The Best Portable Epilators for Travelling


Hair removal is a process that a lot of people, mostly women, go through. However, it can often be a frustrating and even a costly experience. A lot of women have tried different ways of eliminating hair to make their skin smooth and appealing. But it’s quite challenging to find the right method which would work the best for you.

For starters, waxing is both painful and expensive especially if you have it done at salons and spas. On the other hand, shaving will usually be followed by a coarse stubble. You’d also have to purchase blades whenever the one on your shaver gets worn out. But have you ever tried using an epilator to eliminate your unwanted body hair?

Epilators are handy devices which come in all sizes and shapes. In this article, we’ll be talking about the portable types which you can take with you wherever you go. Some epilators are better for the face as well as other sensitive areas. Other epilators are great for the legs while there are others which you can use for the different parts of your body. Check out more about body diversity here.

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Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator and Shaver

This is a convenient product which will save you a lot of time and money. This product is an epilator, a shaver, and a pedicure buffer in one! It’s a complete hair removal device for women. It even comes with 6 different snap-on heads for safe removal of unwanted hair on your underarms, legs, arms, and your bikini area too.

The Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator and Shaver have a dual-speed, high-performance motor which makes the process of hair removal comfortable and customized. The head of the shaver will lift, hold, and cut the hair smoothly right at the base. It has hypoallergenic blades made of stainless steel and foil for additional protection making it great for sensitive skin.

The head of the epilator pivots flexibly to follow the natural contours of the body. It also has precision rotary tweezers which will provide wider coverage of the skin. This makes it ideal for removing your hair from the arms and legs. But it can also be used to safely and cleanly remove hair from the more sensitive areas of the body.


  • Comes with attachment heads which snap-on easily.
  • Easy to use and very efficient at hair removal.
  •  Epilator and shaver in one which comes with a convenient travel pouch.


  • Might shut-off while using after some time.
  • Tends to grab or pinch the skin if not used correctly.

Morpilot Women’s Epilator

This product is another versatile device which works as an epilator, a clean facial brush, and a shaver too. It’s a convenient device which you can use for hair removal as well as for facial cleansing. With it, you can make your skin look and feel healthier in a matter of minutes!

It has a special facial cleansing brush which will clean your pores deeply. It will be able to cleanse your face of dirt, sweat, oil, and makeup a lot better than when you use your hands. The Morpilot Women’s Epilator is a multi-functional device which makes it more economical than other products out there.

The product is cordless but rechargeable. It has a built-in battery which will provide up to 40 minutes of use when fully charged. It’s completely waterproof, so this means that you can use it for wet or dry hair removal. It’s efficient, convenient, and useful too.


  • Multifunctional epilator that’s completely waterproof.
  • A cordless device which is USB rechargeable.
  • Removes hair efficiently and even comes with a unique facial brush.


  • Takes a long time to charge.
  • Some claim that it pulls the hair instead of cutting them.

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-961V Women’s Epilator

This product is another multi-functional device for you to consider. Aside from hair removal, you can also use it for skin care and exfoliation. The 5-in-1 product comes with 12 extra accessories. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-961V Women’s Epilator comes with a deep massage pad which can help improve your skin tone, exfoliation brushes, a shaver head, and a trimmer cap. You can use the device in wet or dry conditions too.


  • Can be used on dry or wet hair.
  • Can remove shorter hair more effectively than waxing.
  • Comes with a deep massage pad that helps enhance the appearance of the skin.


  • May not be suitable for thicker hair.
  • Might cause ingrowth of hair in some people.

Emjoi AP-9L

This product is a compact, portable epilator which will allow you to remove hair from the delicate parts of your body. These include the underarms, bikini line, chin, cheek, and upper lip. The Emjoi AP-9L is a battery-operated device which you can take with you no matter where you go. It’s perfect for emergency touch-ups right before an event or a big date. It even has tweezer-discs placed in a narrow strip for gentle epilation.


  • Battery-operated epilator that’s conveniently portable because of its size.
  • It’s perfect for traveling and for quick touch-ups.
  • Provides gentle epilation to different parts of the body.


  • Not suitable for thicker hair.
  • Some customers feel that it’s too small.

Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401

This is another great epilator which will give you soft and smooth skin. Unlike depilatory products or disposable razors, the Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401 is gentle on the skin, and it will remove your hair from the roots. The epilator comes with 2 settings for speed. It also has an ergonomic grip for you to handle it comfortably. It also has hypoallergenic discs along with a removable head which you can wash to ensure hygiene.


