What Are The Best Socks for Men?


Socks are a fairly unpopular garment. We often take them for granted and we even make fun of it sometimes because of the endless times it became our gifts when we “can’t think of anything better to gift” – next to a photo frame. The thing is, these pair of socks can make a huge impact on how you look and feel. Most of us are used to just putting them on thinking it’s normal that they slide down or they get holes. If you take the time to invest on good socks, they actually don’t have to do that frequently and you might even feel like a new person once you discover what are the best pair of socks for you and once you have put them on.

Socks exist to provide a layer of protection between your shoes and your feet. That is its main purpose. You don’t really care about how it looks because 95% of it won’t even be seen by people you meet. So when choosing a good pair of socks don’t just choose by color, consider getting the best qualities for comfort.

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TOP 10 Socks For Men

We’ve tried different bad socks and select a few really good ones so you don’t have to try them all anymore. Check out our list of the best socks for men to add to your drawer:

Gold  Toe Men’s Cotton Crew Athletic Sock

Check all the lists for the best socks in the world and you’ll always see this brand included. These socks definitely live up to the hype. Gold Toe has been making socks for over 80 years so they must really have an idea of what they’re doing by now. They are extremely comfortable, breathable and stylish with their simple and basic designs. Their signature look is, of course, having gold knit on the toe part of the socks. They are ultra-soft and an equally comfortable sole. They also fit nice, not too loose and not too tight. They are said to be the most durable socks as well.

You will feel more comfortable thus more confident when you wear these socks. Let people wonder what is your secret. Be amazed by a great impression that will last when you try the Gold Toe socks.


  • Very elastic but maintains shape for long use
  • Thin but keeps your feet warm
  • Suitable for a variety of activities
  • Has nylon, polyester, and spandex to prevent sweating


  • The upper part of the hole is a little thick compared to the rest of the sock
  • May shrink a size in a wash

Saucony Men’s Comfort Fit No Show Socks

These socks are designed with runners in mind. They even say it’s what drives their company to be better always, they are happy when they know they have made a runner’s life more comfortable just by wearing their socks. What’s a runner not to love in this pair? They have the RunDry Moisture Management which makes the sock very breathable and comfortable. The mesh channels allow air and flexibility to the socks. It has a cushioned sole that absorbs shock and protects feet from impact during running or on intense training.

Your feet will stay dry and fresh while not compromising comfort as it is engineered with enough arch and heel support. They are also designed so that they won’t slide down your ankles which is never nice. They are a no-show cut yet sufficient to cover your heels to avoid wounds in the heels.


  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Won’t cause blisters
  • No chaffing while running


  • Can be a bit tight in the arches

Dickies Men’s Dri- Tech Work Crew Socks

These pair of socks definitely prove how dedicated Dickie’s is to stay relevant in the business. It’s 78% cotton and 19% polyester with a little bit of nylon and spandex.

Because they are soft, once you put them on you really won’t be worried about anything anymore because you feel your feet are secured and can take you to places where you can take on anything. Unlike 100% cotton socks, these won’t feel like sandpaper even when you wear them for a year.


  • Moisture-controlling fiber
  • Air circulates well around the sock
  • Won’t slip on your feet, very secure


  • May not be as elastic as other socks on this list
  • May not be ideal for profuse sweaters

Pantherella Ickburghs  Mid Calf Dress Socks


These pair of socks are so classy when you wear them you might even land a job. It’s very sophisticated so if you are looking for bright colors for your socks then this one is not for you. These pairs are a great fit to your feet so you won’t have to worry about those nasty marks some socks leave on your leg, ankles, or feet.

This brand and pair of socks are great for business situations but versatile enough for you to wear them on your casual days. Their design is very sleek and simple, nothing that has a cartoon character on it and there’s nothing wrong with that.


  • Excellent blend of cotton and nylon
  • For reduced odor and added comfort
  • Has memory knit compression for a personalized fit
  • Perfect for business wear


  • Not for you if you like zany, colorful designs
  • Not for humid weather

Merino Premium Wool Socks


These socks are perfect for cold winter nights as wool is able to give you a different level of warmth and comfort. It somehow managed to be well ventilated yet still able to give warmth to your feet. The reinforced heel and toe make this brand very comfortable to wear even throughout the day.

The wool naturally reduces bacterial and fungal infections. They are also more elastic.


