What Is The Best Workout Machine For Your Home Gym?


Fitness seems to be related to the modern invention. Back in the 1970’s, when someone says exercise, one would visualize one jogging, dancing or doing Jazzercise. Physical exercise goes way back to a time when people would not think of it as working out, but more of a way of life. Back then, they did not have any machines or the weights that are available today. Nowadays, there are plenty of machines to choose from, and so the best workout machines for home are now within reach.

Workout machines have played an essential role in improving one’s health for quite some time now and these pieces of equipment aid in the art of exercise and in losing weight. Many people who are interested in weight loss or in maintaining their figure make use of this equipment in the comfort of their homes. When one uses a specific machine, certain parts of the body are directly affected like when one runs on a treadmill and does a few routines on his or her rowing machine. With that said, if one is going to be spending much time on a piece of home exercise equipment, one should go for a high-quality product. Investing in the best workout machines for home is something one will not regret.

Finding the best workout machines for home depends on the purpose of one’s exercise and routine. The best exercise equipment may be viewed differently by each person depending on his or her needs and preferences. The most common piece of workout machine that everyone is familiar with is the treadmill. The massive growth of the exercise equipment business is due to the benefits that they can give out to the community.

They improve the healthy practices of driven individuals and aid in paving the way to a healthier body. Since exercising is already a right thing to do for the body on its own, imagine what additional value a workout machine can contribute to a person’s daily routine. Looking for elliptical workouts to lose weight fast? Click here.

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Who Needs Home Workout Machines?

The wide selection of exercise equipment and activities pave the way to create the perfect routine for each person’s special needs. In general, everyone who exercises needs these workout machines. People who are on a diet program and athletes who are undergoing tough training need the best workout machines for home. Also, those who cannot find time to go to the gym and workout can always squeeze in their daily exercise needs at their home gym. That is if they buy the best workout machines for home. By having this equipment, maintaining one’s figure and staying healthy can be achieved at one’s convenience. For more info about Drew Baird Fitness, click here.

What are Home Workout Machines?

The best workout machines for home are equipment created for exercise. These pieces of equipment aid in muscle toning and healthy circulation of the ones using them. Since they are built for exercise, these machines have entered into the homes of the people who are into diet programs, weight loss programs, and sports.

Athletes usually have the best workout machines for home at their homes. Even actors and actresses and even people in one’s neighborhood have at least one exercise machine or equipment in his or her house.

What to Look For In-Home Workout Machines?

To launch an effective exercise program whether it is by doing it by oneself or with the guidance of a personal trainer, one needs the best workout machines for home. Doing cardio or other exercises without the use of workout machines sometimes isn’t enough to achieve a perfectly toned body.

Because of this, the usage of workout machines has grown due to their effectiveness in one’s fitness thus making it a multibillion-dollar industry. Health club memberships and home exercise equipment have now become excellent exercise solutions for many people.

If one is planning to purchase exercise equipment to be used at home, here are the things that one should look for in finding the best workout machines for home.

First of all, if one is still just starting out, one can save a fortune by selecting only the basics – comfortable walking shoes, hand weights, resistance bands or tubing equipment.

Hand weights, depending on one’s strength or capacity, one should start with sets of weights as low as two to five pounds or five to eight pounds. One can always add heavier weights as needed. Now for resistance bands and tubing, essential features include low cost, lightweight, portability, and ease of storage. Pay attention and consider these factors before purchasing since they are going to be used for a full-strength body workout.

If one plans to buy an exercise mat, one must choose a non-slip, well-padded mat for floor exercises.

For rowing machines, since they work the back, arms, and legs simultaneously, one can feel uncomfortable and some pain in the back at first. So when purchasing one, consider pulley models instead of piston models for a more realistic rowing experience.

With regards to elliptical trainers, since they are a cross between a ski machine and a stair stepper, look for comfortable handlebars and non-slip pedals with curved ridges. One must try the machine at varying speeds and grades first before buying to make sure that it feels stable. These are only a few things to look for to end up with the best workout machines for home.

Now when it comes to a stationary bicycle, using it is a no-brainer. Before buying one, the buyer should look for a model with a comfortable, adjustable seat and toe clips. If the seat is too hard, find out if the seller can replace the seat with a cushioned model that can be bought separately.

Another must-have in one’s collection of exercise machines is the ever-popular, treadmill. This machine enables a person to run indoors and in place thus making a morning jog easier and at one’s comfort. Some models of this machine offer a flexible, less joint-jarring surface option.

When purchasing one, look for one that comes with a strong motor so that the machine will last longer. Also look for a belt that’s long and wide, a sturdy frame with front side rails for safety and an emergency stop device. These factors should be considered in choosing the best workout machines for home. One must choose when it comes to investments like this to be able to get the money’s worth.

What Are The Precautions of Home Workout Machines?

When one is using workout machines at home, he or she needs to keep these precautions in mind. First of all, the best equipment will only be able to produce good results when they are regularly used and are well-maintained. Find out how to keep them in tip-top shape all the time and use proper procedures when cleaning or maintaining them. This way, one will be able to keep these equipment in good condition.

Two, one must always learn to use equipment properly to avoid injuries that could impair the one exercising temporarily or permanently. When one is still starting out as a beginner, it would be best if he or she should be guided by a professional trainer or with a gym buddy who knows what he or she is doing so that the best workout machines for home can be used effectively.

Lastly, the best workout machines for home are known to come in all shapes and sizes which means it also comes in a wide range of prices.

