The Best Waxing Cream for Underarms


For the past few years, waxing has become a very popular trend. Nowadays, almost every spa and salon offer this service and for different parts of the body too. These days you can have your eyebrows, upper lip, underarms, and other parts of the body waxed too. If you don’t want to have this done at the salon, you can even do it yourself at home.

Either way, waxing the underarms (and all other body parts) would be a lot more painless if you use a waxing cream. Such creams can help numb the body part you’re planning to wax or have waxed so you won’t feel the pain during the actual procedure. There are different products out there which you can use, and all you must do is choose one based on your preference and some important factors. Check out more info on how to shape eyebrows with tweezers eyebrows here

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 Relax and Wax – No Scream Cream No Mess No Grease

This is a popular waxing cream which can be used in all parts of the body. You can use it on your underarms, legs, eyebrows, bikini area, and more. The Relax and Wax – No Scream Cream No Mess No Grease won’t interfere with your waxing process in any way. What it will do is prevent the pain from shaving or waxing temporarily to provide you with relief.

To be effective, you must apply this product at least 30 minutes before you are waxing. Also, apply it on thickly unlike traditional lotions wherein you would only apply a thin layer. After applying this product, it will appear white but will get absorbed by the skin in a couple of minutes.

The cream isn’t greasy or messy won’t rub off on your clothing. So even after application, you can get dressed. Easy to use, efficient, and popular, this is truly the best product for you to consider as a waxing cream for the underarms.


  • A painless product that’s easy to use.
  • Gets absorbed by the skin easily.
  • Suitable for underarms, eyebrows, bikini area, and more.


  • It’s small and fairly expensive.
  • Not suitable for all types of waxing.

Uber Numb

This product is the second one on our list because it possesses superior painkilling power. This topical cream will provide relief to pain whether you’re waxing your underarms or doing other procedures. The UberNumb cream contains lidocaine which is the component that numbs the skin to prepare it for waxing.

The cream gets absorbed by the skin in a matter of minutes, and its effect lasts for about 2 hours. This product contains vitamin E which has anti-inflammatory benefits too. It can also help moisturize the skin to prevent any flaking and itching. The non-oily cream won’t leave you feeling sticky, greasy or cakey.

The cream won’t stain your beddings or clothes, so that’s one less thing to worry about. It’s a water-based product that will provide relief without any undesirable residue. This product is made in the USA, and it even comes with a money-back guarantee. So, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.


  • Long-lasting cream which will numb the skin before waxing.
  • Made with a non-oily and non-sticky formulation.
  • Comes with a complete money-back guarantee.


  • May not work for other procedures.
  • It’s fairly expensive.

Numb Master Topical Anesthetic Cream

This is another non-oily cream which contains lidocaine. The effects of the Numb Master Topical Anesthetic Cream will last for about an hour, and it’s easy to rinse off using water and a good cleanser. The water-based cream penetrates the skin within half an hour, and it’s non-oily, non-cakey, and non-greasy too. You can apply it to your skin as a pre-treatment before you start waxing your underarms.


  • Numbing cream that’s made with a water-based formulation.
  • It’s non-sticky, non-oily, and non-cakey too.
  • It can effectively numb the cream before waxing.


  • Doesn’t have quick-acting results.
  • Comes in a small jar.

UltraNumb Anesthetic Skin Numbing Cream Numb Waxing

This is another powerful product which you can consider. When you apply this cream, the effects will last for up to 4 hours depending on your skin type and the body part you applied it to. The UltraNumb Anesthetic Skin Numbing Cream Numb Waxing eliminates unnecessary pain you may feel from tattoo or laser hair removal, permanent cosmetics or waxing.


  • Numbs the skin for waxing the underarms and other procedures which involve pain.
  • Maximum-strength cream which is water-based and non-oily.
  • Comes with detailed instructions for proper application.


  • It’s expensive.
  • It takes time to feel the effect.


This cream is another product which you can use as pre-treatment if you’re planning to wax your underarms. The cream gets absorbed deep into the skin where the pain receptors are located. The numbing effect lasts for about an hour, and it’s easy to wipe off any residue left from the application. The PANTIN ANESTHETIC CREAM needs to be applied to the skin thickly so you can feel the effects after a few minutes.


  • Provides an ultimate numbing effect for waxing, tattooing, and more.
  • Penetrates into the skin deeply.
  • Easy to rinse off with water after waxing.


  • Needs to be applied thickly.
  • It’s quite pricey.

Ebanel Numb 520

This is another topical waxing cream for you to consider. The fast-absorbing cream will take effect within 5 minutes, and its effects will last up to an hour. It provides maximum numbing which you need when you’re waxing your underarms or other parts of your body. You can also use the Ebanel Numb 520 to get temporary relief from burning, soreness or pain. It can even help relieve itching and discomfort which usually come with anorectal disorders.


