All You Need to Know About the Medicinal Properties of Guava Leaves


Guava is a type of fruit that’s common in Asian countries. But it’s also quite common in western countries. Guava is a round or pear-shaped fruit with varying skin colors. They can either be yellow, light-green or maroon. Inside, it has maroon or white flesh with tiny, hard seeds that you can eat. When it’s ripe, it has a creamy texture and a musky, sweet aroma.

It has a distinct fragrance and flavor that sets it apart from other fruits. It’s considered as a “super fruit” because it has a lot of health and medicinal benefits. Aside from the fruit, the leaves and bark of the trees also have a lot of health benefits.

Guava contains high levels of vitamins A and C. As a matter of fact; a single fruit contains 4x more vitamin C than an orange. It also contains 10x more vitamin A that an average-sized lemon. Guavas also contain calcium, fiber, folate, iron, and manganese. The list goes on as it also contains vitamins K, E, and B2. It even contains potassium, phosphorus, and copper. With all these nutritious components, guava doesn’t contain a lot of fats. Also, it’s one of the least chemically-sprayed and treated fruits.

Guava is also a very versatile fruit. You can use it in different cuisines, for savory and sweet dishes. The juice of the fruit is also very refreshing. You can even enjoy it as jams, jellies, candies, and sauces.

How Does Guava Work?

Guava is a type of tropical fruit that comes from a guava tree. Huge quantities of this fruit come from Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil. People usually eat the fruit raw. But they also make it into a drink or use it for different dishes. People also use the guava fruit, its leaves and its juice as medicine.

The fruit contains a lot of vitamins, nutrients, and healthy components. These components act as antioxidants which help stop or slow down the oxidation. This is a type of chemical reaction which may have harmful effects on the body. During this reaction, oxygen gets added to chemical compounds or elements. The leaves and bark are also very beneficial. They contain chemicals which also have antioxidant properties.

Because of this, people have been using guava for different medicinal procedures. They can be used to provide medicinal benefits, and they can also be used to treat certain conditions. In this article, we’ll go through the most common medicinal properties of guava and guava leaves.

Medicinal Benefits of Guava Leaves

The guava fruit gets so much attention because of its many health benefits. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that the leaves are also very powerful and beneficial. Usually, people boil the guava leaves then use the water or drink it as tea. Here are some of the medicinal benefits you can get from guava leaves:

Guava leaves to aid in weight loss. Guava leaves can help prevent the transformation of complex carbohydrates into sugars. These sugars are known for fuelling food cravings which then results in excessive weight gain. Because of this, guava leaves can aid in weight loss.

Nowadays, obesity is a huge problem all over the world. This is because lifestyles have changed from how they were in the past. This condition may cause a lot of health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and more. Fortunately, guava leaves contain a compound known as quercetin. This compound inhibits the formation of fat cells. It also contains catechins which have a fat-burning effect.

Guava leaves help relieve gastrointestinal issues. Guava leaves also have anti-bacterial characteristics. This help prevent the growth of harmful microbes in the intestines. When this happens, the gut environment becomes more alkaline which leads to the relief of gastrointestinal issues. Aside from this, guava leaves may also help lessen the production of mucus which causes irritations in the digestive system.

Guava leaves help treat colds. Guava leaves can be extremely helpful in treating colds. The high levels of vitamin C and iron aid in reducing mucus production. This helps prevent the microbial activity from spreading. When dealing with the fruit though, it’s better to go with the unripe variety. Because ripe guava might prolong the colds.

Guava leaves help lessen the effects of allergies. Guava leaves can halt the production of histamine. Because of this, they can help lessen the effects of allergies. People may also use them as a remedy for minimizing swollen insect bites.

Guava leaves help relieve oral issues. Some people chew guava leaves directly. Doing this may help relieve some oral issues. These include oral sores, mild toothaches, inflamed gums, and more.

Guava leaves help reduce acne. The high vitamin C content of guava leaves is beneficial. Because of this component, people can use it to help reduce acne. Simply crush the leaves and apply them to the infected areas. One can also add water to make a homemade paste to eliminate white and blackheads.

Guava leaves help reduce the common signs of aging. A person may also use the guava leaves mixture to reduce and prevent the common signs of aging. These include wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Guava leaves can also do wonders for hair loss. Just boil the leaves, let the water cool, and massage it into the scalp.

Guava leaves help regulate blood pressure. Guava leaves can also help regulate a person’s blood pressure. It prevents the blood from thickening which will help the blood flow throughout the body. This time, this benefit comes from the hypoglycemic nature and the high fiber content of the guava leaves. These components are known to contribute to the regulation of sugar levels and blood pressure.

Guava leaves help maintain brain health. Guava leaves also help maintain brain health. They contain vitamin B3 and B6 which helps increase the flow of blood. This promotes brain health, improves focus, and enhances cognitive functions.

Guava leaves can also maintain healthy thyroid function. Guava leaves also help keep your thyroid functioning well. This is because they contain copper. The thyroid gland is essential for regulating the body’s hormone levels and help the organs function correctly. Copper helps the thyroid regulate the production of hormones and their absorption throughout the body.

Guava leaves to aid in alleviating constipation. Remember that guava leaves contain a lot of fiber. Because of this, they can also serve as a great laxative, alleviating constipation. Guava leaves can help restore the body’s ability to excrete waste regularly.

Guava leaves help enhance eyesight. Because of the high vitamin A content, guava leaves can also help enhance one’s eyesight. They can help reduce the occurrence of macular degeneration and the development of cataracts. They can also help enhance overall eye health.

