The Best Workout Apparel for Women


Nowadays working out is becoming more of a trend. More and more women want to stay fit by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. When it’s time to hit the gym, you may not feel very comfortable wearing baggy clothes. So, it would help a lot if you are wearing something that’s comfortable but would also make you feel confident because you look great wearing it.

In fact, a lot of women enjoy picking out their workout apparel. Sometimes it even helps motivate them to keep on working out. When you’re choosing your workout apparel, it’s best to find items which flatter your figure. Also, the clothes should allow you to move comfortably even while you’re exercising. Later, we’ll go through some excellent products which you may consider for your workout routine.

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Who Needs Workout Apparel?

Women who enjoy working out would benefit from investing in excellent workout apparel. The relevance of activity-appropriate apparel cannot be overemphasized. Such would make the workout experience a lot more comfortable and would allow you to perform at your best.

From your tops to your bottoms, you should feel relaxed enough, so the clothes shouldn’t hinder your movement. Such clothes would make you feel confident and at ease no matter what kind of activity you’re doing.

What is Workout Apparel for Women?

In the past, women were satisfied with working out while wearing baggy shirts and jogging pants. Nowadays though, stylish and trendy workout apparel have emerged. These clothes have made working out even more popular among women. Usually, such clothes would provide you with comfort, dryness, and style to keep you inspired.

Wearing the appropriate workout apparel for women can spell the difference between a pleasurable and a miserable workout session. So, if you’re set on working out regularly, investing in some great workout clothes would be beneficial for you. With such clothes, you might feel even more inspired to hit the gym, go for a run or even workout at home.

A lot of women choose to wear cotton t-shirts as this “common” workout gear. However, this fabric doesn’t draw sweat away from the body effectively. So, at the end of your session, you might end up drenched in your sweat.

Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for these kinds of clothes. These days there is “wicking” apparel made of special fabrics, usually Lycra and polyester blends. They may cost you more money than an ordinary cotton t-shirt, but in the long-run, they’ll serve you better. Clothes which have these kinds of fabric are more durable and will make you feel a lot more comfortable.

Sure, cotton is also comfortable, but the more you exercise, the more you’ll sweat. Cotton fabric will just trap your sweat, and it will eventually weigh down your garment as you exercise. So, it will start clinging to your skin which won’t cool you down properly.

Of course, appropriate workout apparel doesn’t end with your tops. There are other types of apparel such as bras, shorts, leggings, and more which are made of these performance fabrics. All these would help keep you cool, dry, and comfortable while you’re exercising. When searching for workout apparel, make sure to think about some important factors.

First off, think about your comfort. Before thinking about the style factor, comfort should come first. After all, picking out a stylish top or bottom which will make you feel itchy or restrained would be extremely pointless. For instance, fabrics with a rough texture might irritate or chafe your skin while you’re exercising.

So, it would be better to choose clothes with fabrics which will have a good texture, and which would allow you to move freely. Also, keep in mind that workout apparel may have different sizing than regular clothing. So, pay more attention to how the clothes fit rather than the sizes.

Another important factor to consider is the wicking ability of the apparel. When you’re working out, you’ll be sweating a lot. So, you need to make sure that your clothes will keep you cool and dry. Usually, synthetic materials such as Lycra and polyester are best for working out. These will keep you cool during summer time and warm during winter time.

Such materials also dry quickly, so you don’t have to worry about being drenched in sweat while exercising. However, if you prefer more natural materials, bamboo and wood exercise apparel may naturally wick away any moisture too. Aside from this feature, also look out for clothes which are layerable.

When you choose workout apparel, the items you choose should be versatile enough to use in any weather. Such clothes will save you a lot of money because you won’t have to buy different items for different seasons. All you’d have to do is layer the items as needed.

Finally, choose items which are activity-appropriate. For instance, flowing tops won’t be suitable for yoga class which would require you to do different poses. Baggy pants won’t be ideal for spinning or cycling. You need to choose clothes which would be right for the workout activity you’re doing.

