The Best Dark Spot Corrector in 2018


When there was an overproduction of melanin in certain parts of our skin – particularly in the face – it results in a sudden appearance of dark patches. They could be of light brown color, or worse, black. This process is called hyperpigmentation; to simply put it, age spots.

Frustrating as it is, dark sports are a common sign associated with aging.

Nevertheless, dark spots may also be caused by either too much sun exposure or exposure to UV light (common in skin tanning). People are most likely to get these posts on the face, forearms, and shoulders and basically in body areas that are mostly exposed to sunlight.

 Choosing a reliable brand for dark spot removal will always help you get the exact results you’re aiming for. Various brands have different ingredients, and the results will differ from one skin type to another – which is why it’s important to review them first before actually trying them on in your face. We’ve narrowed down 10 of the best dark spots correctors this year for you to try, and here they are:

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Olay ProX Even Skin Tone Spot Fading Treatment

The product comes in 1.3 fl oz. bottle, Olay Pro-X is a concentrated formula that is designed to correct hyperpigmentation as well as prevent it. It polishes away skin’s dullness and hydrates your skin with nourishing exfoliants.  It is professionally created by the Global Derm Alliance as a serum that treats dark sports, all the while tackling the root cause to prevent it from coming back.


  • Most users have said to get the exact results based on the product description; works well with sun spots and uneven facial tone.
  • Thoroughly cleanses skin and is worth the price.
  • Visible results that are even noticed by people.
  • Fixes severe dark spots caused by too much exposure from the sun, especially for a very active and outgoing person.
  • Visible results as early as 3 weeks.
  • Helps in gradually removing acne marks.
  • Minimizes fine lines for middle-aged women.
  • A good replacement for pricey laser treatments.


  • Minimizes fine lines but tends to be itchy, depending on your skin type.
  • May cause break out if it doesn’t suit your skin.
  • May cause redness and irritation.

Pond’s Clarant B3 Dark Spot Correcting Cream

Works ideally for normal to an oily type of skin, Pond’s Clarant B3 is tested by dermatologists and is hypoallergenic. It does not only fight dark spots but also moisturizes the skin to make it look more radiant with the help of Vitamin B3, which is known to minimize discoloration.


  • Greatly diminishes dark spots for women around 40 to 50 of age.
  • Some users have vouched for its ability to correct skin discoloration that was acquired years ago, even those that started back in their teenage years.
  • Reduces blemishes that are caused by acne breakout.
  • Moisturizes skin for a youthful glow.
  • Cheaper compared to other brands but works equally wonderful, and sometimes better.
  • The cream smells really nice.


  • While many users think this cream smells really nice, others have found the scent too strong.
  • Doesn’t feel good on the skin because it’s too greasy.
  • More of a moisturizer than dark spot corrector.
  • Other users have said to get very little results in about 3 months of use.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Cream Dark Spot Corrector with Total Soy Complex

Usually comes in 2.0 oz tube that targets dark spots with the help of Soy Complex – a compound that helps in reducing uneven facial skin tone, as early as one week. With regular use, it can help reveal a smoother and softer version of your skin, all the while improving its overall appearance by fixing the dark spots. Clinically proven and tested.


  • Dramatic changes for middle-aged women, and those who have been noticing early signs of age spots.
  • Blends beautifully on the skin.
  • Works really well for spots that are caused by sun exposure.
  • Does not only work on the face, it can also lighten other parts of your body such as hands and arms, depending on where you’d like to use it.
  • If applied twice a day (morning and night), it will not only remove dark spots but also keep your skin radiant and moisturized.
  • Smells good and is cheap for its good quality.


  • Can leave your skin very oily.
  • May easily cause an allergic reaction for users with sensitive skin.
  • May work well as a toner but is not very effective as a dark spot corrector.

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

Clinique Even Better is a serum that effectively treats facial dark spots due to exposure and aging. Its CL-302 Complex also works as a powerful brightening tool that may also work wonders on scars and spots that are caused by acne. With regular use, it is expected to dramatically lighten your skin, give clarity and radiance; scientifically proven safe on skin.


  • It does not only diminish dark spots, it also brings back your skin’s natural glow after the changes caused by pregnancy hormones.
  • With consistent application, it lightens sun spots caused by hot summer days.
  • Improves age spots in as early as 3 weeks of use, also moisturizes the skin.
  • A little expensive but definitely worth the price.
  • Evens and balances the skin tone, especially when applied on the face and the neck.


  • Some users aged 50 and above have said to not encounter any changes even after finishing the entire bottle.
  • Only works as a moisturizer, but if you aim to diminish the dark spots, it doesn’t work as much.
  • Some have said that you have to put a generous amount of it, more than twice a day, which makes it really unaffordable. Otherwise, you will not see even the slightest changes.
  • Very slow improvement on the skin. Other users have only noticed changes after several months of using the product.