  • Removes hair from different parts of the body and leaves the skin feeling smooth.
  • Effectively removes hair, even the short ones, from the roots.
  • Has 2 settings for speed.


  • It’s quite loud while in operation.
  • It can get quite hot while being used.

Braun Face 830 Women’s Miniature Epilator

This is the very first facial epilator with a cleansing brush ever made. The Braun Face 830 Women’s Miniature Epilator combines two types of facial treatments into one clever and handy device. With this product, you can enjoy precise epilation even on your finest hairs. You can also use it to perform deep-pore cleansing to eliminate any impurities on your face.


  • The portable facial epilator can also serve as a cleansing brush.
  • A slim device which will provide you with the hair-free skin for up to 4 weeks.
  • The facial cleanser can clean the pores and eliminate impurities.


  • The battery doesn’t last for very long.
  • Some issues with performance consistency.

Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator

Here’s another excellent epilator from the same brand. This model can remove the finest and shortest hairs on your body. The Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator even comes with pre-epilation wipes which can help prepare your skin before you use the device. A single use of this product would leave your skin smooth for up to a month.


  • Makes the skin smooth and hairless for up to 4 weeks.
  • The epilator can remove hair in a single stroke.
  • Also, comes with pre-epilation wipes for your comfort.


  • May not be able to epilate coarse hairs.
  • Can’t use the epilator while it’s charging.

Wloomm Portable Waterproof Electric Epilator

This epilator is the answer to hair removal that’s pain-free. This will help you remove all that unwanted and unsightly hair instantly, effortlessly, and painlessly. The Wloomm Portable Waterproof Electric Epilator is gentle enough that you can even use it daily. The blades are made of an anti-allergic material which doesn’t directly touch the skin. Instead, they cut the hairs from the roots without harming the pores.


  • Allows for efficient hair removal without the pain.
  • The blades are made of a material that’s anti-allergic.
  • Compact epilator that’s lightweight and easy to use.


  • May not last for very long.
  • Tends to heat up while in use.

T-Antrix Woman Epilator

This multi-functional device can be used to remove hairs from different parts of the body. It has a shaving foil with a curved and flat trimmer. The T-Antrix Woman Epilator can provide you with maximum comfort and reduce irritation safely. The portable and waterproof device is so lightweight that you can bring it with you no matter where you go. It’s a rechargeable epilator which is effective and easy to use too.


  • Rechargeable epilator that’s easy to use.
  • Lightweight, portable, and waterproof.
  • Suitable for removing hair from different parts of the body.


  • Has a very sharp head.
  • The battery doesn’t last for very long.

PRITECH Battery Powered Wet and Dry Portable Epilator

Finally, we have this portable epilator which you can also use to remove any unwanted hair conveniently, easily, and quickly. It’s a battery-operated epilator with a sleek and delicate appearance. The PRITECH Battery Powered Wet and Dry Portable Epilator is a safe shaving system which you can use to remove hair in a couple of minutes. And it’s painless too because it doesn’t pull the hairs from the roots.


  • Battery-operated epilator with a sleek and delicate appearance.
  • Can be used with wet and dry hair.
  • Washable and efficient hair-removal device.


  • Some issues with performance consistency.
  • Pulls the hair out which can cause pain.

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Who Needs Portable Epilators?

Waxing and using epilators are similar because, in both processes, you would be removing your hair from the roots. However, when you wax the hairs, it would press them flat against your skin. This makes the finer and shorter hairs more difficult to remove. On the other hand, epilators can remove even the tiniest and finest hairs.

This is because the modern and portable epilators make use of more advanced designs. These devices lift the flat hairs to make them easier to remove. If you’re one of those people who wants to have soft and smooth skin always, then you need a good epilator in your life.

What are the Benefits of Portable Epilators?

Portable epilators are incredibly handy devices. They’re usually lightweight which means that you can take them with your wherever you go. You can use them at home or in hotel rooms whenever you need to remove hair for any event or occasion quickly. Let’s look at some of the great benefits of portable epilators:

With such products, you can enjoy smoother skin on different parts of your body. Unlike shaving, epilators will remove all your hair from the roots. They will also leave your skin soft to the touch until you must start epilating again. This is a lot better than what happens to your hair and skin after shaving.

A lot of people have experienced the undesirable aftermath of shaving. Usually, the hair that grows would be hard and sharp because shaving cuts the hair at the base which is the thicker part. Unfortunately, this thicker part of the hair becomes its new tip. And as it grows, then you’ll start experiencing itching and pinching.

