Best Skin Care Supplement for Teenagers


Puberty can be quite a tough time for teens. With your body going through so many changes, taking care of your skin is probably the last thing on your mind.

That said, it’s important for teens to establish a good skincare routine from a young age because how you take care of your skin today will affect how your skin will be when you’re older.

You can start by doing some research on what it means to have a good skincare routine because applying some concealer on that stubborn zit or skipping the moisturizer because your skin is too oily will not make the problem go away. You should also try to be more aware of what you put on your skin, as some products tend to contain harsh chemicals that irritate the skin even more and strip away its moisture.

While we all have different skin types, it helps to try out a few products before you settle on something that doesn’t fully work for you, because with the wide variety that’s available, you’re bound to find something that suits your skin type perfectly.

To help you along, we’ve compiled a list that contains an assortment of skincare products which are not only mild and gentle but formulated with natural ingredients and are affordable too!

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Cure Natural Aqua Gel

Like most teens, you’re probably having a hard time choosing from the many products that claim to clear blackheads, exfoliate, eliminate oil and penetrate deeply into the skin’s pores. The truth is that most face scrubs available on the market are extremely irritating to the skin. They strip away its moisture while the scrubbing beads are particularly painful to anyone that has acne or acne scarring.

Luckily, Cure Natural Aqua Gel is made from a gentle combination of Aloe Vera, ginkgo biloba leaf and hydrogen water, which are rich in beneficial antioxidants. This formula deeply penetrates the skin to remove dead skin cells while the Aloe Vera moisturizes and leaves your skin hydrated and looking healthy. All you have to do is apply a small amount and massage it onto your face, making sure that your skin is clean and dry beforehand. Then, you quickly rinse it off to reveal smooth and soft skin.

While this gel is not exactly a budget-friendly option, we’d still recommend it because little goes a long way and you only must apply it twice a week to get results, which means that it can last for a long time.


  • Contains natural ingredients
  • No artificial preservatives, fragrances or coloring
  • Best-selling skincare product in Japan!
  • Gentle and non-abrasive


  • Doesn’t work for everyone
  • Some allergic reactions have been reported by some users, but it seems to work well for most

Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash

As implied in the name, the Origins Checks and Balances ‘Frothy’ Face Wash lathers up nicely for a smooth and comfortable application. You can use it to remove makeup and dirt at the end of the day as part of your evening skincare routine, as it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean.

Its delicate scent is made possible by the essences of lavender, spearmint and bergamot oils, while the formula itself is specifically created to balance your skin so that it’s not too dry or too oily. That’s what makes it suitable for all skin types, and the best part is that it won’t leave your skin feeling tight or dehydrated as some other products do.


  • You only need to apply a little bit of it at a time
  • It goes on smooth and lathers nicely
  • Smells great


  • This face wash is very small for the price

Muji Face Blotting Paper

One of the biggest insecurities for people with oily skin is having a super shiny face, which is why it helps to have blotting paper around. Japanese minimalist homeware brand Muji makes these fantastic blotting papers from 100% pulp, which means that they are thinner and lighter than other brands that use talc. It’s also one of the most effective blotting papers at sucking up excess oil of all the ones that we’ve come across.

We love the tiny carrying case that these papers come in because it fits easily into a sling or clutch bag, as well as in your pocket. Plus, you don’t have to take it out frequently because its powerful effects tend to last throughout the day. This lightweight blotting paper is all you need to stay fresh and confident throughout the day, as it works to effectively absorb excess oil and leaves your skin matte and fresh.


  • The small carrying case will fit easily into your jeans or clutch bag
  • Very effective with long-lasting results
  • Removes excess oil
  • Lightweight
  • Good value for money


  • For some, the paper is not soft enough
  • The packaging could use some improvement
  • The paper doesn’t dispense well from the packaging

Bronner Almond Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

This is a multi-purpose liquid soap that can be used for some applications, from washing dishes and laundry, to showering and of course washing your face. Being a well-known fair trade company, Dr. Bronner doesn’t disappoint with this all-natural soap, which is made from jojoba oil, olive oil, hemp oil and coconut oil, to name but a few ingredients.

It cleanses the skin without stripping its moisture and leaves your face feeling nourished in every sense of the word. It’s a particularly great product to use if you have back acne or skin problems on any part of your body, as it deeply cleans the skin without dehydrating it.

