The Best Biscuits for Teething Babies


It’s such a joy to watch as babies grow and develop. But there are certain milestones which can be painful or irritating for babies, one of which is teething. When your baby starts teething, his teeth will start getting itchy. When babies are teething, they need relief so they don’t become cranky or fussy.

One thing you can give your little one to alleviate the pain, irritation or itchiness is a teething biscuit. Of course, since this is something your baby will eat, you need to choose the product to buy carefully. When it comes to teething biscuits, there are so many factors for you to consider. Fortunately, we’re here to help you out. From the best products available to a buying guide, this article will guide you in choosing the best biscuits for your teething baby. Check out more info on fun cookies for toddlers here

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Nosh Baby Munchables Teethers Organic Rice Teething Wafers

These teething biscuits are great because they dissolve easily which means they won’t be a choking hazard for your little one. This also makes them the perfect first snacks for your teething baby. As a matter of fact, you can even give this snack to your baby even if he doesn’t have teeth. The snack can help prepare your baby for more solid foods.

The Nosh Baby Munchables Teethers Organic Rice Teething Wafers are made with premium organic ingredients. They’re non-GMO and gluten-free too. Also, they don’t contain artificial colors, flavors, and a number of the most common allergens. They’re also baked instead of fried which makes them a lot healthier.

The artisan flavors of these teething wafers have been specially developed for the taste buds of babies. There are many flavors available and they will help expose your little one to vegetables and fruit flavors early on. The best part is, this product comes in a variety pack so you can give your baby different flavors each time.


  • Made with premium, organic ingredients.
  • Tasty cookies which dissolve easily in babies’ mouths.
  • Contains different flavors of biscuits for your little one to enjoy.


  • Can get crushed easily during shipping.
  • Some say they don’t really dissolve well.

Hot Kid Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks, Apple & Pumpkin

This comes from a well-known and trusted brand in North America. These biscuits are all-natural and don’t contain the most common allergens. They’re also sweetened with fruit juice so there’s no need for added sugar or artificial sweeteners. They’re also gluten and GMO-free making them another excellent choice for your teething baby.

The Hot Kid Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks, Apple & Pumpkin have a delicious taste, a light texture, and they also dissolve easily. The biscuits are baked and they don’t contain any artificial preservatives or ingredients. They also come in individual packets for superior freshness and convenience.

These biscuits are available in many different flavors. You can let your little one choose from Original, Organic Original, Vegetable, Organic Carrot, Banana, and Apple & Pumpkin. If you’re looking for a tasty and healthy first teething biscuit for your baby, then look no further!


  • A great teething snack that’s sweetened with fruit juices.
  • Doesn’t contain salt and the most common allergens.
  • Gluten-free biscuits which are non-GMO too.


  • The biscuits get crushed easily.
  • Some say they have an odd smell.

Plum Organics Little Yums

These teething biscuits are made from real fruits and vegetables as well as whole grain buckwheat. It’s another great snack for teething babies as the wafers dissolve easily. Giving the Plum Organics Little Yums will help encourage self-feeding. These will surely delight the taste buds of your little one with their special fruit and veggie flavor combinations. These biscuits are baked with love and are certified organic.


  • Encourages self-feeding for babies who are already teething.
  • Made from whole-grain buckwheat, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Convenient biscuits which dissolve in the mouth easily.


  • The cookies get fairly sticky when they dissolve.
  • Some customers don’t appreciate the taste.

Healthy Times Organic Biscuits For Teethers

Another excellent choice would be the Healthy Times Organic Biscuits For Teethers. These biscuits were specially developed to promote the comfortable growth of baby’s teeth. The biscuits have a harder surface to help exercise the jaws and gums of babies. They also taste great and come in a shape that’s easy for little hands to hold. Your little one can enjoy them frozen or at room temperature.


  • Tastes great whether frozen or not.
  • Delicious biscuits which encourage self-feeding.
  • Contains 12 biscuits for teething.


  • Tends to get crushed easily during shipping.
  • They’re quite big.

