What Is The Best Tea For Sore Throat?


A sore throat does not choose which age bracket or gender to affect. Everyone can get it from time to time. According to data, it actually accounts for more than 13 million visits to doctors’ offices each year.  “A sore throat” is the general term used to describe a condition where the throat feels dry, scratchy, tender, and painful when swallowing. Fever and swollen glands can also accompany it.

There are several causes of a sore throat but the most common ones are from viral infections such as when you get a cold or flu, or by environmental factors like dry air, such as when you fall asleep with your mouth open and wake up with an irritated throat.

A sore throat is definitely uncomfortable especially when swallowing or even just talking but it usually goes away on its own. Regardless, your immediate concern is how to get relief from it, fast. You may think about consulting a doctor but there are actually a lot of home remedies to soothe and treat it. The standout cure is getting hydrated. If you’re tired of drinking plain water, your best option would be to grab a cup of hot tea.

Listed below are the 10 best brands of tea to help you soothe the pain and speed up the healing of this bothersome ailment.

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Choice Organic Teas Wellness Tea, Throat Cozy

Choice Organic Teas has been making healthy, organic blends since 1989. This wellness tea called Throat Cozy is specifically crafted for those who would like to coat their throats with a smooth and slippery marshmallow root which acts as a natural analgesic to relieve pain. It also contains licorice root for that cooling and soothing sensation to help you feel relief from a sore throat.

This blend consists of organic anise seed, licorice root, marshmallow root, lemongrass, orange peel, cinnamon bark and roasted dandelion. All these to give a sweet taste and velvety experience that are exactly what your itchy throat needs. Simply pour 8 ounces of boiled fresh water over the tea bag into your favorite teacup and let sit for 5-10 minutes, have one per hour as needed for optimum efficacy.


  • Has mellow, sweet taste
  • Caffeine free, yet it has a milk coffee like flavor
  • Provides pain relief from inflammation with cooling sensation thanks to the marshmallow root and licorice root
  • Anise prevents coughs
  • Certified 100% organic
  • Developed by herbalists with more than decades of expertise


  • Some reviewers were displeased with the “burnt coffee” taste from the roasted dandelions

Yogi Tea, Honey Lemon Throat Comfort

The brand Yogi was inspired by a yoga master –Yogi  Bhajan, who shared an aromatic tea with his students in the late 1960s. Since then, the company has continued to craft tasty and functional blends that address specific needs. This Honey Lemon Throat Comfort blend is purposefully made to ease discomfort when you have aa sore throat. This tea is great for reducing pain, swelling, cough, and congestion. Honey tames coughing while lemon cleanses the toxins and increases salivation, keeping the throat moist.

Other ingredients include organic licorice root, organic peppermint leaf, organic wild cherry bark, organic Echinacea root, organic black pepper, organic slippery elm bark, and organic stevia leaf. This blend is perfect for relieving your sore throat. You can get the most out of every cup by pouring boiled water into it and sit for 7 minutes. Drink 3-6 cups daily or as needed throughout the day.


  • Already has natural sweeteners so you don’t need to add one
  • The perfect home remedy for flu seasons – autumns and winters
  • Boosts immunity
  • 100% Vegan, non-GMO, USDA certified organic, gluten-free, and is packed in compostable bags


  • Some users pointed that the tea bags are too small so 2 teabags can be steeped for a stronger taste
  • May felt that it is a little too sweet for tea
  • For people who dislike Stevia, they can get Yogi Tea, Throat Comfort

Hey Girl Feel Better Herbal Tea

If you are a woman who’s always on the go and need to get relief fast, then Hey Girl Immunity System Booster – Feel Better Tea is for you. It gets the job done instantly. Just steep your tea bag for 7 minutes in your favorite teacup with hot water and drink it 3-5 times a day. You can even take it in healthier times to boost immunity and prevent illnesses.

The key ingredients to this blend are lemongrass, honey, Echinacea Purpurea, decaffeinated green tea, Goldenseal, Elderberries, Lemon Peel, Stevia, Panax Ginseng, Ascorbic acid, Citric Acid, Ginger Root and Natural Flavors (Soy).


  • Tastes like honey lemon drops
  • Gives immediate relief from nasal stuffiness and sore throat
  • Relieves all other cold and flu symptoms
  • Provides energy and vitality, Vitamin C increases immunity


  • A little more expensive than other teas for a sore throat on the market
  • Contains Stevia so if you do not like Stevia then this is not for you

Celestial Seasonings Wellness Tea, Sleepytime Throat Tamer

Celestial Seasonings has been crafting teas since 1969. They have been achieving great blends without the use of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. You will see that even their boxes are completely recycled. The Sleepytime Throat Tamer Tea is perfect for those who do not want to lose sleep while being sick. It is infused with chamomile and ginger which are anti-inflammatory agents so at the end of the day you can relax and wind down with a relieved sore throat.

