Justice For Medical Malpractice Claims


Medical malpractice occurs when medical care leads to injury for a patient because of negligence. Once a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional has acted below safety standards and compromised the wellbeing of the patient, that is medical malpractice.

A patient can sue medical health care providers for negligence. There should be evidence that the patient suffered pain or loss due to improper treatment. In a successful claim, the hospital will need to compensate the patient once there is enough valid evidence against the healthcare provider.

Attorney Stewart Cohen through his firm, Cohen, Placitella & Roth, ensures every patient gets justice for poor medical treatment treatment. The firm ensures that it represent you appropriately and assists you in building a strong case. They have also partnered with experienced doctors that are well-versed on standard measures in the medical field.

When to File for Medical Malpractice?

1. Misdiagnosis

Misdiagnosis can cause harm to the body of the patient. It means the wrong medication is given which may result in adverse health problems. It also means that the first illness was not treated.

Also, the doctor may delay giving a diagnosis, causing the condition to worsen. If the health care received contributes to the deteriorating health of the patient, then that is medical malpractice.

Once a patient is misdiagnosed, and the results lead to injury, they should rely on Cohen, Placitella & Roth to build a strong case for them.

Not all types of misdiagnosis are medical malpractice. A misdiagnosis qualifies as medical malpractice only if your doctor does not do what other doctors would do in a similar situation.

2. Refuse to Treat

Sometimes, a doctor may refuse to treat a patient. The health care is well aware of the patient’s conditions and arrogantly neglects to suggest medication. The healthcare may also decline to offer proper care for the patient.

Refusing to treat a patient is medical malpractice. Attorney Stewart Cohen is very reputable for successfully solving medical malpractices cases.

3. Infant and Mother Injury

Birth injuries can be one of the most devastating kinds of medical malpractice. This is when medical negligence causes harm to either the mother or the baby during the birthing process.

Wrong birth procedures may harm either the mother or the baby. For example, the mother can be left unattended for many hours leading to death of the newborn. The mother could also be subjected to unnecessary surgical procedures. The effects of birth injuries can lead to death or permanent damage to either of the two.

4. Surgical Errors

Surgery is often considered the last resort, to be used only when all other treatments have been found inadequate. However, sometimes doctors can subject a patient to unnecessary surgical procedures to get more money. Attorney Stewart Cohen has collaborated with the most experienced doctors and will help you in case your doctor subjects you to unnecessary surgery. Unnecessary surgery can cause damage to your organs, or result in surgical equipment being left behind in your body,  or cause infection due to the use of non-sterile tools.

What Attorney  Stewart Cohen Will Do for You in Case of Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice can cause harmful and permanent damages to the patient’s body. It can lead to the death of the patient or permanent disability. You as the patient or a close relative of the affected patient should seek justice for the ill doing of the doctor.

Cohen, Placitella & Roth firm ensures all patients get justice. A strong case is built against the healthcare or hospital. In association with a team of experienced doctors, the firm will help you prove that the doctor was negligent.

The healthcare provider, once found guilty, should compensate you for the damages they caused. In some cases, the healthcare license of the provider(s) may suspended for a short time or permanently.

Many patients suffer medical negligence unknowingly. Building a case against careless doctors and nurses ensures that they don’t harm other patients. Patients who have died should also get legal representation through their loved ones.

Bottom Line

Attorney Stewart Cohen has been recognized as an outstanding attorney in solving medical negligence. His firm is dedicated and professional to ensure that affected patients obtain justice.

Building a strong case requires stable and reliable evidence. The firm has resources to ensure the necessary evidence is collected. Medical standard practices are unfamiliar to many, which is why the firm has hired the most experienced doctors and nurses.

There is help for those who have suffered medical malpractice. You can get justice. Rely on experienced lawyers to resolve you medical negligence claim.

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