As a concentrated soap, a little of it can go a long way, which is why it’s value for money despite its relatively high price. Dr. Bronner Almond Pure-Castile Liquid Soap is the soap to get if you’re suffering from acne on your face, back, neck or anywhere on your body. You can also use it as a shampoo or a handwashing soap, to wash your dog, your dishes, etc. It’s a versatile soap that leaves hands clean yet moisturized.


  • Foams up beautifully to remove excess buildup of oil and dirt from the skin
  • Doesn’t dry the skin out
  • A little goes a long way


  • A bit pricey but worth it

Muji Toning Water

A lot of people have found this toner to be very effective at removing makeup and dirt after a long day, but you can also incorporate it into your morning skincare routine to prepare your skin for the moisturizer. Its mild effects can be attributed to the fact that it doesn’t contain any alcohol, parabens, fragrances, mineral oils or artificial colors.

It’s simply made from natural and gentle ingredients and is tested for safety before being shipped out to prevent any irritating factors. Plus, it’s highly concentrated, so you only must use a small amount to get the desired results. This fragrance-free tonic water from Muji is mild and safe to use for any skin type, and it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients that might irritate your skin.


  • Refreshes skin
  • Works for all skin types
  • Hydrating and moisturizing
  • No fragrance


  • The price tends to fluctuate

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Very few of us put much thought into the type of makeup remover we use, but you definitely will once you try this oil-based deep cleansing oil from DHC. It’s enriched with essential vitamins and minerals that come with all the natural ingredients that it’s made from. Although it’s oil-based, its soluble formulation makes it easy to wash off.

The best part about this formula is that you don’t have to use cotton pads and can apply it using your fingers. You’ll be glad to know that there are no parabens, artificial fragrances or harmful chemicals in this deep cleansing oil, and you can get it in 3 different sizes, namely 30ml, 70ml and 200 ml. This gentle cleansing oil works great for all skin types and leaves your skin clean, hydrated and soft.


  • Clinically tested to remove makeup without irritating the skin safely
  • Currently one of the best-selling cleansing oils in the world
  • Rinses off easily


  • DHC has been having shipping problems recently, and some customers have complained of receiving dupes

Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Lotion

The Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Lotion is a gem of a product that works to soothe the skin without clogging its pores. It’s especially recommended for those with sensitive combination skin, and applying it leaves the skin feeling noticeably soft.

Thanks to the non-greasy formula, you don’t have to worry about excess oil. Instead, this lotion hydrates the skin and contains a light and pleasant fragrance that comes from the almond oil. As the name implies, this facial lotion is gentle and soothing on the skin. Hence it’s suitable for those with sensitive skin.


  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Lightweight and highly concentrated
  • Non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin


  • Some people are allergic to the coconut
  • Not good for oily skin

The Body Shop Seaweed

If your skin has problems with excess sebum production, then this lightweight oil-control gel cream from The Body Shop is for you. It harnesses the power of seaweed from Ireland to balance your skin out, while its lightweight formula hydrates the skin without causing shine. It leaves the face looking matte and feeling refreshed while offering great value for money. This oil-control gel cream is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their sebum production under control. It eliminates oiliness to reveal a matte and clear complexion, and for the price, it’s a pretty good deal.


  • The gel-like texture makes it easy to apply
  • Hydrating and lightweight
  • 100% vegan
  • Mattifies the skin


  • Not suitable for combination

Mario Badescu Acne Starter Kit

This wonderful beauty brand is a favorite among Hollywood stars, and it boasts customers like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Sheryl Crow to name but a few. They all attest to this product’s amazing ability to transform problematic skin, and this starter kit is a great introduction to this brand.

With this set, you’ll get a cleanser, cucumber lotion, and an oil-free moisturizer, as well as a drying cream and drying mask to finish off your routine. All these products are made with high-quality ingredients that help to eliminate blemishes, moisturize, zap zits and control oil buildup. It’s a great way to help your teenage daughter or son to develop a skincare routine. This kit is a great way to develop an ongoing skincare routine, and although some of the products aren’t suitable for everyone, it’ll help you figure out what works and what doesn’t for your skin type.


  • This kit is a great introduction to this brand and will help you develop a skincare routine
  • The face wash is especially effective at cleansing and hydrating the skin
  • Eliminates blemishes


  • The moisturizer can sometimes cause breakouts, but the rest of the kit works fine
  • Some reviewers didn’t like the smell of the drying mask

Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner

This water-gel toner stays true to its name by quickly melting onto the skin after application. You only must apply a little to cover the entire face. Its gel-like formula is specially formulated for dehydrated skin and has acne fighting properties that help to soothe frazzled skin cells and redness. It’s perfect to use for both the morning and nighttime routine. This toner applies beautifully to the skin, cleansing and soothing to fight acne and redness.


