The Best CrossFit Training Shoes for Women


CrossFit often leaves you entirely spent, having pushed your body to its maximum physical limits. The reality of CrossFit is that there’s no room in the box for the second rate. Crossfit athletes require shoes that will both perform and last through.

A high-quality CrossFit shoe will be stable, with a solid sole. So it supports you during the lift, and you can feel that your feet are firmly planted on the ground.

The best CrossFit training shoes should offer some traction or grip on the top, not just at the sole. Another essential factor is the flexibility as you need shoes that can bend in the toes while the box is jumping and knocking out a set of burpees. In this article, you’ll find more such interesting details about CrossFit training shoes.

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Who needs CrossFit training shoes?

Cross-fitters need CrossFit training shoes that can sustain a formidable array of challenges. The right shoes help them to maintain when they do the training. It’s essential to have balance when working out. To start with you’ll require a shoe that gives you enough stability for all the exercises that you will do while training for CrossFit.

It should be stable enough for weightlifting; light sufficient for jogging, sprints, and running; and flexible enough for jumping and other movements. The CrossFit shoes also depend on your body type and needs. Some shoes are excellent for men, others are specifically for women, and some shoes are unisex.

What is CrossFit training shoe?

CrossFit is a fitness regimen conceived by Greg Glassman. According to, CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. They represent the best aspects of weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, running and more. “The main aim of CrossFit is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness supported by measurable, observable and repeatable results”-

For your understanding let’s see the basic anatomy of training shoes. The outsole makes up the base of your running shoes. The space trusstic is a plastic bridge with a space behind it. It is found in the arch section of the shoe. The midsole is the spongy layer between the midsole and the upper.

The insole also called the sock liner is often removable. It is a contoured layer of foam designed to support your arch. The upper is that part of the shoe that holds the outsole onto your foot. The heel counter is a firm cup, which securely holds your heel.

The padded opening at the top of your shoe is called the heel collar. The heel tab extends above the heel counter and protects you from Achilles tendon. The foot model on which the rest of your shoe is built is called the last.The shank stiffens the middle of the shoe so that energy is effectively transferred from the front to the back of your foot. Usually, the shank is made of semi-flexible plastic.

Whether you’ve been a regular crossfitter or are new to the game, one question pops up frequently: what shoes do I need? Before deciding which pair of best CrossFit training shoes to buy, just ponder a moment to think about how your athletic background impacts the type of shoes for CrossFit training that’ll work best for you.

If you choose the right pair which understands your needs such as inflexibility, injury or weakness, your CrossFit training shoes can help you work at a higher intensity and help you get more benefit from your workout. There are a couple of guidelines that you must follow when choosing a CrossFit shoe: drop, the hard sole, and the durable outer shoe.

The difference between the height of the heel and the height of the forefoot is called the drop. CrossFit shoes usually have a 4 mm drop. This measure evenly distributes your weight across your foot in a more natural foot position.

If you were using a super padded shoe or suffer from nagging foot issues, there are a couple of fixes you can try. Try to address your movement issue and fix it. Start with a medium drop shoe and slowly work towards a lower drop.

Next point to consider is the hard sole, which provides stability during your workouts. These shoes help keep your feet glued to the ground and stay stable regardless of the load. When choosing between multiple options consider the pattern of your exercise regimen, your personal preference and how you’re going to use the best CrossFit training shoes.

The third point to consider is the durable outer shoe. The CrossFit training shoes need traction. The traction that’s on the top of your shoe is just as significant as the traction on the back. Adequate traction support comes in the form of ‘cage’ around the mid-foot and toes. This lateral support not only helps you grip ropes better but also reinforces proper alignment during the all-important squats.

One of the brutal tasks your best CrossFit shoes will need is to take on a rope climb. The proper rope climb technique allows you to stand up on the rope, take some stress off, your arms. Try to look for models that have enough structure at the instep. It allows you to pinch the rope between your feet to gain proper balance.

Another point to consider is the double under. If you’ve earlier worked on double unders, you might know that missed doubleunders hurt. So, the training shoes for women must have enough protection on the uppers to take away some of the stings.

Talking about durability when you trip down the rope, friction helps you out, but it can take chunks out of your soles. So, when you’re selecting the best CrossFit training shoes, you must carefully see the area where the bottom sole meets the upper around the instep. If the midsole has a soft foam with no added protection, they may not fare so well for rope climbs.

While purchasing the best training shoes for women, it’s good to consider your local climate. CrossFit workouts don’t stay confined in a controlled indoor environment. If you’re living in an area that has several snowy days, then find a shoe that offers the best traction you need to run in the snow safely.

Heat extremes are another consideration so check for breathability while selecting your best CrossFit training shoes. Consider shoes that have a light mesh on the uppers because it lets enough air in to keep you fresh. Next, consider your fitness background while selecting your training shoes.