This tea blend also contains licorice root and mint giving you a cooling sensation. It also has slippery elm which is a tested ingredient for centuries for pain relief. Slippery elm contains compounds that are both anti-bacterial and histamine balancing for lessening irritation, swelling, and by extension pain caused by a sore throat. Let tea bag sit for 4-6 minutes in hot water for the perfect cup before you sleep.


  • Has refreshing, cool, minty taste
  • You can drink it as iced tea as well
  • Really helps on those sleepless nights
  • Soothes throat irritations
  • Very inexpensive


  • Not a cure for insomnia
  • Some people claim that the taste is a bit too strong for a relaxing cup of tea

NOW Foods Real Tea TLC Throat and Lung Care

NOW has been a leader in the natural products industry since 1968. Their goal was to lead consumers to a healthier lifestyle even before healthy living became mainstream. This TLC tea blend is for those with throat and lung pain. Each tea bag is packed with healing ingredients such as licorice root, slippery elm bark, and eucalyptus leaves for that overall relief and healing from a sore throat. Just add hot water for an instant tea time.


  • Slippery elm bark turns into gel-like consistency when mixed with water that coats and protects the throat
  • Has a refreshing and minty taste from the eucalyptus
  • Can be gargled as a form of the cleansing agent from a throat infection


  • If you are not a fan of “earthy” taste then this tea is not for you
  • Does not have sweeteners nor natural sugary ingredient so you might need to add one such as lemon or honey

Buddha Teas Organic Oregano Tea

Buddha Teas is the leading organic tea company for single herb teas. Oregano is a well-known plant for having many benefits. One of them is its anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. It is very aromatic that is why it is used in many recipes particularly in Italian food. It is very common and easy to find that is why it is a staple herb from the earliest times until today. Oregano is more potent when it is dried, that is why it is best to have it in a form of herbal tea.

The list is endless with the benefits of oregano. You can simply inhale its aroma or sip in the goodness of remedy and antioxidants in a cup as needed throughout the day.


  • Rich in Vitamins A, C, E and K
  • It also has calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium
  • Natural source of antioxidants
  • 100% organic and the tea bags are made of bleach-free biodegradable packs


  • Oregano can cause stomach upset in most people
  • Possibly unsafe when taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Oregano might lower blood sugar levels so people with diabetes should take it cautiously

Bixa Botanicals Spearmint Herbal Infusion Tea

Bixa Botanicals are leading in the export of herbal powders and standardized herbal extracts. They also put emphasis on farmers using only renewable resources and are concerned in the conservation of soil and water for the environment. USDA certification ensures that no pesticides, fertilizers, or GMOs are used in growing these herbs.

Used mainly as taste enhancers, spearmint is mildly tasting compared to peppermint. Still, it is an aromatic, refreshing, and sweet as the herb. The oil in spearmint is used to alleviate inflammation. Simply inhaling the aroma of this tea is already therapeutic relieving you from the stress of having sickness or a sore throat. This tea is not packed in bags so it is very quick to prepare. You just have to add 2 teaspoons of it in a cup of hot water and you are good to go.


  • Only mildly minty yet sweet
  • Also eases the feeling of cramps
  • Not only provides relief from a sore throat but from nausea as well


  • Intake must be regulated for a lot of it might increase kidney and liver disorders

The Republic of Tea Get Soothed Tea

Do your throat a favor and get soothed with getting Soothed Tea by The Republic of Tea. The company is a leading purveyor of premium teas since 1992. This special blend is made of red rooibos. Although not as popular as green tea, it has actually been a sought for an ingredient for many centuries known as a super-food for its many benefits. It is called the wonder herb is known to keep the body’s defenses strong. Added to this blend is marshmallow root and licorice root to squelch the throat’s soreness. It is also combined with ginger to get that extra kick and loosen the bad stuff in your throat. Sip your way back to a silken throat just by adding 2 teaspoons in a cup of hot water as needed throughout the day.



  • Very fragrant and great tasting – users claim they don’t  have to add anything
  • Filled with antioxidants for best comfort from a sore throat
  • Stabilizes Blood Sugar so there is less risk for diabetic people


  • Side effects are extremely rare but have been reported. One is increased liver enzymes so those with liver disease need to take this cautiously

Tiesta Tea Floral Lemon Rooibos Tea

A new company that is launched in 2010, Tiesta Tea is breaking the tea market by introducing loose leaf tea to the US audience. This Rooibos and lemon blend is specially crafted for boosting immunity with its flavorful and functional package. Rooibos is a super-food known for its antioxidant properties and lemon is known for its distinct flavor along with its many benefits in increased defense against harmful compounds.

This tea keeps you energized even at times of being sick so you can keep your cool and relax your way to healing. Just steep for 5-7 minutes to get the best flavor.


