What’s The Best Cold Remedy for Pregnant Women


During pregnancy, the immune system is induced to protect the organs of the pregnant woman and assure the survival of the fetus. However, since the immune system works down at slower speed rate, pregnant women become susceptible to viruses and may suffer from flu-related complications such as colds. In fact, women who are expecting will experience at least one cold during their pregnancy and might need to get their hands on the best cold remedies available. Due to the weakened immune system, a cold can settle in longer and can make infections more severe which may affect the health of the one who is expecting as well as the life inside her.

Taking the best cold remedies is crucial as some medicines may contain active ingredients that may alter the development of the fetus inside the womb. However, the good news is, some drugs are pharmaceutically made for pregnant women and treatments that one may go for as the best cold remedies during pregnancy.

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Who Needs the Best Cold Remedies

Best cold remedies, as the name suggests, are used to ease colds. However, most components in best cold remedies are akin to the ingredients found in drugs and treatments that relieve a cough and fever. That being said, best cold remedies may also be taken by those who are suffering from flu-related diseases to reduce the typical symptoms like a headache, nasal congestion, itchy throat, cough, and chest congestion.

Those who have trouble sleeping can benefit from the best cold remedies labeled as “drowsy” to aid in sleeping. However, always be observant as taking drowsy meds, if you are not sick may produce side effects.

What is a Cold Remedy?

Best cold remedies are medications and treatments used to reduce the duration of cold and its symptoms like a cough, runny nose and congestion. Taking a rest, consuming foods rich in Vitamin C, drinking many fluids, and salt water gargles are among the natural remedies. However, most of the natural best cold remedies cannot treat all the symptoms, and so most people resort to prescription and over the counter medicines. These drugs often employ the use of ingredients such as analgesics, decongestants, and expectorants, mostly work to loosen or thin the mucus.

Many of the medications, however, are typically off-limits during pregnancy.  Nonetheless, there is still a safe list of ingredients of best cold remedies for pregnant woman. Tylenol, Benadryl, Claritin, and Zinc Lozenges are medicines safe to be taken in by pregnant women to ease colds.

For best cold remedies, pregnant women may use a nasal spray containing Chloraseptic to regulate the flow of mucus. Vaporizers and humidifiers can relieve a cough and congestion. Menthol rubs also work to calm down throat and bronchial irritation. Still, the best option for cold, if you are pregnant, is to talk to your doctor as they can prescribe the best cold remedies for you.

What Are The Benefits of The Best Cold Remedies for Pregnant Women

Colds and other flu that are associated with pregnancy are discomforting. It may affect one’s eating and sleeping habits as well as ability to function, which make pregnancy even more difficult especially in the trimester. Best cold remedies are the answer to help pregnant women in their journey to a healthy pregnancy.

Relieves Pain: Colds that are accompanied by fever and painful aches may reach for Acetaminophen (Tylenol). Expert says this cold remedy is safe to be taken in by pregnant women to ease muscle aches, colds, and fevers.

Suppresses Cough: Many ingredients in a cough and cold syrups (like that of Robitussin) can solve sleep disturbance and urinary incontinence caused by a dry cough during pregnancy.

Clears Irritation: Vapor rubs which often contains menthol ingredients are known to have a soothing effect on bronchial irritation that is associated with a cold. When applied directly on the affected areas supports a clear breathing.

Unclogs Stuffy Nose:  Nasal sprays are especially useful in clearing out phlegm accumulation. There are also some medications that thin out mucus so it will be easier for you to cough it out.

 Boosts Immune System: There is pharmaceutical formula intended for pregnant women to help the immune system work in efficacy. This includes taking prenatal vitamins, iron and selenium supplements to strengthen the immune system and ward off colds and flu.

What Are the Precautions of the Best Cold Remedies for Pregnant Women?

Always check with your gynecologist or physician before taking any medications and treatments for best cold remedies if you are pregnant or nursing. As mentioned, there are a lot of the counter or homeopathic meds that can be harmful to women and the developing fetus. Some may also interact with your prenatal meds and may cause complications, which makes a visit to the doctor even more worthwhile.  Once you received the doctor’s prescription, always go with the recommended dosage to avoid risks of abnormalities of the fetus, pre-term births, and miscarriage.

What Are The Best Cold Remedies for Pregnant Women?

There is no total cure for pregnancy colds, but there are best cold remedies out there on the market to relieve stuffy nose, coughing, sneezing and fever that goes with it. Here’s our top list of the best cold remedies.

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Maty’s: Organic Mucus Cough Syrup


Maty’s Healthy Products Organic Mucus Cough Syrup contains just the right number of organic herbs and spices to get you through your troublesome mucus. It is also one of the very few, best cold remedies that are loaded with antioxidants to give your immune system an extra boost.