If you want more diversity for your CrossFit workouts, then check the lifting shoes. They have a firm sole that does not compress under even the heaviest of loads. The “heel to toe drop” gets you into an excellent squat depth, as well as dropping underneath the bar with stability and speed. If you find that your lifting shoes don’t have the versatility you need, then consider transition away from a traditional lifting model.

If you’re a runner looking to get stronger: look for a model that will help you keep proper form during your lifts, but also still give you a running shoe sort of feel. If you have little experience running, then try to avoid buying minimalist footwear. The minimalist footwear typically has 0 mm heel to toe drop and little to no heel cushioning.

If you don’t have any experience in proper running, it could result in an injury. So take it slowly when transitioning into these shoes even if you’ve been running for years. As a last consideration always stress the comfortability factor. Don’t get carried away by whatever that’s new in the market. The workouts may be brutal, but your best CrossFit training shoes needn’t be.

What are the benefits of best CrossFit training shoes?

Crossfit is a training program where you gain strength and conditioning for anything. Professionals from various fields such as police, military members, tactical teams, athletes and martial artists do CrossFit. Some professionals do CrossFit for their job needs, but most of them are in it for optimal fitness.

Not all kinds of shoes can fit the quota of the best CrossFit training shoes, the ones that do what you need to do and that can carry your strength and durability are the best CrossFit training shoes.

Proper balance, safety, and support. CrossFit athletes train their muscles, ligaments, and joints using functional movements. The CrossFit programs are designed to increase their performance in a diverse way. It prepares your body for simple everyday tasks such as mowing a lawn or for tough competitions. The well-rounded workouts that use large muscle groups and various ranges of motion lead to better overall health, flexibility, strength, posture, and balance.

For all these activities your best CrossFit training shoes must provide proper balance. Whether you’re doing a barbell thruster or burpees, your training shoes increase your workout efficiency by balancing your body’s movements effortlessly. Your muscles along with your joints take up the stress of your CrossFit workouts. So it’s crucial that you provide support to your ankles and knees in the form of the best training shoes for women.

Safety and durability. CrossFit workout keeps you from plateauing because your muscles continuously exercise in new ways. It gives you the most effective fitness results in the fastest amount of time. You can adjust the program according to individualized needs by shifting the weight load, intensity, and duration of the workouts based on your level of fitness. You need the best CrossFit training shoes to push your body to such extreme pressures. Without the right shoes, it’s like riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

Effective use of resources. Many people are not aware that high-intensity burst training exercises burn more fat in less time. A study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning in 2013 found that improvements in body composition, including muscle gain and weight loss, was notable for those following a CrossFit program, irrespective of their level of initial fitness.

The researchers wanted to measure the CrossFit-based high-intensity power training (HIPT) program on aerobic fitness and body composition. 20 healthy women and 23 healthy men took part in the research study. Their workouts consisted of lifts such as the clean snatch, squat, deadlift, and overhead press, carried out as quickly as possible in a circuit fashion.

To track endurance improvements, scientists estimated the body fat percentages before and after the program along with maximal aerobic capacity (VO2max). The scientists found that after ten weeks significant improvements of VO2max and decreased body fat percentage in both the men and women.

Since CrossFit helps to use your energy to the max if you’re wearing inappropriate shoes, you’re leaving potential effort on the table; the best CrossFit training shoes help you to access all the energy at your disposal. The right CrossFit training shoes support efficient use of your resources and help you to attain your ultimate fitness goal of weight loss.

Versatility.  CrossFit provides time-efficient aerobic and resistance exercise at self-selected intensity levels. Research studies show that these types of shorter and more intense workouts, coupled with control over the intensity, can increase adherence.

A research study by the Department of Kinesiology at Kansas State University compared the effects of HIFT and moderate-intensity aerobic and resistance training (ART) on rates of exercise initiation, adherence, enjoyment, and intentions.

They found that high-intensity functional training participants spent less time exercising per week, than ART participants. But they managed to enjoy their workouts and continued their exercises. The versatility of CrossFit expects you to jump straight from one activity to another. You must be sure your shoes are up to the challenge.

Let’s face it, the more grueling the workout, the higher your chances of injury, the best training shoes for women, is your ultimate insurance policy against such injuries.

Fatigue protection. Your feet can act as a trigger and activates your muscles; they support your body weight from above, they absorb the impact of the ground reaction force from below. Since CrossFit put a lot of stress on your feet, choosing the best CrossFit training shoes will be your answer to reduce fatigue on your feet. If you wear small shoes while lifting weights, it will result in ankle rolls that will be very painful.

The best CrossFit training shoes create a proper, stable relationship between your feet and the ground that prevents ankle rolls. Moreover, they help to utilize your time more efficiently, improves your performance and looks great on your feet.

What are the precautions to consider for best CrossFit training shoes?

Some of the most common injuries in CrossFit patients include peroneal tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, metatarsal stress fractures, plantar fasciitis and acute fracture (the most common acute fracture associated with CrossFit occurs in the 5th metatarsal bone)

The general CrossFit shoe recommendations include the following. Use more of a traditional lifter which has a higher heel to toe drop if you lift heavy weights. If you like metabolic conditioning and don’t do the heavy lifting, then try training shoes for women with a heel-to-toe drop that is close to zero.