  • Keep your feet nice and warm
  • Anti-microbial features keep odor away
  • Enhanced durability


  • May feel a little bulky
  • Not ideal for hikes as they are not as thin as other socks on the list

PHYSIX Gear Compression Socks

Most of the time, it’s the pain in our calves that limits us to push our workouts to the extreme. Physix Gear Compression socks are meant to solve these problems. It is specifically made to compress for about 20-30mmHg and bring comfort to the legs with style. These socks enhance the blood circulation in the legs relieving pain and other ailments from too many sports, standing or sitting after a long flight. Physix Gear Compression socks can be used as medical management to prevent blood clots post-operation, reduce varicose veins and ease the legs from other swelling or edema.

Made from durable and high-quality Lycra fabric that will surely last long. This double-stitched compression socks gives protection to your legs during summer and adds more warmth during winter. Worry no more about smelly feet as these socks are very breathable that easily dries sweat.


  • Socks dry fast in just a few hours
  • Don’t slip on the legs easily
  • Sizes are accurate


  • May “bleed” a little (transfer dyes to water) when washed
  • May leave marks when socks are removed due to its compression

Carhartt Breathable  & Lightweight Work  Crew Mens Socks

These crew socks from Carhartt have mesh channels that are meant to give ample breathability against odor. The Polyester material used in these socks also helps in the ventilation of the feet and quickly dries the socks from sweaty feet. These socks are built with some Spandex in it that ensures durability for longer wear. Spandex also helps in giving the socks a decent compression to it for additional support and comfort.


  • The heels and toes were strengthened with additional yarn give additional durability and comfort to the socks
  • Odor-resistant socks to last for a day
  • Quickly dries because it is 98% Polyester but the quality is still soft and comfortable


  • Sizes run small
  • Despite being a crew sock, the fitting is too tight that may impede the circulation in the feet

Mirmaru Outdoor Sports Crew Socks 

Mirmaru outdoor Sports Crew socks are made from high-quality fabrics that provide maximum comfort suitable to use for outdoor sports like trekking, hiking, trail and mountain running, and more. The high-density fibers reinforced in the socks protect the feet from painful blisters. These socks were designed to give a nice compression up to the calf securing the ankles, toes, and heels from injuries and swelling problems after a long day of mountain climbing, running and other outdoor activities. Because these socks are partly made from cotton, the cushioning property of these socks adapts to the shape of the feet and protects them from wounds.


  • Fits perfectly well on the feet and has comfortable compression in it
  • Durable socks that can withstand washing from machines and maintains its shape for long
  • Very soft and cushions the heel and toes perfectly
  • Don’t slip down the calves quite easily


  • Some complained of its small leg opening
  • Some users did not find these pair of socks as good warmth-provider on the legs during winter
  • Stitches can be a little bit annoying with its compressing properties

Copper Antibacterial Athletic Socks By Kodal

Talk about a pair of socks that can give comfort and odor-free feet all the way at the same time, I mean Copper Antibacterial Athletic Socks. These socks are made mostly from cotton that exhibits a superb softness that prevents your toes and heels from painful blisters from extreme sports like trekking, running, cross-fitting, and other outdoor activities or even for your daily walks and work. With antibacterial Copper nano-particles that eliminates odor-causing bacteria protecting you from the embarrassing smelly feet. These shoes provide quite good ventilation to the feet that makes them dry and inhibits the possible growth of bacteria and fungi.


  • Base colors are black and grey with added hints of other colors for its design that are perfect for outdoor sports
  • The non-slip feature on the heels ensures the perfect hold and fit of the socks
  • With wide size chart from US size 6 to 12
  • Soft enough to protect your feet from abrasions and wounds from too much friction


  • Easily gets worn out after few washes
  • High priced
  • These socks don’t dry quickly after washing

Feetures Athletic Running Socks

Engineered by professionals who specialize in motion dynamics, these socks promise to change the game of your performance. What’s a standout with this product is that it is not the usual bulky socks; instead, the socks were made lightweight focusing the density of the fibers in high impact zones such as the heels, toes and the arch plus a seamless toe for an incomparable comfort. With the Y-heel construction that prevent the socks from slipping into the shoe with the added No-Show tab that sits just below the ankle making these pairs of socks to be technically advanced and highly preferred socks by runners.

Feetures, being a dedicated company and strong believer of their products, offers a lifetime guarantee for its users. If their users at any point did not like or unsatisfied with their products, they may send back their purchased product and ask for a replacement or even a refund.


  • Made from high-quality Lycra fibers engineered with the company’s patented sock design that contours and adapts on the individual shape of the feet for a snug fitting of the socks
  • Made with just the right amount of compression for a blister-free and well-ventilated feet
  • Contains iWick fibers to keep the feet cool and dry while the top of socks was made from mesh for added enough air circulation and breathability


  • An expensive brand of socks
  • Size runs smaller
  • Some users complained that these socks are a bit thicker from its “ultra-light” version


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What are the Types of Socks Suitable for Sweaty Feet?