If you’re planning to exercise regularly, then it’s extremely important to wear the right kinds of workout apparel. They would keep you dry, fresh, and comfortable, thus enhancing your performance. Also, wearing a stylish outfit would make you feel better which may keep you motivated. So, search for items which will flatter your figure, and which have all the factors which make workout apparel superior.


What Are the Benefits of Using Workout Apparel for Women?

Workout apparel for women don’t just look good; they make the wearer feel good too. They also enhance the workout experience which would help improve performance. It’s beneficial to don such clothes rather than wear ordinary apparel while exercising. Here are some benefits of using workout apparel for women:

It’s easier to move. This is one of the most important benefits of workout apparel. If you’re restricted by what you’re wearing, you won’t be able to exercise properly. No matter what your activity is, flexibility and free movement are essential parts of the equation. If you can move quickly in what you’re wearing, you’ll be able to focus more on what you’re doing.

Make sure that your activewear fits you perfectly too. This will prevent the occurrence of chafing or irritation which might cause pain. Perfectly-fitting apparel will also allow you to move freely and easily. If you choose to clothe that’s too loose, it might snag on the equipment. On the other hand, overly tight clothing might restrict your movements.

If you can, try out the clothes before purchasing them. But if you’re buying them online, try them on as soon as you receive them. That way, you can return the item and ask for a replacement if it doesn’t fit you well. You can only get the benefit of free movement if your clothes fit.

If you choose expendable fabrics, you’ll be able to move a lot better too. These fabrics include Lycra, spandex, and other performance fabrics which are ideal for working out. They will allow you to stretch and move well, no matter what activity you’re doing.

Doesn’t absorb your sweat . As we’ve discussed previously, workout apparel can absorb sweat better than clothes made of cotton fabric. Cotton absorbs your sweat and keeps it. So, the more you exercise, the fabric will become wet and heavy, clinging to your body uncomfortably.

A lot of workout apparel have sweat-wicking capabilities which will help keep you dry and cool. These fabrics are also breathable and lightweight, so they won’t burden you. You’ll feel comfortable and fresh even after your workout session.

Helps build confidence while working out. Another benefit of such clothes is that they can help you feel more confident. When you know that you look good, you’ll feel good too. Imaging is doing to the gym wearing drab clothes and seeing all the other women working out in stylish outfits. It would be a huge downer.

But if you find some comfortable yet stylish clothes, you’ll be more inspired to hit the gym or go for a run. It may seem superficial, but it would still help you in your quest to make exercise a part of your life.

Better support and safety while working out. While you’re working out, it’s also important to think about your safety and support. Fortunately, most workout apparels provide these. For instance, if you’re workout includes high-impact exercises, wearing a sports bra which provides great support will allow you to perform better.

You won’t have to worry about your assets bouncing around while exercising. Also, you won’t have to worry about the back pain which it usually comes with. This doesn’t just apply to sports bras. There are also some apparels which have safety features like reflectors.

You can usually find reflectors in jackets or bottoms. These are convenient because it means you can also use the clothes at night. If you like jogging at night, then such feature would be very useful for you.

They’re very comfortable. Comfort is another benefit that comes with workout apparel. Such clothes are designed in such a way that they would provide comfort as you are working out. If you want to push yourself to perform better, you shouldn’t be distracted by poor fitting clothes with undesirable fabrics.

Workout clothes are usually made of breathable fabrics which will keep you feeling relaxed while exercising or performing different activities. They can also provide the right amount of support you would need to move freely and focus on what you’re doing.

Allows you to be stylish even while working out (50). Finally, there’s the style factor. Yes, this is one of the benefits of workout apparel. Gone are the days when you would go to the gym looking drab and tired. Nowadays it’s easy to find lovely clothes to rock your workout routine!

What Are the Points to Consider when Choosing Workout Apparel?

