What Is The Best Soap For Men In 2018?


Choosing how you smell is similar to choosing how you would want your profile picture to be seen on Instagram. Your smell reflects who you are. It can make or break you.

A baby’s breath in the morning is heaven for mothers or a dusty jacket for someone longing for their grandmoms is satisfying.

Ladies, imagine going out on a blind date. What do you expect in a man that you will be dating? I, personally would look at the physical attributes first. Will this man look good?  Will he dress to impress? Will he smell good too? The physical attraction itself may literally be based on the smell. When a man smells good, automatically we would assume that they are clean too, which is by the way important for everyone.

We perceive celebrities to smell good. George Clooney for example, aside from him looking very good at his age, I can smell his musky scent on TV.

For the young ones, Nick Jonas is known as (probably) the best smelling among the Jonas Brothers. He carries a very masculine scent that makes ladies drool aside from the fact that this guy has a talent.

For this article, we will focus on the best soap for men. There are different soaps made especially for different types of men. There are varieties of soap on the market. May it be used for cleaning, washing, and bathing. Like us people, soaps have evolved in different shape, scent, and color.

Men’s body soap has evolved and certainly came a long way already. Back in the old days, men can either just choose between an aftershave smell or a very strong masculine scent.

Today, men have just as the same options as women when choosing a brand, smell, brand, packaging, and price. With so many options on the market, it is important for manufacturers to up their skill in getting the right scent especially because men even if they are less complicated than women, they also have many different tastes and are now open to trying different products that will soothe their taste.

There are a lot of soaps in the market for you to choose from. So, we have saved you time and compiled the 10 best soap for men in 2018.

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TOP 10 Soaps For Men

Marlowe Men’s Body Scrub Soap

They say this soap is as rough as a sandpaper thus it makes exfoliating very easy. MARLOWE body scrub is a great step forward because apart from cleansing your body, the scrub exfoliates very well thus removing the dead skin.

This soap also smells like sandalwood that is why you will feel and smell refreshed for a long duration of time.


  • Can be used on a daily basis.
  • Great for exfoliating
  • Lathers better than several brands.
  • Lasts longer than its counterpart.
  • Provides enough nutrients for your skin due to the essential oils added.
  • Paraben and Phthalate free


  • It only has a limited production

Dr. Squatch Men’s Soap

Dr. Squatch men’s soap is free of harmful chemicals thus the lesser allergies you expect for it to arise.

This soap is the maestro. It contains natural oils that are beneficial to the skin gaining more nutrients. Perfect for those who are always out and about because of its citrus smell that lasts on the body for a longer period of time. And did I mention that these are handmade, which gives you an assurance that you are getting the right measures aside from the labor of love given to present this amazing product to you?


  • It uses essential oils
  • Affordable
  • Cruelty free


  • Dissolves faster than other brands

Creighton Harris

Creighton Harris Men’s Bar is premium made with essential oils. The peppermint scent gives you a relaxing and refreshing feel after a bath. There is no harsh chemical used thus perfect for everyday use.


  • Never tested on animals.
  • Paraben-Free
  • Goes well with sensitive skin
  • Lasts longer than other brands


  • The soap is smaller than other brands

Pure Essential Oil Handmade Soap Bar

This soap bar is cold pressed made the artisan way which ensures the quality and effectiveness of the product. PURE soap is, in fact, the recommended by doctors for men with sensitive and dry skin but works mostly for all skin types. Infused with different essential oils that help those with ringworm, rashes, eczema and acne breakouts.


  • Not tested on animals.
  • Paraben and GMO-Free
  • No Synthetic Dyes and Fragrances


  • Size of the bar is small and may dissolve faster than other brands

Shea Moisture African Black Soap with Shea Butter

Shea Moisture is best for men with psoriasis and eczema. Although it does not treat the above-mentioned skin diseases,  it helps with the healing. With the wide array of soaps in the market, there are only a few which does not cause allergic reactions. It contains ingredients that relax the skin and helps lessen the blemishes in a particular area.


  • Cruelty-Free
  • Helps aid treatment of eczema and psoriasis
  • Long lasting
  • It has essential oils that help nourish the skin.


  • It stains the clothes because of the ash used as an ingredient

Honest for Men Deep Exfoliating Soap

Honest for Men Deep Exfoliating Soap is said to be the best natural soap in the market because of the moisturizing and real skin condition it provides. Aside from the benefits it has, this soap has essential oils particularly lavender, patchouli and orange which makes it smell fragrant and aromatic.


  • No harsh chemicals
  • Not tested on animals
  • No artificial colors


  • The exfoliation for some may be too much

Pre de Provence Artisanal French Soap Bar

Pre de Provence Artisanal Soap is a traditional French soap that is triple milled to produce a soap with no impurities which makes it last longer.

