What Are The Best Shoes For Supination?


Before we begin discussing the top 10 best shoes for supination we must define first what is supination and its relevance to our health. Supination is the outward roll motion of the foot during walking or running. A normal supination is when you’re your heel lifts and the forefoot and toes are used to propel the body forward. Any excess supination will cause strain on the muscles and tendons in the ankle, resulting in an ankle sprain. Other ailments include heel pain, corns and calluses, knee pain, hip pain and even back pain.

That’s where the right shoe comes in. Having the right shoe will prevent so much pain later that could also cost you a lot of money. Better start good investment now. Shoes specially designed for supination have additional features than those neutral shoes so expect it to be pricier. They will also be great for protection, comfort, and support.

Whether you are an athlete or not, running is a good form of exercise and when you do it, you would want to do it right with the right equipment with you. It’s not as simple as moving your body, it’s mechanical as well and you need to consider the weight that you put on your feet that support your entire body – think about that. These shoes listed are specially designed to give you that support you need for supination, ones that have comfortable cushioning and matching flexibility.

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Top 10 Shoes For Supination

Nike Zoom Vomero 12

Nike’s Zoom Vomero runner shoes stand out in this category because of its Lunarlon foam inner sole which offers superb cushioning with utmost comfort. It can do both preventions and help in curing supination to your feet and its outer soles are built for durability so this shoe is really a must-have. It’s definitely responsive ride plus comfort when you are wearing these.

The improved heel pad is also notable as it produces a trampoline-like cushioning effect for improved flexibility. The materials are soft foam but not too dense. It has adequate toe box room as well with heels being gripped tightly. We can definitely say Nike Zoom Vomero 12 hit all the right notes for this category.


  • Plump collar grips heel well
  • Smooth interiors
  • Lightweight so that no significant amount feels added to your feet
  • Perfect cushioning, it is soft yet not mushy
  • Rubber outsoles built for durability


  • Flywire on the upper part still string based
  • Midsole has a tendency to flex in wrong places
  • Has slower ride

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12

When you speak of a pair of shoes that is lightweight and gives you better performance then Mizuno Wave Inspire is what should come first to your mind. It is stable but improves your speed, flexible and very easy to wear without compromising comfort and support. It also offers a high standard of breathability so you can use it even on warmer days. It has added cushioning too which is removable so you can wash it easily.

Its Smoothride technology is present to moderate acceleration and deceleration so your feet will have smooth transitions between stops and movements. The DynaMotion Fit technology will magically shift the shoe shape to the fit of your shoe throughout the gait cycle.


  • Texture is breathable
  • Sewed overlays are for flexibility yet secure fit
  • Has Ortholite Sock for extra padding and has antimicrobial properties
  • The outsole is super tough that can tolerate rough areas or scrapes


  • Can be a little constricting in the toe area, the toes might feel squeezed together
  • Heavier than other shoes in the same category

Brooks Glycerine Running Shoes

The Brook’s Glycerin running shoes DNA Lofts will give you an extraordinary feeling of comfort without affecting your feet reactivity and efficiency. This shoe will improve every step you take. It is marketed as their “premium ultra-padded shoe” with their durable outsole for durability.

You won’t feel a pillowy cushion though but all the comfort is saved for the upper sole of the shoe and it stills perform well and gives you a ride suitable for mileage running.


  • Design and durability blends well together to build this shoe
  • Great color schemes adding to its visual appeal
  • Prevents knee and leg muscle pain when running


  • The outer sole is not efficient on wet surfaces

Saucony Cohesion 9

For keeping your supination at best while still looking good whether you are running or doing loose walks, the Saucony Cohesion 9 is your best choice. It has a unique design and despite its thick sole, it is still very responsive to the natural movement of the foot. The lacing system secures both the mid-foot and rearfoot area.

Its target is for those who are looking for comfort most of all in all their day to day activities. You can even wear this pair when you go to the gym. It’s also perfect for entry-level runners because it’s very supportive, breathable and lightweight.


  • Affordable price tag; least expensive on our list but the quality is still competent
  • Versatile everyday trainer shoes
  • Lots of cushioning
  • Attractive color scheme
  • Very durable
  • Prevents muscle pain or discomfort in the foot
  • Reliable surface traction


  • The midsole isn’t very flexible
  • Cushioning might not be enough for those looking for superb comfort and softness
  • Lack of arch support
  • Doesn’t perform well on wet conditions

Nike Free 5.0 V4


Another Nike product makes it to our list and this time because it is considered a minimalist shoe for running and it can perform as an everyday trainer even for entry-level runners. It is super lightweight with a simple design. It is very constructed and flexible. It is so flexible you can twist the shoe around into a ball! The heel counter is also very soft yet supportive and has a great grip.

The inner sole is not too firm unlike the Nike Vomero but it still gives flexibility and will be appealing to those runners looking for a lower heel-to-toe differential (it is 9mm). The upper sole is very comfortable as well. They come in rainbows of colors and feels like you are wearing slippers – they are THAT comfortable.