Porcelana Skin Lightening Day Cream and Fade Dark Spots Treatment

This product is known for balancing uneven skin tone, all the while reducing the dark spots caused by various elements. It has improved its ingredients and successfully delivered proven and quality results in over 4 decades of constant research.  The day cream usually works best with the night cream, because it continues to improve your skin even while asleep. It has Hydroquinone which is an effective component in lightening your skin. It also improves the discoloration caused by pregnancy and contraceptive intake.


  • Both the day and night cream work well in reducing dark spots; the main difference is that the day cream includes sunscreen to further protect your face from sun exposure, while the night cream includes a moisturizer to smoothen your skin overnight.
  • Greatly reduced dark spots under the eyes.
  • Fights sign of aging well when regularly applied on the face.
  • Many users knew this product through their dermatologist, which means it’s clinically recommended.
  • Usually works even on sensitive skin. Some users stated that they have a bad case of skin allergies or infections that left some embarrassing spots on their face and chest. But after a few weeks of use, these spots have drastically lightened.
  • Very much affordable.


  • May burn the skin when used to remove acne marks. It may work well for spots that are naturally caused by aging but can be really harsh if your spots are caused by a breakout.
  • For some, it offers no discernible changes after several weeks of application.
  • Not creamy and does not get absorbed easily by the skin.
  • If not burn, it may cause an allergic reaction on your face.
  • The moisturizer works, but not the dark spot corrector.
  • It leaves a sticky or somewhat oily layer on your skin that you can actually wipe off when you touch it.
  • Grows new pimples instead of removing the marks.

Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Dark Spot Corrector

Vitamin C concentrated, which makes the formula light and non-greasy. This component is also known as both brightening and anti-oxidants, which helps in removing the discoloration in the face. Garnier SkinActive is developed to work in most skin types. It is recommended to apply the serum twice a day – in the morning and at night.


  • Helps not only in reducing dark spots but also acne marks, with results becoming visible at 2 months at most.
  • Light and non-greasy. The little shimmer it puts on your face even looks like a very light eyeshadow highlight, which makes you appear fresh and ready for the day.
  • Lightens the dark spots caused by too much exposure, so it is very recommendable for the outgoing type of person who just couldn’t stay home even on hot summer days.
  • The acne scars on the soft part of your face (cheeks) can be smaller in just a couple of weeks.
  • It works well with enough time. The earliest changes usually take place in 3 to 4 weeks upon the first use.


  • Other experienced suddenly dryness of skin after 2 weeks of use. Skin looks dull and the dark spots didn’t entirely disappear.
  • The fragrance may be too strong.
  • Some users do not like the glittery specs, because it only creates a brightening effect, but is not permanent.
  • Acne marks fade a bit but didn’t brighten the entire complexion of the face.

L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Dark Spot Corrector Facial Day Cream SPF 30

Since it is specifically created and tailored for various types of skin and tones, more than 80% of users have confirmed its positive effect on their skin. It generally helps in reducing dark spots caused by certain elements (environment, aging, genes) and can make you appear visibly younger with its promise of radiance.


  • Works well even on women aged 60 and above. Users from this age bracket have experienced less dull skin and fading of dark spots.
  • Its radiant effect will allow you to go out even without any make-up on.
  • Mild and works even with skin that is prone to acne, bumps, and blemishes. Many users noticed their blemishes being peeled off, and this is because the skin is renewed. After the short peeling period, the skin looks visibly clearer and healthier.
  • The moisturizing effect soaks well in the skin, which makes it look radiant that you don’t need to wear foundation before going out, or at least just a very small amount of it.
  • Feels great especially if you apply it right after thoroughly washing your face.


  • A few users that are prone to acne experienced a more severe breakout after using the product. Most of them decided to stop using after just a week.
  • Not worth the price; too good to be true.
  • It feels heavy on the face and would gradually turn itchy a few hours after application. Once you touch or scratch the itchy part, some particles would even come off. It’s messy.
  • It causes the skin to be too greasy, making your face look annoyingly shiny.


 Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Dark Sport Correcting Serum

This fast-absorbing serum uses Rosa Roughie and Licorice to immediately brighten your skin tone as well as lighten the dark spots. Rosa Roughie is used in soothing the skin in Chinese medicine, even back in the 1800’s. It is paraben-free, which makes it all the more effective in reducing these unwanted scars and spots. It also has the ability to moisturize the skin; keeping it smooth and maintains your natural complexion for a healthy-looking skin.


  • Many users haven’t heard of the product until someone just recommended it to them. However, they have expressed positive results, stating visible disappearance of dark spots.
  • A go-to serum for users who want a quick result since it has an impact on small blemishes overnight.
  • Makes skin smoother and doesn’t clog pores.
  • Works best for normal skin.


  • The usual bottle costs about $55, and that is 55 dollars straight into waste for several users because it is not effective for them.
  •  Some warned not to be fooled by its nice smell and packaging because it doesn’t deliver the result it promised.
  • Others experienced doubling of dark spot instead of decreasing them.

Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum

Specially formulated for the intensive correction of uneven skin tone, Estee Lauder includes powerful advanced anti-aging and anti-irritant ingredients to further remove the unwanted spots in the skin. This serum is most advisable to be applied at night.


  • A good addition to your nighttime skincare ritual, especially for middle-aged users. It a visible effect on the skin, making it lighter and healthy-looking.
  • Neatly packaged and smells nice. Has a gentle feeling on the skin upon application; no sticky or tight feeling on the skin.
  • A single bottle is enough to leave noticeable changes in your skin and gets much better with constant use.


  • The bottle is too small for its price.
  • For others, it has very minimal improvement on pigments, even after 8 weeks of use.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone Dark Spot Corrector

Palmer’s is not only known for products that help reduce pregnancy stretch marks, it also has a product that is specially designed to remove spots, acne scars and damages caused by the sun. Vitamins E and C and Songyi Mushroom, Palmer’s is a paraben-free product that is sure to unveil a healthier version of your skin.


  • With proper washing routine and consistent use, you’ll get to see positive results in as early as 4 weeks.
  • Balances tone for most skin types.
  • Reduces dark spots caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy.


  • Has a strong synthetic-like odor that can be irritating.
  • Depending on the skin type, this product can trigger more breakout.

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What Other Things or Activities Can Actually Trigger Dark Spots?

While dark spots have always been linked to aging, there are other possible causes that may actually surprise you. Tight clothes may be fabulous enough to get you along with the latest fad, but something that’s too strained may trigger the discoloration. A tight bra, for instance, that constantly digs and rubs against the underneath of your breast may cause irritation that may eventually darken your skin – even a tight strap may also trigger the same effect. In some cases, facial hair removal leaves reddish spots in the same area, and it’s only a matter of time until it turns dark, especially when you expose it on strong chemicals (toners or cleaners that are too strong for your skin type). For most people, though, it could be acne breakout, particularly when you prick them badly and carelessly – this almost assures that your skin will darken due to the marks.

Are There Other Natural Ways to Reduce Dark Spots Caused by Ageing, Acne or Hormonal Change?

Luckily, there are some ways to take care of your face, and some of these may be available right in your kitchen.

  • Lemons. It is rich in Vitamin C that you can apply directly to your face. Squeeze one and put its juice on a clean cotton ball. Rub it to the affected area (dark spot) and leave for a few minutes until it dried up, then wash it off. This method has been used for a long time and the results never fail. Lemon juice actually works as an anti-bacterial, so it helps in treating acne that is also a common cause of dark spots. You can see the results as early as two weeks.
  • Aloe Vera. Because dark spots are a common sign of aging, so using Aloe Vera may be one of the most effective methods to get rid of them since it contains anti-aging properties. It also works as a natural moisturizer. Simply extract the gel from an aloe leaf, apply it directly to the areas affected by this spots and massage for at least a couple of minutes. Leave it for another 15 minutes or so to dry up before rinsing your face. Repeating these steps twice daily can pull off better results. However, this method can be messy, so it’s more advisable to do it in your wash area.
  • Buttermilk. Working similarly like lemons, buttermilk can help in removing dark blemishes without the burning sensation in your skin. You simply have to mix 3 to 5 teaspoons of it with some tomato juice (squeeze at least one fresh tomato) and apply directly to your face. Just like the previous method, leave it for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

How Do You Know if a Product is Safe to Use?

Unless it is directly recommended by your dermatologist, a certain brand may not take positive effect on you. The best way is to acknowledge the skin type that you have, and any other existing allergies if there’s any. Always check the label and the ingredients, especially those that are available over the counter. Make sure there are no ingredients that would trigger your allergies. Do not buy a big bottle when you aren’t sure about the effect yet; a small one that could last a week or two would suffice, then observe whether it suits your skin or not.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind

  • One product doesn’t guarantee positive effect on you just because it works well with others. Remember that results always vary from one skin type to another.
  • If it triggers allergic reactions, stop using the product right away. If the symptoms do not go away, always consider consulting a dermatologist.
  • Some products may not be advisable to be used during pregnancy. A woman’s body undergoes a lot of hormonal changes during this period, and the expected results may be different, or worse, harmful.

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A good corrector will help you get rid of these unwanted spots and will even improve your skin, granting that the brand you chose suits your skin type. Always research, ask appropriate people and keep a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve the maximum effect you are aiming for. Supplying your body with sufficient amount of water can also do wonders. Water cleanses the body by flushing out the toxins that cause our skin to be unhealthy. Combining it with regular fruit and vegetable intake for better results is also advisable. While keeping your body hydrated can be helpful, a good hygiene is still the best way – form a habit of regularly washing your face, particularly when you’ve been out the whole day to remove all the dirt that stuck in your pores, before applying the product your trust!


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