What Is The Best Survival Food Brands In 2017


In today’s modern and highly competitive world, everything is unpredictable. No matter how much you plan things, something will almost always happen that can alter or suspend your plans. Storms are difficult to predict. Earthquakes can surprise you in the most unexpected time. Tidal waves, fire, tornadoes, and other natural disasters – nobody knows when he or she will strike.

This is why it is important to be ready at all times. If you are well-prepared, you will know what to do and where to go when these disasters strike. You will also know what you will need to have in case you are going to be stuck at home for weeks, or if you ever need to keep yourself safe in the bunkers (or your secret room).

Aside from preparing your house for these disasters, you also have to be ready with your survival kit. Moreover, one of the essential items in a survival kit is survival food and knowing the best survival food brands is a must.

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Who Needs Survival Food?

If you think you do not need to think about the best survival food brands because you do not live in a disaster-prone area, or because everything is a-okay where you live, you must have been residing in a cave for years. Nobody, absolutely nobody, can escape from disaster.

Whether you live in an upscale neighborhood or the poorest of areas, you are going to need items from the best survival food brands.

However, some people have made survival food from the best survival food brands a priority over anything else. These are the campers, hikers, backpackers, and survivalists or doomsday preppers.

What Is Survival Food?

When you talk about emergency preparedness or being a prepper, the first thing that usually comes to mind is food – survival food from the best survival food brands in particular. Food is number one on the list because it is what we need to survive (aside from a safe shelter, of course).

It is also a priority because every time disaster is about to strike, or when we somehow foresee something unusually dangerous is about to happen – people troop to the supermarket in thousands and horde all the food that they can from best survival food brands there is.

To be fully prepared, you – we – need to stock up on survival food from the best survival food brands. In case you are not that familiar yet, survival food is food that you prepare and stores in case a disaster, or any catastrophic situation happens. Also called emergency food or emergency rations, these are items that are meant to last for days (sometimes even months).

Survival food from the best survival food brands is also common for campers, backpackers, and hikers as most of them go on adventures where nothing is definite. They need to make sure that they have enough food for them to survive if ever they are caught in a difficult situation (like getting stranded in the campsite because of harsh weather conditions).

Many best survival food brands in the United States, and in different parts of the world, manufacture special survival food kits or packs. Stocking up on survival food is also called Long Term Food Storage, an indication that the food you choose should have a long storage life so they will not spoil quickly.

Survival food is usually bought in bulk. Well, these are mostly ingredients bought in bulk such as sugar, salt, eggs (powdered), flour, powdered milk, and the like. Of course, you also need to stock up on stuff like canned goods.

There are different types of survival food from the best survival food brands you can choose from.

Freeze-dried food. Freeze-dried food has a long shelf life, does not lose nutrition, is easy to prepare, and tastes good. Additionally, there are many varieties for freeze-dried food, so your options are extensive. Take note, however, that freeze-dried food can be quite expensive from best survival food brands. Shelf life is a maximum of 25 years.

Dehydrated food. Dehydrated food is compact and light because it is devoid of moisture. Although more affordable than freeze-dried survival food, there is not much variety offered by the best survival food brands so you can be stuck with insufficient options. Also, dehydrated food takes awhile to rehydrate. Shelf life is a maximum of one and a half years.

Meals Ready to Eat or MREs. These meals from the best survival food brands are popular with survivalists because, well, they are intended for survival situations. MREs are ideal because they are lightweight but packed with nutrients. Most of the time, no cooking or very minimal preparation is required. They taste good, too! However, you need to choose well among the best survival food brands because there are MREs with high sugar, sodium, and fat content.

Shelf life for MREs varies between the best survival food brands, but the maximum is more or less five years.

Survival food bars. You have seen many survival bars in movies, particularly in astronaut or space movies like The Martian (although theirs are specially-made for astronauts). These are intensified granola bars that are compact and lightweight but packed with the calories you need for energy. They do not really taste that good, however.

Survival bars’ maximum shelf life is around five years.

What’s In Survival Food?

While you can choose any food with long shelf life, certain food types are a must for your survival food pack. First off, it is important to consider the nutritional values of the food you choose. Second, you need to choose those that your family likes; otherwise, they just might go to waste.

