The Complete Guide to Muscle Soreness Remedies


muscle-soreness-image-design-1Muscle soreness is such a common problem and it afflicts people of all ages. Reasons for muscle soreness vary. However, the best home remedies for muscle soreness tend to relieve this type of discomfort, regardless of its cause, unless it is triggered by some underlying health problem. Today, we’d like to talk about what muscle soreness is, what its key causes usually are and how to relieve the soreness with home remedy treatments. In terms of treatments, there are many to choose from. So, you will have choices, rather than being limited to using just one home remedy.

Our goal is to empower you by showing you the most natural treatments. These drug-free and surgery-free options are perfect for those who appreciate a more holistic approach to health care. In some cases, these natural treatments for muscle soreness have been used for centuries in order to promote fast and measurable pain relief. While you don’t need to try every home remedy on the list, keeping our list saved or bookmarked will help you to access holistic treatment options whenever you need them the most.

What Is Muscle Soreness?

Woman with backache. Pain in the human body

Muscle soreness is more often than not the product of rigorous physical activity. A lot of types of exercise may trigger it, from lifting weights to driving a big rig to moving furniture to carrying a heavy baby and beyond. Anything which requires a lot from the body’s muscles may provoke muscle soreness and there aren’t too many people who haven’t dealt with it during their lifetimes…

Often, we resign ourselves to muscle soreness. We live with it. However, we don’t have to! It’s possible to use an array of home remedies in order to treat it, no matter why it’s happening. Learning how to relieve this type of discomfort on your own will be beneficial. Knowing the principles of natural self-care will allow you to take good care of yourself when you are hurting. It’s always better to try these home remedies when pain is just beginning. However, they should work at any stage of muscle soreness. Once you’ve learned them and tried a few or all of them, you’ll have more control over how you feel.

In some cases, muscle soreness may be linked with an underlying health condition, such as MS (multiple sclerosis) or Fibromyalgia. If our home remedy tips don’t do the trick, you’ll be wise to visit your doctor. He or she is qualified to exclude or confirm the presence of an underlying health condition which might cause chronic muscle soreness. Our advice is not designed to be a substitute for proper medical care and advice. When in doubt, always talk to your doctor.

If your muscle soreness does turn out to be linked with an underlying health condition, your doctor will come up with a treatment plan for you which may alleviate your pain.

While a doctor’s advice is certainly the gold standard, our advice is really practical and it will help you to feel better fast. It’s pretty hard to enjoy life when muscles are sore and this is why we want you to discover all of the most trusted home remedies for muscle soreness. Many people have used these home remedies and found them extremely helpful. Our hope is that you will have the same positive experience.

Try an Arnica Supplement

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Arnica is a natural pain reliever which works its magic by reducing swelling. Since inflammation is often the reason why muscle soreness happens in the first place, nipping it in the bud with Arnica will be well worth doing. It’s probably the most popular holistic home remedy for muscle soreness and you’ll find it lots of places, from grocers to drugstores to health food stores. The smartest method is to choose an organic Arnica supplement which is pure and free of unhealthy fillers. For example, you should always stay away from formulas which contain yeast and sugar. Your body doesn’t need them. Purer formulas are definitely out there.

The flower of the Arnica plant is harvested in order to make this supplement. It contains active ingredients which are all-natural and designed to provide muscle-soothing benefits. It’s also a good choice for headaches and other types of pain. Every brand is different, so take it as directed in order to access the help that you need. In general, it works without causing side effects. Pregnant women and breastfeeding women shouldn’t use it. As well, you should never take more than directed on the bottle.

If you do experience Arnica side effects, which do happen occasionally with some users and which include throat and mouth irritation and sick stomach, discontinue usage and see your doctor immediately. In most cases, the simple act of stopping usage of the herbal supplement will stop side effects, too. Everyone is different, so listen to your body.

Apply Moist Heat to Sore Muscles


You don’t have to take any kind of herbal supplement in order to access pain relief. If you want a supplement-free treatment option, you may want to consider moist heat. This type of heat includes hot baths, towels which have been steamed or packs which are designed to provide moist heat to affected areas. This type of natural home remedy works by bringing heat right into your muscles. While dry heat application works well for many people, the majority find that moist heat is a more effective home treatment.

Moist heat boosts circulation and makes it possible for muscle soreness sufferers to access deep and healing relief which is very soothing. It’s so easy to use this treatment. Just make sure that moist heat isn’t hot enough to burn you. It should provide a lot of warmth without burning your skin!


Leave the moist heat pack on the affected area until the pack or other type of moist heat delivery system cools off. Once you’ve removed it, you’ll probably notice that you feel better. While it may be a temporary fix, you may apply moist heat a few times per day in order to take the edge off. It’s a trust home remedy which many people turn to when they experience muscle soreness, so it’s definitely well worth a try.