This sensation is uncomfortable and often painful especially when the hairs start rubbing your skin. But when you epilate, it means you’re removing the whole hair strand which will allow a new strand to grow. So even as the new hair strand grows, it would feel soft instead of sharp.

Using epilators is also a lot better than waxing. Although they are similar, waxing doesn’t remove the finer and shorter hairs. But as we’ve said, the more modern devices have special designs which allow for easier and more efficient hair removal.

These devices can even help reduce the risk of getting rashes. After you epilate, there’s a very small possibility of developing skin rashes as compared to all the other hair removal methods. This is mainly because you won’t have to use any chemicals during the epilation which may irritate.

Another great benefit of portable epilators is that they’re convenient. These devices are simple, easy to use, and easy to bring along with you no matter where you go. You can use the epilator no matter where you are if you keep your device fully charged. And if the battery runs out, all you need to do is recharge the battery and start using it again.

These devices are also quite affordable at least as compared to other devices for hair removal. Most portable devices are a lot less expensive than your typical IPL or an at-home laser device. So even if you don’t have that much money to spend, you can still enjoy silky and smooth skin for a longer amount of time.

When you purchase an epilator, you’ll be able to use it for years. This is especially true for those who don’t want to have unsightly hair in the various parts of their body. Unlike the other method, all you are the device and no other extra products for it to work. Keep on recharging it, and you’re good to go!

What are Portable Epilators?

Epilators are devices which make use of a bunch of tweezers to pull the hair from the skin from the roots to the tip. They do this through a rotating disc within the device which works the same way as an electric shaver. But with an epilator, the device would get rid of the whole hair and not just cut the tip.

Epilation is also different from waxing as you won’t have to use any other product such as the wax for it to work. Of course, epilation isn’t totally painless, but a lot of women still prefer it more than waxing because it’s a lot more effective in removing hair.

For a long time now, epilators have been one of the best ways to remove unwanted and unsightly body hair in a convenient and effective way. You can remove hair at home and even while traveling. This is because the epilators these days have more features, and there are so many to choose from!

When you’re choosing an epilator, you need to consider a few factors to be able to find the best one to use. Of course, your choice will depend on your own needs and preferences. Just like other beauty tools, epilators work differently from one woman to another.

For one, you must check the effectiveness of the product. You need to identify which parts of the body you’re planning to epilate, so you know which products to look out for. Also, the speed settings and the comfort are important factors. These factors will help you find a great product which will work for you.

Aside from the features, you should also know how to handle the device properly. In the beginning, you may need to practice the handling of the epilator before you can use it well. Finally, think about the maintenance of the product. Try to choose an epilator which doesn’t need much maintenance so you won’t need to put much effort into cleaning it.

A Brief History of Portable Epilators

When it comes to beauty products and tools, people don’t know much about how they came to be. Their conceptualization, as well as their evolution, usually remains a mystery. The important thing is that they exist and they’re extremely beneficial. But for the sake of learning some new and interesting information, let’s discuss a brief history of these handy devices.

In the 1980s, the conception of these devices started. Back then, waxing and shaving were the main methods of hair removal women used. However, there was also a need for a more innovative method for hair removal which would yield longer-lasting results. Also, one which you could do easily from the comfort of your own home. At around this time, the very first epilator came to be.

To be exact, the first model came out in 1985. It was a new electrical device which contained a rotating spring. This spiral spring grabbed the hairs from the skin and pulled them out from the roots. Each month, over a million units were sold, but that didn’t mean that the device was perfect.

In fact, it was painful to use since the spring would grab the hairs a couple of times before fully extracting them from the skin. Then in the year 1988, another model came out, and this time, it was able to pull out the hairs in just one pull. As expected, this model was a lot more popular.

In the following years, more epilators emerged as they became more popular. Usually, women would use these devices to shave their legs but wouldn’t use them as much for the other parts of their bodies. This changed in 2007 when the trend of hair removal shifted completely. At this time, women wanted to start removing hair from other body parts, not just the legs.

So, in that same year, the epilator manufacturers listened to their customers and released models which could be specifically used for the more delicate areas of the body such as the face and the bikini line. Suddenly, women could own a single device which they could use to deal with all their hair-removal issues. Around this time, handy extras and accessories were also introduced.

Then in the year 2012, a new feature and important came out. This time, women could start using the devices even in the shower. The wet and dry epilators were also very popular, and by this time, more and more women were also starting to prefer epilation to the other methods of hair removal.

Nowadays, epilators are in high demand. And that’s a great thing because there are many different products to choose from. Epilators are so prevalent now because of how convenient, efficient, and feature-rich they are. And with all the technological advances these days, who knows what other features the industry might come up with? Only time will tell.