Third, you need to consider your storage place. How big or spacious it is? Does it have enough ventilation? Do you have a spare refrigerator? These are questions you need to answer before buying your survival food.

Typical survival food from the best survival food brands usually has the following components:

Non-perishable staple foods. These do not require refrigeration and have a long shelf life. It is essential to keep a variety of non-perishables from the best survival food brands in your survival food pack.

Examples of non-perishable staple foods are rice (except brown rice), biscuits and crackers, canned goods (chicken, beef, tuna, fruits, vegetables, and soup), oatmeal, and dried fruits like cranberries. For the canned varieties, choose the ones that are marked with the label “No Salt Added.” Dry or canned beans are also an essential non-perishable food.

You can also include non-fat dried milk or refrigerated milk mixed with prepared dried milk.

Frozen non-perishable items. These types of survival food from the best survival food brands can be let out in the open for long periods, they will not perish or rot, and can last for years. If you keep them frozen, their shelf life will significantly increase. Some examples are noodles, dried pasta (of any kind), freeze-dried coffee or instant coffee (whichever is easier to get), dried fruits (mangoes, blueberries, bananas, cherries, raisins, plum, and dates, among others).

Proper freezing can extend their shelf life to indefinite periods of time.

Hard grains. These survival foods from the best survival food brands should be stored at around 70°F so that their shelf life can be extended to about 10 to 12 years. These grains have hard outer shells, which is the main reason for their long shelf life.

Some examples you should take note of are buckwheat, soft white wheat, dry corn, hard red wheat, durum wheat, Kamut, and hulled wheat. The best alternative to rice is buckwheat while dry corn can be a good provider of fibers, vitamin B, and essential minerals.

Beans and peas. If kept in tightly sealed containers and away from oxygen, beans and peas from the best survival food brands will have a shelf life equivalent to more or less ten years.

Some examples are kidney beans, pinto beans, lima beans, dried beans, green mung beans, dried split beans, blackeye beans, hard red wheat, dried lentils, black turtle beans, garbanzo beans, and adzuki beans.

Choosing to include one or two or any of these beans from the best survival food brands in your survival food will assure you that you will not suffer from hunger and will also be properly nourished.

Non-perishable seasonings. Seasonings are good survival foods because they can last forever. Their shelf life is quite long, especially if they are from the best survival food brands and tightly sealed in a moisture and humidity-free container and space.

Some examples of non-perishable seasonings are sugar, salt, dried herbs, spices, and pepper. Pure vanilla extract and other pure flavor extracts are also non-perishable and essential additions to your survival food pack.

You can also include non-perishable condiments in this list. Examples of these sauces include Worcestershire sauce (unopened, of course) and various types of vinegar: balsamic, apple cider, red wine, rice wine, and others.

Non-perishable survival drinks. You also need a lot of liquid or drinks to survive. Ideal non-perishable drinks to store for extended periods are the ones that do not contain eggs, milk, and other dairy derivatives. This applies in particular for alcoholic beverages with 10% alcoholic content.

What Are The Precautions Of Survival Food?

In choosing survival food, you have to be extra careful which ones to buy because not all made with the same level of quality and consistency. Quality should always be more important than the price tag.

Choose the products that have long shelf life. There are survival foods that can last for three days only. Unless you are preparing for a regular storm, you can choose these items. However, if you want food that can last you years, pick the ones with long shelf life.

Finally, be warned that not all survival food tastes good.

What Are The Best Survival Food Brands in 2017?

To help you start out, here are five of the best survival food brands for 2017. Most of these are offered in packs.

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Mountain House: Survival and Causal Prepared Foods


  • checkin different serving sizes and containers. You can choose from pouches, cans, and meal kits.
  • checkYou can likewise choose from a variety of food items: scrambled eggs with ham and peppers in a 30-year shelf life can, diced chicken, and diced beef.
  • checkVery flexible price range, from $6 to $285 more or less.
  • checkList Element


  • You might be forced to buy a lot because it can be difficult to choose from the very extensive variety they offer!