Comfort and quality construction are the most important factors to look for when choosing workout apparel. If you’ll be working out at home most of the time, then these factors would be enough for you. But if you’re planning to workout at the gym or outdoors then you may have to consider other factors.

Find workout clothes which fit you perfectly. If you’re joining classes, marathons, and such, you would need clothes which would allow you to move freely and comfortably. While we’re about different workout activities, also make sure to choose clothes which would be right for your routine. Finally, consider the style and tailoring of your apparel so you can feel confident no matter where you’re working out!

What Are the Best Workout Apparel for Women

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PUMA Women’s Clash Leggings

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These leggings will surely make you stand out as you’re working out for all the right reasons. Aside from being very comfortable, these leggings will also show off your sense of style. There’s a pocket in the waistband where you can keep your valuables secure even while exercising. The wide waistband has a power mesh which allows for a relaxed and flattering fit. It’s made of high-quality materials which will help keep you comfortably dry while you’re on the move.


  • Comes in different sizes and a wide assortment of colors.
  • Made of different materials for comfort and flexibility.
  • Absorbs moisture well and is machine washable.


  • It runs quite small.

New Balance Women’s Trinamic Jacket

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You’ll be able to maximize your performance with this awesome jacket. It features a slim-fit design, and it’s made of a stretchy material. This jacket will give you a soft feel, so you can experience superior comfort. And it even has laser-cut perforations which allow for breathability. This jacket also has delicate reflective details, so you can use it during the day and at night.


  • Fast-drying and has a moisture-management feature.
  • Very comfortable as it’s made from breathable fabric.
  • Has a reflectivity feature which enhances the visibility of the wearer.


  • Not ideal for all types of workout activities.

Marika Women’s Aurora Singlet

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Here’s another stylish and comfortable piece for women. This singlet was designed to provide maximum comfort with its A-line fit. It has a dry-wiki finish which will help keep you dry even while exercising. The singlet even has perforated insets which add an edgy element to the design. The imported tank top is made of spandex and polyester, and its machine-washable too.


  • Made from comfortable, machine-washable fabric.
  • Has a dry-wik finish and perforated insets.
  • Comes with a free return for some sizes.


  • Only available in 2 colors.

Adidas CMMTTD Chill KK Running Bra

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This running bra will allow you to stay cool while you’re running. It’s a comfortable racer-back bra which provides superior, breathable support. The aluminum dots on the fabric pull the heat away from your body thus keeping you cool and refreshed. It also has a back closure which may help you control the bounce to avoid pain while working out.


  • The fabric will keep you cool as you’re working out.
  • Has molded and padded cups which allow for superior support.
  • The straps and back closure are completely adjustable for added comfort.


  • Only comes in one color.

Champion Women’s Sports Short 6

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These shorts will help you work out with comfort and ease. It’s made of a lightweight fabric with a soft trim. It also has an elastic waistband with a concealed drawstring. This imported product is machine-washable and has a quick-drying fabric. The moisture-management technology of the fabric will also keep you cool and dry while on the move. Finally, it has an inner pocket for you to keep your small items conveniently.


  • Available in different colors.
  • Extremely comfortable and machine-washable.
  • Made with a quick-drying fabric which helps keep you dry and cool.


  • Inconsistent sizing

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Our Choice for the Best Workout Apparel for Women

As you can see, there are some excellent products out there which are ideal for women who work out a lot. We’ve gone through different kinds of apparel, from tops to bottoms. There are a variety of cool and stylish products out there which you’ll surely enjoy wearing while you’re on the move.

Among all these products, one of them stands out for us because of the awesome features. The PUMA Women’s Clash Leggings are very versatile as workout apparel for women. It’s available in different sizes and colors so you can choose which one would suit you best. They’re stylish but also extremely comfortable.

These leggings have a wide waistband with a convenient pocket. So, you can bring your valuables along with you while you’re exercising. These leggings are not only comfortable, but they’ll also keep you dry as the fabric can absorb moisture. Finally, it’s machine-washable which means that it’s also easy to clean.

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