The Best Flower Essences for Home Remedies


Mental stress isn’t something anyone wants to experience. It can cause a lot of adverse side effects on people and in different aspects of their life. Fortunately, you can use flower essences as home remedies. These beneficial products can help you relax and alleviate your stresses in life. They may seem like simple products, but flower essences are actually very powerful.

Unlike herbal medicines or pharmaceutical medications, flower essences work on a different level. They can energize you and inspire your emotional well-being. Using flower essences can help you deal with the underlying stress that’s keeping you up at night. There are many kinds of flower essences, and they can all help you differently. In this article, we’ll talk about flower essences and even review some of the best products out there. Read on!

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Bach Flower Remedies Essence White Chestnut

The first product on our list comes from one of the most well-known brands which manufacture flower essences. This product has a pleasant smell and provides some excellent benefits to the health. For one, it can help calm the mind and encourage peaceful thoughts. This is an excellent benefit for those who experience stress frequently.

The Bach Flower Remedies Essence White Chestnut will help reduce all those worrisome thoughts which stay in your mind day and night. White chestnut or Aesculus hippocastanum can help ease nervous tension which occurs naturally. This homeopathic flower essence contains some percentage of alcohol too. Just a few drops of this flower essence will surely give you the desired effect.

Therefore it also has some great reviews from customers who have already tried using it. So, if you’re looking for a home remedy which you can use to put your mind at ease and, possibly, sleep better at night, look no further than this superb product!


  • Calms the mind and encourages peaceful thoughts.
  • Also, helps relieve nervous tension naturally.
  • Comes from a famous manufacturer of high-quality flower essences.


  • Contains alcohol.
  • Some say the effect is quite subtle.

Bach Original Flower Essences, Star of Bethlehem

This is another product which comes from the same manufacturer as the first one on our list. Using this flower essence is a natural way for you to restore your emotional wellness. You can use this product if you’re feeling worried, stressed, preoccupied, tired, anxious or on those days when you don’t feel like yourself.

The Bach Original Flower Essences, Star of Bethlehem will help you get “back on track.” Created by Dr. Edward Bach, this flower essence (along with all the others in his line of flower essences) will provide excellent benefits to your emotional well-being. And the health of your well-being is key to your overall health.

Using this product regularly will help you lead a more emotionally-balanced life. It can even help neutralize the negative impact of the shock. With this flower essence, you can deal with the stresses of daily life better no matter when they show up. It can help you be calmer and more in control of your life.


  • Can help you restore your emotional wellness naturally.
  • Also, can help reduce the effects of shock.
  • Helps people stay calm and feel less stressed.


  • May cause problems with sleeping.
  • Not ideal for those experiencing stress or anxiety frequently.

Flower Essence Services Magenta

This self-healer spray encourages self-healing as well as physical vitality. It’s a dietary-supplement spray which you can take orally or spray around your body. The Flower Essence Services Magenta is a high-quality product that’s made in the USA. It contains healthy ingredients which will enhance your overall health. Of course, it’s best to consult with your physician before using this as a supplement.


  • High-quality product that’s made in the USA.
  • Encourages vitality as well as self-healing.
  • Can be taken orally or used around the body.


  • Some say it’s nothing but scented water.
  • Some aren’t sure if it works.

Flower Essence Services Flourish Formulas Fearless Spray

This product is great for any conditions which provoke anxiety and fear. It can help bring feelings of calmness even during intense episodes of chaos and panic. You can use the Flower Essence Services Flourish Formulas Fearless Spray to deal with any residual stress and the symptoms that come with it. It’s also beneficial as a stabilizer after experiencing a traumatic event. The healing spray is also useful for those working in busy and stressful environments.


  • Suitable for children, adults, and even animals.
  • Promotes positive feelings and reduces negative emotions.
  • Perfect for those who are experiencing fear or anxiety.


  • May not work for some people.
  • May contain allergens.

Bach Original Flower Essences, Walnut

Here’s another product which you can use when you’re feeling worried, stressed or negative. It’s a homeopathic product which you can use when you feel like you’re losing control. The Bach Original Flower Essences, Walnut encourages calmness, so you can get more balance in the emotional aspect of your life. It’s a popular product which has great reviews from different customers.


  • Helps people get back on track.
  • Also, helps people adapt to changes more easily.
  • The all-natural product which promotes healing.


  • The sticker that wraps the bottle is difficult to remove.
  • May not work for some people.

FLOWER ESSENCE SERVICES Yarrow Environmental Solution Dropper

This unique product helps enhance the integrity of the essential formative forces of the etheric body. It can help bring balance to the vitality and life-force which have been negatively affected by environmental factors and stress. Use the FLOWER ESSENCE SERVICES Yarrow Environmental Solution Dropper as a dietary supplement up to 4 times each day. Before you do, consult with your physician first to ensure your safety.