  • Simple design
  • Flexibility and range of motion to allow full foot action
  • Comfortable, moccasin-like feel
  • Cushy, protected ride


  • Not enough stability
  • Shoes do not fit true to size

New Balance Fresh Foam Running Shoes


If you are looking for a shoe with good cushion, then New Balance 1080v7 is just right for you. These shoes were engineered with fresh foam cushioning that absorbs shock steering you away from injury during marathons. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 1080v7 has an upper built with mesh with a no-sew application for a smooth ride in the midfoot. The tongue that has a plushy feel gives the shoes a comfortable and secure fit. It was also constructed with soft fabric around the sides that provides a sock-like feel making it very comfortable to wear. This version has really improved than its predecessor especially with the upper construction but maintains its durability and breathability.


  • It has a removable insole that you can replace with your desired orthotics inserts
  • The shoes have wide and roomy toe box but hold the feet in place
  • The shoes provide proper cushioning ideal for people with knee issues and plantar fasciitis
  • The laces have a little stretch for better fitting of the shoes


  • Initially, the shoes have tight toe box but will eventually adjust when worn over time
  • The design of the shoes needs improvement
  • The size runs small

Asics Mens Gel Running Shoes

Asics Men’s Gel Fierce Shoes is a neutral shoe that is highly recommended by Podiatrists even for people with gait and pronation problems. These running shoes were built with Rearfoot GEL® Cushioning System making it shock absorbing ideal for city running. The midsole contains ample gel cushioning for a smoother ride on the shoe making it an ideal shoe to train your speed. Asics used Trusstic System® to construct its overall outsole made of rubber with traction assuring the integrity of the shoes while you are on the go. Despite its outstanding and hard-core performance, the shoes have an excellent breathability and comfort because of its mesh uppers.


  • The shoes keep your feet dry and injury-free
  • True to its size
  • The sock liners are removable to replace with medical orthotics for better supports


  • The shoes are a little heavy not meant for training distance
  • The soles peel out easily as compared to its competitors
  • Highly priced running shoes

Asics Womens Gel Quantum Running Shoes

Specifically made for women, this running shoes will make you run hard without the aches after. Asics Gel Quantum 360 is supported by Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel® Technology Cushioning System that enables you to run comfortably as it reduces the impact of the shock on your toes. The upper mesh was built with Fluidfit® Technology providing a stretchy upper that adapts every runner’s foot with a glove-like fit. The heel support of the shoe is outstanding in ensuring a perfect fit and cushion on the heels. The shoes have an excellent breathability and comfort with its plush underfoot.


  • The shoes have seamless mesh for a comfortable fit
  • It has comfortable upper hugging nicely and adapting to the wearer’s feet
  • Durable outsoles that can last for years


  • The shoes feel a bit heavy to use by everyday trainers
  • Some users find the midfoot too narrow
  • A bit on the pricey side

Orthofeet Sprint Mens Running Shoes

Orthofeet Sprint Men’s Athletic Shoes is medically appropriate to use by people who are suffering from various conditions including diabetic neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, under-pronation or overpronation, arthritis, bunions, hammertoes, and corns and even Morton’s neuroma. These shoes are engineered to provide support for the anatomical arch of the foot, comfortable and relaxed fit, and protect the natural pressure points of the foot. These shoes were built with the finest insole that provides a cushion for softer steps, improve stance and stability and encourage natural foot movements. To allow the foot to spread out naturally and relax despite movements, Orthofeet Sprint Men’s Athletic Shoes was designed to have wide toe box and comfortable midsole. These shoes were engineered not only to provide support to the feet but also alleviate pain from knees, legs, hips up to the entire lower back


  • These shoes have a wide toe box that eliminates strain on hammertoes and bunions
  • Padded with foam for superior comfort and protection
  • True to its size and outsoles are extremely durable
  • Ideal for everyday walks


  • Made from leather
  • The shoes are a bit heavy for its purpose
  • Some users complained that the inserts do not provide enough support and comfort

Orthofeet Sprint Womens Running Shoes

What’s distinct about this shoe is that it is made to be medically relevant to relieve pain from various ailments such as diabetes, gait problems, supination and over-pronation problems, plantar fasciitis and more. The insoles of these shoes have unmatched cushioning that not only provide support to the natural arch of the feet but also provide heel support to reduce pain. With its extra depth design and wide toe box, the feet will have maximum protection against pressure on bunions, sensitive feet and for people who have diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. These shoes have an advanced cushioning system that not only provides comfort to the feet but also improves the gait and promotes comfort for stable and free-moving steps.


  • Lightweight with attractive feminine design
  • Wide enough but hugs nicely with its adjustable strap for the heel
  • Comes in Velcro straps that make it easier to adjust the fit and easy to wear
  • With extra deep cup for added comfort


  • Size runs smaller especially if you plan to customize your inserts
  • The shoe has a strong plastic odor

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What Is the Difference Between Supination and Over-pronation?

