How You Can Use CBD Oil Tinctures Day To Day



CBD has quickly taken over the health world as a firm favourite, and with so many claimed benefits, it’s easy to understand why. There are lots of different forms of CBD too, so no matter your preference, you’ll be able to find something that works for you. There are CBD soft gels, CBD oil tinctures, and even CBD coffee beans. This means that if you don’t like taking tablets, you can easily ingest it another, easier way. Even though CBD is everywhere, you might still be unsure of what an oil tincture actually is. If so, keep reading and discover how you can use a CBD oil tincture in your daily life.

Tincture VS Oil

The main difference between a tincture and a CBD oil is that a tincture is made using alcohol to pull the active ingredients out and an oil uses, you guessed it, oil as the carrier. However, you might see some retailers using the phrase interchangeably as they essentially mean the same thing. CBD oil tinctures come with a measured pipette so you can accurately take your dose and you normally pop a few drops of the CBD under your tongue. However, there are other ways you can use it… 

Add It To Drinks

CBD itself has quite a strong flavour, so adding it to your drinks can be a great way to mask the taste. You can easily add a few drops of oil to your morning coffee to help you get off to a good start or you could pop some into your evening cup of tea to really help you unwind. You could even add it to your smoothies, as this is probably where you add most of your supplements anyway. This way, you’re less likely to forget to take it and you’ll get the added benefit of fruity flavours too. You can actually get some oils that are flavoured already, so they can help bring a new depth to your drinks. Some of them will go better with certain drinks than others. For example, the more fruit-flavoured CBD tinctures may go better with your herbal tea and the ones that are sweeter may be suited to your coffee. Adding CBD into your drinks is one of the best ways for you to get your dose each day, and you’re way less likely to forget it too! 

Incorporate CBD Into Your Food

If you aren’t a fan of putting things into your drinks, you could add them into your food instead. CBD oils can work extremely well in sauces and salad dressings. However, if you’re adding it to a hot sauce, you need to make sure you put it in once it’s off the heat. Otherwise, the heat can kill the active ingredients and render the CBD useless. Instead, just add it when the food’s off the heat or drizzle it over when it’s on the plate. This will not only mask the taste, but sometimes it can actually work well as a flavour for the dish. You can also bake with CBD oils, so if you’re a baking connoisseur, then you could whip up a batch of CBD cookies. The possibilities are endless when cooking with CBD tinctures, so why not get inventive and see what else you can add it to. 

Use It In Night Time Routines

If you don’t fancy having CBD during the day, but instead want to use it to aid with your sleep, then you should look at incorporating it into your night time routine. You can easily pop a few drops of the tincture under your tongue as you hop into bed. Shortly after you’ll start to feel yourself drift off and have an enhanced quality of sleep. You could also add some CBD into your cosy evening drink, as it works wonderfully well with tea and even hot chocolate. Bringing CBD into your evening regime can really help you combat insomnia and forget about your daily stresses. 

CBD oil tinctures are an easy and accessible way to take your daily dose of CBD, and with lots of different strengths and flavours to choose from, you’ll find it slips into your schedule with no problems at all. So, why not try out a CBD oil tincture and see if you could benefit from this great little compound. You never know the difference it could make!