How To Find The Best Running Shoes for Men


Although many running shoes are now being introduced in the market these days with features that tend to return to basics, people will always have the propensity to choose those that could provide the maximum comfort and fit. They would prefer shoes that could save them from pain and this usually entails those that are padded.

The new generation shoes are indeed cushioned for comfort but are not overly soft, so they can still provide the support needed, especially for long-distance runners. Manufacturers are now introducing more features each day for various styles that will suit any exercise needs. There are now shoes for walking, trail, and road running, cross-training, and beyond.

Choosing the right pair of running shoes is important, especially for two reasons: comfort and safety. Runners either under pronate, those who have their feet rolling outward when running, overpronate, which means their feet roll inward when running or are neutral when their feet neither roll inward or outward when running. Running shoes are available for such cases. Make it a point not to buy shoes that offer too much motion control or stability. You really don’t need such.

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Top 10 Running Shoes for Men

Mizuno Men’s Wave Creation 17 Running Shoe

This is an excellent choice for running shoes for men. These well-cushioned shoes are comfortable and durable too. They come with a unique Mizuno Intercool ventilation system which runs on the full-length of the midsole. This cool feature reduces humidity and heat accumulation in the interior of the shoes making them breathable and comfortable.

The Mizuno Men’s Wave Creation 17 Running Shoes are lightweight even though they have ample cushioning. These unique shoes are designed to enhance your performance while running. The imported shoes are made from synthetic materials and fabric. They have rubber soles and will provide you with a classic 3D fit.

These neutral shoes have breathable mesh overlays along with a midfoot wrap which will provide additional support. They have removable insoles and infinity wave heels that bounce-back. Finally, the shoes also have a padded collar and tongue for comfort.


  •  High-mileage running shoe with a classic 3D fit and a breathable mesh overlay.
  •  Has a padded collar and tongue as well as a removable insole.
  • Available in different colors and sizes.


  •  Some customers claim that the shoe is too firm.
  •  Customers don’t like the plastic sole of the shoe

Altra Olympus 2.5 Men’s Trail Running Shoe

These shoes have reinforced uppers to prevent blowouts and improve your performance. They also have Vibram MegaGrip outsoles, Zero Drop platforms, and Footshape toe boxes. All these will provide you with stability and comfort even on the most challenging types of terrain. Because of the superior cushioning and grip, you can use these shoes for running, hiking, and more.

The Altra Olympus 2.5 Men’s Trail Running Shoe are imported and have rubber soles. They are designed to enhance toe splay and natural positioning of the feet. The midsole is made of a dual-layer EVA and the outsole is made of rubber that’s extremely durable.

On the other hand, the upper has minimal seams and is made with a mesh that’s resistant to abrasions. So, if you’re looking for an excellent pair of shoes which are versatile and comfortable, look no further than this cool product.


  • Perfect for running, hiking, racing, and more.
  • Comfortable shoes with some excellent features.
  •  Has rubber soles and a zero-drop platform that’s fully cushioned.


  •  Sizes run a bit small.
  •  The toe box is quite thin.

ASICS Men’s Gt-2000 5 Running Shoes

These shoes are ideal for high-mileage runners who are searching for superior support and cushioning. The shoes have a FluidRide midsole for cushioning and superb bounce-back. They also have an added toecap that’s stitched-down for enhanced support and durability. The ASICS Men’s Gt-2000 5 Running Shoes are made with the Impact Guidance Technology. This helps improve the natural gait of the feet. Also, the shoes have GEL Cushioning Systems for the forefoot and the rearfoot.


  • Dynamic shoes with rubber soles and a unique Impact Guidance System.
  •  Also, has GEL Cushioning systems for the forefoot and rearfoot.
  •  Provides superior cushioning and support.


  • The heel may wear out easily.
  • The shoes are fairly narrow.

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Zante v3 Running Shoe

This is another excellent pair of running shoes for men. The New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Zante v3 Running Shoes have neutral arch support, cushy midsoles, lightweight outsoles, and they provide a springy feel. They’re versatile shoes which you can use anywhere from tempo training to marathon races. The shoes also have midsoles from fresh foam and rubber soles.


  •  Imported shoes with rubber soles and an engineered mesh.
  •  Made of no-sew material and a fresh foam midsole.
  • Available in different sizes and colors.


  •  The shoes are fairly narrow.
  •  Doesn’t have much cushioning.