Sweaty feet are the culprit of having smelly feet. The most common cause of having sweaty and smelly feet is wearing the inappropriate socks and shoes. Specialized socks with fibers wick moisture and keep the sweat away from the feet enhancing the ventilation and breathability of the socks.

There are different moisture wicking socks available in the market. For adequate breathability on your toes, you should look for the following:

  • Sports socks with added ventilation panels
  • Polyester (synthetic) liner socks
  • Wool socks
  • Socks with antibacterial properties like copper nano-particles, bamboo fibers, silver ion technology
  • Socks that were made from high-quality fabrics such as Spandex and Lycra.

Which Socks to Stay Away From?

Cotton socks are best socks if you are looking for superior softness and lightness. However, cotton socks do not hold much moisture and sweat in fact cotton only absorbs the wetness and stays there causing the build-up of bacteria and fungi. Cotton socks trap the heat inside the feet as well, especially in the summer, which too is a good breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

Synthetic socks too make the feet sweat too much. These socks were commonly made from Nylon, Acrylic, Plastic and other synthetic fabrics. Unlike cotton, synthetic socks trap the moisture within the feet and do not absorb the moisture and sweat. With these socks, the sweat does not evaporate leaving your feet sweaty and smelly. Polyester socks despite being synthetic were often preferred by athletes and runners as they keep the perspiration off the feet and is good in preventing blisters from too much friction.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying the Best Socks for Men

Sock Features to Look For

Comfort, Fit, and Material are three crucial factors to consider when choosing the right pair of socks for you. Shoes were designed to protect the feet from the external elements but for comfort, we rely on our socks for that extra layer of comfort that helps us stay functional all day. Comfort depends on what material your socks are made of and what design it has. Some are made of cotton, some of the wool and some have cushions, some have fiber woven knots.

Your socks need not be fancy but should fit just right. You need to consider the sock height for your purpose and your feet length as well. This is a simple solution to preventing your socks from your pain or from rolling over.

Other things to consider but are not as important as the mentioned above is how well they handle moisture if they go best with most of your clothing and durability.

The Basics of Sock Care

If you want to get the most out of your life, do not overlook the importance of taking care of your socks. Apart from not losing them, take time to handle them properly so they stay cozy and comfortable to wear.

First, you have to know the truth that the best way to wash your socks is to machine wash them. Yes, that’s correct. Wash them in cold water with mild detergent and set the machine to a gentle cycle. Next is to keep your nails trimmed. You wouldn’t one to place sharp objects near your socks, would you? That’s right. You don’t want holes on your socks.

Although it is ideal to machine wash your socks, it is not ideal to machine dry them. One is because they wouldn’t be able to take the heat from the dryer and too they will become stretchy. Simply place them on a clothesline or any surface ideal for drying until they are free from wetness. Also, never use bleach. I mean, why would you even do that in the first place? Chemicals in the bleach may damage or react unfavorably with the materials on your socks.

Wash your socks inside out. Go to this length and you’ll be doing your socks and yourself a favor. Not only does this action make sure that your socks are thoroughly clean but it also keeps excess lint from accumulating in them.

Lastly, never iron your socks. This one seems pretty obvious but you’ll be surprised by how many people neglect this rule still. They will not be able to take that kind of heat directly put on them and they will lose their elasticity altogether making them lose their functionality.

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The Final Message

At home remedies alone will not solve the problem of sweaty feet especially if this is caused by a medical condition. Proper hygiene can at least reduce the chance of having this kind of problem, especially for athletes and active individuals. Alternating the shoes you wear daily and changing your socks day after day will help cure the sweaty and smelly feet as this can inhibit the growth of the bacteria and fungi not only in your feet but specifically inside your foot wears.

However, these steps can only be effective for beginning problems only. If you have experienced smelly and sweaty feet for so long and doing these steps did not even reduce any of your problems, it maybe is the time to consult a specialist (if possible, a podiatrist) to help you cure the problem. The specialist may require you to undergo laboratory test to check the levels of your glucose if it is low (hypoglycemia) and thyroid function if it is acting up too much (hyperthyroidism) as these are symptoms of a medical condition called Hyperhidrosis. Once the condition has been evaluated well, the specialist may prescribe powerful antiperspirant that contains aluminum chloride. Besides this daily regimen, the specialist may require you to undergo certain treatments such as iontophoresis treatment or botox injections. For severe cases, surgical procedures may be required. These procedures may be microwave therapy, sweat gland removal, and Sympathectomy or nerve surgery.

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