  • Enhances the integrity of etheric body formative forces.
  • May reduce the effects of environmental pollution which cause an imbalance in the body.
  • Safe to take for up to 4 times each day.


  • It doesn’t contain pure yarrow.
  • Has an odd taste.

Flower Essence Services Dropper Herbal Supplements, Bleeding Heart

This product contains potent flower essences derived from natural sources. The Flower Essence Services Dropper Herbal Supplements, Bleeding Heart was created carefully in a special laboratory using the five natural elements. All the components in this flower essence will help enhance consciousness, awareness, and interpersonal relationships too. It can help you with your spiritual unfolding, creativity, career concerns, sexuality, and more.


  • Contains potent essences derived from plants.
  • Specially formulated to the modern needs of people.
  • Helps remedy issues which involve relationships career, and more.


  • May increase PMS symptoms in women.
  • May decrease sexual desire in some people.

Bach Original Flower Remedies Supplement, Hornbeam

This safe and natural product is yet another flower essence from the Bach line. You can use the Bach Original Flower Remedies Supplement, Hornbeam as a natural and safe way to achieve healing. It’s very helpful for getting relief from nervous tension and other negative emotions. The gluten-free product contains alcohol and will help you stay in control. With this flower essence, you’re sure to be calmer.


  • The gluten-free product which promotes healing naturally.
  • Provides relief from nervous tension.
  • Beneficial for people who experience anxiety, stress, and other similar conditions.


  • It’s quite expensive.
  • Its effects are subtle.

Five-Flower Formula Dropper Flower Essence

Here’s another product which promotes stability and calmness. It’s ideal for when you’re faced with stressful situations as it provides a calming influence. The Five-Flower Formula Dropper Flower Essence can help restore emotional balance and peace in your life. It’s also effective with children, plants, and animals. You can use it as a dietary supplement whenever you need it. Cconsult with a healthcare professional first before use.


  • Promotes stability and calmness especially in times of stress.
  • Helps restore emotional balance and peace.
  • Also, suitable for animals and plants.


  • Has an overpowering taste.
  • Some customers say they aren’t sure of the effects.

Flower Essence Services Dandelion Dynamo Oil

Finally, we have the last product on our list. This flower essence contains dandelion flowers, essential oils, and other healthy ingredients. Unlike the other products on our list though, the Flower Essence Services Dandelion Dynamo Oil is for external use only. So, you can use it as a bath oil or as the oil for your full-body massage. It’s a non-GMO product which contains natural, healthy ingredients.


  • Non-GMO flower essence that’s made in the USA.
  • Contains dandelion flower extracts, olive oil, and other beneficial ingredients.
  • Suitable as a bath oil, massage oil or any other external purpose.


  • Quite pricey.
  • Doesn’t have many customer reviews.

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Who Needs Flower Essences?

Flower essences can be very helpful for different kinds of people who are dealing with different situations. You can use them to feel calmer, sleep better, reduce negative feelings, and so much more. So, if you’re suffering from emotional and spiritual issues, then you may need to use such products.

When we say that flower essences can be taken by different kinds of people, we mean it. Adults can use it, children, and babies too. You can even use them on plants and animals without having to worry about overdosing, addiction or other adverse side effects. Of course, these products aren’t meant to replace medicines and other forms of treatment.

But you can use them in conjunction with or as a complement to other forms of treatment. Keep in mind though, that a lot of flower essences contain alcohol. So, check the products very well if you have issues with alcohol use or if you’re using them on your children.

What are the Benefits of Flower Essences?

Flower essences are popular products because they’re very beneficial. If you haven’t tried using them before, learning about their benefits can maybe convince you to try them out. Let’s discuss some of the great advantages of these products.

First, flower essences are completely safe to use. Most products don’t contain synthetic components which makes them very safe. There are no chemical or physical plant materials in most flower essences, so there’s very little to no chance of experiencing allergic reactions or adverse side effects.

Although some products contain alcohol, it’s mainly used to preserve the other components. To get rid of this ingredient, you can add the essence to a hot beverage such as tea to help the alcohol evaporate. Do this before taking or giving the remedy if you want to avoid the alcohol. Of course, there are other products which contain other types of preservatives such as vinegar or glycerin.

All the energies involved in flower essences are positive. And if you happen to choose a product which you think doesn’t have a good effect on you, at least you won’t have to worry about any adverse effects. Because of this, you won’t need a prescription before you can buy and use such products.

However, if you’re suffering from serious medical conditions, it’s best to consult with your physician first before you start using flower essences. This is important so that you know which products or ingredients to avoid when you’re making a choice. Also, it’s important to use flower essences in moderation just like any other products out there.