  • checkUSDA certified all-organic ingredients
  • checkLoaded with a total of 10 immune boosting ingredients that also promote overall wellness
  • checkAntimicrobial properties eliminate flu virus while anti-inflammatory properties reduce nasal swelling caused by cold
  • checkFast relief and proven to reduce a cough and colds and even best with irritated and dry throats
  • checkSea salt content helps neutralize the toxins in the body
  • checkCinnamon and apple cider vinegar are among the ingredients that aid in mucus flow and promotes healthy breathing
  • checkZinc elevates multiple antenatal micronutrients for pregnant women
  • checkFree from dairy, gluten, sugar additives preservatives and alcohol
  • checkCan be consumed directly or  can be added to your favorite tea and other hot drinks
  • checkDoes not interact with drugs
  • checkOne of the most prescribed cough suppressant
  • checkNon-GMO
  • checkNo side effects


  • Not suitable for kids below 1-year-old as it contains honey which consists of pore bacterium that can cause poisoning to month-old babies 
  • Taste is not that pleasant for some

Flonase: Allergy Relief Nasal Spray


  • checkEases inflammation that causes allergic symptoms
  • checkContains Flonase (fluticasone propionate), the leading ingredient prescribed by doctors to seasonal cold and flu allergy
  • checkThe only spray that provides a 24-hour relief from nasal congestion, runny nose, and irritated eyes
  • check​Works directly on the affected area
  • checkAlso, effective on allergic rhinitis
  • checkProven to outperform cold allergy pills
  • checkIdeal to use everyday
  • checkNo drowsiness
  • checkAlcohol-free


  • Doesn’t work as effective as other leading brands according to one review
  • Ounces could be higher

Vicks: Filter Free Humidifier


If you have exhausted all your options for best cold remedies and your colds and cough is still bothering you at night, perhaps Vicks Humidifier is your ticket to a good night sleep. Humidifiers, in general, add moisture in the air and are the safest alternative to cold remedies for a pregnant woman. This product of Vicks, provide a soothing mist that helps you get a break from a cough and congestion, giving you the freedom to breathe without the feeling of irritation in the lungs. What’s more, humidifiers also work to boost an infant’s immune system, so might as well invest in one now.


  • checkManufactured by a company that specialized in cold and flu remedies
  • checkGenerates a mist that kills flu virus
  • checkMenthol-scented Pads alleviates cold symptoms, dry, itchy skin, and chapped lips
  • checkElevates humidity to prevent boned-dry air that often causes nose and throat discomfort 
  • checkOperates quietly
  • checkRuns continuously for up to 30 hours
  • checkDoesn’t require filter to replace
  • checkFeatures a variable mist output control
  • checkLow maintenance
  • checkGreat for kids who are prone to allergies
  • checkReasonably priced and a good as a long-term investment


  • Only provides temporary relief
  • Can only operate on single to medium-sized rooms

Mummy’s Miracle: All-Natural Moringa Baby Vapor Rub


Many menthol rubs have a soothing effect on bronchial irritation associated with the common cold. However, most Vapor Rub contains petrolatum and paraffin — active ingredients that are known to be carcinogenic and can irritate sensitive skin. Thankfully, All-Natural Mummy’s Miracle Baby Vapor Rub includes all-natural ingredients that are free of harsh chemicals, making this it safe for pregnant women and babies, thus, a spot among the best cold remedies list. The key components are Eucalyptus and Moringa that when rub on affected areas clears irritation and supports natural breathing.


  • checkContains all-natural ingredients 
  • checkSoothing Eucalyptus helps relieve cold symptoms and supports clear breathing 
  • checkAlso, works to alleviate muscle pains and upset stomach 
  • check

    Has an immediate effect


  • checkMoringa oil and Vitamin C content soften wrinkle, fine lines, stretch marks, and sagging muscles on adults 
  • checkAlso contains aromatic Lavender Oil, Shea Butter, and Vitamin A & D to nourish your skin 
  • check

    Hypoallergenic and pH balanced, mild on all skin types


  • check

    Free from petroleum, paraffin and toxic chemicals


  • checkReleases a fragrant smell 
  • checkExternal application does not interact with your current medication


  • Triggers a runny nose


  • Not as high as other petrol-based vapor rubs 
  • Needed a reapplication from time to time as it only provides a relief for merely an hour

​Best Made: Sniffle Stop Cold & Flu Remedy


This Best Made Natural Product is your answer to a natural and effective way of easing cold and flu. Sniffle Stop Cold and Flu Remedy is a natural, best cold remedies tablet that works to multi-target piercing headache, runny nose, cough and other flu symptoms. As one of the best cold remedies, it promises to keep the signs away at the much more extended period so you can efficiently rest or function actively.Check out more info on daith piercing care here.


  • checkAll-natural ingredients used are FDA approved and safe to be taken by pregnant women, toddlers, and elderly people 
  • checkUses high quality of ingredients and extracts 
  • checkFights off a runny nose, sinus, flu, and cough
  • checkSoothes a headache and muscle pain
  • checkPrevents body fatigue and soreness 
  • checkA homeopathic cold remedy which effects are clinically proven effective to last longer
  • check

    Ward off influenza


  • checkNo negative side effects
  • check

    Made with small pills that are easy to swallow and smoothly glides down


  • check

    Affordable and comes with a money back guarantee



  • Doesn’t guarantee a 100 percent result 
  • Includes misleading instruction of usage

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Our Top Choice Among The Best Cold Remedies for Pregnant Women

Our pick for the best cold remedies has to be Maty’s Healthy Products Organic Mucus Cough Syrup. It has the cleanest profile ingredient that is safe to be taken when pregnant. It stands among the best cold remedies as it the only one that boosts the immune system while helping get through your pregnancy flu.

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