every 33-gram serving. Just one scoop of this egg protein powder will be enough to give you the nutrients you need for maximum muscle maintenance and strengthening. So even if you use it every day, you will not need to worry about how much or how little you have left.

Lastly, it is nice to know that consumer can choose which packaging they want: the traditional canister (24 oz and refillable) or the new re-sealable bags (of different sizes).

Remember, when choosing an egg white protein powder, an essential thing to do is take note of the ingredients. It is also essential to select a brand that you trust. Moreover, do not scrimp on the price. Sometimes, because you want to go for the cheapest alternative, you end up regretting your choice. Always pay attention to quality.

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