The Best Probiotics For Constipation


A healthy body is indispensable for healthy living. And you all know that what we eat is what our body reflects. Having a healthy diet super packed with fruits, vegetables, and naturally occurring fibers makes our digestive system work like a jet machine, never causing any digestive problems. But, if you have been recently facing problems like stomach pain, diarrhea, heart burn or constipation, you need to reconsider your diet and lifestyle.

It’s our modern diet which is bringing an imbalance in the naturally occurring bacterial habitat in our gut. Didn’t you know it? Yes, there are millions of bacteria naturally occurring in our GIT system, and they are referred to as “probiotics.” These bacteria include both good and bad ones, and they live synergistically with our system.

Eating processed foods, high sugar stuff, and fast food has become a part of our modern fast paced busy lives. But stop right there and consider what’s this doing to the natural balance in our body. It leads to an imbalance in the habitat of probiotics. In such a situation, you need to consider daily probiotics for constipation supplement for a better gut health.

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Natural vs. Supplemental Probiotics for Constipation

You might be thinking that since we mentioned that probiotics are the naturally occurring bacteria in our body, why there’s a need to take them from outside. There’s a simple explanation to this. The naturally occurring probiotics are both good and bad bacteria and if you have recently been facing issues like constipation then definitely it’s because the bad bacterial growth has overtaken the good ones. So, it’s important that you reinstate the balance by getting these probiotics for constipation supplements.

 Let’s admit it, taking laxatives for long term chronic constipation is never comforting. Moreover, studies say that laxatives are addictive and not good for the gut health. On the other hand, probiotics for constipation supplementation is a natural way of getting rid of the constipation menace.

What Do These Probiotics for Constipation Supplements Do?

Before buying probiotics for constipation supplements and choosing the best probiotics for constipation, you need to understand the role that they play in restoring the gastrointestinal tract health.

Probiotics are a concentrated form of healthy micro-organism strains either in a liquid, powder or pill preparation which when ingested promote the growth of healthy bacterial strains in this new home.

It’s a known fact that rich fiber intake is a prerequisite to prevent or treat constipation but having a healthy bacterial constitution in the gut that helps move the stools throughout is also very important. Fiber intake per day needs to be 25-30 g, and if someone is suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, they might have constipation problems even after consuming large amounts of fiber.

When choosing the best probiotics for constipation, make sure you check the composition to understand the bacterial composition of the product. Though, till now, there are no known tests to exactly check which bacterial strains have got depleted in the gut, causing problems like constipation. So, go for a probiotics for constipation product that has maximum beneficial constituents.

Also, check for the bioavailability. This depends on how these products are packed and released in our body. Some products come with a warning of destruction by heat so store them in a refrigerator. Some others might deteriorate without even reaching the gut because of the acidic condition in the stomach or any other bodily environment. Such probiotics are of no use. So, choose quality probiotics for constipation product for good results.

Self-Validation Testing

When you are taking such health supplement products like probiotics for constipation, it’s a very good idea to do a self-evaluation of the benefits or side effects of the product. You are the only one who can assess whether the probiotics for constipation product you are consuming is beneficial or not. If not, you should try another product.

This self-check involves some basic evaluation steps:

Mark the date when you start the use of the probiotics for constipation product. You should always keep track of time since you have started taking a supplement because the best probiotics for constipation will show their benefits sooner.

When you are taking such health supplement products like probiotics for constipation, it’s a very good idea to do a self-evaluation of the benefits or side effects of the product. You are the only one who can assess whether the probiotics for constipation product you are consuming is beneficial or not. If not, you should try another product.

This self-check involves some basic evaluation steps:

  • Mark the date when you start the use of the probiotics for constipation product. You should always keep track of time since you have started taking a supplement because the best probiotics for constipation will show their benefits sooner.
  • Note daily how you feel. Constipated or bloated or normal. People with chronic constipation can appreciate such changes very clearly. And if a curve towards improvement is seen with passing days, start thanking your probiotics for constipation product. It will bring your cheerful life back with a healthy toilet session.
  • Write the number of pills you are consuming. Or if you are taking a liquid preparation, note down the amount in ml that you are drinking.
  • Record your initial weight and keep checking your weight during this time. Believe it or not, it’s true that as soon as you get relieved of constipation, you will start losing weight.
  • Notice and note down any general lethargies, nausea, cold, and allergies that you might be having after ingesting probiotics for constipation supplements. It’s worth writing the time of intake of the product, whether you took it before meals or after is going to affect the benefit ratio of the product.

Keep track of all the above factors, and you can add more as this is self-evaluation so you might have your points to evaluate. After 1 month or 2, take some time out and have a look at this chart. Mark the positive points with blue, and any negative things like nausea, fever or bloating with red. Notice the graph of their appearance, and you will eventually come to a conclusion whether the product is beneficial for you or not. If yes, continue its use and cherish the benefits. If no, you can try some other product and discontinue the previous one.

We have done some digging for you and come up with a list of 5 best probiotics for constipation and for better gut health in almost every individual. These products are presented with complete details including their pros and cons for you to choose the best probiotics for constipation for yourself.