Happy Family Teething Wafers – Blueberry & Purple Carrot

This would also be a great snack to support the developing gums of your baby. The Happy Family Teething Wafers dissolve easily and they will surely delight and soothe your baby. The organic biscuits contain organic vegetables and fruits along with jasmine rice flour. Also, they don’t contain any artificial flavors which for genuinely happy smiles.


  • An ideal snack for the developing gums of babies.
  • Biscuits dissolve easily while soothing your teething baby.
  • Made with healthy ingredients and no synthetic flavors.


  • Tends to break into pieces when babies hold them.
  • They get really sticky when they dissolve.

Gerber Graduates Lil Biscuits

These tasty biscuits are suitable for babies 10 months and over. The Gerber Graduates Lil Biscuits are great for little ones who want to learn how to feed themselves. The biscuits are individually-wrapped and wholesome too. They’re designed for babies who are ready for finger foods. They’re healthy, yummy, and fun to eat too!


  • Suitable for babies 10 months old and above.
  • Comes in a box of 12 individually wrapped packs of biscuits.
  • Delicious biscuits made with healthy ingredients.


  • Tends to fall apart too easily.
  • They’re quite difficult to chew.

Happy Baby Gentle Teethers Organic Teething Wafers, Banana and Sweet Potato

These easily-dissolving teething wafers have a sweet potato & banana flavor that a lot of babies enjoy. They’re a great snack which supports the developing gums of babies. The Happy Baby Gentle Teethers Organic Teething Wafers, Banana and Sweet Potato are made with jasmine rice flour and organic veggies and fruits. They’re organic, tasty, and healthy too. The gluten-free biscuits contain iron, fiber, protein, and more!


  • The biscuits dissolve easily making them perfect for the developing gums of babies.
  • Gluten-free biscuits which contain organic ingredients.
  • Naturally-flavored and encourage self-feeding.


  • The biscuits crumble easily.
  • They get sticky when wet.

Earth’s Best Organic Toddler Biscuits, Wheat

Here’s another choice for you. These organic teething biscuits are specially formulated with essential minerals and vitamins. The Earth’s Best Organic Toddler Biscuits, Wheat are wholesome and they can help soothe the sore gums of your little one. The yummy biscuits are a great source of calcium and they’re kosher too. They don’t contain any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.


  • Suitable for babies 12 months and above.
  • Kosher, organic biscuits which serve as an excellent calcium source.
  • Doesn’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.


  • Sometimes the biscuits in the box come over-baked.
  • They break apart easily which may cause choking.

Heinz Farley Rusks, Biscuits For Baby’s & Toddlers

These biscuits are ideal for babies and toddlers. They don’t contain any added colors or preservatives. The Heinz Farley Rusks, Biscuits For Baby’s & Toddlers also contain probiotics which promote health. They also contain calcium and vitamins making them really good for your little one. They also taste good so you won’t have any trouble giving the biscuits to your baby during snack time.


  • Contains calcium, probiotics, and other essential vitamins.
  • Healthy biscuits which are suitable for babies and toddlers.
  • They don’t contain any preservatives and artificial colors.


  • Some say the cookies are quite rough.
  • They’re fairly expensive.

Ella’s Kitchen 1+ Year Organic Nibbly Fingers Snack Bars

Finally, another great choice would be the Ella’s Kitchen 1+ Year Organic Nibbly Fingers Snack Bars. These are made with whole grain oats, organic carrots, and mangoes too. They’re tasty, easy to eat, and oh-so-healthy. The snack bars don’t contain any additives, concentrates, preservatives or artificial colors and flavors. The snack bars are organic too and they come in other flavors. They’re suitable for babies 12 months and up.


  • Contains whole grain oats, carrots, and mangoes.
  • Doesn’t contain artificial colors or flavors.
  • Tasty snacks for babies 12 months and over.


  • The biscuits are fairly hard.
  • Some issues with the consistency in the biscuits’ texture.

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Who Needs Biscuits for Teething Babies?

When your little one’s teeth are starting to emerge, he may need something to chew on to soothe the itch or irritation. One way you can do this is to give your baby a teething biscuit to munch on. Of course, this isn’t really a necessity but it will be a huge relief.