Rothco: MREs Box A


  • checkPerfect for hardcore survivalists. This contains genuine surplus from the United States military.
  • checkThese ready to eat emergency meals can last for up to 10 years of more if properly stored.
  • checkThe average calorie count per meal is 1250.


  • They are surplus.
  • Some consumers who have tried it say these are ideal for those looking for food that lasts for 3-4 years more or less.

Wise Company: Wise Favorites 72-Hour Kit


  • checkOffers freeze-dried staples and emergency food kits.
  • checkMost of their products are ideal for both daily consumption and long term storage (of up to 25 years).
  • checkEmergency food bags are packed in grab-and-go buckets that are convenient to carry around.


  • Drinking water is part of pre-assembled kits, none sold individually or in bulk.

Legacy: Emergency Food Storage


  • checkOffers bulk meal packages with a shelf life of more or less 25 years.
  • checkAlso, provides sample packets and single buckets.
  • checkAffordable prices.


  • Certain state limitations do not allow Legacy to ship to several countries.
  • Products can be bought only through local retailers, not directly through their website.

Valley Food Storage: Pantry Supply


  • checkFreeze-dried food that does not contain artificial flavors and preservatives to last years
  • checkTheir food does not include GMOs, trans fat, MSG, and unhealthy hydrogenated oils.
  • checkThey also offer an extremely varied menu.


  • It may take you quite some time to prepare compared to other survival food brands.


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Our Choice for the Best Survival Food Brand in 2017

Topping the list of best survival food brands in 2017 is Mountain House. If you want quality, variety, and affordability, this should be the number one survival food brand on your list.

Mountain House provides food rations for both casual use and survival preparedness purposes. As such, their products are designed to cater to different groups. There are food rations for campers, backpackers, and hikers; and there are those that are prepared specially for survivalists or doomsday preppers.

They also have Pro-Paks, which is quite similar to their pouches but are designed to withstand increased pressure. Perfect for campers and mountain climbers.

Long shelf life is the number one characteristic of their products. First-rate quality is also a number one feature of every Mountain House product. The company has been around for more or less 50 years, so they know what they are doing and what the consumers want and need. Additionally, among the brands in the best five list, Mountain House products boasts of having the longest shelf life: 30 years.

Likewise, you will have a grand time choosing from the variety of survival food choices that they offer. Moreover, the best thing about all these is that the prices are quite affordable!

So if you want an all-around survival food pack or emergency food ration, the only way to go is with Mountain House. It is the best investment for your safety and survival.


10 Fun Neighborhood Fitness Activities For Kids 

It is very important in today’s world that each kid should be involved in knowing the best survival food brands, and a physical activity every day. With too much of hush and rush, kid’s of today’s generation have very little exposure to outside activities and best survival food brands. Most of the kids either get glued to the television or get addicted to gaming. It becomes difficult for parents to get their kids involved in physical activities and knowing the best survival food brands. It is very important that as a parent you motivate your child to exercise so that he is more focused, healthier and happier. Here are some fun neighborhood fitness ideas for your children. You can introduce these activates along with the best survival food brands in your children’s daily regimen and they would actually not notice that they are working out too. 

1. Jump Rope

Jump your way towards healthy life! 

The most convenient way to burn calories is by playing the Jump rope and the best survival food brands are easy to find when jump roping. It is a great family binder as it can be played by all, immaterial of the age. You can jump anywhere and find best survival food brands. Be it your backyard or your living area. Finding the best survival food brands and jumping rope builds strength, endurance and coordination. You can vary different forms of games that you play. But it is important that the jump rope and best survival food brands that you use are of right height for every member of the family. If a member stands in the center of the rope and pulls the handles up, the handles should come up to their mid-chest. Then you are good to go. You can buy adjustable jump ropes and best survival food brands, so that all your family members can participate. 

2. Dancing

Dancing is a great way to cope with stress and also a wonderful fun activity for kids like choosing the best survival food brands.

One great cardiovascular workout is dancing and scouting for the best survival food brands, which builds one’s strength, flexibility and muscle tone.

