What Is The Best Natural Testosterone Booster?


A lot of men get more concerned with their testosterone levels as they age. What is testosterone anyway? Testosterone is a male hormone responsible for growth, repair, and thriving of a man.  It is relevant in a man’s fertility, muscle production, and red blood cell production too. Hormones carry signals throughout the body that initiates changes in the body.

If levels of testosterone become low, it can result to hypogonadism (impaired ability in producing the hormone with underdeveloped genitals, erectile dysfunction, and a decrease in overall weight) and also infertility – probably most of the things that define the essence of being a man.

Levels of testosterone naturally drop as men age especially when they hit 40 and it’s part of getting older – it’s inevitable. Production is slowed down in the brain and the pituitary gland. Expect to have decreased libido, reduced cognitive function, decreased body hair, and feeling of getting weaker or loss of energy.

Taking necessary lifestyle changes is helpful to optimize testosterone levels and if you are serious with dealing with it you might consider taking natural boosters as well. Here we have rounded up the 10 best natural testosterone boosters of 2018.

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Top 10 Best Natural Testosterone Boosters of 2018

EVL Testosterone by EVLution Nutrition

EVL TEST by EVLution Nutrition is one of the best-selling testosterone boosters that is sold as a “training and recovery amplifier”. The product’s aim is similar to other competing product; it is to aid in the development of muscular strength and stamina.

EVLTEST is one of EVLUTION NUTRITION’s newer products and also new among the male-testosterone booster products. Unlike most testosterone booster, EVL recommends taking a single dosage of 4 tablets on an empty stomach before bedtime. EVLTEST claims to Support natural testosterone levels, supports optimum sleep, and improve stamina, strength, and performance. The product supports muscle growth and strength gains as well as a better night’s sleep.


  • Has the effective ingredients that a good testosterone booster should have
  • A month’s supply won’t empty your bank account
  • Has ZMA that helps promote sleep
  • Ingredients and the exact amounts are listed
  • Enhances libido
  • Made in an FDA and GMP Certified and Trusted Facility


  • Has possible side effects that will only likely occur if you far exceed the serving size
  • Ineffective dosage schedule
  • Some of its ingredients aren’t proven to work

Prime-T Testosterone Optimization Formula by RSP  Nutrition

Prime-T is a complete and efficient testosterone supplement for men for it is scientifically developed to increase natural testosterone production, support healthy estrogen balance, and maintain a healthy prostate. It promotes healthy hormone levels which are a vital part for men looking to build lean muscle, improve strength, remove excess fat, and to iron out body composition.

Prime-T optimized formula is supported by scientific research for effectiveness. Powered by proven ingredients you need to perform physically both in and out of the gym, every ingredient of which is completely tested for quality and manufactured in a GMP certified facility, making it an ideal and smart choice for men looking to help optimize their natural hormone and testosterone level.


  • Despite its high-quality ingredients, it remains affordable
  • Has the best ingredient that actually boosts testosterone
  • Users don’t seem to be complaining about any side effects.
  • Safe compared to most testosterone boosters


  • May have acne as a side effect
  • Contains some ingredients that aren’t useful
  • Only recommends 1 serving per day, won’t be enough for keeping the testosterone elevated for the whole day

Pro Series Alpha Testosterone By Muscle Tech

Muscle tech started formulating products since 1995 and was considered as a best-selling supplement company. Alpha Test is one of their products that is a testosterone booster and is designed to assist with increasing muscle mass and strength, by naturally increasing testosterone levels. The product uses a whole range of different factors to try to boost testosterone. This includes a range of minerals, herbs, and other ingredients that all play different yet complementary roles in testosterone enhancement. But, a couple of its ingredients may only enhance libido rather than actual testosterone, but gladly, there are plenty of others that make up for this. Alpha Test will be most effective in males with fertility issues, or those of older age.

The product recommends to take 2 capsules with a glass of water, twice daily, and do not exceed 4 capsules in a 24-hour period. You may experience variations in your general mood as a side effect, and one of its ingredients can cause a “maple syrup” scent in body fluids, including sweat.


  • Includes a wide mix of ingredients to cover all aspects of testosterone enhancement


  • A few ingredients of which have little to no proven influence on testosterone

Testosterone Booster By JYM Supplement Science

Alpha JYM’s target market is males in their mid-30’s or older that has declining testosterone level or feel that have symptoms of having a low testosterone level. The founder formulated the supplement especially for bodybuilders and athletes with similar nutritional and hormonal needs

Alpha Jym works in numerous ways to help improve the natural production and retention of testosterone. It supports the loss of fat, as well as a gain of greater muscle mass, strength, stamina, and energy. The supplement has key ingredients that are a reputed testosterone booster according to published scientific studies. As recommended, users should get 4.2 grams of active ingredients each day, by taking 3 capsules twice a day, once in the morning or evening and once before working out. Users report seeing results within three weeks and greater results after six weeks of regular use.


