How to Find the Best Weightloss Pills for 2018


Losing weight is not easy. In fact, most people today are easily tempted by quick fixes like taking weight loss pills that are usually marketed as organic fat burners. In the United States alone, surveys show that around 15 percent of adults have taken weight-loss supplements at some point in their lives. Of this figure, about 20 percent are women.

However, before trying any of these products, it’s highly advisable to consider the fact that most diet pills, drinks, and formulas can have unknown side effects and interactions even though some of them are labeled as “natural” or “organic.”

Food supplements and medications or other drugs are regulated differently. Typically, prescription medicines are kept out of public’s hands until their effectivity is confirmed by clinical trials results. Aside from that, it should also be proven that they are not harmful to the majority of patients who took them.

On the other hand, dietary supplements are generally considered safe until proven unsafe.

Since dietary supplements, which typically include weight loss pills, enzymes, herbs, and teas, are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) like other medications are, you may be wondering if they are indeed safe to take. Or, if weight loss pills and other so-called fat-burning supplements are effective enough to make them worthy of any potential risk involved?

According to studies, fat-burning supplements have side effects like nausea, headaches, anxiety, indigestion, and insomnia. In some cases, people may experience adverse effects which are reportedly caused by some factors like medication interactions, too much caffeine ingestion, or consumption of “filler” ingredients that are not even included on the product’s label. Without any lifestyle change, weight loss products will not likely be enough to sustain real weight loss even if they can lift your energy and mood.

The question now is: what is the best weight loss dietary supplement available on the market today that doesn’t have the same risks?

As you will learn in the following discussion, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight includes natural methods like consumption of food-based fat burners like CLA or conjugated linoleic acid, foods that are fat-burning and are rich in protein and fiber, green tea, or the use of grapefruit essential oil. All of these while exercising healthy lifestyle habits like staying active and eating a healthy diet.

A weight loss pill can help you fill in the gap between where your weight is and where you want it to be during those times when diet and exercise are not enough.

There are plenty of ways in which weight loss pills work like increasing your body’s baseline metabolic rate, filling you up and tamping down on your feelings of hunger to make you take less food, and blocking or slowing down the absorption of the food that you eat.

It is indeed a series of complicated mechanism that determines how a human body gains and loses weight. Fortunately for you, we have already looked and compiled the best weight loss pills on the market today. We have also ranked them according to their effectivity to make it easier for you to decide which one to choose.

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Evlution Leanmode

This product has an impressive ingredient list. However, some of it is under dosed. For instance, the recommended CLA dosage for its effectiveness is 2-4 grams daily which is equivalent to 4+ servings of the product. The recommended Acetyl L-Carnitine dosage is 1-2g or 2+ servings of the product. The recommended green tea leaf extract dosage is only about 1g daily depending on where you look and so on.

Perhaps the most significant thing about this product is that it suppresses appetite effectively. It makes you feel satiated after every daily does. Generally speaking, this product is recommended to anyone who is in search of a stim free fat burner.


  • Appetite suppression
  • Fat loss
  • Increases energy levels


  • Not dosed well

MELT Fat Burner

A product of the sports nutrition supplement manufacturer LMNITRIX, MELT Fat Burner. Just like other fat burners available today such as BELDT, this dietary supplement has very little information online. In fact, even in LMNITRIX’s official website, there’s insufficient detail about MELT Fat Burner.

MELT Fat Burner claims that its formula is safe and powerful. Its manufacturer said that the ingredients included in the product wouldn’t cause jitters or crash. According to some information I gathered from another dietary supplement store, MELT’s proprietary composition includes L-Carnitine, beta-phenylethylamine HCI, hordenine HCI, yohimbine extract, capsimax, synephrine, higenamine, and huperzine A.

