Best Hair Clipper For Men


When it comes to our hair (as well as your beard), we make it a point that we keep it short and well-maintained. It is believed to be the reflection of our health and completes our overall look. As a man these days, you ought to wholeheartedly comprehend the significance of looking neat and presentable consistently.

By looking your best and neatly shaven, you will be able to let your colleagues see you as a professional, genuine and highly respectable. However, going to the salon is a hassle and not practical, from the long lines to the expensive haircuts itself. Thus, it is relevant to invest in a decent pair of hair clippers to properly maintain your hair even in the comfort of your home on a regular level.

Check out this top 10 hair clippers that we have tried and tested to help you find the best set for you and your family needs.

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Top 10 Hair Clippers For Men

   Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper by Oster

Have you ever thought of buying a lightweight and quick haircutting clipper while saving your money and time? The clipper will give you these features that come with a compact design and style that will offer double the power as compared to a magnetic clipper.

The most important features of this clipper that you will definitely love: its quiet motor. It comes with productive, powerful, economical, lightweight and will surely operate in silent mode. That’s what most of the barbers and professionals alike. Another feature is that the power of these magnetic clippers is twice as much than a normal clipper. With this, it provides the opportunity to trim your dry and even wet hair.  It is also durable, so you can plan on using it for many years and would still be effective.


  • Has a very quiet motor
  • Effective on any hair type, and length either wet or dry
  • No need to change blades
  • Helpful for DIYers
  • Easy to use and control


  • The package doesn’t have a carry case nor stand
  • Only comes with a one-year warranty

 Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit 79300-400T BY WAHL


If you’re on a budget and wants something easy, plain, and with just enough variety, you should be thinking of Wahl hair clipper kit. It is so popular among men for so many reasons and some of it involves both its price and capabilities.

This Clipper comes with a soft grip that provides comfortable operation. You won’t have to worry about its blades getting dull since the device has its own self-sharpening blades. They’re designed to be sharp for a much longer duration. The clipper also comes with a wide variety of accessories. Aside from its 12 different-sized color coded styling combs, there is also a barber comb, scissors, brush, and blade oil. Its storage case is handy for easy transportation. The kit has guidelines for operating and taking care of the trimmer in both English and Spanish


  • It has enough power and accessories to cut nearly all types of hair
  • It has high-quality clippers
  • Long-lasting and easy to operate
  • Fairly quiet
  • Comes with a wide range of useful attachments
  • Color-coded accessories function perfectly
  • Worthy of its price


  • The clipper does not produce perfect results on all types of beards
  • Some reviews say it is noisy
  • The cord can easily be tangled
  • A couple of users says that they have experienced overheating issues


HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-haircut kit by Remington

If you’re looking for a device that is handy and can handle all your basic haircutting needs, this is definitely the product that you can rely on.

Remington wanted to invent a clipper that is comfortable and easy to use. So they created a not so regular haircut clipper. This clipper is small that it easily fits in the palm of your hand. You’ll only need one free hand to handle the clipper and cut your hair in a matter of minutes. What makes this hair clipper distinct from other clipper is that it has curved shape blades. Yes, you heard it right, forget about all those straight blades that are difficult to use on the curved lines of your head. You can also take a shower while having a quick trim with this water-resistant clipper. It is the easiest way to rinse the shaved hair and wash your trimmer at the same time.


  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Recommended for frequent travelers
  • Can function either cordless or corded
  • Easily Washable
  • Lightweight, thus easy to use, store, and transport


  • Battery run time isn’t outstanding, it needs to be charged for whole 4 hours to be used for only 40 minutes
  • Quite difficult to cut hair around the ears using this clipper

  Ultraedge Hair Clipper  By Andis

Together with Wahl and Oster, Andis is also one of the pioneers in creating hair clipper. Has been making hair clipper since 1921, its founder rapidly went from selling clippers by house peddling to producing them for the mass market.  Today, Andis remained as a popular brand that is recognized by traditional barbers. So now you know you’re getting a high-end product from a company that is reputable and trusted.

If you’re thinking of buying a hair clipper and start cutting your own hair instead of paying tons of money for regular haircuts, may we present Andis BGRC, a hair cutter that has a captivating work for high-volume haircutting? Has a powerful, smooth, and quiet feature of its motor that stays cool.


  • Quiet yet powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to hold
  • Can be converted to a cordless hair clipper
  • Detachable blades
  • Extremely durable


  • Can get cut from its blade for it is too sharp
  • Can empty your bank account since it is quite expensive

HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper By Philips Norelco

 While Philips comes probably the second or third brand of choice by barbers, when it comes to novices or home use, Philips is unquestionably making its way to the top. Philips is a widely known the manufacturer of electronic appliances from toasters, TVs to earphones, but talking about grooming kits, it presents some of the quality ones.