Guava leaves to aid in the digestive process. Guava leaves may also help aid in the digestive process. It stimulates the production of enzymes. The powerful antibacterial components help kill the bad bacteria which reside in the lining of the gut. They also halt the spread of toxic enzymes produced by the bacteria.

Guava leaves are also beneficial for treating food poisoning. They help soothe and alleviate nausea and vomiting. Boiling guava leaves and drinking the water may also help relieve stomach aches and similar issues.

Guava leaves enhance sperm production. Finally, guava leaves can also enhance the production of sperm. This leads to better results when trying to conceive.

Illnesses and Diseases, You Can Treat With Guava Leaves

 A lot of people are familiar with the health and medicinal benefits of the guava fruit. But even the guava leaves have some medicinal properties and health benefits. The leaves contain antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial components. They also contain tannins and other healthy components which are beneficial to the body. In fact, guava leaves are considered as nature’s pain reliever. Also, the chemicals within guava leaves are very effective in the treatment of different diseases.

Nowadays there are different kinds of pharmaceutical drugs and medicines. But herbal plants and medications are also becoming more and more popular. Such plants are being used to treat various illnesses and diseases. One of these herbal plants happens to be the guava plant. The fruit, bark, and leaves of the plant all have medicinal properties. The leaves are used for various medicinal treatments. Here are some of the illnesses and diseases you can treat with guava leaves:

Diabetes. According to research, guava leaves can help lower blood glucose levels effectively. This is especially beneficial for people who are already suffering from diabetes. The leaves help lowers the activity of the alpha-glucosidase enzyme. Also, they can help prevent the absorption of maltose and sucrose by the body. This also helps lower the levels of blood sugar. Guava leaves can help lower the blood sugar without increasing the production of insulin.

High cholesterol levels. Research has proven that guava leaves can result in the lowering of triglycerides and the levels of bad cholesterol. However, it doesn’t affect the body’s levels of good cholesterol. Aside from this, guava leaves can also be an excellent liver tonic.

Dysentery and diarrhea. Guava leaves can also be an excellent remedy for dysentery and diarrhea. Just boil the leaves (and the roots of the plants too) in water and drink it to treat these conditions. Keep on drinking until relief from the effects of these conditions is felt.

The fact is, guava leaves are typically used to treat diarrhea. The condition happens when the colon is unable to absorb water because of a bacterial infection. Studies have shown that guava leaves have potent antibacterial compounds which are effective at fighting infections and the growth of bacteria. The best way to use this for treatment is to boil the leaves then squeeze them to acquire the extracts. Then keep on drinking it until the feelings of diarrhea pass.

Bronchitis. Another illness which guava leaves can treat is bronchitis. The leaves help opens the lungs and loosen the mucus. This helps soothe coughs and relieve the symptoms of bronchitis.

Toothaches, gum disease, and sore throat. We’ve already discussed how guava leaves can help relieve oral issues. Because they have anti-inflammatory properties, one can also use them to relieve toothaches, gum disease, and sore throat. To use them effectively, boil the leaves and use the water for gargling.

Guava leaves also have antibacterial properties. This help protects the gums and teeth. Because of this, guava leaves are frequently used as an ingredient in mouth fresheners and toothpaste. One can also use guava leaves to make a natural paste for cleaning the gums and teeth.

Dengue Fever. Guava leaves can also be used as a natural remedy to treat dengue fever. The extract taken from guava leaves can help increase the number of platelets in the blood without causing harm because of toxicity. Again, one must boil the leaves in water, strain it, and allow it to cool. This should be drunk three times a day to help treat the illness.

Prostate and other types of cancer. Guava leaves can also be used to treat prostate cancer and other types of cancers. It can help reduce the enlargement of the prostate to because of its many health components.

Studies have shown that guava leaves can also reduce the risk of developing other types of cancer. These include oral, prostate, breast, and gastric cancers. The effectiveness of guava leaves comes from the healthy components which it contains. These components can help bring about apoptosis. According to studies, this process causes the cancer cells to start killing themselves.

Wounds and infections. One can also use guava leaves to heal wounds and infections. These include impact abrasions, cuts, and more. The antibacterial properties of the guava leaves can help reduce inflammation and prevent infections. They can also help promote the healing of wounds to speed up recovery.

Black spots, acne, and blackheads. Some people also use guava leaves to treat black spots and acne. Guava leaves can greatly improve the skin and treat some skin disorders. Black spots and acne are quite frustrating, and they can negatively affect the appearance of a person’s skin. Fortunately, one can use guava leaves to get rid of these issues effectively. To treat these conditions, mash the guava leaves and apply them to the affected areas. Then rinse with water after some time has passed. Do this until the skin becomes clearer.

One can also use the guava leaves to treat and eliminate blackheads. Simply blend the leaves with some water and scrub the nose with it. This will effectively remove any blackheads.

Itching. Itching is another frustrating condition. It can lead to serious issues especially if one doesn’t treat it right away. Guava leaves can help relieve itching. This is because they contain compounds which help ease allergies and the effects of it.

Hair Loss. Finally, one can also use guava leaves to reduce hair loss. These leaves contain a lot of antioxidants and nutrients. Because of this, they can help promote the healthy growth of hair. To prevent hair loss, boil the leaves in water for about 15-20 minutes. Let the water cool then apply it to the scalp while massaging it rigorously.


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