Not all babies need teething biscuits. You need to observe your little one carefully in order to determine if he’s ready for teething biscuits or other types of solid foods. As a parent, you should know your own baby better than anyone else. And it’s your responsibility to determine the right time to start feeding teething biscuits (and other solid foods) to your little one.

What are the Benefits of Biscuits for Teething Babies?

Biscuits for teething babies are very beneficial. These are fairly new products which you can give your little one to soothe them when they are teething. These biscuits are healthy and safe for babies. They’re specially formulated for babies and toddlers and they also contain healthy ingredients. This is why a lot of parents prefer to give these biscuits rather than other teething items.

Teething biscuits are very effective in giving relief to teething babies. In fact, a lot of parents consider them as a life saver which they can bring with them wherever they go. Since the biscuits are small, you can easily pack them in your bags and give them to your little one when the need arises.

Also, since these biscuits have different flavors, babies prefer them over other teething products. Aside from soothing their sore gums, the biscuits are tasty and healthy too. These biscuits usually dissolve easily and so they’re really great for kids as they won’t become a choking hazard especially for younger babies.

Another great thing about these biscuits is that they’re readily available. You can find teething biscuits in different grocery stores and you can even make them at home. That is if you’re good in the kitchen and you have time to spare. Even if you have a picky eater or your baby has allergies, you will be able to find a teething biscuit which will suit him.

Since the biscuits are specially made for teething biscuits, you can feel safe giving them to your little one. That is as long as you’ve chosen the product carefully and you’re sure that it suits the needs and preferences of your little one. For instance, if your baby has severe allergies, make sure to check the ingredients carefully.

There are many teething biscuits out there which contain all the information you need to make a choice. It’s best to go for the products which present their products transparently. Those which state everything that’s in the biscuits so that you know exactly what you’re getting. If you find an ingredient which you don’t like, then you can just put the product back and search for another one.

Finally, the great thing about teething biscuits (most of them, at least) is that they contain simple and healthy ingredients. The genuine and wholesome ingredients will surely make you feel better because you know that they’re healthier. Aside from the benefit of soothing the gums, you can also enjoy the fact that the biscuits you’ll be feeding your little one are tasty and healthy too.

What are Biscuits for Teething Babies?

Generally, you can start giving your baby teething biscuits and other types of finger foods when they’re about 9 months old. But babies develop at different rates so it’s your job as a parent to determine whether you can start giving such foods to your own baby. The good thing is that there are specific indicators which will guide you so you can tell if your baby is ready.

For one, your baby should already be able to control his neck as well as his back. Being able to sit up on his own is another helpful indicator. Also, if you notice that your little one gets excited when he sees other people eating, this can be another sign that he’s ready to be given solid foods. But it’s not a good idea to give teething biscuits to babies who aren’t used to solid foods yet.

Once you know that your baby is ready, then you can start introducing the teething biscuits to his diet. We’ve already gone through the benefits of teething biscuits aside from soothing sore gums. These biscuits will help your baby learn how to eat better and will also help the jaws become stronger.

The teething biscuit you choose should not have a high sugar content. This is because sugar isn’t a healthy ingredient and it can be detrimental to your baby’s growing teeth. Also, especially for younger babies, choose biscuits which dissolve easily and which won’t crack in pieces. Do this to avoid any choking hazards.

Aside from choosing the biscuits carefully, you should also show your little one how to eat them properly. Especially at the beginning, you have to supervise your little one when he’s eating the biscuits. Do this from start to finish so that you know that your little one is consuming the teething biscuits safely.

While you’re supervising your child though, try your best not to cause any distractions. Also, keep in mind that not all babies would show enthusiasm when offered teething biscuits. If your baby is like this, never force feed. You can offer the biscuit at another time and see if he will accept it.

There are so many different kinds of teething biscuits available out there. And as we’ve previously mentioned, there are different recipes out there which you can use as a guide for making your own teething biscuits. In doing this, you can choose all the ingredients and make sure the biscuits don’t contain any artificial preservatives and additives.

Should You Give Your Baby Biscuits for Teething?