Each bar of this soap is made with pure and all natural ingredients. The aromatic fragrant gives you a calming feeling.


  • Free of Paraben, BPA/Phthalates, Ethyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, and DEA
  • Not tested on animals
  • No lead.
  • No Micronized Titanium Dioxide


  • For some, the smell may not be the aroma of the oils used as an ingredient

Yonka- Essential Gel Nettoyant

Yonka Essential Gel Nettoyant is appropriate for all skin types. This blue gel purifies and revives the skin which leaves your skin fresh, supple and comfortable. It cleans your skin from daily dirt and oil that is why this is for someone who has an oily skin.

This gel uses essential oils like lavender and geranium which makes a fragrant aroma and a refreshing feel after use.


  • Designed for Oily and Combination skin types
  • Paraben-Free


  • May not last longer than other brands

SoapBox Soaps, Body Wash, Coconut Milk and Sandalwood

SoapBox is a body wash bath soap enriched with shea butter and aloe that gives you a fresh and renewed feeling after a good bath.

This bath wash contains coconut oil which moisturizes your skin prevents dryness.

Aside from all the benefits that you will be getting from this bath wash, you are supporting the company’s mission of hope because if you purchase this 3 pack bath soap, you are also donating three bar soaps to those in need.


  • Free from harsh chemicals and parabens
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Gluten and Vegan Free


  • Smell for some maybe artificial

Olivina Men Exfoliating Bar, Bourbon Cedar

Olivina Men is an exfoliating bar soap that has Kaolin Clay and Ground Olive Stone to give an extra force of cleansing to your pores after a tough day outside.

Although this is an exfoliating bar soap, this also contains a natural ingredient to prevent your skin from over-drying. Not only is this soap beneficial to your body, it also takes care of the environment by using certified sustainable palm oil.


  • Cedar Scent
  • Gluten Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Artificial Color Free


  • This product contains charcoal which may not be a fit for everyone.
  • Because this bar soap is an exfoliant, some may find the granules, painful.

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What soap should I look for if I have sensitive skin? Although it is actually tempting to buy a new soap bar that has a nice packaging on its delicious scent, you should avoid those that have synthetic fragrances because it may irritate your skin and may cause allergies.

Can I use my body soap for my face? Body soaps have a higher PH level than of a facial wash. Especially if you have a sensitive skin, it is not advisable that you use your body soaps on your face.

Most of the soaps already have essential oils on it. What is an essential oil? There are hundreds of essential oils out there. Each type of oil depends on how you need it to work. Essential oils are obtained via steam and/or water, or cold pressing. They are used with a carrier oil to produce a product in this case, a soap.

What kind of soap should be used for oily skin types? Oily skin is caused by excess skin oil and produced within the pores. Tea tree oil as a natural ingredient in the soap can help reduce oil build up.

I work all day, what soap can I use to avoid body odor? It is understandable that you sweat if you are out and about the whole day. Sweat itself is odorless, what causes the odor is the bacteria build up. If you can smell a bad odor, it is best that you use a soap that has an anti-bacterial component.

How do I avoid body odor? Aside from choosing an antibacterial soap, it actually bests that you shower regularly. Take time to wash areas that are prone to bacteria build-ups like the underarms and feet. Make sure that you completely dry yourself up to prevent bacteria from breeding on your skin.

What scent is the best smelling in soaps? It depends on your preference, there are a variety of scents to choose from. The most common scents are lavender, citrus and musky.

Will a moisturizing soap help those that have dry skin type? Yes, a lot! It will actually help if you do not scrub while bathing instead use a mild and gentle soap. Avoid deodorant soaps.

Is there a soap that treats psoriasis and eczema? Yes, there are but not all soaps in the market are designed to treat psoriasis and eczema. There are instances that you would need to consult a doctor for treatment. Some of the soaps available in the market won’t treat these skin diseases but instead just help accelerate the healing.

Which soap lasts longer?  Bar soaps last longer. If properly stored in a dry place instead of a damp dish after every use.

Which is more sanitary?  They say that liquids are more sanitary than bar soaps, it is actually just a myth that we have to let go. Bar soap gets cleaned and rinsed off as it is being used.

What is an aromatherapy soap? These soaps are said to promote calming, relaxation and sense of well-being because the of the essential oils used such as lavender, ylang-ylang, and extracts of chamomile.

 What is a glycerin based soap? These soaps are translucent which makes it different from other soaps. Glycerin soaps suit people with a combination skin type.

Can I use an anti-acne soap on my body? Yes, although it is mainly used on the face, it may also be used on the chest and back wherever an acne is prevalent.