Pronation is the normal inward roll of the foot during foot movements. It happens when the heel hits the ground causing the foot to roll inward and flattens the arch out. The foot requires just the right amount of this mechanism to function properly and avoid potential problems or injury. However, some people experience excessive pronation or the foot rolls inwardly too much that results in flattening of the anatomic foot arch, stretching the foot muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Opposing over-pronation, supination is the excessive outward rolling of the foot during activities. This condition commonly results in an ankle sprain or ligament rupture as it places a heavy strain generally on the foot. Both supination and over-pronation can easily be corrected by using proper shoes and putting on the additional cushion on the heels with the use of orthotic inserts.

What Are the Common Symptoms of Supination?

Individuals who suffer from supination are at the greater possibility to develop various complications and symptoms if left untreated or uncorrected.

  • Flat foot
  • Arch and heel pain
  • Gets corns and calluses more frequent than others
  • Prone to have ankle sprains
  • Shin splints
  • Prone to get Achilles tendinitis from sports
  • Pain extending all the way up the knee, hips and entire lower back

You may feel one or combinations of these symptoms; the best thing to do is to consult a specialist to detect if the symptoms are compatible with supination and to avoid further complications that may need surgery or more.

Are There Treatments for Supination?

Glad to say, yes there is. Supination and over-pronation are problems of biomechanics that are common for people who puts too much weight to the feet like standing for long periods of time, runners and athletes.  These problems are best prevented and treated by using orthotic inserts that were made specifically to provide enough support for the natural arch of the feet and the heel as well. However, choosing the right product is not that easy given that there are plenty of options to choose from. The best advice still is to go and see a specialist such as a podiatrist for a comprehensive analysis of your running gait and foot-strike.

Once you get the results of your analysis, the podiatrist will recommend you appropriate orthotic inserts and certain footwears that best suit your foot needs. It is highly recommended to invest in high-quality orthotic inserts to help you ease out the difficulties. There are quite a number of excellent footwears that are specifically made for preventing and supporting supination and over-pronation.

There are ways to prevent gait problems naturally without breaking your bank.  Before engaging in your daily routine of running and exercise, make it to a point that you do proper and thorough warm-up exercises. During exercise, the blood in the legs become limited which results in less oxygen supply to the muscles of the lower extremities. Warm up exercises keeps your tendons, muscles, and ligaments free from cramps and stiffness. Post-exercise stretching is highly encouraged to soften up the tired and flexed muscles, tendons and ligaments to reduce pain and injuries.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind when Buying Shoes for Supination

Choosing the Right Shoes

If you are a supinator then you might want to visit your podiatrist first and consult what type of shoe you might need. The podiatrist will conduct a complete gait analysis which will help you determine what shoe to get. This will help you save a lot of money and discomfort in the future. This is most ideal for people who are already experiencing the severe symptoms of under or over supination.

You must also choose the correct size and make sure to get all your measurements right and all dimensions of it not just the length of your feet. Also, it would be helpful to purchase a shoe for the latter part of the day. Your feet will swell during the course of the day and this is the best time to take the sizes and for shoe fitting.

When purchasing new shoes, make sure to wear the socks that you will be wearing with them too. Never purchase tight fitting shoes and hope they will expand in the long run

Criteria or Features to Look For

The first thing you should consider is arch support. It is generally better to find shoes with higher and cushioned arch that will help solve supination.  Speaking of cushioning, this is also a big factor to consider when buying your shoes. Supination require a ton of cushion for support to soften the strike, making sure your feet are comfortable and pain-free from all times. Cushioning and breathability go hand in hand. We don’t want too much cushioning either, it must be comfortable and breathable enough so that the feet won’t feel suffocated.

Heel support is also important, this prevents your ankle from rolling over one side to another. It keeps the pressure even. This prevents a lot of ankle sprains. Flexibility, as we keep on mentioning, is a great deal as well. It will help you maximize your gait movement and gives you that natural ride. A tip is to find shoes who put the focus on the midsole that is soft and cushioned.

Durability, although important too, is your least concern on this list. Most shoes for supination are designed on the insole with lots of room for comfort and breathability. Most of these shoes are designed with curves to mold into your feet movement. You just really have to be careful when running them on wet areas.

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The Takeaway

There may be a lot of factors that contribute to having supination, but there are preventive ways to refrain you from acquiring one. You just have start with yourself the things that you can easily do such as pre-workout warm-ups and post-exercise stretching. You can ask for a specialist’s advice for proper education and analysis.

Investing in a premium-grade pair of shoes made specifically for support against supination should be on top priority, ideally together with quality orthotic insoles that can be purchased separately. We have summed up the best footwear to help you out in choosing the right one that will best suit your requirements. Also, check out epsom salt sprain here.

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