ONEMIX Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes

These shoes have 360-air cushion soles which means that they will provide you with maximum cushioning. They also have deodorant insoles which are soft, and outsoles made of Wafle rubber for superior traction. The ONEMIX Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes are durable, lightweight, and are made of high-quality materials. They’re also breathable, flexible, and super comfortable. You’ll surely be able to run well with these shoes.


  •  Lightweight running shoes which are breathable and super-comfortable too.
  •  High-quality, durable shoes with superior cushioning.
  •  Provides better traction because of the Wafle rubber outsole.


  •  The soles aren’t very durable.
  •  Sizes run big.

ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

The ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoes will provide you with everyday comfort and a great fit. They come with rearfoot GEL cushioning as well as an outsole that’s rugged and ideal for different types of terrain. These are outdoor-ready running shoes with brushstroke-patterned and mesh underlays. The shoes also have sockliners which are removable to accommodate medical orthotics.


  • Has a removable sockliner and a rearfoot GEL cushioning.
  •  Imported running shoes which are suitable for different terrains.
  •  Available in varying designs and colors.


  •  The soles are quite stiff.
  •  Some issues with the stitching.

Adidas Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Race Running Shoe

These running shoes are both stylish and functional. They have a clean look to them which is inspired by contemporary runners. The mesh keeps the Adidas Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Race Running Shoe cool and breathable. On the other hand, the Cloudfoam keeps the shoes comfortable and light. The shoes are made of synthetic leather, breathable knit, and rubber soles which will provide you with secure traction.


  • Light, comfortable running shoes which are breathable too.
  • Has a cloudfoam sockliner for cushioning.
  • Also, has a seamless toe cap and a sleek, stylish design.


  • Not suitable for men with wide feet.
  • Some issues with the sizing.

Reebok Men’s Runner 2.0 MT Running Shoe

The Reebok Men’s Runner 2.0 MT Running Shoes will provide you with superior cushion. They have memory tech sockliners which create softness under the feet each time you take a step. The midsoles of the shoes are very responsive, and they have flex zones which allow for foot motion that’s natural. These imported shoes have a low-cut design and high-abrasion rubber soles.


  • Imported running shoes with a mesh upper that’s breathable.
  • Has a low-cut style and a Memory Tech sockliner.
  •  Available in different sizes and stylish designs.


  • The shoes don’t provide enough stability for exercising.
  • Shoes run small.

PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe

These shoes have a sleek and streamlined silhouette which sets it apart from other running shoes. The PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoes are stylish shoes with midfoot saddles and uppers made of synthetic leather. It will provide you with comfort and a maximum fit while absorbing impact. For a snugger fit, they have lace closures. The shoes also have a T-toe construction and breathable sockliners. Finally, they also have TPU shanks for enhanced stability.


  •  Imported running shoes made from synthetic leather.
  •  Has a lace closure and a T-toe construction for a good fit.
  •  Also, has a midfoot saddle for optimum comfort.


  •  They’re quite difficult to clean.
  •  Lacks arch support.

Saucony Men’s Cohesion 11 Running Shoe

These shoes will keep you ready each time you need to go for a run. The Saucony Men’s Cohesion 11 Running Shoes are designed so that you can use them even for other kinds of workouts. They’re stylish, durable, and will provide you will grid-supportive cushioning. The shoes also have upper overlays which are supportive.


  •  Imported running shoes with grid-supportive cushioning.
  •  Has upper overlays which are supportive and a rubber outsole that’s durable
  •  Comfortable shoes which are stylish too.


  • Some customers claim that the shoes lack support.
  • Shoes run small.

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Who Needs Running Shoes for Men?

The right choice of running shoes could give you the initial foundation for a healthy habit but an improper choice could result in injured toenails, blisters or worse and can discourage you from pursuing the healthy hobby. In this article, we have a selection of running shoes which we recommend because they are the most flexible choices for runners of varying goals and abilities.

Whether the shoes are just for recreational running or for competitive purposes, they should provide you with comfort and ease. A number of runners might not find some of these running shoes as adequate for their purposes, like right cushions for longer runs or not light enough for speed work and racing.

This, of course, does not mean that the shoes won’t work for either case or both. Many runners who were tested with these running shoes found them to be adequate for both marathon training and track workouts.