The product also has caffeine anhydrous and choline bitartrate. On the other hand, its inactive ingredients include gelatin and titanium dioxide. What’s surprising is that LMNITRIX is marketing MELT Fat Burner as a “no jitter” dietary supplement brand despite the fact that its formula contains caffeine. Since there is no available information about how MELT Fat Burner can trigger weight loss, we will review each of its primary ingredients and see how the product delivers its slimming effects from there.

Like many fat burners on the market today, MELT Fat Burner has capsimax or capsicum. According to experts, the latter can be considered as a thermogenic agent, a specific compound that could provoke fat burning effects in the body. Dendrobium extract which is part of the orchid plant family is also present in the list of ingredients. Primarily, this extract is utilized in improving the performance of athletes, hair growth, immune function, and many more.

Another noticeable ingredient is the hordenine which is commonly used by many sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplement manufacturers in their dietary pills. In one study, it was found that hordenine is a norepinephrine and can have a direct effect on a person’s heart rate. It can also trigger the release of stored energy, increase blood flow, and others.


  • Natural formula
  • Some good reviews online
  • May trigger thermogenesis and fat burning effects
  • Can help boost your physical performance
  • May help enhance memory and energy levels
  • 30-days money back guarantee


  • Servings need improvement
  • Proprietary blend
  • Many ineffective ingredients

Old School Labs Vintage Burn

Designed for the consumption of both men and women, the Vintage Burn is considered a thermogenic fat burning supplement that provides beneficial results. It is highly efficient when it comes to converting stored fat to energy because it increases a person’s metabolism and mental focus while keeping him or her in a good mood.

Aside from the above mentioned good effects, Vintage Burn is also regarded as the only fat burning supplement that can preserve muscles instead of burning them like fats.

In essence, essential weight loss supplements have plenty of benefits. For instance, they can increase your metabolism to help you gain enough energy to exercise. Furthermore, they could suppress your appetite and help you lose weight by burning unnecessary fats.

The only problem with dietary supplements is that they cannot distinguish the difference between muscle and fat. Thus, they also end up burning muscle too.

To date, many weight loss supplements are claiming that they are thermogenic and effective with burning fat. However, most of them don’t really work, and if they do burn fat, they also eliminate the muscle together with it. Thus, buying this kind of food supplements becomes a waste not just of money but muscle as well.

But, Vintage Blend’s formula is specially blended to burn fat without compromising the muscle and overall strength of a person. The product could help you meet your weight and fitness goals in no time because you will be retaining the quality muscle that expedites the burning of calories thrice as fast as fat per pound.

Vintage Burn is the leading trusted product by athletes and is considered one of the best supplements of its kind. In fact, aside from being a bestselling supplement, Vintage Burn is the first and only supplement in the world could burn fats while preserving the muscle of both men and women.

Vintage Burn is third-party tested. It was even featured by the Los Angeles Confidential Magazine who referred to it as the “fat burner that preserves muscle.”


  • Affordable price
  • Eliminates fat while it does not reduce muscle
  • The makers are easy to contact and reply promptly.
  • The transparency policy allows you to know about all the ingredients the product contains
  • If you are not satisfied with the product, you can get a full refund.


  • You can only use the product for sixty days.
  • The product contains caffeine, which is a stimulant.

Alli Diet Pills

Alli diet pill is a weight loss supplement that has 60 mg of the orlistat prescription drug. This allows people who take Alli to lose up to 50 percent more weight as compared to regular diet and exercise alone.

Alli dietary supplement acts slowly, and the user must wait for at least two months to see results. It is said that people ages 18 and above who are obese or overweight could greatly benefit from Alli if they are already on a low-calorie diet.

Alli is an FDA-approved dietary supplement which is the first of its kind. It reportedly targets the body’s fat deposits which help in improving any dieting efforts. Taking Alli with meals could allegedly help the body absorb fewer fats from the food. This results in lower calorie intake and eventual weight loss.

Despite its many excellent benefits, it is important to remember that Alli is still not a “miracle pill.” Taking it during a short period won’t result in massive weight loss.