  • Works great for all skin types
  • Helps to reduce oiliness, redness, and blemishes
  • Mattifies the skin


  • Might dry out skin

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Who Needs to Use Skin Care Supplements?

For most people, the mere mention of the phrase ‘skin care’ makes them think of dry skin, skin cancer and having to go through an entire aisle of skin care products. However, true skincare is about more than just taking care of the appearance of your skin and implementing a regular skincare routine into your day is easier than you think.

If you want to have healthy and beautiful skin all year round and all throughout your life, then you’ll do well to invest in a proper skincare routine from an early age. To achieve consistently great-looking skin, you have to get familiar with your skin type and learn how to treat it right.

The first thing you should do is find out what your skin type is, with the main ones being dry, combination and oily. Although your skin type remains consistent throughout, seasonal changes do affect the dryness or oiliness of your face.

What Products Can You Use for Skin Care

What you should look into next is what constitutes a good skincare routine. This refers to the steps and types of products that you need to incorporate into your routine to achieve clean and healthy-looking skin.


It’s essential that you start your routine by washing your skin with a cleanser, and not just some bar of soap that you just happened to have around the house. Be sure to lather your face gently with the cleanser and try not to rub it in too hard. Also, you should only rinse your face with warm water, as hot water will dehydrate the skin by stripping away its natural oils and moisture.

For most people, finding the perfect cleanser takes a lot of trial and error, but there are some helpful pointers that you can use to narrow down your options. For example, a fragrance-free and alcohol-free cleanser is often recommended for those with dry skin, while oily skin requires an oil-free cleanser that won’t exacerbate the oiliness, as well as a toner to keep the skin balanced.


The next step in your routine should be to apply a toner, which works to soften, calm and smooth the skin. Toners typically contain a combination of ingredients that are excellent at restoring the essential nutrients needed by your skin, while removing dry patches, redness, and blemishes.


Moisturizers are a must regardless of your skin type because they help to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. That’s why it’s important to follow up with a moisturizer every time you wash your face. Also, if you’ve been struggling to find a moisturizer that’s right for you, don’t despair. This happens to everyone, and after a bit of trial and error, you’ll soon find one that works for your unique skin tone. Keep in mind that oily skin requires a light moisturizer that’s preferably not oil-based, and gels work well too. For the best results, apply the moisturizer onto your face while the skin is still slightly damp.


Sunscreen is an essential part of any skincare routine, and you should apply a dedicated SPF even if your moisturizer contains a certain amount of sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen product that shields the skin against UVA and UVB rays equally, and remember that failure to properly use sunscreen can result in uneven skin tone, accelerated aging (wrinkles and aging spots) and even skin cancer! For best results, apply the SPF every day, regardless of the weather conditions, and if you’re spending most of your day out in the sun with exposed arms and legs, then reapply every 2 hours.


You don’t necessarily have to exfoliate daily, but it’s recommended that you do once or twice per week. That said, you may need to exfoliate more frequently if you’re experiencing dry or dehydrated skin due to winter weather conditions, but the recommended maximum regularity is twice per week. Exfoliating has many benefits, from increasing cell production to removing flaky skin and buildup of dead skin cells, as well as soothing the skin, cleaning pores and providing a protective barrier over your skin.


The serum is a ‘nice to have,’ but a very appealing one at that. Not only does adding a serum to your daily skincare routine improve the firmness and texture of your skin, but it also works to cool redness while improving the overall health of your skin though beneficial ingredients like retinol and antioxidants.

What to Use and When to Use

If you often get confused as to what steps you should follow in your skincare routine, we’re here to help. Morning skincare is all about prevention and protection from harmful environmental effects during the day, whereas the emphasis of a nighttime skincare routine is to cleanse away the build-up of dirt from the day and assist its regenerative processes throughout the night.

For most people, it’s perfectly fine to wash the face once per day, using a simple morning routine that consists of lightly rinsing your face before you apply your moisturizer and sunscreen combo. However, if you want a youthful looking skin for longer, invest in a nighttime routine where you start by cleansing your face, exfoliate it, and then apply serum and moisturizer after that.

If you decide to get some exercise in during the day, be sure to wash your face afterward, as sweating can seriously clog pores, and never go to bed with makeup on as that may cause acne problems to worsen even further.

What About the Weather?