  • Lemon is great for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties
  • Rooibos is a super food packed with anti-oxidants


  • Because it is still a new company, there might not be that many stocks available

Traditional Medicinals Organic Throat Coat Seasonal Tea

This sore throat tea is Amazon’s Choice Tea. The best sore throat tea prevents symptoms from worsening. It has also been rated 5 stars by hundreds of Amazon users.

Traditional Medicines started as a company in 1974 by herbalists with the goal of reviving herbalism in North America. The Throat Coat blend is the best tea for throat health as it boasts having the ingredient slippery elm which has a truly slimy in a good way property. It also contains marshmallow root which coats and protects your throat like taking it to a spa. So that it will be easy and pleasurable to take, added is licorice root for its sweetness. Voice coaches actually recommend this tea to singers to keep their throat from getting dry and scratchy.


  • Organic and caffeine free
  • Non-GMO
  • Herbs are all highest quality
  • Minty, sweet, earthy taste and silky texture
  • Really helps with a sore throat as experienced by thousands of buyers
  • Some users claim to have their sore throat healed after just a few hours of consuming this tea in the hot formulation


  • Not recommended for people with high blood pressure
  • Also not suitable for pregnant or lactating women
  • Some people find the taste “nauseatingly sweet” due to the licorice root taste – a fix for this is to add lemon juice to neutralize the sweetness

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Herbal Tea vs. Antibiotics for Sore Throat: Which is Better?

It is very common for people to consult their physicians once they experience discomfort in their throat. You’ll be surprised by how many doctors are actually pressurized to prescribe antibiotics to treat a sore throat because either the clients come back or go to another doctor to have a prescription.

What many do not realize is the risk that comes with taking antibiotics not meant to treat a viral infection. Many antibiotics have adverse effects like diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy and weakness, headaches, and allergic reactions. Some of these are often serious and may lead to life-threatening conditions. Doctors must instead focus on prescribing symptomatic relief to the patient instead of writing a prescription blindly for an antibiotic. There are many natural or home remedies and simply taking a sip from a cup of tea will make a huge impact on one’s comfort.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Tea When You Have a Sore Throat?

When you have a sore throat you would naturally crave for something hot, slightly sweet and minty or spicy. You would also want something easy to intake with slippery texture for that instant relief. A good tea for a sore throat contains ingredients that relieve pain and swelling and coat the throat for protection so that symptoms will not worsen.

Even if you are a novice in tea drinking, a cup of tea might add comfort to your day when you have a sore throat. Many teas have antioxidants that battle with illnesses. They also boost immunity and promote healing. Some teas also have anti-inflammatory ingredients which soothe the throat. Some are simply refreshing and aromatic. Drinking fluids always help in healing a sore throat.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind

Main Ingredients to Look for When Buying the Best Tea for a Sore Throat

The key ingredients or herbs are chamomile, ginger, and peppermint for relief and getting enough sleep even with a sore throat; Honey, Lemon, Cinnamon, Licorice Root, Echinacea Root, and Stevia are all anti-inflammatory that adds great taste to the tea so you can easily take it; Slippery elm and marshmallow root coats the throat with slimy properties for comfort and protection.

Other herbs are known to fight off a cough and nasal congestion should also be considered such as oregano and spearmint. This help protects the throat and prevents the pain from it worsen.

Risks of Drinking Tea When You Have a Sore Throat

It is important to keep in mind that some herbs may interact with medicines you are actively taking. In cases like these, it is best to consult your doctor before starting an herbal remedy.

Some herbs should also be taken in regulation such as licorice root. Taking too much of it has a serious adverse effect especially for those who have high blood pressure.

You Should Also Start Seeing Your Doctor If:

  • a sore throat lasts for more than a week
  • symptoms do not respond to painkillers and get worse
  • breathing becomes difficult
  • drooling becomes common
  • there is persistent fever
  • The immune system is weak (people with HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, or anyone receiving chemotherapy, radiotherapy, steroids, or immunosuppressant medications)

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Everyone knows how annoying getting sore throat can get. Sometimes you just wake up from a long sleep and you have one already. It can cause disruptions throughout your day as you lose the ability to talk, sing, or eat as it is painful to swallow. You might even lose your appetite or have difficulty resting. Next time you detect a little discomfort in your throat, you may want to try out one of these tea options first before visiting your doctor. Oftentimes sore throat is soothed and healed by sipping a hot cup of tea. You can even gargle cold tea if you prefer. Don’t forget to add honey or lemon for enhanced relief, protection and taste.

When buying the best tea for a sore throat don’t just look at the labels in front of the box, take a look at the back for its ingredients as well. They typically contain licorice root, marshmallow root, and slippery elm bark. These natural ingredients will definitely help your throat heal in an instant.

Keep in mind that some herbs have adverse side effects so you may want to consult your doctor first if you are currently taking medications or if you are just unsure if you should take herbal tea. You should also see your doctor if you have a severe sore throat or if your sore throat is getting worse.



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