Teething biscuits are fairly new products especially, when compared to other products typically given to teething babies. But they are very effective when it comes to giving relief for teething. These biscuits are nutrient-dense and safe to consume making them a great choice for when your little one’s teeth are starting to come out.

Usually, teething biscuits from different brands look similar to each other. They even look quite similar to regular biscuits but they have a very different purpose. These biscuits aren’t meant to satisfy your baby’s hunger or sweet tooth. Instead, they’re meant to relieve the itch or pain felt in the gums because of the teething.

These products are also meant to help babies exercise their jaws which are developing. Some biscuits have a crunchy exterior for this purpose. These are also very helpful in enabling babies to try out their newly-emerged teeth. Such products are very exciting to babies especially if you find a really good one.

When it comes to teething biscuits, there are many different brands and products for you to choose from. You even have the choice to make your own teething biscuits at home. Search online and you’ll find some great recipes which are simple to do. In the end, the decision to buy or make the teething biscuits rests with you.

Other Ways You Can Deal with Teething

Teething isn’t a fun experience for anyone. Babies and toddlers suffer through it and when they get cranky or fussy, then the parents have to deal with them. Fortunately, there are different ways you can deal with your little one when he is teething. Aside from teething biscuits, here are other ways you can deal with your teething baby.

For one, you can give your little one a teether or a teething toy. These teething toys are very common as they can soothe babies effectively. It’s actually quite fascinating to see the little teeth emerging in your baby’s mouth. However, this milestone does come with pain or irritations especially in their gums. So you can give your baby a teether to chew on to reduce these the pain.

Just like teething biscuits, teethers and teething toys come in different varieties and have different prices. There are also teething gels out there which you can rub on your little one’s gums as a homeopathic or herbal solution for when your baby is teething. There are also teething necklaces or ankle bracelets available for you to consider.

When it comes to teething, not all babies or infants become fussy. But if your little one gets cranky or dramatic whenever a new tooth comes out, then you really need one of these teething options. Of course, you should choose your teething solution carefully as safety should always be your number one concern.

Since there are many alternatives for teething solutions, the final choice would actually depend on you as a parent. Yes, your little one should also be happy with your choice but he won’t take part in the actual process of choosing. You can ask around or read articles online but you would still have to make the final decision.

Even though teething toys or teething biscuits may be very popular, they may not work for your own baby. So you may have to go through different products before you find one which your baby really likes, one which effectively soothes him and makes him happy. There are even teething rings and teething blankets out there so there’s a lot to consider!

As you’re looking for teething options, there are many places for you to choose from. Different stores offer new products and some work better than others. So if you don’t want to give your baby teething biscuits, you actually have a lot of other options. Each product has its own specifications and you just have to find out what they are.

One of the most important things to look out for no matter what teething product you choose is the safety of your little one. Even if a product looks good, you need to make sure that it’s safe and effective too. If you’re purchasing the product from a store, you can ask questions about it so you know exactly what you’re getting.

We’ve mentioned teething gels already. You rub the gel on your little one’s gums. These gels usually contain antiseptics and anesthetics which help relieve the pain and prevent any infections. Teething gels are handy, cheap, and effective. But the downside is that their effects don’t last very long. This is mainly because the baby’s saliva tends to wash the gel away.

If you choose to use a teething gel, try to find one which is sugar-free. This will ensure that the gel won’t have any negative effects on your baby’s emerging teeth. Also, check the dosage and the age guide of the product before you start applying the gel on your baby’s gums.

You can also go for herbal or homeopathic cures for teething. These usually come in small sachets and contain powder or granules which you can administer orally to your baby. Or you can also mix them with water and let your little one drink the solution. However, there’s no scientific evidence that these cures work.

Finally, there are the toys which are specifically designed for teething. These usually have parts which babies are meant to chew. Teething toys are usually made of plastic or rubber and they have different textures to help ease the sore gums of babies. Some even have water in them and when you chill them, that makes it more soothing for babies. 

Types of Biscuits for Teething Babies

When you’re thinking about giving your baby teething biscuits, you should learn about them first. Not all teething biscuits are appropriate for all ages and it’s very important to find out which one would suit your own child. There are many different types of teething biscuits out there but they all have a similar purpose.