Most men opt to have short and well-groomed hairstyles but that would mean a visit to the barber once a while. Many men are on a tight budget but the barbers aren’t as affordable as they used to be as economic rise caused a little more expensive hair care. That’s why Philips has provided a cheaper but reliable solution.

One of its products is the Philips Norelco, a rechargeable, and cordless clipper; but hair needs to be fully dried before clipping. You can decide if you want to utilize it as a cordless device, it has a light indicator so you’ll be aware of how much battery is still running. It has removable clipper which makes it easier to clean.


  • Can be used without a cord
  • Self-sharpening, and washable Titanium blades
  • Has 120 minutes of cordless use
  • Has turbo boost power which will speed up trimming time
  • Through its Dualcut feature, its blades cut faster as the other brands


  • Bulky sized clipper means you can’t really get to narrow areas
  • Some user says that its comb gets clogged by hair easily

Wahl Clipper Chrome Pro Hair Clipper

Made from the #1 brand of haircut and beard razor kits for men, Wahl Clipper Chrome Pro Hair Clipper is a perfect gift for your dads, boyfriends, husbands and even for your moms and sisters – a grooming set in one package. It is a 24-piece razor kit with Dura Chrome finish that is proven and used by Professionals. This kit will definitely save you tons of money from the salons when you own one!

Blades stay sharp even without the need for frequent sharpening; it has the ability to self-sharpen its blades as long as you will not forget to put oil blades before using. These carbon steel blades are detachable so you can wash them after every use.


  • Lightweight but durable  clipper
  • Covers up to 5-year warranty
  • Has comfortable grip and tamper control for accurate and exact cutting of hair
  • Cord extends up to 7 feet


  • Tends to misalign and pulls hair after several uses
  • Compared to its predecessors, this gets broken easily and makes a louder noise

Remington Virtually Indestructable 21 Piece Clippers Kit

Cut your hair like a pro with this durable clipper kit from Remington. Remington Virtually Indestructible Clipper Set has a high-quality polycarbonate covering to protect its interior and ensure lifetime durability. The powerful motor drives the blades with precision for a speedy trimming performance. Its motor is low vibrating for a more comfortable experience and emits a little sound.

Though powerful, the blades are properly aligned through the POWERCUT Blade System for a smooth and even cut. Finished rubber surface makes it easy to hold. The device has self-sharpening blades that deliver reliable results every time.


  • Comes in an extra-tough storage case for safe keeping and organization
  • Has a strong and quiet motor with low vibration
  • The teeth align slightly behind the boundary for safe and precise hair cutting
  • Ideal even for cutting your pet’s hair with its quiet sound


  • Users reported that the motor has low power and tends to overheat fast
  • Has misleading warranty information
  • Does not shave as close as its previous models

Conair ultra Cut 22 Piece Haircut Kit

The high-powered clipper that is cordless and compact for an easy and professional cutting experience. It is a rechargeable device that can run up to 60 full minutes. Conair Ultra Cut is a home hair trimming kit which has dependable and self-sharpening blades that can be positioned in 50 different angles with its 5-position taper for wide arrays of hairstyles. Through its thumb-adjustable taper control, this hair clipper makes it easy for you to adjust in different lengths with just a flip of the dial.

With is compact and steel body, this clipper is perfect for traveling and an ideal device to use with pets as to avoid a tangled mess. A set contains clipper, scissors, barber cape, lubricating oil and cleaning brush, 10 guide combs with different sizes, blade guard, and a sturdy and handy storage case.


  • Compact and cordless for easy maneuverability
  • Has a more comfortable noise level as compared to the electric clippers
  • Has 5-year warranty


  • Users reported that battery does not keep its charging capacity at maximum after several uses
  • Blade guards fit poorly
  • Has tendencies of pulling hair while cutting

Sminiker Professional Cordless Haircut Rechargeable Hair Clipper Set

SMINIKER Professional Cordless Haircut Kit is an at-home solution to minimize the cost in maintaining your locks neatly trimmed. This device is a wireless hair clipper that delivers a professional cutting experience and is very easy to use. SMINIKER Professional Cordless Haircut Kit is a rechargeable device that can last up to 8 hours of continuous use. This clipper is made from the heavy-duty material but is designed for safe use. It has R-shaped rounded edge perfect for a stable and steady control while protecting yourself from cutting your skin.

