How To Find The Best Vegan Protein Powder?


Protein powders have been around for quite some time now. But they aren’t just for athletes and exercise enthusiasts. People all around the world are starting to get interested in consuming such products to boost their strength, energy, and enjoy all the other benefits. But before purchasing a protein powder, it’s important to learn more about these products to determine which one is the best for you.

It’s especially important to learn about different protein powders if you’re following a vegan diet or lifestyle. This would narrow your options as you wouldn’t be choosing the protein powders made from animal sources. Also, protein deficiency is a common issue for vegans which makes vegan protein powders all the more essential.

There are many reasons why you would want to start consuming protein powders. But one thing’s for sure, there are so many different products out there that choosing just one can be quite tedious without a little help. So, to start off, let’s take a look at some of the best products out there before we learn more about vegan protein powders.

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Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

This organic vegan protein powder can be made into a delicious drink that will provide you with much-needed nourishment. Each serving contains 5 grams of organic fiber as well as 21 grams of organic protein. This is a vegan protein powder that’s kosher, USDA organic, and free of GMOs, soy, gluten, preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors.

The Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder blends well with milk or water and you can drink it after working out or basically any time throughout the day. It’s suitable for men, women, and kids too. It comes with a creamy chocolate fudge flavor that everyone will surely appreciate.

This is the best vegan protein powder on our list because of the high-quality ingredients it contains. It’s perfect for those who lead busy lives, it can serve as a meal replacement, and it can also boost the protein content of smoothies. It’s truly versatile aside from being healthy and tasting really great. What more can you ask for?


  • A USDA-certified organic product that doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients.
  • It’s suitable for men, women, and kids too.
  • Comes in a delicious chocolate flavor that most people will appreciate.


  • Not suitable for those with sensitive digestive systems.
  • It’s fairly gritty when made into a shake.

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein

This is another excellent vegan protein powder which contains all of the nine essential amino acids. It’s a complete protein powder which will provide you with the important building blocks needed for energy production, development, repair, and other body functions. It’s also safe enough to be consumed by all the members of the family.

The Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is paleo and vegan-friendly and it’s also made with vegetables. It doesn’t contain any of the common allergens such as soy, dairy, gluten, and artificial sweeteners. It’s a premium protein powder that’s made with plant-based proteins. It blends easily with water or milk. And it’s available in 5 delicious flavors.

This high-protein product is also high in fiber but low in carbohydrates. It doesn’t contain any fillers and it also contains a minimal amount of naturally-occurring sugar. It’s definitely another great product for you to consider if you’re looking for a protein powder that fits into your vegan diet.


  • A GMO-free vegan protein powder which doesn’t contain the common allergens too.
  • A vegan and paleo-friendly product with no added sugar.
  • Available in 5 different flavors and sizes.


  • Some customers don’t appreciate the taste.
  • Has a thick consistency when made into a protein shake.

Vega Sport Protein Powder, Chocolate

This is a next-level protein powder which will help improve your performance. The product can help support your recovery and build muscles as well. The Vega Sports Protein Powder, Chocolate contains high-quality ingredients which are plant-based. These include organic sunflower seed proteins, pea, alfalfa, pumpkin seed, and more. It’s sure to level-up your workout routine when you drink it post-workout.


  • An all-in-one vegan protein powder which is made from genuine whole foods.
  • Contains plant-based proteins with a full amino acid profile.
  • Comes in 4 delicious flavors.


  • Contains BPA and other questionable components.
  • Some claim the flavor is too subtle.

ALOHA Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

The manufacturers of this protein powder believe that plants are the best and most convenient source of nourishment. Therefore, this great-tasting protein powder is made of just that. The ALOHA Organic Plant Based Protein Powder contains magnesium, omega 3s, plant-based proteins, and other essential nutrients. But it doesn’t contain stevia, gluten, soy, dairy or GMO ingredients.


  • A vegan protein powder that’s free of gluten, GMO, soy, dairy, and stevia.
  • Doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients making it suitable for different kinds of diets.
  • Available in 4 different flavors.


  • It’s fairly gritty when added to shakes.
  • Some customers don’t appreciate the taste.

MRM Veggie Protein Powder

This product comes from a brand which products different supplements for sports and wellness. It’s made with superior ingredients which will help support a healthy management of weight. The MRM – Veggie Protein Powder is all-natural and it’s designed to help you meet your protein needs each and every day. It also contains an antioxidant blend from its fruit and vegetable content. Finally, it doesn’t contain gluten and GMOs.