Another great benefit of flower essences is that they’re very versatile. Anyone can use them, from babies to adults and even pregnant women. When you use these products, there’s no risk of getting addicted, and there’s also no risk of getting affected by the products negatively. Although it’s not recommended to exceed the dosage, even if you do, there’s no risk of overdosing on flower essences.

These products don’t interfere with other medications or treatments as well. And it goes either way. The effects of the flower essences won’t be affected by other medications or treatments as well. Also, if you feel like you’ve chosen the wrong product, then all you need to do is try a different one.

You can even create the flower essences to suit your own needs. The healing characteristic of these products can be adjusted and customized. These essences have a special ability to adjust their effects to suit your ability to cope with situations. This will ensure that you will gradually be able to overcome your problems without the risk of experiencing what’s known as a “healing crisis.”

Obviously, flower essences have excellent healing benefits. This is one of the greatest benefits of these products. Using them would be able to stimulate your healing ability. Flower essences can help you deal with any imbalances in mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of your life. This is because your whole being gets involved in the process of healing.

The flowers in these products see you as a complex being made up of varying levels of energy, and so they will work on healing your whole self. These products work by bringing balance to your unique energy patterns as well as your own personal “vibration patterns.” This means that they will also provide lasting changes in your life rather than just covering up the symptoms.

Finally, flower essences can also help bring positive feelings. These products can help clear any blockages which you may be holding deep within you. These are usually the negative emotions such as fear, guilt, anxiety, inadequacy and more. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why flower essences are being used all over the world.

What are Flower Essences?

Through the years, there have been a lot of pioneers in alternative medicine. These people have searched for alternative ways to promote healing without having to use the pharmaceutical drugs we are all so familiar with today. These pioneering efforts are the ones responsible for bringing to our awareness the healing properties of flower essences.

Flower essences are products which can be used as home remedies. Popular as they are though, a lot of people still don’t know about these products. In fact, a flower essence is a type of medication which is made from a living plant’s biological imprint which it creates through vibrations in the water.

These essences are made in special ways which have been carefully studied and perfected by the manufacturers of flower essence products. These flower essences are created then preserved in the purest spring water and some brandy. But there are also other types of preservatives used which are beneficial for those who don’t like brandy or those who have alcohol intolerance.

Usually, people take these flower essences orally. But they can also be applied to different parts of the body. When you place drops of a flower essence underneath your tongue, the flower’s energy, vibrating at its specific frequency, will start to flood your aura. When this happens, vibrations of the flower will start to harmonize with the vibrations of your own body and aura.

When you think about it, flower essences are truly fascinating products. Using them is a unique and powerful way to work with flowers to achieve healing. These essences contain a minimum (if any) amount of chemical or biological material. So, they offer the most sacred energies from the essences of flowers. These energies come in the form of the vibrations which are already imprinted in the product’s mixture.

Flower essences are solutions which are water-based and contain the essential energies of the flowers used to create them. The foundation of flower essences is created when by allowing the flowers to float in the water. Then, the light from the sun, the moon or the stars absorb the flower’s specific signature and vibration. And because of the water’s structure, it easily absorbs these signatures.

Although flower essences are commonly confused with aromatherapy, this shouldn’t be the case. A flower essence is typically taken orally or topically unlike products used in aromatherapy. Also, these products have a deep effect on the correction of diseases, impurities, and physical imbalances. Within the flower essences are the flower’s energetic vibrations along with the powerful healing energies. This is what makes them so special.

What Safety Issues Should you be Aware of for Flower Essences?

Just like any other remedies out there, flower essences come with safety issues. For one, you must exercise caution when using flower essences on or around children. Although these products can be beneficial to children too, you need to make sure that you’re using them properly. Also, make sure that your child likes or appreciate the flower essence that you’re giving him.

Do this so that you don’t end up giving your child negative or traumatic experiences. Possibly the best thing you can do before giving flower essences to your children is to consult with a pediatrician first. Ask about the types of essences which are best for children as well as the dosage and frequency of giving them.

How to Use Flower Essences

Usually, most people take a few drops of these flower essences several times in a day. Some people stick to a schedule while others simply use them as needed. When you’re dealing with an issue, then it’s more helpful to take the flower essences more frequently. This is okay as you don’t have to worry about overdosing or getting any negative side effects. That is unless the product contains an ingredient that you’re allergic to.

Some people are very strict when it comes to how they take the flower essences. They take the drops exclusively, being careful not to mix them with medications, foods or beverages. However, a lot of practitioners claim that it’s okay to add these essences to foods and drinks without compromising their effects.

However, using the flower essences in cooking isn’t advised as they’re quite fragile to extreme temperatures. But you can add them to hot beverages if you want to reduce or eliminate the alcohol content of the product. Aside from ingesting these products, you can also apply them topically or spray them around yourself and your surroundings.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind

Purpose of the Flower Essences

Flower essences are natural remedies which can work well on issues with awareness at the surface level. This refers to how you are feeling and what you are thinking at that moment. Flower essences are simple products which are easy to use on their own or combined with other essences.