Seasonal changes do sometimes warrant a few variations in the products you use, but it shouldn’t constitute a complete upheaval of your entire skincare routine.

For example, cold weather tends to dehydrate and chap the skin, which means that you need to double down on your moisturizing efforts, and this includes adding a cleanser with moisturizing qualities, in addition to your daily moisturizer.

On the other hand, summer tends to cause a build-up of oil for many. Hence oil-free cleansers and light moisturizers are recommended for this time of year. You should also use double the amount of SPF than what you normally do and choose a high-quality product with a high SPF level.

It’s also important to add here that you don’t have to wait for seasonal changes to start appearing in the weather patterns. Sometimes your skin will start giving you small clues when the season changes, prompting you to adjust your skincare routine accordingly. When unsure, consult with a dermatologist for suggestions on what to use, and whether or not you should adopt some lifestyle changes to improve your skin condition.

Adjusting for Age

Taking care of your skin from an early age is vital to strengthening it in preparation for aging effects later on in life. Your skin does most of its collagen production during your 20s and 30s, which makes this period one of the best when it comes to experiencing great skin. To maintain that natural firmness and elasticity for longer, make sure to cleanse, moisturize and protect your skin with SPF every day. Some dermatologists even recommend adding an antioxidant serum or a retinol product which fuels additional collagen production. Not only does collagen keep your skin looking healthy, but it also plays a very important role in the replacement of dead skin cells, and it is what gives your face its structure and strength.

During the stage known as perimenopause at which women transition to menopause, hormones start to ebb and flow uncharacteristically, and the first signs of natural aging start to appear. At this stage, a mild cleanser paired with a rich moisturizer will be your best friend, and adding collagen stimulating creams and serums will help. Here are some topics to talk with teenagers.

Whatever you do, remember that the skin is the largest organ in the body, so you need to protect and preserve it as much as possible. When choosing skin care products, take into consideration things like your lifestyle (nutrition exercise, stress) as well as environmental factors. But at the bare minimum, make sure to cleanse and moisturize your skin daily.

Getting Rid of Teenage Blemishes

Having blemishes on the face or any part of the body can be quite embarrassing for anyone. However, this condition is especially debilitating for teenagers, as they’re dealing with issues of self-esteem, peer pressure, and identity as it is.

The Benefits of Natural Skin Care Products?

Because the skin is the largest organ in your body, it’s important to be extra careful about what you apply to it. Some of the skin care products available on the market today contain harmful chemicals that only worsen the condition of your skin instead of improving it. In fact, a lot of people report experiencing mild to severe side-effects when using certain skincare products such as synthetic creams, moisturizers, face washes and ointments. Thankfully, there are alternative products out there which are made from natural and organic ingredients, with none of the harmful components that cause irritation and allergic reactions.

Here are just 5 benefits that you can derive from using organic skin care products:

No Skin Irritation

Most of skincare products use artificial colors, fragrances, and preservatives, which is what causes breakouts and other side-effects to erupt after application. On the contrary, natural skincare products are not only cleaner and non-abrasive, but you instantly notice the difference when you apply them, as they feel lighter and more soothing than normal products. Natural products offer great benefits with none of the nasty side-effects. That sounds like a really good deal to us.

No Toxic Smells

As briefly mentioned above, most conventional skin care products contain artificial colors and fragrances as well as irritating elements. The range of side-effects caused by this can be anything from sinus issues to nausea, allergies, and even migraines. Products that are manufactured using organic ingredients or Ayurvedic formulas don’t have any of these negative components, hence, none of the side-effects.

No Internal Issues

The products you apply to your skin deep beneath it to penetrate your bloodstream, and once they reach your internal organs, they can wreak havoc on your health. Organic skincare is the only way to go if you want to have beautiful skin without having to sacrifice your health.

Look Younger

If you want a younger looking skin for longer, then you’ll want to stick with natural skin care products. They help to restore damaged skin cells while reversing the negative effects caused using mainstream products.


If you want to live cleaner and reduce your carbon footprint, then using mainstream skincare products is not the way to do it. The good news is that organic skin care brands make their products using eco-friendly methods of production, and by supporting these brands you are voting with your dollar for a better environment.

Sure, conventional skincare products will tempt you with better and more luxurious packaging and ad campaigns, but don’t be fooled. Purchasing and applying these toxic products will do more harm to your skin than heal it, and once you start using organic and natural skin care products, you’ll notice the difference immediately, making it nearly impossible to go back to the synthetic stuff.

Skin Types

To figure out what skincare products and regime work best for you, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with proper knowledge of your skin type.