  • An all-natural vegan protein powder which also supports a healthy weight management.
  • Made with a protein source of the highest quality.
  • Contains a special antioxidant blend of vegetables and fruits.


  • It’s very thick when made into a shake.
  • Some customers claim it has a chalky taste.

Garden of Life Organic Vegan Protein Powder

This vegan protein powder contains living seeds and grains and it’s certified organic. It contains 13 organic and raw sprouts making it an excellent source of complete proteins. The Garden of Life Organic Vegan Protein Powder supports the function and the health of the digestive system with its protein-digesting enzymes and live probiotics. It’s excellent for recovery after working out and it contains whole foods.


  • A high-protein product that will help recovery after working out.
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals along with probiotics.
  • An organic vegan protein powder which doesn’t contain GMOs, soy, dairy, and gluten.


  • Some customers don’t appreciate the taste.
  • Some customers claim that it has an undesirable aftertaste.

PlantFusion Complete Plant-Based Protein Powder

Here’s another product which will provide you with complete proteins and balanced nutrition. It’s a simple and tasty way to help you achieve all your goals for wellness. The PlantFusion Complete Plant-Based Protein Powder is made with a nutrient-dense formula and has a lot of health benefits. It’s also easy to digest which means it’s suitable even for those who have sensitive stomachs. It doesn’t contain any of the most common allergens either.


  • Made with a nutrient-dense formula that’s easy to digest.
  • Suitable for those who have sensitive stomachs because of the unique enzyme blend.
  • Doesn’t contain any of the most common allergens.


  • Some say that it’s too sweet.
  • It’s very frothy when made into a shake.

OWYN Vegan Plant-Based Protein Powder

The OWYN Vegan Plant-Based Protein Powder is a vegan protein powder that’s 100%-certified. It contains the 9 essential amino acids as well as BCAAs which are naturally-occurring. It helps promote the daily health and enhance the recovery of muscles. It’s a delicious product which contains fiber, omega 3s, and probiotics. And just like most vegan protein powders, it doesn’t contain any of the common allergens.


  • A 100%-certified vegan protein powder with a lot of health benefits.
  • Contains proteins, amino acids, and other nutrients,
  • Doesn’t contain artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors.


  • It’s gritty when added to shakes.
  • Doesn’t blend too well.

Yuve Vegan Protein Powder with Superfoods

This protein powder has a pure, clean, and award-winning taste. You can use this product to boost any juices, shakes or smoothies. Or you can just mix it with some milk and drink it while you’re on-the-go. The Yuve Vegan Protein Powder with Superfoods increases energy, helps reduce hunger cravings, and promote weight loss. It’ can also serve as a meal replacement or an energy-booster before or after working out.


  • A healthy vegan protein powder made with pure ingredients.
  • Promotes weight loss while giving an energy boost.
  • Comes with a full money-back guarantee.


  • Some customers claim that it’s too sweet.
  • Not suitable for those with sensitive stomachs.

Sunwarrior – Warrior Blend, Plant-Based, Raw Vegan Protein Powder

You can unlock the warrior within by consuming this vegan protein powder. It’s perfect for those who want to build muscles or boost their fitness levels. The Sunwarrior – Warrior Blend, Plant-Based, Raw Vegan Protein Powder is rich in protein sources to allow you to leave a healthy and active life. It doesn’t contain gluten, sugar, dairy, soy or GMOs. It’s also convenient because it’s so easy to prepare.


  • A healthy product that’s perfect for those who want to stay fit.
  • It’s rich in protein from different plant-based sources.
  • Doesn’t contain GMOs, gluten, sugar, soy, and dairy.


  • It’s quite expensive.
  • Has an aftertaste that customers don’t appreciate.

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Who Needs Vegan Protein Powder?

One huge (and incorrect) myth about plant-based protein is that it isn’t a complete protein. In case you didn’t know, a protein would be considered as complete if it contains all of the 9 essential amino acids. Animal protein contains all these amino acids which are why they’re considered as complete proteins. But there are also plant-based proteins which contain these amino acids and, therefore, are also complete proteins.

When you consume vegan protein powders, you’re not just getting protein. You’ll also be feeding your body the essential nutrients which occur naturally in plants. And since plant-based sources are natural, they are more easily digested which means they are better for those who have sensitive stomachs.