If you’re already on any medication, it is highly advisable to check with your attending physician first before taking Alli or any weight loss supplement. If taken correctly, Alli is generally safe. FDA has approved the product for consumption of dieters ages 18 and above. It is highly recommended to at least have a BMI of around 25 when taking Alli. Take note that it is dangerous for underweight individuals to block fat as it may cause serious health problems.

When using Alli, people are advised not to eat over 5 grams of fat per meal.


  • Blocks small amounts of fat from the body absorbing them.
  • May block the enzymes that cause weight gain.
  • Could reduce type-II diabetes risk and protect users against certain heart conditions.


  • Poor bowel control
  • Dehydration
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Skin rash

Genius Diet Pills

Looking for another fat burning supplement to help you lose weight? You might want to try Genius Burn. This product is known as a 3-in-1 formula that can boost brain power and improve a person’s cognitive abilities while burning fat.

The products fat-burning property could allegedly help anyone in shedding some unwanted pounds. Genius Burn is also caffeine-free which makes it a suitable supplement for nearly everyone. It is also called as a nootropic supplement made from a combination of nine ingredients.

Aside from burning fat, Genius Burn boasts of the following benefits: better memory and learning ability, stress level reduction, improved cognition, and increase energy. Meaning, the product is not just right for the body, it is also beneficial to the brain.

Genius Brand, the company behind Genius Burn, is dedicated to creating and manufacturing for its customers. They ensure that the products they offer produce reliable results and can be obtained by individuals at an affordable cost. For instance, Genius Burn can produce four times better results than other available fat burners today.

Each ingredient of Genius Burn has low dosage and is considered safe. It is highly unlikely that it will cause any adverse side effects. Some dieters may still observe subtle side effects as in the case of other diet supplement products, but nothing alarming or severe. Genius Burn is made from all-natural ingredients which is one of its most significant advantages.

However, as with other food supplements, it is highly recommended that you seek the advice of a medical professional or your attending physician before taking Genius Burn. Expert opinion is essential to avoid any unexpected complications or mishap.


  • Consists of all natural ingredients
  • Free from caffeine
  • Produces only mild side effects
  • Positive results posted by customers


  • Lack of evidence to back up the claims
  • Very less or no actual weight loss achieved
  • Can only be purchased through Amazon
  • Not available to retailers

Lean PM

If you want a slim, healthy figure, the best product that I could recommend is the Lean PM food supplement. This product is specifically designed to help weight conscious individuals lose weight and turn their bodies into the figure they always dreamed about. Lean PM is meant to help with appetite management, weight loss, and energy while burning unnecessary fat.

While Lean PM has been reformulated from a previous product, its manufacturer claims that it is far greater than its predecessor. Its many benefits include boosting energy, enhancing and increasing the contentment that must come with every hard work dedicated to achieving a lean body figure. It could also help improve a dieter’s metabolic rate and provide anyone with just the right amount of energy at the right time.

Lean PM reportedly incorporates progressive nutritional science and natural sources to make it more useful while setting higher standards for other fat burning food supplements. It could significantly improve a dieter’s mood and total sense of health while helping the subdue their desire to eat. This ensures that your food cravings would not make it difficult for you to lose weight.

It is strictly essential to follow the usage direction of Lean PM which is indicated on its official website.

According to the site, a dieter must only consume one Lean PM tablet per day in the morning. It is also indicated that the pill must not be taken later in the day and should not be taken on an empty stomach. A dieter must not also surpass that recommended dose and that the 45 capsules must only be taken for 45 days.

Once the dose has been completed, a dieter may continue with a 30-day gap in between. This is because taking the pill consecutively is dangerous. A dieter is advised to consult a doctor first before taking Lean PM. The product is not for the consumption of individuals age 18 and below or of lactating and pregnant women.