  • A topical cream which numbs the skin to prepare it for waxing.
  • Also, relieves burning sensations, soreness or pain.
  • Fast-acting cream which lasts long.


  • It’s like glue when it dries.
  • It’s too costly.

Numb-ify Numbing Cream

The Numb-ify Numbing Cream is a powerful cream which works in a couple of minutes, but the effects last for hours. The deep penetrating cream contains lidocaine which enhances the numbing sensation on the skin. It has a natural tropical scent which relaxes and relieves. When applied, the cream goes on clear, so you don’t have to worry about how it will look on the skin.


  • A powerful cream which numbs the skin quickly.
  • You can use it in different parts of the body.
  • Has a subtle and pleasant scent.


  • Some customers don’t appreciate the packaging.
  • May cause irritation in some people.

TOPICAINE Anesthetic Skin Numbing Cream

The TOPICAINE Anesthetic Skin Numbing Cream also contains lidocaine which means it’s also effective in easing the pain. You can use it before waxing or before you have other types of procedures done. The clear and non-oily cream doesn’t dry out when applied. It’s best to use it about half an hour before having your procedure. The quick-acting product will numb your skin effectively.


  • Fast-acting cream which will numb your underarms before waxing.
  • Also, suitable for other procedures aside from waxing.
  • Contains lidocaine which will numb the skin effectively.


  • Doesn’t eliminate itching.
  • Can’t numb keloids.

Bravado Premium Lidocaine Cream

This cream works fast and penetrates the skin deeply mainly because of the coconut oil content. The Bravado Premium Lidocaine Cream is a maximum-strength product which you can purchase without a prescription. It’s a long-lasting cream as you’ll feel the numbing effect for up to 2 hours. Also, it’s free of chemicals, preservatives, sulfates, alcohol, and propylene glycol. It even comes with a money-back guarantee!


  • Penetrates the skin quickly and deeply.
  • Long-lasting cream which numbs the skin in preparation for waxing.
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee.


  • Comes in a small bottle.
  • It’s expensive for the product’s size.

Clean + Easy Numb Anesthetic Solution

The last product on our list is also one of the best products out there. It contains benzocaine which numbs and desensitizes the skin effectively. Because of this, you can apply the Clean + Easy Numb Anesthetic Solution to your underarms before you wax them. Then you won’t have to suffer through the pain of the procedure. It’s also one of the more affordable choices in the market.


  • A simple product that’s effective and easy to use.
  • Makes the skin numb so you can wax easily.
  • Very affordable.


  • Doesn’t contain novocaine or lidocaine.
  • Some say it’s average.

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Who Needs Waxing Creams?

 Underarm hair is a concern for a lot of people, especially women. In fact, it’s not underarm hair but body hair in general. This may be quite embarrassing to a lot of people, but it’s a reality that most of us must deal with. Because of this, people (women, in particular) prefer to wax their underarms to get rid of that unsightly hair.

Unfortunately, as most of us know, waxing can be quite painful. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer through the pain of waxing your underarms. There are special creams available out there which you can use to numb the skin and make the process of waxing painless. Whether you have a high pain threshold or not, these products can make the experience a lot more pleasant.

There are different kinds of numbing creams out there. We’ve reviewed some of the best ones for you, but there are a lot more out there. And each of these creams come with their dynamic formulation. These products should contain specific ingredients which will numb your skin and prepare it for your waxing treatment.

When you apply the waxing cream to your underarms, it will obstruct the nerve endings to help reduce the pain you would feel. So, if you want to wax your underarms, but you can’t take the pain, then a good waxing cream is the best product for you to use.

What are the Benefits of Waxing Cream?

 Waxing creams are very beneficial. There are many products out there which you can choose from. They all have their features, and you can even use some of them in different parts of your body. You can also use such creams to numb your skin for other procedures. Let’s discuss the benefits of these products.

First, waxing creams makes the waxing process a lot less painful. Whether you’re planning to wax your underarms or the other parts of your body, you’d like the procedure to happen with as little pain as possible. Using a waxing cream can help you with this. The best creams would take effect in a short amount of time.

Also, their effects would last long. This means that if you’re having your underarms waxed at a salon, you can apply the cream at home then wait for the numbing sensation to take effect. Even when you go to the salon, the product would still give you the numbing effect so you won’t have to feel any pain while waxing.

One great benefit of waxing creams for underarms is that there are many choices available out there. You can purchase these products from cosmetic stores and even from pharmacies. In fact, you can have cream at home to use each time you need to wax your underarms or any other part of your body.

Just like any other beauty products, there are waxing creams for different budgets. You can choose an affordable product which would work adequately or a more expensive one which may give you better results. Keep in mind, though, that the price of the product won’t ensure the quality.