Vegans will definitely choose these types of protein powders. But, even if you eat meat but you’re experiencing adverse side effects from consuming animal-based protein powders, then you should consider switching to the vegan or plant-based ones. This is especially true since most vegan protein powders are hypoallergenic.

Of course, just like when you choose animal-based protein powders, you need to be careful. As much as possible, try to stay away from products which contain artificial preservatives, sweeteners, and flavors. Instead, choose the ones which contain natural ingredients so you’re sure that you’re getting a healthy, high-quality product.

What Are The Benefits Of Vegan Protein Powder?

Plant-based protein powders are very popular because of their health benefits. Based on the name itself, you’d know that these products are sourced from plants. These protein powders serve as an alternative source of protein which is just as effective as the other powder types.

One of the benefits of vegan protein powders is that they’re usually free of the common allergens. This is one benefit that doesn’t apply to animal-based protein powders especially those derived from whey. A person who is allergic to whey may experience bloating, gas, and other adverse side effects.

Therefore, vegan protein powders are the best alternatives for those who suffer from whey allergies. These are also great for those who suffer from gluten allergies. This component is common in animal-based protein powders because it makes people feel fuller. Of course, some vegan protein powders may also contain ingredients you’re allergic to so it’s still important to check the label before purchasing the product.

Vegan protein powders are also rich in fiber. This is because plants are naturally rich in fiber which is why eating a plant-based diet is highly recommended. Fiber can be classified into soluble and insoluble fibers. The latter is the type of fiber which helps the digestive system work more effectively. On the other hand, the soluble fiber makes us feel full after eating.

Plants usually contain huge amounts of both of these fibers. Therefore, vegan protein powders can help with your digestion and also give you the feeling of fullness to help you prevent overeating especially when you’re trying to lose excess weight. These powders will make you feel full while also maintaining your regularity.

Vegan protein powders are also excellent metabolism boosters. The protein content of these products takes more time to digest than fats or carbohydrates. So, if you want to lose some weight, you need to consume more proteins to help enhance metabolism. And since vegan protein powders contain a lot of fiber, then they take more time to digest too.

When your metabolism gets a boost from the protein and fiber content, your body will get better at burning all the excess fats that you’re trying to eliminate. This means that vegan protein powders actually perform double duties to help you achieve your goals for weight loss.

These types of protein powders also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. If you’ve heard about plant-based diets, you probably already know about all the nutrients you can get from these sources. Therefore, consuming vegan or plant-based protein powders is highly beneficial especially if you’re not a fan of eating raw fruits and veggies.

Plants also contain a lot of antioxidants aside from all those essential vitamins and minerals. And you won’t be able to acquire all these antioxidants just from animal proteins. So, if you want to add all these healthy ingredients to your diet, a great way to do it is making vegan protein powders part of your life!

Another great benefit of such protein powders is that they seldom contain antibiotics or growth hormones because they’re derived from plants. Animal-based protein powders, on the other hand, may contain these components because the livestock they’re derived from is usually treated with these chemicals. Then, when processed, the chemicals also get transferred to the protein powders which are sold commercially.

What Are Vegan Protein Powders?

There are other reasons why people would prefer vegan protein powders aside from just following a vegan diet or lifestyle. Whether you want to accelerate your recovery or search for a more natural alternative, the choice remains with you. One thing’s for sure, those who choose vegan protein powders are a lot more health-conscious and curious about food sources.

Nowadays, a vegan diet and lifestyle are becoming more and more popular. People are starting to realize how beneficial it is to choose plant-based foods and food products over the processed or animal-based ones. Because of this, there has been a significant increase in the awareness of the benefits of vegan protein powder making these products a lot more popular.

The best thing about these protein powders is that their health benefits are supported by science. Studies show that consuming a diet that’s rich in plants is a lot healthier and more beneficial. As a matter of fact, some of the top athletes all over the world are starting to become more aware of plant-based nutrition too. And as you’ve seen from the many benefits of vegan protein powders, there’s a good reason to start consuming plant-based foods!

What Are The Most Common Plant Sources Of Vegan Protein Powders?

When choosing vegan protein powders, you need to consider a few important factors. Aside from the taste, texture, and more, you may want to learn the plant source or sources of the product you’re going to choose. All these factors will play a role in which protein powder would suit you best.