The most common skin types include normal, sensitive, dry and oily, while those with combination skin tend to have patches of dry and oily skin on their faces. That said, you might have a different skin type than the one you have now at a later stage. For instance, young adults tend to have a more normal skin type, whereas more mature adults experience more complexities with their skin type.

There are some factors that contribute to identifying a skin type, namely;

  • Water content – This includes your skin’s elasticity and comfort level.
  • Oil content – How plump and healthy your skin is.
  • Sensitivity – How tolerant your skin is of factors and substances.

Read on to find out more about your particular skin type and what you can do to take better care of it.

Normal Skin Type

Normal skin type means that your skin has a healthy balance of water and oils (lipids).

Normal skin:

  • Has very few to no flaws
  • Has no extreme sensitivities
  • Has pores that are hardly visible
  • Has a glowing complexion

Combination Skin Type

With combination skin, you’ve got dry patches in some areas, and normal to oily in others, specifically in the T-zone area (forehead, nose, chin). Combination skin is the most common skin type there is, and often the best way to take care of it is to use a combination of products to address the different areas.

Combination skin is capable of creating:

  • Blackheads
  • Pores that are overly dilated
  • Shiny skin

Having combination skin means that there’s a hormonal or genetic imbalance that’s affecting lipid production across the face, and seasonal changes can also contribute to it.

Dry Skin Type

Dry skin is capable of producing:

  • Pores that are too small to see
  • A complexion that is dull and rough
  • Red patches
  • Reduced elasticity
  • Increasingly visible lines

Exposure to extremely dry conditions can cause dry skin to crack, flake, peel, or get irritated, itchy and inflamed. It’s also possible for it to become almost scaly and rough, particularly in areas like the arms, hands, and legs.

The following may cause dry skin to worsen:

  • Genetic factors
  • Hormonal changes or aging
  • Changes in weather conditions, e., ultraviolet (UV) radiation, sun exposure, cold or wind
  • Taking long hot baths and showers
  • Irritating ingredients found in cosmetic products, soaps and cleaning agents
  • Indoor heating
  • Medications

Here’s how you can take better care of your dry skin:

  • Avoid taking long showers and baths, and the only shower once per day
  • Wash with mild soaps and cleansers that are gentle on the skin, and avoid deodorant soaps
  • Avoid scrubbing when bathing and that goes for drying as well
  • Massage your skin with a rich yet gentle moisturizer straight after a shower or bath and re-apply during the day if necessary. For dry skin, we recommend the use of creams and ointments over lotions.
  • Invest in a humidifier to regulate indoor temperatures and make sure it doesn’t get too hot.
  • Only use natural cleaning products.
  • Always wear gloves when handling household detergents, cleaning solvents and agents.

Safety Issues

On the surface, you might think that you’re very selective about the cosmetic products you put on your face and body, but, how much do you know about these products and the brands behind them?

Some of the most commonly used personal care and cosmetic products include things like soaps and shampoos, hair dyes, deodorant, face lotions and body creams, toothpaste, nail polish and hair styling products. While they’re usually regarded as being safe, most of these products are highly toxic and using them poses a significant risk to your health.

Here are just a few safety concerns that you should keep in mind when considering the purchase of conventional personal care and cosmetics products:

  • Eye irritations and infections
  • Abrasions on the eyes
  • The spread of bacteria on the skin
  • They also pose a considerable fire hazard, especially when it comes to hairspray and aerosol products
  • Allergic reactions to particular ingredients in the product
  • Toxins, which are especially common in products that are manufactured outside of the US

The correct use of your care and cosmetics products can help to reduce risk factors associated with them. This means adopting a strict ‘no share’ policy when it comes to personal care and cosmetics products, as well as washing makeup off before bedtime.

Safety Testing

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for keeping cosmetics companies in line and ensuring that they only produce safe and non-toxic products. The only loophole is that the FDA only ‘recommends’ that cosmetics companies test their products, and because it’s not a requirement, companies can still get away with not testing them. However, as a consumer, you’re still protected because products that have not been tested for safety usually come with the following warning on the label: “WARNING – The safety of this product is not guaranteed.”

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Investing in a consistent skincare routine is essential in maintaining a healthy and youthful looking skin for longer. All you must do is identify your skin type as well as the type of products that it’s partial to. If you’re unsure what skincare routine to follow, give Cure Natural Aqua Gel a try, or you can revert to the tried and tested four-step process: cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen protection, and then supplement with exfoliator and serums a couple of times a week.

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