Since we all have different skin types, products may work differently as well. Sometimes, even the most expensive cream may not work with your skin. You may have to go through a couple of products before you find one which you’ll be happy with.

Waxing creams can numb your skin from the roots of the hair. This is what makes the cream so effective. In the last few years, beauticians have started using these products to make the waxing process more tolerable. The cream would numb the roots of the hairs to block any pain signals to the brain.

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder waxing creams are becoming more and more popular. These products are readily available, and all you need to do is pick one and try it out. Of course, if it doesn’t work for you, you may need to purchase another product. This is important especially if you want to enjoy all the benefits that waxing creams have to offer.

What are Waxing Creams?

 For a lot of people, waxing is the most preferred way to remove hair growth in the underarms and all other body parts. Waxing is a process of hair removal that’s semi-permanent. When you do this procedure, it will take a longer time before the hair grows back. Unfortunately, this isn’t a pain-free process.

Therefore women are using numbing creams more and more. These products can greatly reduce the pain you feel when waxing your underarms. Some products might even be able to eliminate the pain. Especially for people who have high thresholds of pain.

When you try to wax your underarms without applying waxing creams first, you’re likely to scream in pain during the actual process of pulling the hairs out. This is because you’d be pulling the hairs from the roots and that causes a lot of pain. This is an unavoidable beauty ritual if you want to get smooth and hairless skin under your armpits.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the pain should also be part of the waxing process. As we’ve said, numbing creams can help you out a lot. A waxing or numbing cream is a type of topical anesthetic. When applied, the cream dulls your pain receptors which are found underneath your skin. This helps reduce the pain sensation.

Such products contain numbing agents such as tetracaine, benzocaine, prilocaine, and, most commonly, lidocaine. Products may contain some of these ingredients or a combination of them. They also contain other components which may be beneficial to the skin. Such products are considered as OTC medications. This means that you can purchase them from a drug store even without a prescription from a doctor.

Aside from creams, there are other products which serve the same purpose. And they come in the form of gels, sprays, solutions, and sprays. Since they reduce the pain, you can use them for waxing as well as other procedures. These include tattooing, tattoo removal, piercing, and more. This makes the creams very versatile.

Waxing creams are very easy to use. You can apply them to your skin just as you would any other cream or ointment. But if you want to get all the effects of the specific product, then you should read the instructions of the product before using it. This will allow you to use the cream and enjoy the long-lasting numbing effect.

Usually, though, such creams can be applied the same way. First, you need to wash the affected area using water and soap. In this case, it’s your underarms. After washing, pat your underarms dry using a clean towel. After doing this, your skin is already prepped for waxing cream application.

The next thing to do is apply the cream to your underarms. This is the time when you need to follow the directions of the specific product. With some products, you need to apply the cream thickly for it to work. For others, all you need is a thin layer. However, if you don’t feel the effects of the product, then you may need to apply more of the cream.

After applying the cream, make use of plastic wrap to cover the skin of your underarms. This will generate the necessary heat to provide the numbing effect. Take off the plastic wrap as directed by the instructions on the product you’re using. Then you can wipe the cream off as the last step.

It’s that easy! When you already feel the numbing effect, you can start waxing your underarms. You can do this at home, or you can go to the salon and have the procedure done by a professional. Either way, you won’t have to worry about the pain during the procedure.

What Safety Issues Should You be Aware of for Waxing Creams?

 No matter what beauty product you’re using, you need to be aware of the safety issues. This is an important part of the process, especially if you have risk factors which may pose a danger to your health. Just because you want to be rid of the pain that comes with waxing, it doesn’t mean you should neglect safety.

For one, those who suffer from diabetes, psoriasis or other types of skin infections should consult with a doctor first before using waxing creams. It’s important to ask your doctor first just to make sure that the product won’t cause you any adverse side effects.

It’s a fact that waxing hurts. But if you’re having your underarms waxed by a professional, then it may hurt a lot less. This is especially true if the person who’ll perform the procedure is an experienced professional. Then you may not need to apply waxing cream at all. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone, only those who have high pain thresholds.

Exfoliation is an important part of the waxing procedure. It’s a must before the procedure as well as after. This will help make the waxing session go smoothly. Exfoliation will also allow you to remove the hair from your armpits easily and properly. But you also need to make sure that the waxing cream you use won’t interfere with the product you use for exfoliation.

These may seem like simple things, but they’re important. You need to ensure your safety first before you use a product for your skin. In doing this, you won’t have to worry about any negative side effects which may come from the product you use.

How to Use Waxing Creams for Painless Waxing

 Waxing is a common procedure, but a lot of people don’t like it. The main thing that turns people off is the pain that comes with waxing. Still, people can’t abstain from waxing because they want to have smooth and hairless skin, especially in the underarms. So, to overcome the pain, you can use a waxing cream for painless waxing.