  • Users report significant results
  • Contains large quantities of known and trusted ingredients that are scientifically proven
  • Can be safely used with other supplements


  • Young athletes that aren’t testosterone deficient may not have the full benefits of the product
  • Users may become discouraged since it’ll take time to see the full results
  • Large quantity should be taken every day


Men’s Testosterone Booster By Prime Labs 

According to the manufacturer, the Prime Test is a natural testosterone supplement that provides men with a safer alternative to testosterone replacement therapy.  If you are like most of the men who have been diagnosed with low testosterone level and want a supplement that is formulated from a natural ingredient, then this product is for you! This supplement claimed that has natural ingredients and is considered safe and effective.

Interestingly, this supplement doesn’t only claim to help boost testosterone as it also claims that it can enhance sex drive and libido. It also helps in faster muscle growth, improving endurance and stamina, and energy levels that are long-lasting. Also, this supplement comes in handy for those men experiencing sexual health problems.


  • Formulated with natural ingredients that are safe and healthy
  • Helps improve energy and stamina
  • Boosts testosterone production in the body naturally
  • So far, users haven’t reported any side effects


  • Some of its claims seem to be too good to be true
  • Doesn’t have any clinical tests or results to back up its claims
  • There isn’t specific dosage instruction

Testosterone Supplement For Men By NutraEdge

This product is one of a kind, specially formulated from proven ingredients that work together to rapidly improve testosterone levels in the male body. So, if you are on the journey of finding a supplement that has an immediate result, this would be the right product for you. Users can expect to feel an almost quick and immediate increase in physical strength and lean body mass from continuous use. The unique combination of its ingredients will definitely leave you feeling strong and energized, and will also boost natural testosterone levels.

One of the thing that worries men about testosterone enhancing supplements is its harmful side, but NutraEdge verifies that every ingredient that goes into their product is 100% natural and free of harmful side effects. They also claim that even after discontinued use, testosterone levels can remain raised for up to 1 year.


  • Crafted with all natural ingredients
  • Has great customer reviews on Amazon
  • Improves lean muscle while burning fat
  • No harmful side effects


  • Not recognized by the Food and Drug Administration
  • Doesn’t have scientific studies or research back up

Max Strength Testosterone Booster By Invictus Lab

Max Strength testosterone booster is a good male enhancement supplement that aids in boosting the levels of testosterone and provides extra strength to the body. The sole purpose of the supplement is to improve their sexual performance of men by improving sexual aspects of the male’s sexual functionality. This supplement does an important job in with regards to sexual-related issues. It is effective in treating issues of sexual dysfunction and increasing sexual performance.The company manufacturers claim that this product is very effective in enhancing the production of testosterone, boosting libido, increasing muscle mass and improving sexual health. It has a lot of benefits to the body such as improving stamina, increasing energy levels, regenerates the body, improving physical performance, endurance; triggers lean muscle development and reduce belly fat. By consuming it regularly, the user will also be strong and will always be leading a healthy life.


  • Promotes the development of lean muscles
  • Helps boost libido
  • Helps improve physical performance


  • Contains some ingredients that aren’t effective especially in testosterone boosting

Testo Boost Test Booster By Arazo Nutrition

Testo Boost Test Booster provides men enough testosterone in their body to keep the vigorous performance and activities that they do in their earlier adulthood. The supplement has ingredients that are used to help with hormone production. As men age, things start to change. Most see the effect arise slowly, but the most obvious change will be in their muscle tone, joint, weight, and libido. Some find it hard to perform physical activity at all, even if it is just a simple sport. Having a medical assistance may be the answer, but some consumers choose a supplement, and Testo Boost can give the similar treatment a medical assistant can.

While taking Testo Boost, consumers can expect changes like having improved stamina, libido, and increase in energy level. It is recommended that the consumer should take 3 capsules daily at bedtime. It doesn’t require taking a pill before intimate activities, because the use of this treatment is to be prepared at any time.


  • Increases athletic performance


  • Inferior compared to competing products
  • Has out-of-date formula
  • Lacks many key ingredients that a testosterone booster should have

Sheer Testosterone Booster For Men By Sheer Strength Lab

Due to high demand, a large number of testosterone supplements was released into the market. This makes the selection endless and rather daunting. Thus, when looking for such products, make sure that you get the high-quality supplement such as the Sheer Testosterone Booster. The product claims that it helps increase muscle mass, testosterone counts, and energy. It also cuts back overwhelming belly fat.

The supplement has limited side effects compared to competitive products that may contain potentially harmful ingredients to achieve the same function. It is vegan-friendly for it uses all natural ingredients, makes it extremely safe and effective. Though the product may tear your pocket, users say that purchasing the product is worth more than its price.

The Sheer Strength Lab recommends consumers to take two capsules per day. No specific time, but for workout enthusiast, they should take the supplement before intense workouts. Interested buyers can purchase through the company’s official website and other trusted sites such as Amazon.