Perhaps those who walk for their health and fitness will find these choices agreeable. Those who workout in the gym may not even find these types of shoes too useful. Cross trainers or weightlifters should search for shoes that have less side-to-side stability or flatter soles which they will need for quick direction changes.

What Are the Benefits of Running Shoes for Men?

Running for health benefits has afflicted millions of people throughout the world. The exercise has been proven to increase the lung capacity for air, lower high blood pressure, and decrease body weight. Equipment required for running is limited but the most obvious and important tool is a pair of good running shoes.

Through modern innovations, running shoes have been improved to provide the best midsole cushioning and arch support which could prevent the occurrence of injuries at the same time promote athletic performance.

Midsole foot cushioning is one of the more important features associated with running shoes. The right midsole cushioning in running shoes will lessen some of the stress felt by the ankles, toes, and heel when running. This makes the exercise a lot safer and more comfortable. The safety factor of sole cushion goes higher up in preventing injuries to the hip, knee, and the back.

Arch Support is very important for people with flat feet. Even more so if they are engaged in regular exercise routines. Arch support, which is provided by running shoes, is a great benefit for almost all avid exercisers. For the flat-footed, it’s recommended to consult an exercise expert or a physical therapist on what shoes will give them the best benefits. Even those who have high arches can also get the same maximum benefits with running shoes with the right support.

The right kind of running shoes will ensure the prevention or reduction of many injuries. We have delved on arch support and mid-sole cushioning in preventing injuries and issues. The popularity of barefoot running has been gaining traction these past years, but such exercise has its own risks because it involves running without protection. The risks of scrapes and cuts are high. Obviously, using running shoes can reduce such injuries to the feet.

It is but logical to assume that people who wear the right kind of running shoes have a greater chance of athletic improvement. This is because of the comfort the shoe offer which consequently can improve running capacity. Running shoes are highly recommended for those who are engaged in competition. If you are not into contests, wearing running shoes can and will still improve your athletic performance.

What Features Should Running Shoes for Men Have?

Learn about the Running Shoe Uppers. Shoe uppers refer to those parts of the shoe except the sole. Nowadays, they are usually made of synthetic leather because this material is durable, supple, and abrasion-resistant. This type of leather is derived from polyester and nylon. Compared to real leather, it’s much lighter, quicker to dry, and a lot more breathable.

Nylon and nylon mesh materials are durable and are typically used to boost breathability and reduce shoe weight. TPU or Thermoplastic Urethane material is often used as overlays and is located over the shoe’s breathable panels such as the heel and the arch. These abrasion-resistant overlays increase durability and stability.

Waterproof Breathable Uppers are membranes that have been attached to the inner part of the linings. This prevents the entry of moisture at the same time, allowing the feet to breathe. With the installations, the feet are kept dry even in wet conditions, but some degree of breathability is sacrificed.

Running Sole Midsoles are also important. The midsole is a layer of cushioning material between the inner and outer soles of a shoe, for absorbing shock. EVA or ethylene vinyl acetate is the most common kind of foam used for the midsoles of running shoes. Although just one layer of EVA is used in midsoles, some makers would place a number of densities to create a unique pattern.

Posts refer to areas where firmer EVAs are added to make sections of the midsole harder to compress. These posts are typically found in stability shoes where they function to decrease pronation and boost stability. On the other hand, plates refer to thin, fairly flexible materials that are used to stiffen the shoe’s forefoot. These plates are often used by trail runners to shield the bottom of their feet from rock or root impacts.

Running Shoe Outsoles are another feature of such shoes. Most available running shoes are built from rugged carbon rubber on the heel. In the forefoot, manufacturers use blown rubber to provide more cushioning. Carbon rubber outsoles are preferred by trail runners because they can endure trail wear better.

Things to Know When Choosing Running Shoes for Men

Choosing the right running shoes can contribute to the success of your running routine.  But choosing the right shoes is not that easy as it involves several factors to consider.  Entering a shoe store to purchase a pair can be often times intimidating because of the endless walls of designs and colors every store has to offer.

You must be ready before entering, equipped with the proper information that will best suit your choice. You don’t have to be a marathon competitor to justify the kind getting a pair of custom-fitted shoes for your own needs. Just the right footwear is good enough and can work wonders, whether you’d use them for casual walks or for marathon runs. Physical health should be considered, so you should purchase a pair that would give you the right fit and comfort and would provide ample support for your feet.