There are common plant sources used to make vegan protein powders. One is the tiny but powerful pea. Peas may be small, but they pack quite a protein punch. The field peas which are typically used to make protein powders have a low glycemic index and are rich in l-arginine which helps build muscles.

Hemp is another common source as it contains up to 20 amino acids. It also contains a lot more omega fatty acids and fibers than other protein sources. You’ll notice that quite a few protein powders would contain chia, the super seed. This protein source also contains the 9 essential amino acids and it’s super rich in fiber.

Finally, there’s also quinoa. This grain contains more proteins than all other grains and also contains Leucine, the amino acid which builds muscles. Other excellent protein sources include brown rice, chlorella, potato, and so much more.

Are Vegan Protein Powders Healthier Than Animal-Based Protein Powders?

There’s a debate on whether vegan protein powders are better than the animal-based ones, health-wise. Ultimately, the decision would depend on how you would define “better.” If your judgment is based on “complete” proteins, then a lot of people would say that animal-based protein powders are more superior. But as we’ve mentioned previously, there are plant-based sources which can also serve as complete proteins.

Also, a lot of people prefer whey protein powders (and other animal-based products) because they’re a lot more affordable and readily available. But there are some downsides to this type of protein powders which aren’t usually talked about. For one, whey is fairly difficult to digest because of the lactose content. This component can also lead to bloating, flatulence, and diarrhea.

Another issue which a lot of people may not know about when it comes to whey protein powders and other animal-based protein powders is that they usually contain artificial sweeteners. These ingredients may also cause gastric problems for a lot of people.

Finally, the worst possible issue when it comes to animal-based protein powders is the process of manufacturing them. In order to derive the protein, the animal sources are heavily processed and, therefore, the nutritional quality of the protein is greatly reduced. Also, studies have shown that some of these products may contain heavy metals and other potentially harmful chemicals.

Here are some important factors to keep in mind:

Types Of Vegan Protein Powder

When it comes to protein powders, whey protein is the most common out there. In fact, it’s considered as the king of all protein powders because a lot of people use them. Unfortunately, this type of protein isn’t suitable for vegans because it’s sourced from cow’s milk. This makes it incompatible with plant-based diets.

The good news is, there are many other protein powders out there and the most recent ones are sourced from plant-based ingredients. There are various plant-based proteins available out there and they all have unique qualities, nutrients, and health benefits. Before you make your choice, let’s learn about the different types of vegan protein powders based on their main protein sources.

First of all, there’s soy protein. This is the most popular one among all the vegan protein powders out there. In fact, since 1959, soy protein has been utilized in different food products for their functional benefits and properties. Soy proteins are derived from soy flour that’s been de-fatted in water with a high solubility.

After being processed, you’ll be left with at least 90% protein. Soy protein has a neutral flavor and so it works well with flavorings. This is because, after processing, it has already been stripped of the carbohydrates, fats, and non-protein components. Also, it may cause less gas than other products which contain soy.

Another popular protein is derived from peas. Pea proteins are derived from field peas. These are the types of peas which are green or yellow in color and are dried and typically used to make soups. Field peas contain more protein than sweet peas so it’s a lot more convenient and economical to use them.

Just like making soy proteins, pea protein is made by eliminating all the fiber and starch content. So, the nutrition you get varies slightly between pea protein powder and raw peas. Pea protein is around 80% protein and the body absorbs it easily. This means that your body won’t have to work as hard to fully digest the protein.

Pea proteins are free of allergens which makes them an excellent choice for vegans as well as people who suffer from different food allergies. Those who can’t eat certain types of food because of intolerance. However, pea protein doesn’t contain all the necessary amino acids. This means that on its own, it’s actually an incomplete protein. So, if you choose this type of protein powder, it’s also important to consume a lot of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables too.

Brown rice protein is next and it’s very different from rice. When cooked, rice is actually a good source of protein, but it also contains other components such as carbohydrates, selenium, manganese, vitamin B3, and magnesium. When taking the protein from the rice, the levels of carbohydrates, starch, and the other micronutrients need to be lowered.

When rice is processed, there’s a change in its nutrition profile. This means that brown rice protein is already low in carbohydrates much like the other types of plant-based protein powders. Just make sure that if you choose this type, it doesn’t contain unnecessary components such as added sugar.

