The Best Paleo Protein Bars for Snacking


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Who Needs Paleo Protein Bars?

Let’s face it – no matter how much you’d like to stick to your diet plan when you lead a busy lifestyle, it can be very challenging. These days, preparing home cooked snacks isn’t always feasible.

So, if you’re one of those people who’s always busy and who has no time to prepare meals and snacks carefully, then Paleo protein bars would be an excellent choice for you. As you’ll see in our review, these bars are healthy and tasty too!

What is Paleo Protein Bars?

Nowadays, obesity has become a huge problem. It’s become one of the major leading causes of death in the US alone! Because of this, people are looking for healthier lifestyle changes. One such change is the Paleo diet. Since it emerged, it has grown in popularity as it allows people to live happier and healthier lives.

The Paleo diet was created to limit the modern, processed food choices. It aims to teach people to live their lives the same way our ancestors used to. It encourages people to eat like cave dwellers. If you follow this diet, you’d have to consume whole, fresh foods. Options which were readily available back when cave dwellers walked the Earth.

This diet encourages foods which are high in protein. It also promotes the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits while removing refined grains. The reason for this is that refined grains only came out when agriculture developed in 9000 BC.

The Paleo diet gained quick momentum as one of the most well-known diets to hit the health and fitness world in recent years. This is because it’s both simple and interesting at the same time. This diet is healthy, and it even promotes weight loss.

So, what are Paleo protein bars? Well, these are basically protein bars which are Paleo-friendly. Although the Paleo diet discourages any processed foods, most Paleo protein bars contain all-natural ingredients. Therefore, they won’t contribute to inflammation and other diseases, unlike other processed food options.

Paleo protein bars are an innovation which can help people keep with the Paleo diet even while snacking. If you choose the right ones, they can contribute to your nutrition. If you want to stick to the strict diet, go for the protein bars which don’t contain any artificial ingredients.

There are protein bars which don’t contain dairy, grains, gluten and other processed ingredients which are commonly found in modern snack creations. Instead, these bars contain natural components such as nuts, vegetables, fruits and even meat! Nowadays, such health bars exist, and they will help you keep with the Paleo diet.

Protein bars are popular snack items because they can also serve as nutritional supplements. They contain protein and may potentially contain other nutrients too. Although intrinsically, they are neither good nor bad, their effects will depend on how you use them as part of your eating habits overall.

How you consume such snacks may have a beneficial or detrimental effect on your health. A person’s decision to consume protein bars would depend on his fitness goals or circumstances as well as his usual eating habits. Traditional protein bars aren’t really for people who follow the Paleo diet. Instead, you must look for Paleo protein bars or those who claim to be Paleo-friendly.

When you consume a Paleo protein bar, you may be wondering what it is exactly you are eating. Well, these bars usually contain a protein source, egg whites, and other healthy, organic components. It’s best to choose the ones which state that they don’t contain GMOs or any other synthetic ingredients, especially if you want to stay healthy.

What Are the Benefits of Paleo Protein Bars?

While following a Paleo diet, it’s helpful to learn about different snack options to help mix things up. Paleo protein bars are delicious, healthy and extremely convenient. Although not considered as “fresh” food, they are usually all-natural and therefore fit into the diet. Here are some benefits of Paleo protein bars:

They’re very convenient

This is the very first and most important benefit of Paleo protein bars; they are very convenient. Think about it, with such snacks; you won’t have to bring around an entire steak or chicken leg with you so that you can have healthy food to eat.

No matter who you are or what job you have, there will come a time when you simply don’t have time to cook or prepare a healthy snack. This may be because you’re on a trip, you’re in a meeting at work, you’re already late for work or other such instances.

Paleo protein bars will help you stay on track with your Paleo diet. Even if you’re stuck on a long flight or you’re feeling hungry in the middle of the night. These bars would serve as an excellent snack to fill you up. Let’s be honest, when you feel like snacking, and you must choose between preparing a snack or having an easy slice of pizza, which one would you choose?

Usually, people would go for the easier option rather than put to prepare a snack. Therefore convenience is the biggest benefit of Paleo protein bars. At least you’ll have a snack which is both nutritious and readily available to you too.

Although processed, they’re nutritious

When you go Paleo, you need to eliminate all processed foods from your diet. But sometimes, this presents a major challenge. Fortunately, Paleo protein bars are a lot more nutritious than all the other processed protein bars available. These bars are usually gluten-free, dairy-free and free of artificial ingredients. Therefore, they are a healthy snack option.

Contain natural ingredients

Another benefit of Paleo protein bars is that they usually contain natural ingredients. This is a great benefit especially when you’re trying to stick to your Paleo diet. Remember, such a diet doesn’t consist of dairy products, refined grains, and sugars. What it does contain is a lot of protein, which Paleo bars have.

Such bars also contain essential organic components such as vegetables, fruits, and nuts. For Paleo diets, sugar comes from natural sources such as fruits and honey. Some Paleo protein bars contain these too, instead of refined sugars, which aren’t healthy, and which must be avoided when following the diet.

An excellent source of protein

Here’s another major benefit – Paleo protein bars are an excellent source of protein. Aside from being healthy and all-natural, such bars can supplement your daily protein intake. This is especially true if the bars you choose contain whole proteins.

Usually, traditional protein bars are nothing, but expensive candy bars mixed with artificial ingredients. Then they throw in some whey protein powder and claim that the bars are high in protein. However, the Paleo protein bars are different. They contain natural ingredients such as veggies, nuts, and fruits, along with natural and wholesome protein sources.

A lot of times, people find it challenging to meet the recommended daily requirement for protein each day. This may be because of a poor diet or poor food choices. Although people who follow a Paleo diet may consume more protein the people who don’t follow the diet, the RDA may still not be met consistently.