Bear in mind that when you are running or walking, each time you put your foot down, the weight force will be three times more than normal. That is the force generated whether you are walking or running. This is where the importance of the right running shoes comes:  the shoes will serve as shock absorbers to that repeated amount of force. Sans the right shoes, you may be prone to injuries.

Also, take into consideration your most recent fitness level as well as your fitness goals. Does your plan include training for some goal and if so, how much distance is involved? Take, for instance, a runner who wants some protection because he has yet to figure out his condition and would want to reduce any risk of pain or injury.

There are runners who do 10-20 miles each week and are referred to as low-mileage. Those who do 20-40 miles are medium-mileage runners while those doing over 40 are high-mileage runners. Depending on the category this runner falls in will define the amount of stability, performance durability, and cushioning of his running shoes.

A runner should also consider the types of injuries that have been incurred and how such can affect your running experience. Your injury could have been related to the shoes currently being used. If so, the new pair of shoes should be able to fix the issue. In case the runner is still recovering, an expert’s recommendation of something which provides more support may be considered.

Do be more careful in choosing the right shoes if you have just come from an injury. Try to choose a pair that has more cushion and structure. From there, you can work your way to lighter and more flexible choices.

Another important factor to consider when choosing running shoes is your gait. Together with gait is running style. Running obviously starts with the feet and any off-alignment in the lower body will just be an accident waiting to happen. The right choice of shoes that can provide proper foot alignment can help you get a good start on your training goals.

If the shoe store offers a gait analysis for free, where they will observe you while walking and running barefoot, then doing the same wearing neutral sneakers. This will show what the ankles and feet do in mid-stance. As earlier stated, gait can be defined in three ways. Overpronated, where foot rolls too far inwards. Stabilizing shoes are recommended for such gait. Under pronated, where the foot rolls outwards. Shoes with more cushioning are recommended. Neutral refers to persons whose hips, ankles, and knees are all aligned and their arches flex minimally.

The next factor to consider is the space you need in the front part of the shoe when you put it on at the beginning. Most people buy shoes that exactly fit. In reality, they are too small because of the expansion factor. When a person runs, the feet expand and swell and one would need some accommodation when this transpires. And this accommodation is that extra space discussed earlier.

There will also be a need for an adjustment plan. Work the newly acquired running shoes gradually into your running routine. Never use new ones when running into distance marathons as this will surely lead to blisters and some other complaints.

Don’t dispose of the old running pair. Use them alternating with the new one. For the first week, use the new one about 30% of the time. Then slowly increase the number until you will be ready to phase out the old ones.

Also, pay more attention to what’s “under the hood” of your new shoes. People usually pay more attention to the design without paying no heed to the midsole, which is the most vital feature of running shoes and it is here where you find the support and cushioning.

The midsole’s condition will also be a gage if it was time to swap the pair you have now. When you notice cracks and wrinkles that resemble crashed packing peanut, then it is time for a change. Lastly, think about the feel of the new shoes. The best ones usually feel like it was tailor-made for your feet, cushioning and support-wise. No one shoe is the best but there will always be one that will be best for each and every person.

What are Some Practical Tips for Choosing the Right Size of Running Shoes for Men?

Always remember to buy shoes that are one size larger than your measured feet. This will give allowance for sweating and expansion. Make feet measurements in the late afternoon as your feet at such time will be at their largest. In addition, try fitting new running shoes while wearing the same socks that you regularly use.

Consider extra volume when you’re fitting new running shoes if you’re using inserts or orthotics. If the new shoe has removable inserts, take it out and replace it with your own orthotic or insert. Select a style of shoe that matches the shape of your foot. Take note that the widest part of the foot should comfortably fit in the shoe’s widest part.

Allow the length of the shoe to be a thumb’s length longer than the longest toe you have while standing. Try wiggling your toes around to ensure that there’s enough room. Don’t buy shoes that are too small to prevent slippage. Try using the new shoes while at home or on any flat surface for a couple of minutes to ensure comfort and fit.

Never buy shoes that exactly fit or too tight. Don’t expect the shoes to expand to adjust to your foot size. And remember, shoes with thick soles work best on harder surfaces.

Important Factors To Keep In Mind

The Flexibility of the Running Shoes for Men

Running shoes should flex properly. This is imperative because stiff shoes can cause discomfort when they don’t move to every movement you make. You could just imagine the agony of stiff shoes when running. It’s like having an inflexible board tied to the bottom of your feet.