If you have a stable foot and do not have a short Achilles tendon, a very flexible shoe will be suitable for you. If you have a very pronated foot, try a more supportive shoe. This kind of shoe limits excessive pronation and protect against injuries to the knees and feet.

Experts recommend you go in for a hybrid CrossFit shoe that is a weightlifting shoe which has enough flexibility and padding to be “WOD-able.”

What are the best CrossFit training shoes for women?

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Reebok CrossFit NANO 6.0

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This best CrossFit training shoes for women has an updated re-engineered anatomical design that gives a more locked-in stability. It functions flawlessly through WODs.  The precision details of this training shoes for women like the textured RopePro+ shank let you tackle CrossFit-specific activities with confidence.

The KEVLAR®-infused upper manifolds its durability. These best training CrossFit shoes provide plenty of room at the toe. They are narrow at the heel and wider at the toe. Some of the unique features include anatomical shaped fit, piston technology lugged outsole and tri-blend foam fusion technology midsole.

“I bought these to CrossFit in and lift because my knees were starting to hurt from the high-intensity stuff. These are great!! Have not had any knee pain since due to the support these provide. They are pretty snug, and the toe box was super stiff at first, but they’re breaking in. No problems lifting, sprinting, rowing …. even have done Zumba in them. Love these!! Says Kevin a verified Amazon user.


  • Best-rated shoes for overall grip and durability
  • Excellent sole support
  • More flexible than Nano 5


  • Users are concerned about the fit

Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 Cross-Training Shoes

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This best CrossFit training shoe contains TPU lacing support, which gives you a more secure fit and acts as a rope guard for climbing. The air mesh upper helps your feet to breathe. If you like to be as close as possible to bare feet while still wearing a shoe, then this is the shoe for you

These training shoes are so light that you’ll hardly notice them. “These shoes are very lightweight and flexible. I bought these shoes primarily for deadlifting but will probably also use them for various cross-training exercises like box jumps, sled pushes, etc. As for deadlifts, these shoes work wonderfully. The flat heel with the zero drop helps to keep me as close to the ground as possible. The mesh material allows for my feet to breathe,” writes Christine D, a satisfied Amazon customer.


  • Zero drop gives excellent contact and reflexes
  • Very flexible
  • A good source of dietary carbs
  • Sticky soles offer good traction


  • Not recommended even if you have mild pronation issues
  • Some users are concerned about the fit

Vibram Women’s KMD LS Cross Training Shoe

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Don’t be put out looking at the odd shape of this training shoes; they work great for CrossFit. This best CrossFit training shoe offers grip, flexibility, and stability needed for lifting.

This training shoes for women is engineered for intense workouts and lateral movement. It has zero drop and circular lug pattern for grip during lateral movement. CrossFit participants like to go barefoot, and these are the next best thing


  • Zero drop gives barefoot feel
  • Extremely flexible with individual toes
  • Excellent grip and traction


  • Has individual toe slots which may not fit all the lengths.

New Balance Women’s 811 Training Shoe

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This best CrossFit training shoes is flexible, low profile and is adequately designed with CrossFit moves in mind. The unique features include padded tongue and collar, cushioned midsole, rear pull-on strap and low-profile cross-trainer featuring a unique tape-inspired upper with strategic support.

“I bought these shoes specifically to use for HIIT workouts. I did my research and trusted New Balance, so I gave them a shot. They made a huge difference in my workout, gave me excellent support, and helped keep my feet, legs, hips, and back energized and stable. Beyond my workout, though, they are incredibly helpful in helping me maintain proper alignment in my entire body, which is crucial in alleviating my lower back issues and staying strong in general,” writes Ezra a verified purchase product reviewer.


  • Low profile and light
  • Excellent for lifting
  • Very flexible
  • Tongue sewed in for added grip


  • Many users report size problems
  • Some users say there’s no proper arch support

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Our choice for the best CrossFit training shoes

After carefully considering the best CrossFit training shoe contenders we found Reebok CrossFit NANO 6.0 to be the winner. These training shoes have plenty of room at the toe. It has unique features like RopePro+ with sandpaper-textured Kevlar, Tri-blend Foam Fusion Technology midsole and Kevlar-infused and mesh upper.

These best CrossFit training shoes give you a more locked-in stability, plus it has a substantial satisfied customer base. “I’m still wearing these shoes almost a year later, and they have minor wear & tear. The toe on my left shoe is starting to fray from rope climbs and tripping over myself. I would consider myself to be a beginner and intermediate CrossFitter. I climb the ropes, run, and do everything else in these,” writes LadyFalcon, a happy Amazon user of this product.

Though some users say they have a problem with the fit, most users find Reebok CrossFit NANO 6.0 to be highly durable and flexible. Observing from all possible angles, we found that Reebok Crossfit NANO 6.0 to be the best CrossFit training shoes for women in the market

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