So, if you’re one of these people, snacking on Paleo protein bars would be highly beneficial for you. Aside from being tasty, they would help you consume enough protein throughout the day. Then you don’t have to worry about keeping an active lifestyle because you’ll have something nutritious to snack on when you need it.

They contain healthy ingredients

A lot of Paleo protein bars contain high-quality proteins. These include proteins from animal sources or soy. Such proteins contribute to the essential amino acids to one’s diet. These amino acids help the body maintain and build muscle mass.

They also help produce red blood cells and immune cells. Because of this, the body’s ability to repair damaged tissues and wounds would be enhanced. Also, the body will be able to synthesize the required enzymes and hormones. Aside from proteins, Paleo protein bars also contain carbohydrates, sugars, vitamins, and minerals. These are essential as they supply energy which the body needs to stay healthy.

Even though they contain a lot of healthy ingredients, they are low-maintenance food options. This is because they don’t need any prior preparation and you don’t even need to refrigerate them to keep them fresh. So, you can just bring them along with you no matter where you go, in case you need to snack on something healthy.

Depending on your goals for fitness, Paleo protein bars can provide you with a much-needed protein boost without having to consume a lot of calories. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, supplement your meals or add to your total body mass, Paleo protein bars are highly beneficial.

They taste great

Aside from all these benefits, Paleo protein bars taste good too. This is a bonus since most of the time; people believe that “healthy snacks” don’t appeal to the taste buds. Paleo protein bars come in different flavors, whether savory or sweet. So, all you must do try the various flavors out and pick which one is your favorite!

What Should You Consider when Snacking on Paleo Protein Bars?

If you believe that your diet is well-balanced and adequate, then you may not have to consume Paleo protein bars. However, if you’re looking for a healthy snack choice, this would be ideal. Sometimes, such bars can be very helpful as a supplement to one’s nutrition. But you shouldn’t use them to replace the protein in your diet entirely.

Also, you shouldn’t eat these protein bars in place of your meals. That’s why we say that they are great as a snack, not a meal. Especially if you’re following a Paleo diet, you still need to go for the fresh and healthy options.

What Are the Best Paleo Protein Bars for Snacking

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Caveman Foods Paleo-Friendly Nutrition Bar

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This protein bar was inspired by the Paleo diet. It’s made from all-natural components such as chia seeds, mixed nuts, and cocoa, to name a few. All these ingredients blend well to create a yummy and healthy snack. It comes in different flavors, but the one with dark chocolate is a popular choice. This nutrition bar will surely satisfy your cravings while giving you much-needed energy.


  • Affordable and is made with organic ingredients.
  • Contains plant-based proteins from seeds and nuts.


  • The bars are quite hard.

RxBar Protein Bar 14 Pack

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This is one of the most popular Paleo protein bars out there. It’s delicious, and it contains minimal ingredients. It’s free from gluten, soy, dairy, and GMOs. The RxBar is great for a protein kick while you’re on the run. If you’re craving protein, but you’d like to eat something sweet, this would be a great choice. And it comes in different flavors too!


  • Healthy, tasty and made with real food.
  • Comes in a pack of 14 bars.
  • Doesn’t contain artificial ingredients, grains, sugar, gluten, and dairy.


  • Some customers don’t appreciate all the flavors.

NoGii Protein D’Lites Nutritional Bar

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This product is unique because of its size. It comes in a pack of individually-wrapped bite-sized pieces. It’s a great snack to satisfy your sweet cravings while still sticking to your Paleo diet. The chocolate and caramel flavor appeals to a lot of people. And the best part is, it’s all natural and free of gluten. If you’re looking for a healthy snack, you can bring around with you; this would be a great choice.


  • Provides a great boost of energy.
  • All-natural and gluten-free.
  • Bite-sized bars are fun and easy to eat.


  • Sticks to the wrappers when they melt.

Epic All-Natural Meat Bar

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Let’s step away from the sweet protein bars and go with something savory. Eating these paleo-friendly protein bars would be like eating a portable steak! It’s a new take on the usual protein bar, and it’s made from bison which was grass-fed. It tastes a lot like beef jerky, which many people like. So, if you’re looking for something savory, try the Epic protein bar for a change.


  • Contains a lot of antioxidants and proteins.
  • Paleo-friendly and gluten-free.
  • Low-calorie bars which also contain omega-3.


  • High in carbohydrates and sugar.

The Paleo Diet Bar

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Finally, we have this diet protein bar. It doesn’t have any dairy, soy, gluten or artificial ingredients. Although quite challenging to find in most supermarkets, you can purchase them online. This bar comes with a unique cranberry almond flavor. You can also choose the cinnamon raisin flavor for a more familiar taste. Either way, you’ll be eating a healthy and tasty snack that’s full of protein.


  • Doesn’t contain preservatives, soy, gluten or dairy.
  • Comes with a unique flavor.
  • They satisfy hunger well.


  • Quite hard to chew.

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Our Choice for the Best Paleo Protein Bars for Snacking

Nowadays, the Paleo diet is becoming more and more popular – and for a good reason. A lot of people choose this diet because it’s not restrictive and it has a lot of health benefits. When following such a diet, you also need to think about your snacking options.

One such option is to munch on a protein bar that’s Paleo-friendly. We’ve gone through some great choices, but we believe one of them stands out. The Caveman Foods Paleo-Friendly Nutrition Bar is all-natural and affordable. It contains healthy and organic ingredients.

With the Caveman Paleo protein bar, you’ll be snacking on something which is free of artificial ingredients. There are different flavors available, so all you must do is choose the one you like best. Although some of the flavors aren’t strictly Paleo, the ones who are will surely tantalize your taste buds while giving you a boost of energy.

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