Hemp is one of the best sources of plant-based proteins and it’s where hemp protein is derived. This is the best choice for those trying to follow a natural diet by consuming whole foods. Hemp protein contains 20 types of amino acids which include the essential ones that the body cannot produce naturally. This makes it a complete protein.

Aside from the amino acids, hemp protein powder also contains more healthy fiber and omega fatty acids than other types of protein powders. It also promotes the health of the immune system and reduces fatigue. Hemp protein powder typically has a subtle nutty flavor and is easy to digest.

The downside is that hemp doesn’t undergo too much processing. Rather than eliminating the unnecessary nutrients, the hemp seeds are ground so this type of protein powder doesn’t contain as much protein as the other types. Also, it doesn’t dissolve too well in liquids such as water or milk.

Aside from single protein sources, there are also protein powders which contain protein blends. This means that the protein powder is derived from different plant sources with different types of proteins. They usually contain a combination of 2 or more types of proteins in their formulation.

Most vegan protein powders contain protein blends. This is especially important if the main protein source isn’t considered as a complete protein. In such cases, different proteins are brought together in order to make the protein powder complete. Combining different types of protein is also an easy way to give a better texture to shakes and smoothies.

Protein Content Of The Vegan Protein Powder

After considering the type of protein powder, it’s time to take a look at the protein content of the different products. One of the main reasons why people don’t really prefer vegan protein powders is that they believe that these aren’t complete proteins. Of course, it’s easy to determine if the product is a complete protein.

If the product label or specifications state that it contains the 9 essential amino acids, that means that it’s a complete protein source. These essential amino acids are histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. Our body isn’t able to naturally produce these amino acids, so we need to get them from food sources and supplements such as protein powders.

Form Of The Vegan Protein Powder

Next up, think about the form of the vegan protein powder. When it comes to these products, there are two main forms to consider. First off, you can go for the vegan protein powder which is derived from just one plant source. The other form is the one derived from multiple plant sources.

Usually, more people prefer the powders with protein blends rather than the ones derived from a single plant source. This is because they’re usually more beneficial. When the different proteins are blended, you’ll be able to get a nutrient profile which is more complete and has more health advantages.

Also, blended protein powders mix well and have a more desirable texture. Just check the label carefully so you’re sure that the product you’re getting doesn’t contain fillers which are unnecessary and may be harmful.

Quality Of The Vegan Protein Powder

The quality of the product is also an important thing to consider. Keep in mind that not all vegan protein powders are created equal. This means that there really are products out there which are more superior than others. For one, check all the ingredients of the product. If it contains too many ingredients and a lot of them are hard to pronounce, it’s best to move on.

Also, try reading the customer reviews about the product. Doing this will save you a lot of time and money. These reviews come from real customers who have already tried the product and they’re more objective than the product’s description from the manufacturer. If you’re working on a budget, consider the price too. You don’t have to break the bank just to be able to purchase a protein powder which fits into your vegan diet.

Finally, check the shelf life of the product. Does it contain any preservatives which make it last a lot longer? Should you refrigerate the powder to increase its longevity? The answers to these questions can help you decide which product to purchase in the end.

Your Own Diet and Preferences

Finally, base your choice on your own diet and preferences. If you stay true to your vegan diet, then you should definitely purchase a vegan protein powder. Then check if the product contains any ingredients that you’re allergic to or those which you just don’t like. There’s no point in choosing a product which you don’t like only to leave it on the shelf until it expires.

Also, consider the value of the product. After making sure that it has a reasonable price, check the number of servings too. Don’t compromise the quality of the product because of the price. You may also have to go through a couple of protein powders before finding the one you truly love.

Check the flavor of the protein powder too. This is an important factor as you definitely won’t consume something which you abhor the taste of, right? Fortunately, vegan protein powders are already available in different flavors. You can try different products and stick with the one which has a flavor that you really like.

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Protein powders and shakes are becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, even if you’re a vegan, you can still purchase such products since they contain plant-based proteins. Before you choose a product, make sure you’ve taken into consideration all the important factors which will impact your choice. Protein powders are very beneficial especially when used or taken correctly.

It’s important to know exactly the product you’re purchasing so you know what you’re getting. As you’ve seen, some of the products we’ve reviewed are also suitable for children. So, if you want a protein powder which you can also give to your kids, go for those products. Either way, no matter which product you choose, you’re guaranteed a great buy.


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