Try a Ginger Tap for Backache

Ginger powder and grated in the spoon with the root and leaves

Ginger brings a lot of warmth to the body and it’s truly one of Mother Nature’s wonders. If you want pain relief, peel a chunk of fresh ginger and then tap it on the affected are for a couple of minutes. It should bring in heat which soothes the discomfort. While ginger taps may seem a bit unorthodox to some, they are quite familiar to those who are interested in homeopathy. Since Ginger is easy to find and inexpensive, trying this interesting home remedy may be a great way to discover a practical new treatment for muscle soreness.

Use Coconut Oil On Sore Muscles

Coconut and milk , oil coco for organic healthy food and beauty

This type of oil gets a lot of fanfare these days. It’s a trendy natural oil which features an acid known as Lauric Acid. Lauric Acid is known for its therapeutic advantages, including the capacity to relieve discomfort. When you massage this oil into sore areas, you may find that your muscle pain disappears rapidly. Since it’s such as easy fix, and also very good for the skin, there is little downside to this home remedy for sore muscles. Use it in order to manage pain. Just be sure that the oil doesn’t get on your clothes or furniture.

Take an Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic Daily

Apple cider cocktail with pomegranate

Treatment for muscle soreness may also happen from the inside out. When you choose to use apple cider vinegar, you’ll find that it alkalizes your entire body and decreases any extra acid. This decrease in extra acid will stop pain and soothe inflammation. To get good results, take one to two teaspoons of this tonic each day. You’ll find that many grocery stores sell this home remedy and it’s also available in health food stores.

Try a Cayenne Pepper Tonic

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is loaded with capsaicin and this active ingredient relieves pain. This is why many commercial ointments for pain relief contain cayenne pepper extract. To get the benefits of Cayenne Pepper, dilute it in water. Use one teaspoon of Cayenne and add to water. Drink and wait for pain relief. Cayenne also provides other health benefits, as many of our home remedies do, including ginger and Apple Cider Vinegar. For example, some people find that it’s easier to lose weight may then consume more Cayenne pepper on a regular basis.

Do Some Yoga at Home

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You may not feel keen to exercise when you’re already dealing with muscle soreness. However, doctors know that people who are experiencing this type of soreness often greatly benefit from moving around, rather than remaining sedentary. Warming up sore muscles via gentle exercise often promotes pain relief, as sore muscles may grow stiffer and colder when they aren’t being used. For this reason, getting some gentle exercise in your own home may be one of the key to feeling better over the short term. When you make home exercise a part of your routine, such as doing twenty minutes of Yoga at home a few times a week, you may also prevent future muscle soreness.

It’s pretty easy to learn basic Yoga poses and you may do so online. If you want a full Yoga workout which you can watch on your computer monitor or smart TV as your exercise, you’ll find that there is no shortage of options. Plenty of Yoga workouts are out there. Once you’ve tried the Downward Facing Dog and other Yoga postures, and also learned how to control your breathing as you stretch, you may experience a lot of relief. As well, you’ll center your mind. Yoga is very soothing and some forms of Yoga have a strong spiritual component. If this appeals to you, go for Yoga where mantras are chanted. If you prefer non-spiritual Yoga workouts, you’ll find plenty of them, too. A simple Google search for Yoga at Home should offer up some interesting possibilities…

Try Our Home Remedies Today

Hopefully, our home remedy guide for muscle soreness relief has given you the options that you were looking for. We really believe in these home remedies and we think that you will love them, too. Try one of of them when muscle soreness strikes and then track your results. If you don’t get the deep relief that you want, try another one. We’ve offered so many great options and one of them is bound to help you a lot. These are tried-and-true home remedies and lots of people rely on them in order to feel better, without needing drugs or to go to the doctor. Of course, if your muscle soreness is severe or grows worse over time, you should seek out medical attention. A doctor will absolutely be able to help.

As you can see, you don’t need to swallow OTC pills or prescription medications in order to get rid of muscle soreness. When you use our natural and holistic tips, you’ll have other ways to deal with the pain. While medication definitely has its place, it’s not always necessary. In particular, those who prefer alternative medicine and holistic, all-natural treatments will benefit from our advice. If you would rather try drug-free options, you may soon realize that Apple Cider vinegar or Cayenne Pepper water works just as well as most OTC pills on the market, without the lab-created chemicals.

If you’ve enjoyed the information which is presented in this detailed guide, we encourage you to share it on social media today. Doing so will be an excellent way to start a discussion about muscle soreness remedies. So many people get backaches and other types of muscle soreness. So, our guide definitely has value. We hope that you’ve benefits from it. We know that muscle soreness makes it hard to enjoy life and our guide is designed to show you the right strategies for minimizing or eliminating muscle soreness.

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