A set includes a hair clipper, AC power adapter, 2 rechargeable batteries, 1 cleaning brush, stainless scissor and 6 comb attachments. The blade is a combination of Titanium and ceramic that is movable enough for a more controllable and efficient cutting. The blade is self-sharpening and does not get rusty to ensure longer life and reliable function.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Don’t get clogged with hair
  • Charges quick and easy


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Blade guards do not fit perfectly
  • Has no grip making the device slippery

  Braunt  3020 Mens Beard Trimmer 

Accomplish any beard hairstyle from different length with its 20 length settings for a more precise trimming. With its sturdy and efficient blades, professional styles are now easy to achieve in a more practical way. Braun Men’s Beard Trimmer is a cordless and rechargeable device that can last up to 40 minutes of cutting with no restriction of motion. It is washable and cleans easily with its finish.


  • No oil needed
  • Cuts precisely
  • Reliable and dependable battery power


  • Needs improvement in shaving heavily grown beards
  • Uses Lithium batteries that may tend to expand over time
  • Not made from a highly durable material

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What Is the Best Angle to Shave Sepending on the Razor?

 If you shave your own hair, you know that it could be very difficult to get the proper angle, you need to be careful or else you might get yourself cut.

In using a razor, you should angle it at about 30 degrees. A lower angle may leave a cut since it will be too aggressive on the skin, while a higher angle will ruin your hair since it will tear the hair as the razor head flattens the hair before the blade can make contact.

How Long Should it Take to Get a Great Home Shave?

Shaving hair may take time depending on how long or short your hair is or what hairstyle you would want to achieve. But some men take the time enjoying this most masculine of experiences, while others are shaving against the clock.

Shaving your hair for a short or long period of time has absolutely no co-relation in your hair growth or scalp health. So, you can shave your hair as long as you like or until you achieve the hairstyle of your desire.

How to Choose the Best Hair Clippers?

Check the Quality and Its Unique Features

 The best sorts of trimmers include multi functional accessories that can help trim facial hair or beard, give a perfect shave, or manage sideburns or hair on different areas of the face. The general objective of most men’s trimmer products is to help with delivering a precise and clean output through cautious shaving and trimming.

Effective clippers for men can be checked by the accessories that come along with each set. Various accessories create different lengths and styles. Others can be perfect to assist with the cutting of hair in hard to reach areas, the intrinsic shaping of sideburns, or other attachments to use for beard or mustache. You also have to check the durability of the free storage case in every set. It should not be too big nor too small, enough to fit in your bathroom cabinet for a quick grooming session.

Opt for the Power Source That Suits Your Lifestyle and Home

The right hair clipper is the one with the powerful motor. Ideal hair clippers must be able to cut thick hair reliably while emitting the lowest vibration and sound as possible and must be cool to touch. Cordless devices should give enough run time to finish even the longest hair grooming and styling session before needing to be recharged.

Make sure that you keep the clippers as dry as possible since most are electronic. However, hair clippers require some sort of maintenance. Aside from the cleaning oil and brush, rinsing the clipper under running water after each use will help it sustain its life.

Know your Experience Level

Grooming at home does not necessarily need to have a professional experience. If you are knowledgeable enough with what you are doing, it is worth investing in a high-quality model that can deliver better results and can last longer (if not for a lifetime). If you are just starting to know the basics, it is highly recommended to purchase a  mid-range device that’s less expensive and more practical.  When you are more comfortable cutting hair yourself, it may be the best time to upgrade if your budget permits.

Ease of Use and Safety

While guide combs must be firmly in place, they should be simple enough to change whenever you need to avoid the struggle every time you need to shift from different length choices. A common problem with hair clippers is that the guide combs tend to break easily as they are generally made of plastic, but some may last longer.

Blades of clippers, in general, are self-sharpening however, there are low-quality devices that easily rust that needs to be replaced immediately. To prevent from skin cuts and nicks, make sure that smaller clippers specifically made for the nose and ear hair should have safety cones to protect your soft membranes.

Since going to the barber is a pricey trip, this habitual weekly tradition almost fades out for men. Still, men need to get their hair done for that fresh look and feel. If you are like most practical and wise men, you would spend or invest your hard earned money in a good quality hair clipper or razor. Learning how to style your own hair is one of the best skills you can learn in life. You can decide what it could be without having to put blame on someone else if things go wrong or opposite to your taste. Now, everyone can own a hair clipper – not just barbers.

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We’ve rounded up the 10 best razors in the market and you should also keep in mind the type of razor you want to place your money with. You also have to put into consideration your routine – are you the kind of person who is a master in task management or are you the one always in a rush? Always on the go? You also have to make sure if your skin sensitivity can handle the type of razor you want to buy. Another thing to put into consideration is the handle. It might be an afterthought for most but getting a thick handle will give you more security – security comes first before good looks!

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