  • Has clinical evidence backed by proven science
  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • Has limited side effects


  • Headaches and minor stomach upsets are possible side effects
  • Relatively expensive
  • Can only be purchased through an online shop

Black Best All Natural Testosterone Booster By High T

The High T claims that the supplement can effectively treat the problems that are caused by aging. As time pass by, men cannot help but advance themselves to age, and subject to many health issues that prevent them from physical activities that require extra energy and performance. The product provides men the extra energy and boost of libido required for the excessive and physically exhausting activities.

High T is a vegan-friendly supplement that is made up of natural ingredients that can work with your diet and helps increase muscle mass levels, strength, improve cardiovascular health, energy, vitality. After taking the supplement, you should use a recommended personal diet and workout regimen to help you see the desired results. Compared to any other testosterone booster, this has very high caffeine which will instantly fuel your energy and will help you be more physically active.


  • It can increase blood circulation
  • Grants users stamina and endurance
  • Stimulates the production of testosterone
  • May help boost energy levels


  • Contains caffeine which may cause some negative side effects to some users
  • Doesn’t have an exact dosage
  • Can only be purchased online

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 Are Testosterone Boosters Safe?

These natural testosterone boosters are generally safe. It can be used by any men over 18 years of age and no side effect has been observed. They are all highly effective if users follow the instructions. Each manufacturer carries legal supplements approved by DFA.

You can take up to 2 tablets or capsule per day but it would be best to take it according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Take it religiously as well and you’ll see expected results in as little as 7 to 14 days.

What Benefits Will I Get From a Testosterone Booster?

The advantages include these and are not limited to:

  • Increased lean muscle
  • Increased sex drive
  • Lower risk of erectile dysfunction
  • Higher sperm count
  • Increased production in the volume of hair
  • Improved strength
  • Increased fat

If you feel you are lacking or need help with any of these areas, you are highly recommended to take the natural testosterone boosters.

Are There Steps to Take to Help Increase Testosterone Levels in Addition to Treatments?

Yes. There are a number of activities or lifestyle changes that can aid drastically such as:

Exercising. This is one of the most effective ways of improving the levels of testosterone. Lifting weights especially, or resistance training, are the best types. They also help in improved reaction time.

Healthy Diet. Eating enough protein, fat, and carbs or adding them to your day to day meals is important.

Minimize Stress. Enough said right? You should try to avoid repetitive stressful situations in life to optimize maximum testosterone levels.

Vitamin D. Go out and expose yourself to the sun most especially in the morning from 6 AM to 9 AM. You may also take Vitamin D supplements.

Get quality and a plentiful amount of sleep. Sleep is as important as exercise and a healthy diet in your life. Studies show that those who get 5 hours of sleep per day show a decrease of 15% level in their testosterone production. An average of 7-10 hours of sleep is ideal to get the best out of life and improve your testosterone levels as well.

Healthy lifestyle. Avoid vices such as alcohol and smoking and keep a safe and healthy, happy sex life too.

There are considerations to take before getting yourself a testosterone supplement, listed as follows are the things you need to keep in mind:

Side Effects vs Adverse Effects

Most testosterone supplements give out immediate effects such as cystic pimples, breast tenderness or swelling, breathing disturbances especially while sleeping, or tenderness around the ankle. However, you should watch out for any signs of increased clotting like chest pain, shortness of breath, or leg that is pale and cool to touch.

The effects go from some things as simple as oily skin, increased urination, breast enlargement, but you have to absolutely see your doctor if there are any signs of heart attack and stroke, worsening of sleep be it getting less of it or having frequent awakening in the middle of sleep, shortness of breath and when skin discoloration occurs.

Indications for Testosterone Supplementation

The use for testosterone is ideally for medical reasons specifically to patients who have severely low testosterone levels, who have hormonal imbalances, teens who are experiencing delayed puberty.

If your goals are also combating low testosterone then, by all means, you are encouraged to take these natural boosters. If you’re an athlete, you might consider this strongly but just make sure because you are responsible and liable for it – to take only products with all legal ingredients.

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Starting the age of 40, men’s level of testosterone naturally declines.

This is a serious problem as the study shows that lower levels of testosterone results in lower sex drive, decreased weight, reduced bone mass, loss of hair, reduced energy and overall poorer quality of life.

There are a number of ways to maintain a healthy level or even increase the production of testosterone such as healthy lifestyle, exercising, eating healthy and getting a good amount of sleep. Taking natural boosters supported by scientific studies also aid – you might want to look for brands with ashwagandha, ginger extract, also horny goat weed, shilajit, and Tongkat Ali.

We have absolutely no doubt from the positive effects users get from taking these natural testosterone level boosters on our list but you should also take precautions and might want to start consulting your doctor if you start seeing adverse effects such as increased clotting and chest pain, shortness of breath and a leg that is pale or cool to touch. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid these unwanted effects.

Healthy levels of testosterone are important for both men and women actually as there are small amounts present in women as well, therefore, everyone should take steps in taking care of it. With more optimized levels of testosterone, you’ll have improved health and body and an overall improved quality of life even as you age.


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