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Top 5 Probiotics for Constipation

Purity Labs Probiotics for Women and Men​


Make this a daily routine, and it will help you against any occasional diarrhea, bloating or any gut problems. This is an excellent product which is packed with 3 strains of probiotics for constipation, and the most peculiar addition of manganese in these capsules makes it stand out.

For people using probiotics for constipation, manganese addition is a gift as it helps in humidifying the stools and hence their better passage through the colon.

If your daily work requires a lot of traveling, eating outside and probably stress, then you need to be more cautious. These are the top reasons of irregularities in the digestive system.

In such a situation, your constipation problem will be relieved naturally by re-establishing the flora of your gut.


  • check3 probiotics
  • checkManganese addition
  • checkBlister packed​​​​
  • checkGood for Constipation
  • checkPacking keeps product fresh
  • checkList Element


  • Expensive

Scintillant Nutrients: Probiotic 40 Billion


These capsules come with a 4-probiotic bacteria composition along with FOS which is a prebiotic essential for retaining probiotic bacteria in the gut. The product is manufactured in an FDA approved facility and what better than trying it out when the company is giving a 60-day money back guarantee without asking any questions.

By reinstating good bacteria in the colon, it’s said to be useful for weight loss in individuals. Moreover, it helps to relieve any gas bloating and constipation.There’s a little concern about the delivery method. Ample research has not been published to prove if the bacteria can survive through the hostile stomach and gut environment before they reach the colon to inhabitants.


  • check4 probiotics  for constipation strains
  • checkFOS-prebiotic added
  • checkLong shelf life
  • checkUSA made
  • check60-day money back guarantee


  • Delivery method not proven

Pinnacle Nutrition: Advanced Formula Complete Probiotic


This is one of the best probiotics for constipation which contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium strains in 40+ CFUs. This product is fortified for a better immune health and provides your body with the ability to fight diseases from within. The addition of prebiotic is a plus, and it helps to retain the probiotics for constipation longer through the gut till they reach the large intestine.

This product comes with a forever money back guarantee, and if for any reason you no more feel like taking these capsules, you will get back every penny you paid. These capsules are specially formulated to be tasteless, odorless and easy to swallow. You can try this blend for a good GIT health.


  • check4 probiotic for constipation strains
  • checkPrebiotic added
  • checkUnlimited money back guarantee
  • checkAffordable
  • checkExpiry date on container
  • checkEasy to swallow
  • checkTasteless, odorless


  • Name confusion
  • Website not updated well

Schiff: Digestive Advantage Probiotics


This one is branded as a constipation relief formula and contains leading probiotic strains and yogurt. They have a patented BC30 probiotic for constipation formula to help ease bowel movements. These 2 billion cells of Bacillus coagulants are marketed as easy to swallow capsules, and the once daily dose makes this product even more preferred by the users.

It comes with a money back guarantee and is priced right at only $18 for a month’s supply. The product has been marketed a lot, but the presence of carrageenan is a concern as it has been linked to the initiation of cancer. Many users have also negatively reviewed its efficacy if you research about this product.


  • check2-week money back guarantee
  • checkBC30 patented probiotics for constipation
  • checkMagnesium
  • checkAffordable
  • checkBlister packed
  • checkEasy to swallow
  • checkExpiration date on container


  • Carrageenan presence
  • 1 probiotic
  • Website not updated properly

LoveBug: Probiotics Supplement


Their special BIO-tract delivery system offers an innovative system of pressing millions of live bacteria into an advanced capsule delivery system for an effective delivery up to the colon. Many of the other products in the market have an inferior delivery system,and the bacteria won’t survive the harsh stomach acids and the hostile GIT environment. So, therefore it is listed amongst the best probiotics for constipation.

They are marketed and promoted as products which improve our metabolism and influence the storage of fat, glucose digestion, and the overall regulation of appetite.

This product contains 8 strains of Bifidobacterium and lactobacillus which are both good bacteria for the gut. 

Did you know that 90% of serotonin (happy feeling hormone) is secreted by the nerve cell endings from the gut, and the gut bacteria of this product is claimed to release chemicals that aid in the secretion of serotonin and hence keeps a person away from mood swings?

LoveBug pills are manufactured in the state of the art facilities in the USA and are gluten-free. They are non-GMO and lack any artificial colorings, preservatives, nuts, wheat, etc.


  • check8 strains of good bacteria
  • checkBIO-tract delivery system
  • checkAids in serotonin release
  • checkMade in the USA​​​​
  • checkGluten Free
  • checkNon-GMO
  • checkNo artificial colorings
  • checkLack of preservatives
  • checkNo sugar, wheat, nuts, and soy
  • checkExpiration date of 18 months


  • Expensive

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Our Recommendation

Having researched a lot about many available probiotics for constipation relief, our personal choice for best probiotics for constipation is Phillips’ Colon Health Probiotic Capsules which are priced right and formulated specifically to help relieve constipation. It’s a trusted brand, and thankfully they have added manganese to the capsules which help to humidify the stools and aids in their easy passage throughout the colon.

So, it is time to say bye to constipation by starting using probiotics for constipation supplements and restoring the natural balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut. You will notice an overall improvement in your health as soon as you start getting the best probiotics for constipation.

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