How is an acne soap used? Acne soap can be used like any other soap on the market. However, because of its ingredients, it is not advisable to use a scrub because it may dry the skin or worst may cause skin damage. It is also not advisable to use a washcloth or sponge because it may cause skin irritation. Rinsing with lukewarm water is a good option after bathing using an acne soap.

 What if my skin gets irritated after using a particular soap? If it is soap induced skin irritation it is best to discontinue use, apply first aid and seek medical advice.

 What soap can I use in the bathtub? Bath salts are a good option since it does not foam up and it does not contain oils. It helps to soften the water and it also acts as a natural exfoliant.

What is a difference between a bar soap and body wash? It depends on your preference but body wash accounts for nearly 40% of the market.

For dry and itchy skin, you may want to use a natural body wash but if you get a buildup of dry skin and wants a squeaky clean, you may want to use a soap bar.

Using a body wash won’t make you feel squeaky clean because it may still leave more essential oils on the body that is needed for skin hydration than a bar of soap.

What is the Top 5 most popular scent for a men soap?

  • Cedarwood- Subtle but masculine. The scent is not too strong.
  • Citrus- This scent is popular among men who want to get a boy next door vibe. The scent will make you feel fresh and rejuvenated.
  • Peppermint- A refreshing and calming scent. Perfect for a busy day.
  • Sandalwood- This scent can either smell piney or sharp. Very masculine scent. Imagine a guy entering a restaurant and walks over you are leaving a very masculine scent because of a soap with sandalwood ingredient on it.
  • Classic or Manly scent- A mild scent mostly associated with aftershaves.

How often should I use a soap? Washing number is generally agreed to be two. Washing and cleansing twice daily morning and night are just about enough to clean away dirt, bacteria and oil build up after a long day outside. Also to avoid skin irritation it is best to use a soap twice daily every day. BUT at times that a person gets really sweaty perhaps after hitting the gym, a third cleansing might not be bad just to make sure the person washes away the bad bacteria that was accumulated.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind

The pH Level

Choosing the right bath soap is very essential. It may make your help make your skin radiant or it may give your skin problems. A cold process soap has a pH level is around 9-10.

Antibacterial Soaps

These soaps have an antibacterial agent like triclosan. As mentioned above, most deodorant soaps contain antibacterial agents.

Antibacterial soaps help those who have a problem with odors in their body as these soaps are the first line of defense against microorganisms and harmful bacteria.

However, using too much of these soaps may cause dryness and skin irritation. More info on folliculitis antibacterial soap here.

Moisturizing Soaps

These soaps are perfect for those who have dry skin as these soaps contain ingredients like shea butter and olive oil which helps in reducing skin dryness. Aside from keeping the skin moisturized, olive oil also has an anti-aging effect.

Sensitive Skin

Those who have sensitive skin are prone to have infections if they are not using the right kind of soap. Choosing a soap with natural ingredients and less fragrance can reduce the possibility of skin infection otherwise, medicated soaps are best to be used to treat skin infections.

Things to Consider in Choosing a Soap

Hardness of the soap. When a soap is hard, a hard soap is better because a hard dense bar usually lasts longer.

Cleansing. The number one reason why we use a soap is for us to get cleaned. If the soap has too much chemical or does not have a proper balance, it may cause a problem on your skin

Lather. Constancy is the issue. There is some soap that starts out lavishing you with later but fizzles out halfway through. That is why this is a factor in choosing the right soap for you.

Fragrance. A fragrance is a part of who we are as a person. Often times we want to be associated with the fragrance that we wear. A fragrance is simple pleasures in life which calms us, relaxes us and sometimes even masks the slightest body odors we have due to our everyday activity.

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Taking a bath is already a part of our daily life. We literally have a hundred soaps to choose from depends on our skin types or depends on the scent that we want.

Our aim is to smell fresh and feel clean and it all starts with finding the right soap for us.

For men, soap shopping is not really difficult because they need something that is designed for them. It is never complicated for men to look for a soap that qualifies their taste, the shorter the ingredient the better.

However, it is also important for men to use a soap that is tailored to fit specifically for their skin. Ideally, males have skin that is sweatier, thicker and oilier compared to females.

Because of the extra sweat and oil, it means men are more likely to have acne breakouts.

When we talk about the difference between men’s soap and women’s soap, it boils down to two things: fragrance and packaging.

Women’s soap packaging is complicated, the more attractive the packaging is, the better. While a men’s soap packaging is just basic often featuring a masculine word such as “musk”.

When it comes to fragrance, women choose a more fruity scent and a men’s scent is associated with musk and sandalwood.

So even if a man’s preference for soaps is way simpler than women it is still important that they choose the best for their skin types. There is also a lot to consider even if men just want the basic thing.

The list of the best soap for men is basically a guide for you to choose from depending on your scent preference, skin type plus the price and packaging too.




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