When you choose a flower essence, make sure you know what you’re looking for. Then you can search for the best product which will give you the most benefits. In fact, the process of choosing the flower essence is one of observation and self-reflection. If you feel like the product you’ve chosen isn’t giving you the results you desire, then all you must do is search for another one.

In choosing flower essences, keep in mind that no matter what issue you’re dealing with, you’re searching for a home remedy which will help bring better balance to how you think and how you feel. You can start your process of choosing by observing how you react to specific situations.

After that, try to review how you react to the situations and the events in your life. Identify all the general patterns or trends of how you think and how you feel. Once you’ve identified all the issues where you need support, then you can start looking through the different flower essences available.

Ingredients of Flower Essences

There are different ways manufacturers create flower essences. They also use varying ingredients in their products. Usually, though, they pick the flower at a specific time. They place it in carefully in a bowl which contains pure water then place that in the sun for a period.

This is called the “sun method,” but not all products are made this way. In some cases, the manufacturers use a special method of boiling for making their flower essences. The process used to make the flower essences depends on the manufacturer.

It’s not advisable to create your flower essences at home. And this is for some reasons. The manufacturers are very particular when it comes to selecting the flowers for their products. They choose flowers with specific characteristics and health benefits, and any substitutions might reduce the effectiveness of the flower essence.

Let’s look at an example. If you want to make a honeysuckle plant, you need to find a specific type of the plant which may only be available in certain areas. And the fact is, a lot of flower species are very hard to find and identify correctly without a professional botanist.

But even plants which have identical botanical names, when grown in different parts of the world, would give different effects. This is because of the difference in climate as well as the soil that the plants grew in. These factors and more naturally affect the quality and the chemical activity of the plant.

Therefore it’s best to purchase flower essences from trusted manufacturers. Then you’re assured of high-quality products which will give you all the benefits you desire. All you need to do is do your research, so you can choose which flower essences and which ingredients you need in your life.

Combinations of Flower Essences

On their own, flower essences are extremely beneficial. We’ve already discussed the different benefits of these products in the last section. But what a lot of people don’t know is that you can combine the flower essences to get a different scent, a different flavor, and different benefits too!

Usually, manufacturers combine some flower essences to make a specific formula for their products. However, not all combinations work well. If you want t combine essences yourself, you may have to experiment with a few combinations. Only then can you find out which products work well, and which don’t make sense.

Probably the best thing to do is to purchase a few essences from a single brand. Then you can mix and match these products to see which works. This is better than mixing flower essences from different brands unless they’re only made with all-natural ingredients. Then when you find a combination you like, you can keep on using it whenever you need it.

The Dosage of Flower Essences

Dosage is another important factor for you to consider. When you check the labels of the products, you’ll be able to read the recommended dosage. Usually, though, you would only need about 4 drops each day unless you’re trying to overcome a particularly difficult situation. Then you can probably increase the dosage.

Of course, it’s important to consult with a medical professional before using such products. This is especially important if you have an existing medical condition or if you’re not sure how to use flower essences. There are different ways to use these products, so it’s important to learn about them first before using them.

Flower Essences for Children

One of the great things about flower essences is that they’re also beneficial for children. In fact, children typically respond faster to these products than adults do. But you should be more careful when using flower essences on your children. You need to know the proper dosage as well as how long the treatment should be.

If you’ve consulted with your child’s pediatrician and you find out that he needs to take some flower essences together, you may combine them in a single bottle. Then you don’t have to give the doses of the essences separately. Again, make sure to check first if it’s safe to combine the essences and give the combination to your child.

There are different ways you can administer these essences. But the most common method is to directly drop the essence in your child’s mouth or mix it in a glass of juice or water. Remember that flower essence are considered as energetic remedies.

Because of this, applying the essences topically can even be more effective than having your child take them orally. This means that you can apply the flower essence to different parts of your child’s body as well. Or you can even spray them into their aura. The same way as you would use them for yourself.

For infants and newborn babies, you can place a drop of the essence on their fontanel located on the top of their head. Then you can also put some drops in the bath water of your little one. When it comes to giving flower essences to your children, it’s best to follow your intuition.

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By now you’ve already learned a lot about flower essences. These beneficial products are simple, but they’re quite popular. This is because of all the health benefits they provide to anyone who uses them. Of course, not all products work the same way. This means that even if a product works well for someone, that doesn’t mean it will work well for you.

Because of this, you need to find a flower essence which will be beneficial for you personally. The great thing is, there are so many products out there which you can choose from. When you find the right product, you can start using it and enjoy all its benefits.



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