How to Use Portable Epilators?

We’ve already established that portable epilators are handy and clever products. Also, most of the modern devices come with 2-speed settings which you can adjust according to your own needs. You can use the low-speed setting if you’re new to epilation while you can use the high-speed setting once you’ve gotten the hang of the process.

If you want to get the best out of the epilator, then you must know how to use it properly. When epilating, make sure to hold your skin taut. Do this with one hand while softly gliding the device over your skin (against the grain) with your other hand. If you’re new at epilating, just go slow and take your time.

Also, when you’ve just started using epilators, then it’s best to start epilating frequently. Do it as much as every other day for about two weeks to increase your pain tolerance and pull out all the stray hairs which you may have missed. After some time, you may only need to epilate about once a week depending on how fast your hair grows.

After epilation, then you can start moisturizing your skin. When doing this, make sure to use a well-hydrating product which won’t cause any skin irritations. The moisturizer will soothe your skin, reduce redness, and prevent inflammation too. You can also exfoliate your skin to get rid of ingrown hairs. It’s best to do this before and after epilating to prevent bumps and maintain the smoothness of your skin.

Finally, you should also clean your epilator regularly. In fact, you should clean the device after each time you use it. This will remove any loose hair, and it will also eliminate any germs and bacteria. Maintaining your epilator is key if you want to be able to use it for years to come.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind

Skin and Hair Type for Using the Portable Epilator

One of the very first things to consider before you choose a portable epilator is your skin and hair type. Some devices are meant to remove the coarse hairs in the bikini area, and it’s not advisable to use these devices on your face. However, there are devices out there which have different attachments which you can use to epilate different parts of your body.

A lot of women only use epilators for their arms and legs. However, you can also use them for the more sensitive areas such as the face, underarms, and more. If you want a product that will allow you to do this, choose one which has special heads.

Type of Portable Epilator

The next thing to consider is the type of epilator to use. There are a lot of different types of epilators in the market now. Usually, the portable ones are rechargeable, cordless, and extremely convenient. If you’re looking for a portable device, then look for these important features.

Also, when making a choice, consider the parts of your body you’ll be using the epilator on. This is important too because different epilators come with different accessories and caps according to your own needs. Select a product which based on your purposes and individual skin needs. In doing this, you’ll have a better chance of getting the right epilator.

Features of the Portable Epilator

As there are many different epilators out there in the market, you should also consider the features of the product when making a choice. Some standout features of portable epilators include cordless, massage function, wet and dry, multi-function, and more. For instance, if you prefer epilating in the bathroom, then it’s best to choose a cordless one for better convenience.

Another important feature to consider is the device’s speed setting. Modern epilators typically come with 2-speed settings, but there are also some who only come with one. If you’re new at epilating, then it’s best to choose the former so that you can adjust the speed of the device as needed.

Epilating works a lot better when your skin is dry. These days though, more and more women prefer to do wet epilation because it’s less painful and it’s gentler on the skin. So, with such models, you can epilate right after taking a bath or a shower. There are other features to look out for too, and you would usually read these features on the product’s specifications.

Price of the Portable Epilator

Most epilators range from about $30 – $120. This means that there’s a product for every budget. Of course, the more expensive the device is, the more features it will probably have. But this doesn’t mean that the more expensive ones are better. Sometimes, you can even find an affordable epilator which will work wonders for you.

It’s never a good idea to purchase a product which will break the bank. Then you might find out that you don’t need the special features it has, or you won’t use it for other parts of your body. But if you’re looking for a product with a lot of features and you have money to spend, then you can choose whichever product you want!

Brand of the Portable Epilator

Finally, you should also consider the brand of the portable epilator you’ll buy. There are some brands out there which also provide massaging features to soothe the skin during or after epilation. There are also some brands which feature models which also come with shavers and trimmers to improve the process.

If you want to go with the safer choice, you can try choosing a product from a well-known and trusted the brand. Also, try reading the customer reviews to learn more about how the products work straight from the consumers who have already bought and used them. In considering all these factors, you’ll be able to find a superior product.

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From the reviews to all the other information, you have already learned a lot about portable epilators in this article. By now, you should know that you don’t have to resort to painful and expensive measures just to get rid of your unwanted and unsightly hair. All you need is a good epilator, and you’re good to go!

In one of the earlier sections of the article, we reviewed some of the best portable epilators for traveling which are available in the market now. You can choose any one of those products as they have some amazing features. Make sure that you’re happy with the product you buy so you will keep on using it to achieve the soft and smooth skin that you desire.


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