  • Increase fat loss
  • Burn more calories
  • Suppress appetite
  • Natural sleep aid


  • Headaches
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Anxiety


Unlike other weight loss pills available on the market today, Atrafen is considered a new supplement for weight loss and fat burning. It differs from its other metabolism and fat-burning supplement competitors because it is made from advanced formula and design.

While the product claims that it was created with the help of food engineers and scientists, together with some fitness experts, we have observed that there are a few things that Atrafen lacks.

There are many reviews about the before and after effects of Atrafen found on its official website, as well as on the Atrafen Amazon product page. However, there’s really not much proof provided to support its effectiveness or its natural extracts. It is also noticeable that despite their assertion, there are no research studies or proven professional reviews to confirm its efficiency.

However, despite the lack of information, the formula of the product appears to be well-made. Some users of Atrafen have even claimed that they observed positive results after taking it. The product has some noticeable side effects, regardless if you’re taking Atrafen OM, Atrafen Drops, or Atrafen Elite. This is because of the lack of research study to confirm that the product indeed provides all of its claimed benefits without adverse side effects.

There is no actual confirmation about some dangerous uses of the Atrafen Elite which makes its ingredients not really safe. For instance, one of its components, the Raspberry ketones, could allegedly produce cardio-toxic effects on the body. This could potentially lead to reproduction and development problems as per a study conducted in 2015 about the said ingredient.

Furthermore, the product has no confirmed findings that the caffeine found in two of its ingredients can cause blood pressure issues and other problems.


  • Thermogenic Benefits
  • Metabolism Booster
  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Enhanced Energy
  • Improved Focus


  • Headaches
  • Stroke
  • Heart complications
  • Mood swings


If you are searching for a product that is all-natural, can help you manage your appetite, and promotes extreme weight loss, PhenELITE is the one for you. This product is designed to produce weight loss results in just 4 to 6 weeks. It is considered safe and can be purchased over the counter.

PhenELITE has a potent fat-burning formula that aids in boosting metabolism, increasing energy, and enhancing mental focus while attacking stubborn fat cells. This product suppresses appetite which will ensure that your food cravings will not get in the way of your weight loss program.

Currently, PhenELITE is claimed to be one of the highest-rated pharmaceutical-grade weight loss supplements available on the market today. Because it is deemed as a “hyper-metabolizing fat burner and appetite suppressor,” it produces fast weight loss results.

This dietary supplement is said to contain a Proprietary Formula of 1,200mg per serving/dose. It has nine different ingredients and has been emphasized to be all-natural.

The product has some green tea extract which, according to a research from Physiology & Behavior back in 2010, could improve weight maintenance.

Some of the significant benefits of PhenElite include faster metabolism, appetite suppression, improved concentration, lesser food cravings, fat burning, and rapid weight loss which all sounds great! Right?


  • Easy to find/purchase over-the-counter via online shops like Amazon.
  • Made in a strict GMP-certified an FDA-approved lab.
  • It comes in a convenient capsule form.
  • It ensures fast weight-loss results.
  • Contains ingredients shown to boost metabolism and suppress hunger.
  • Increases energy levels.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Quite a few users complained of no real weight loss results from PhenELITE.
  • Is not available in certain stores such as Walmart, GNC or Walgreens.
  • There is no official website available.
  • Some users may experience side effects from PhenELITE capsules.

Hydroxycut Ultra

Considered not just a metabolic accelerator but a potent energy booster as well, Hydroxycut Ultra is said to be the best weight loss pill. The product reportedly works on men and women and claims to help dieters shed unwanted fats very fast.

The product is produced by Lovate Health Sciences and was released to the public as a robust weight loss pill under the Hydroxycut brand.

According to its manufacturers, Hydroxycut Ultra is considered one of the best weight loss pills. They claim that it can help dieters gain the body they only dreamed of. The manufacturers also said that all the ingredients that come in the product are tested and are safe. Each component has gone through proper research before use to ensure that it is harmless to consumers.