With that said, it pays to check consumer ratings and follow other tips from smart consumers before making a final purchase.  One will never know what he or she might find. Knowledge about these things can potentially save one from making the biggest mistake of their lives or the biggest regret that they can never take back.

What Are The Best Workout Machines For Your Home Gym?

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Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill

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The Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill is a premium club-style treadmill made for home gyms. It boasts 22 workout programs, an interactive LFconnect program to track progress and get advice, plus iPod integration for entertainment. The 4 horsepower motor is absolutely club quality – quiet and effective and with speeds up to 14 mph. The track is also suitable for walkers and runners alike. The overall quality of this treadmill makes it top of the line and one of the best workout machines for home. A lot of people would surely recommend this to their friends.


  • The track can accommodate taller runners
  • The track is also maintenance free
  • The club series treadmill can also be inclined by 15% by in .5% increments.
  • It also has a wireless heart monitor and contact heart monitor
  • The motor is powerful enough to support serious runners and multiple daily users


  • Some said that the track console had a few issues
  • Some said that it is overpriced; too expensive
  • Some said that they had trouble making touch-screen buttons

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 Chain Drive Pro Indoor Cycling Bike offers all of the necessities for an amazing cycling workout along with everything at-home fitness enthusiasts could wish for. With a total portability and transportation wheels for easy set-up and hide-away, one’s home will transform into a gym into no time.

It has a heavy duty steel frame and crank that adds essential quality and durability. It even has a smooth, dual felt pad resistance with an emergency stop switch. The padded adjustable handlebars are multi-grip ergonomic designed for all types of hand and grip positions for maximum comfort. Also, having a 40lb flywheel, it makes the ride smoother. This item’s flywheel is known to be second to none when it comes to feeling like one is really riding outdoors. This product can be considered as one of the best workout machines for home.


  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebars for comfort
  • Smooth and reliable chain drive mechanism
  • It has integrated transport wheels for easy mobility
  • It has a heavy duty crank system
  • It Has a 40 lb. chromed solid flywheel for stability


  • There’s no monitor to know what speed one is going at
  • After lengthier workouts at high intensity, the bike seems to emit some noise
  • Some say that the seats tend to get quite uncomfortable after a while

Bowflex SelectTech 552I Dumbbells

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Known for powerful results at the turn of a dial. This equipment is easily one of the best workout machines for home. With it, one can adjust small increments so one can gradually increase their strength. It is also considered as one of the most space efficient and flexible strength-training options available in the market.

It is made of durable molding around metal plates providing a smooth lift-off and quieter workouts. Shaped to be ergonomically-friendly equipment as much as possible, the handle has ridges to improve their grip. This useful feature minimizes the risk of the dumbbells slipping when working out. For over 25 years, Bowflex has been synonymous with real people and real results. It’s ideal for in-home training.


  • Replaces up to 30 dumbbells
  • Adjusts to one’s workout
  • Space efficient
  • Provides quitter workouts
  • Wider weight range


  • The dumbbells contain moving parts, it’s inevitable that there will be some rattling whilst in motion.
  • Not advisable if the user is having a routine that drops its weights onto the floor.
  • The overall size of the product is larger than some alternative models, if only by couple of inches. This does make some routines awkward.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

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Warm up one’s body before a workout with this whole-body rowing machine or max out the resistance to bulk up one’s back, shoulders and arms.The Concept2 Model D is the ultra-popular air rower that one can see at most gyms. It is one of the best home indoor rowers anybody can buy.

This product is well-constructed and ergonomically unequaled. It includes an excellent PM5 monitor that provides all vital data. Another good thing about this machine is that it calculates drag factor. That is probably why most people suggest that this is one of the best workout machines for home.


  • Recognized brand as the standard for indoor training
  • Ergonomically unequaled
  • The performance monitor provides accurate and comparable data for every row
  • It also wirelessly monitors one’s heart rate
  • The flywheel design minimized noise while maximizing a smooth feel


  • The price is a bit higher compared to the rest

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

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This extremely well-designed SOLE E35 from SOLE Fitness is built to make one’s elliptical workout as easy and comfortable as possible. This product has a display console with a white back lit LCD display. It includes a built-in cooling fan and a water bottle holder.

The console also has built in speakers which are helpful especially if one wants to hook up with any MP3 player or iPod. Also, its stationary handle bars with built-in pulse sensors are excellent for monitoring one’s heart rate. Plus, this one also has Bluetooth connectivity, a feature that separates SOLE from the rest in the market, thus it is considered as one of the best workout machines for home.


  • It has Bluetooth technology
  • It has adjustable foot pedals
  • It has a power incline
  • Uses heavy thick steel in their support for the product’s frame
  • It offers a good range of resistance with its 25-pound drive


  • Some have experienced the machine rusting within two years of use.
  • It also tends to make a bit of noise
  • Some users dislike the assembling part of the machine
  • It is preferable for taller trainees
  • It also isn’t foldable; it isn’t best the elliptical for smaller homes

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Our Choice for the Best Workout Machine for Your Home Gym

The best workout machine for home among the five choices is no other than the classic treadmill and not just any treadmill but the Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill. There’s a reason why the treadmill is almost at any healthy person’s house and there’s a reason why the Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill is the best choice. Although, this product doesn’t have hi-tech features, it has 22 built-in workout programs.

It can go up to 14 miles per hour with a 15% incline rate. It also comes with 10 years of parts protection. Not to mention, it also includes a wireless heart monitor that can aid the user as he or she runs. One may not be able to run away from their problems, but one can certainly run and make sure they look good to fight their problems head on. Again, the Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill is one of the best workout machines for home. This beauty can be one’s ticket to a sexier and healthier physique.

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