Of course, teething biscuits are meant to ease the itch, irritation or pain babies and toddlers feel when they’re teething. For first-timers, you need to look for the types of teething biscuits which dissolve easily. This is important so when your little one bites into the biscuits, he won’t have any risk of choking.

On the other hand, you can choose other types of biscuits if your little one already has some experience eating solid foods. In fact, some biscuits are meant for babies and toddlers who already have teeth. These types of biscuits are meant to strengthen their teeth and soothe their gums.

So when you’re choosing the type of biscuit, make sure to read about the product first. The label of the product or its specifications (when you’re purchasing in an online shop) will surely tell you a lot about the product. Then you will be able to make a better decision of which biscuits to buy for your baby or your toddler.

Ingredients of the Biscuits for Teething Babies

As your little one starts to move from drinking breast milk or formula to eating solid foods, he will experience a lot of changes. When you notice that your baby is starting to grow some teeth, this is a sure indication that he’s ready to eat solid foods. And when your baby’s teeth are starting to emerge, teething biscuits can be very helpful.

When you ask yourself which teething biscuits to start with, choose those which are meant for beginners. Then, once you’ve found a great product, you can start incorporating the teething biscuit into your little one’s diet. This would be very helpful especially when your little one gets fussy because of the itchiness felt from the growing teeth.

Now when you’re choosing the biscuits for your baby, try to find out about the ingredients. Remember that you’ll be giving the biscuits to your baby so they should only contain healthy ingredients. Stay away from the products which contain too many sugars, artificial ingredients or even harmful chemicals.

Nowadays, there are a lot of organic products which contain all-natural ingredients. Of course, this isn’t really a necessity. Keep in mind though, that organic biscuits contain organic ingredients which are healthier. Of course, you can still go for the regular biscuits as long as they don’t contain any unhealthy or harmful components.

Flavor of the Biscuits for Teething Babies

Another important factor to consider is the flavor of the biscuits. No matter how healthy the product you choose is, if it has an unpleasant taste, your baby won’t want to eat it. Try to observe when you’re giving your little one the biscuits. These products come in different flavors and there’s no harm in trying various ones.

When you’re giving biscuits to your baby, try to see which ones he likes and which ones he doesn’t like. Then you’ll have a better idea of which flavors to buy the next time and which ones to avoid. The flavor is really important especially if you want your baby to enjoy the biscuits you’re feeding him.

Size and Shape of the Biscuits for Teething Babies

Each time you feed something to your baby, it’s an opportunity for you to nourish him and make him stronger. This is the reason why breast milk (and baby formula) is full of nutrients. So when you’re little one starts to eat solid foods like teething biscuits, make sure they’re healthy too.

Also, one important feature of teething biscuits is that they should help encourage self-feeding. This is a skill that babies need to learn as they grow and develop. Because of this, you must consider the size and the shape of the teething biscuits. If they’re too small, they might become a choking hazard.

If the biscuits are too big, your little one might not be able to hold them. So, look for biscuits which have just the right size for your baby or toddler’s tiny hands. Then you can start showing your little one how to hold the food and guide him on how to eat properly.

Price of the Biscuits for Teething Babies?

Finally, also think about the price of the biscuits. This is especially true if you’re on a budget. You don’t have to purchase a product which will break the bank especially since this isn’t really an “essential” food product. There are many affordable teething biscuits out there. They’re healthy, tasty, and convenient.

Again, check all the other important factors then when you’re satisfied, you can also take a look at the price. If it fits within your budget, then you’re good to go! After you’ve bought the product, let your little one try it out to see if he likes the taste.

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As you can see, there’s a lot to learn about biscuits for teething babies. These convenient snack options will help support your baby as he goes through the teething phase. There are many choices out there and all you need to do is find one which you (and your little one) will really like.

When making a choice, keep the important factors in mind. This will make it easier for you to find the best teething biscuit for your teething baby. Also, make sure that the product you choose is healthy aside from being tasty and safe to eat. With all this useful information, making a choice would definitely be an easier task for you.



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