Aside from the comfort issue, flexibility can also affect your stride when running if your feet cannot function the way they are used to. Running efficiency will be affected negatively. Also, be aware that the flexibility factor can differ as per the model.

It is logical to assume that the thicker-soled models will have slightly less or a different flexibility range. On the other hand, those shoes with lower profile design could have more flexibility because their soles are not that thick. New technologies in rubber and foam materials have made it possible that thicker-soled shoes have now much more flexibility than their earlier counterparts.

Breathability of the Running Shoes for Men

People would certainly not want shoes that produce lots of sweat. They would rather prefer those that are well-ventilated and will allow their feet to breathe well too. These features are usually found in the shoe’s upper materials where holes in the fabric are provided for.

The more the holes, the more the airflow. With new materials now, ventilation becomes better. We now have uppers made of fabrics and textiles which do not look like fishnets yet allow plenty of air movement in the shoe. The new styles which are of knit construction or a fabric with a breathable membrane may not appear breathable, but they really are when used.

There are several reasons why breathability is important for running shoes. For one, it’s the overall comfort. The horrible feeling of sweaty feet moving around in your shoe because of the accumulated moisture does not go well for runners. This is caused by the lack of airflow where moisture cannot evaporate.

There’s also the prevention of bacteria. Moisture that cannot escape will allow sweat into the inner part of your shoes and this will eventually stink. The odor is caused by bacteria which grows from the sweat that did not escape because of poor ventilation. Worse, this could lead to foot conditions like athlete’s foot and some other foot issues. Aside from comfort and hygiene, moisture will gradually have an effect on your shoes’ structure.

Type of Running Shoes for Men

What is really the proper running shoes for you? The wide variety that is now available can leave anyone feeling more confused and bewildered. There is also the apprehension that purchasing the wrong pair could leave you unprotected and injured. This could prove costly until you find the correct shoes. Here are some important terminologies that you may encounter in your search for the correct running shoes:

Maximum Support Running Shoes are the most controlling and supportive. These are also designed to slow down any excessive pronation. These have features that include medial posts. These are high-density materials in the midsole’s inner side which prevent it from collapsing as the heel turns onto it. These shoes have outer soles made of carbon rubber for better durability. They also offer maximum stability and ground contact.

Structured Cushioned or Stability Shoes offer a superior combination of cushioning and motion control. They may not be as controlling and heavy as the first category, but they nevertheless still can provide optimum support. They typically offer great stability and ground contact.

Cushioned or Neutral Trainers are the lightest ones. They are cushioned but have no motion control features. They can provide for faster movement as well as a softer-feel under the foot. The shoes are recommended for neutral foot types or orthotic wearers.

Cushioning of the Running Shoes for Men

Comfort in shoes usually spells cushion. Some shoes have more cushions than others and the amount will vary, depending on the user. The cushion is a general term when associated with running shoes because there are a wide variety of cushioned designed shoes available out there. And the number grows every year thanks to new developments in technology and materials.

Shoe design need not be gigantic or bulky to provide the required or adequate amounts cushions for comfort. If you were one searching for a design that offers the best cushion, you may not find it in models with low profiles.

Durability of Running Shoes for Men

The choice of running shoes will also depend on how much running you plan to do. For male runners, the average is one pair every couple of months. Distance and gender are not the only factors considered with durability. The terrain on where you intend to run can also be considered. The surface of the terrain will definitely affect the running shoes’ longevity.

Some models designed for moderate trails are expected to last in such conditions. If the model was designed for long distances on hard roads, the best options will perform there as well.

The climate is another factor to think about when it comes to running shoe choices. Again, there are shoes designed to withstand climate conditions. Your choice must be able to withstand normal elements that are met with constant running. Some models are specifically designed for wet conditions and their construction should be able to resist such types of weather. If not, then you may have bought a pair with a shorter lifespan.

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What are the best running shoes for men? Presently, the shoe markets are flooded with a wide variety of shoes that can cater to any kind of requirements. Often times, it can get confusing. There are several factors that need to be considered when buying a pair of running shoes.

Learn and study them before charging into a shoe palace to buy the correct pair. Don’t be overwhelmed by the designs or the colors as these are more cosmetic than practical. What is more important when making the choice are fit, comfort and safety. Above all else, take these as the most essential factors to consider.

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