Kids love to dance and pick the best survival food brands. Bank in this interest of theirs, and work on their dance steps and moves. Choreograph few songs and invite few friends over to show off the best survival food brands they find and their dance performance. It will be a lot of fun for you and your kids. If you feel that your child is very good in some form of best survival food brands hunting and dance, you can take a clue and expose him/her to professional training too. 

3. Hiking

Hiking and discussing about the best survival food brands is an amazing way for family bonding as well as learning. 

If you want to have a great picnic with your family, plan a Hiking activity and bring the best survival food brands with your family. It not only is a great cardiovascular activity but also it gives a good opportunity for the entire family to bond and explore the best survival food brands and nature together. Your kids would gain good knowledge of the best survival food brands, plants, animals and geography. Make it an all day event and pack your picnic food packs from the best survival food brands you chose. It sure will be a good fun-filled day for your family. Zero down on a place and plan your hike. Exploring your kids to this kind of activities would help them to build a conscious of being healthy and also learn to appreciate the best survival food brands and the environment around them too. 

4. Yoga

Help your child who loves snacking on the best survival food brands practice yoga to keep both mind and body healthy 

Yoga is a physical activity that is catching up with people who are into the best survival food brands. It helps one get acquainted with one’s inner self and learn your systems and at the same time with immense stretching and poses involved it is a very good form of exercise just like searching for the best survival food brands. It would calm an individual and at the same time rejuvenate their energies. Practice purchasing best survival food brands and yoga as a family and it will surely be a great session. In warmer months, practice yoga in a beach or park to experience the serene feeling. Your kids would love this. 

5. Dog Walking

Take your dog on a walk! Walking and getting your hand on the best survival food brands would keep you and your family fit 

If you have a dog as a pet, your kids who munch on the best survival food brands are already lucky as they now have a ready made workout! Walking helps your children to keep a tab on their weight as it is a low impact cardiovascular exercise. Keep your child’s metabolism elevated and also give your dog the daily dose of exercise he needs.

If you do not have a dog, you can always offer to walk your neighbor’s dog, or purchase best survival food brands, they would be more than happy to help them out.

6. Hippity Hop

Give your child the best survival food brands to snack on and a Hippty hop to bounce on 

All kids love to bounce just like finding the best survival food brands. Bouncing helps build muscle tone is great for all age groups of kids. Get a hippity hop ball for your kids that come in various sizes. It is an easy to use, low cost toy but it will give your child plenty hours of fun bouncing and not to forget great health. 

7. Hula Hoop

Teach your kid who eats best survival food brands to balance your Hula hoop and search for the best survival food brands in the market, and they would automatically balance their health and fitness 

The old Hula Hoop is back again with interesting color combinations. The trick is to keep the hoop circling around your waist by placing one foot in front of other foot to create a rocking motion. Make it a fun exercise for your kids snacking on the best survival food brands by playing some music and let them hoop along with the beat. Else set some time and count how many hoops’ they can make for a fixed time period.

8. Trampoline

Trampoline is a good way to keep your family’s fitness level at peak 

Jumping is great for health for kids and parents as well who are looking for best survival food brands. Kids love to jump, if given a chance. You may to surprise to find that your kids can jump eat the best survival food brands for hours together. Get a backyard trampoline so that your children can jump in open space and can breathe some fresh air. Trampoline has become quite affordable these days with additional enclosures for the safety of kids who likes to eat best survival food brands as snacks. 

9. Frisbee

Playing Frisbee helps your child who likes eating the best survival food brands for snacks develop his resistance 

Have you ever thought that this plastic round disc can be fun for your kids too? This is one such chance that you can make best use of to get your family together and build fitness. Get your family to eat the best survival food brands and moving along the Frisbee when each of them runs to catch and send it back to other. Recollect all the games that you have played in your childhood with the Frisbee and involve your kids in the game. Playing Frisbee would take care of your entire family’s fitness. 

10. Skateboarding

Skateboarding is one such activity that your child who loves to snack on best survival food brands might refuse to give up later in life 

Try introducing skateboarding to your children as it does not seem like an exercise at all. While trying to find the best survival food brands and zooming out across the neighborhood, your kids also build coordination and balancing skills. It might take a while for your kids munching on best survival food brands to get a hang of it, but once in full form they would not want to take their skates off!


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