Usually, you need to apply the cream topically on the area which you want to wax. This will reduce the pain you may feel during the waxing process. Therefore beauticians, tattoo artists, and other professionals make use of such products before they perform the procedure.

Remember that waxing creams block the pain signals caused by the pulling of the hair. It will numb your underarms or any other part of your body which you’re planning to wax. Such products work for different skin types, but they also have different effects. While some waxing creams don’t have a lasting effect, others last for longer.

To apply the waxing cream, you should first wash your underarms using water and soap. Then apply the cream and make sure to rub it on the area thoroughly. Cover your underarms with plastic wrap to generate heat then and enhance the effect of the product. Finally, remove the plastic wrap, wipe off the cream, and you’re good to go!

Important Factors to Keep in Mind

Before you purchase a waxing cream, there are a few factors which you need to consider. These are important especially if you want to choose the best product available out there. Consider these factors:

Purpose of the waxing cream

Waxing creams are available out there, and they work in different ways. So, before you purchase a product, think about what you need it for first. If you need a waxing cream to apply to your underarms occasionally, then you don’t have to look for special ingredients or features. But if you want to use the cream for other purposes, then you need to think about your purchase more thoroughly.

The purpose of the waxing cream is one of the main things you need to think about. If you want a multipurpose cream, then you need to check the ingredients of the product well. Also, check the features to make sure that you’ll be able to use it for purposes other than waxing.

Ingredients of the waxing cream

Speaking of ingredients, this is the next factor for you to consider. The composition of the waxing cream plays a major role in deciding the product’s quality and effectiveness. If you want to choose the right product, then you should learn about the most common ingredients and how they differ.

One of the most common ingredients in such products id lidocaine. This is a local anesthetic which blocks the nerve impulses which may cause pain. Experts usually recommend products which contain up to 5% of lidocaine. This would be enough to numb the skin especially if you want to wax your underarms.

Another common ingredient for numbness and pain is benzocaine. You may also find this ingredient in a lot of waxing creams. This is also an anesthetic which reduces pain and numbs the skin. However, it’s not as common as lidocaine. Either way, you should check the components of the cream before you purchase.

pH level of the waxing cream

You should also consider the pH level of the waxing cream. It’s best not to use creams which have a pH level higher than 7. This is because creams which are too alkaline might change the surface properties of your skin. This means that even if the cream is effective, it might cause some undesirable side effects.

Availability of the waxing cream

When it comes to waxing creams, you don’t always get exactly what you choose. If you’re planning to purchase the product online, then you have more choices. But if you want to buy your waxing cream from your local cosmetics store regularly, then choose one which is readily available. In doing this, you’re sure that you can get more when you run out.

Most waxing creams can be purchased at drug stores and cosmetic stores. If you’ve found a great product that works well for you, then stick with it! Then find a place where you can purchase the cream regularly, whether in a physical shop or online like in Amazon.

Since not all numbing creams work the same way, availability is a huge factor. It’s not a good idea to purchase a product which takes so much effort to find in shops. Then if you run out, you might have difficulty finding a replacement for the product you’re using.

However, if you have your heart set on a product that’s not readily available, then make sure to purchase a few bottles or tubes of the cream. Then when you’re about to run out, buy more stocks in advance. Do this, so you don’t have to use an alternative product when you need it.

Waxing Cream Reviews

 Finally, it’s also important to consider waxing cream reviews (such as this one!). If you’re purchasing a product online, then check the customer reviews to see how real people have reacted to the waxing cream. You can get a lot of valuable information from reviews.

On the positive side, you may read about how some people appreciate the product and what the product did for them. You might also read how to use the product in different ways. Also, you may discover new good things about the cream which aren’t written in its description.

Of course, there are also negative reviews about waxing creams, just like with other beauty products. It’s also helpful to read the negative reviews so that you get a clearer picture of the product. If you notice a flaw in the cream that a lot of customers have complained about, then you can use that information when considering whether to make the purchase.

You can also talk to doctors or other experts about the product you’re considering. If you’ve found an interesting waxing cream, ask your doctor about it. Or you can also ask the professionals at the salons and spas about the cream you’re thinking of buying. They will be able to give you helpful feedback about the product. But in the end, the choice would always remain with you.

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There is a lot to learn about waxing creams for underarms. Of course, if you can take the pain of waxing, then you may not need such products. However, most women prefer to use such creams to avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort. And since there are so many choices available, you can simply choose the one which would work well for you.

If you’ve read our reviews, you may have noticed that such products are also very versatile. Since they numb the skin, you can also use them when waxing other body parts or even for other procedures. Make sure you’ve considered all the important factors before you make your choice, so you’re guaranteed a great buy.


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