The dietary supplement could allegedly enhance metabolism which could ultimately lead to extreme weight loss. Women who used the product claimed that they’re able to get the ideal bikini body they want while the men reported that they gain extreme muscle and definition.

It is highly advisable to take Hydroxycut Ultra according to its use because it’s a very effective weight loss pill. To prevent adverse side effects due to wrong or uncontrolled consumption of any of the ingredient in the said supplement, the manufacturers have provided the dosages.

As per the manufacturers, the dietary supplement works effectively when a dieter takes 4 pills a day. One serving size which is equivalent to two tablets must be taken two times a day. It is also vital to take Hydroxycut Ultra 30 to 60 minutes before a dieter’s two most important meals of the day.


  • Muscle Mass Gain
  • Weight Loss
  • High Energy Levels
  • Increased Metabolic Rate


  • Does not offer a money-back guarantee
  • Associated with liver damage
  • No solid research to back up claims

Dub Nutrition Fat Burner

Among the fat burners included in this list, Dub Nutrition Fat Burner can be considered as the supplement with the least satisfying ingredients. One of the primary problems we observed has to do with the proprietary blend. There is no way for a person to know how much of each ingredient he or she is getting. Without this significant information, it would be difficult to know just how effective the Dub Nutrition dietary supplement is.

However, three of its main ingredients, the Chromium, Guarana (Caffeine), and Green Tea could have positive effects. Still, it would have been better if it is indicated how much of these ingredients are included in the product.

We also noted that Dub Nutrition Fat Burner could provide better results if it has more thermogenic or at least another appetite suppressant. For instance, including Green Coffee Bean, Cayenne Pepper, and L-Carnitine would be great for increasing metabolism and burning the body’s extra calories.

In addition to that, having Glucomannan could also improve the product since it is a reliable fibrous complex that usually swells in the stomach, suppressing appetite.

Glucomannan is a reliable fibrous complex that would swell in your stomach and help decrease your appetite. Unfortunately, many of the ingredients we mentioned are not included in the product. However, Dub Nutrition Fat Burner is said to be made from all-natural ingredients and has no side effects.


  • Contains Chromium, Green Tea, and Guarana


  • Missing Core Nutrients
  • Some Ineffective Ingredients
  • Servings Could Be Increased

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What Are Fat Burners?

Fat burners are also known as thermogenic. These thermogenic supplements significantly help in burning stored body fat by utilizing the body’s fat reserves as sources of energy.

Most manufacturers of thermogenic diet pills claim that their dietary supplements could profoundly improve weight loss without much effort by boosting a person’s metabolism. This is the case despite the fact that the FDA has continuously scrutinized the legitimacy of these claims. Some of these pills are said to be more helpful in suppressing appetite, managing a person’s cravings for junk foods, and giving more energy that can be used for strenuous activities.

The underlying question now is if the weight loss claims associated with these dietary supplement ingredients true. The answer seems to depend on the following factors: the kind of fat burner in question, the components included in the product, the required number of doses to take, and a person’s response to the dietary supplement.

Fat burning brands use varying kinds of ingredients for their thermogenic supplements. However, most supplements have a mix of stimulants, acids, and herb Some studies to support the efficacy of thermogenic supplements said that it seems to work for some people while in rare cases, its ingredients could have adverse side effects.

The types of ingredients found in many weight loss pills, such as balloon weight loss capsules, include:

  • Caffeine. According to studies, caffeine could have modest effects on body weight or decrease weight gain over time. While caffeine is generally okay when consumed in small to moderate amounts, some people still experience side effects like heart palpitations and restlessness.
  • Guarana. Guarana is considered the highest concentration of caffeine found in any plant. It is said that it contains up to 3.5 percent to 5.8 percent caffeine by volume. On the other hand, coffee only has up to 2 percent. People who want to increase their mental focus and energy reportedly use about 200 to 800 milligrams of guarana a day, which is generally accepted as safe. However, guarana intake could also have side effects like sleep difficulty, anxiety, indigestion, changes in blood pressure, palpitations, and addiction.
  • Green Tea Extract. Perhaps one of the safest ingredients among the list of most popular weight loss ingredients is the Green Tea extract. Unfortunately, many reported that it’s highly unlikely to work and may not produce any noticeable results. Among its adverse effects are headaches and urinary tract infections. Its benefits may include a subtle increase in energy expenditure and fat oxidation.
  • Garcinia Cambogia. As per studies, garcinia cambogia has little to no effect on our body weight. While some dieters reported reduced hunger, many also claimed to experience side effects like loose stool, diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal discomfort, and constipation.
  • Ephedrine. Ephedrine is a banned dietary supplement ingredient in the United States because of safety concerns. The ingredient reportedly has unwanted effects like anxiety, mood swings, nausea, hypertension, vomiting, palpitation, seizures, and in worst cases, stroke, heart attack, and even death.

While it appears that these active ingredients could help in weight loss when taken in small to moderate amounts, they are not clear for everybody. However, instead of turning to dietary supplements to help you shed some weight, there are still some safe alternatives that can work long term without any risk.

Potential Risks of Fat Burners

Here are some serious risks related to “fat-burning supplements” and other fat burners that you might want to consider before taking these products:

Lack of Evidence for Safety

To date, most weight loss supplements have not undergone the necessary clinical trials to prove their efficacy. Most also do not include any evaluation studies conducted under controlled environment with human volunteers. Unfortunately, the FDA does not require the manufacturers of these supplements to test their new ingredients or even include a list of potential risk and side effects in their product labels. This makes it difficult to know what elements you have ingested while taking dietary supplements.

Faculty Labeling and Dangerous Ingredients

Negligence in labeling some weight loss ingredients like acid, herbs, and enzymes in laboratories usually results in tainting them with bacterial germs, pesticides, fillers, and even toxic heavy metals. In one case, it was reported that a specific supplement advertised for women consumption had contained the weight loss drug sibutramine. This substance has been banned in the United States because it could potentially cause a stroke or heart attack.

Harmful Interactions with Medications or Other Supplements

Since weight loss products are not regulated, these dietary supplements could be taken without clearance or advice from a health professional. This usually results in harmful side effects and interactions for people who are already under medication. To date, the United States has no controlled system where people can report any adverse reactions or side effects of the dietary supplements they take. Though doctors or affected individuals may report problems to the FDA, the U.S. law does not require them to do so.

Too Much Caffeine or Other Stimulants

Yerba mate or Guarana are just two of the most common caffeine ingredient often included in dietary food supplements. While they are generally not harmful when ingested, most manufacturers include these ingredients in amounts higher than the usual. Caffeine is commonly used in supplements because of its unique effect of curbing a person’s appetite while increasing the person’s energy in activities. However, too much of something has some severe consequences. Too much caffeine may cause jitteriness, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, palpitations, diarrhea, and other side effects.

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There’s no easy way to weight loss. However, taking dietary food supplements or thermogenic agents while dieting and exercising could significantly help in speeding the weight loss process. Then again, one must remember that supplements are not magic pills. You must still exert enough discipline and effort to help yourself achieve that body figure that you always dreamed of.

The dietary supplement marketplace is congested with many fat burners or thermogenic agent brands that offer similar benefits. It is always essential that you make the right choice. At this point, we highly recommend Evlution Leanmode. While the other supplements included in our list offer fantastic features and benefits, Evlution Leanmode can be considered a total package. While it still has tons of room for improvement, it has proven its efficacy when it comes to suppressing appetite, burning fat, and turning them into energy that can be used by the body in performing physical activities.

Always remember that this list is just a guide, and the final choice lies in your hands. When it comes to your health and weight loss efforts, make sure that you are only choosing the safest and most effective food supplement that you can combine with your diet and exercise.

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