5 Home Remedies For Dry Eyelids


Suffering from the dry eye can be uncomfortable and tiring. Your eyes can end up feeling like they are burning at times and you are left unable to wear contact lenses and some eye makeup. There’s this feeling of needing to rub your eyes regularly, but you know this makes the condition worse.

Dry eyelids are extremely common. While many doctors and eye doctors will suggest artificial tears through eye drops, they tend to be a temporary measure. You want to find something more permanent that will help your eyes feel moist and healthy on a daily basis.

You may not even want to put artificial drops into your eyes. However, you know you need to stay away from the bacteria and chemicals in tap water. They can cause more damage to your eyes. So, what are your options?

The good news is there are five home remedies that you can use to get rid of your dry eyes. Here they are to help you choose the best option for your needs and interests.

Dry Eye Can Be a Medical Problem

Before using these five home remedies, it is essential to get your dry eye condition checked out. There is a condition known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca or dry eye syndrome. This is when the body is unable to produce enough tears for the tear duct. The hormonal balance may be out of sync, causing problems with moisture.

Your eye doctor will be able to run some tests to see what the problem is. If you wear contact lenses, your eye doctor will suggest that you remove them for a while and return to your eye glasses. Contact lenses prevent moisture getting through the eye and can prevent oxygen getting in, leading to some dry eye conditions.

Dry eyes may also be a symptom of another problem. Your doctor will want to make sure this is not the case, especially if your dry eyes persist and have other symptoms. For example, pregnancy can upset the balance of hormones so much that the eyes struggle to produce enough tears to keep the eyes moist. This is only temporary in most ofcases, and you will usually find your eyes go back to normal after you give birth. Artificial tears or home remedies can be used during this time to ease the symptoms.

There are times that your dry eye condition cannot be repaired. You will need to take steps to fix the symptoms, which will mean the continuous use of eye drops or the following home remedies.

Start by Using Teabags on Your Eyes

One of the most common ways to repair dry eyes is through the use of teabags. You can use any tea that you have in the house. If all you drink is rooibos tea, then that is not a problem. Green tea and black tea are the most common suggestions that you will find online, but chamomile and lavender tea are also good substitutions offered. It is the moisture from the teabags that you want.

Teabags over the eyes can help to do more than add moisture. They help to reduce puffiness, which is excellent if you are suffering from hay fever or want to get rid of evidence of crying!

Make a cup of tea and keep the teabags to one side afterward. You will want to make two cups to be able to use them on your eyes. Squeeze them to get rid of all the water out of them and allow them to cool down completely. Putting hot teabags is not going to help add moisture to your eyelids, and it will likely cause damage to the skin around your eyes (let alone the actual eyes!).

You can put the teabags in the fridge, so they completely cool down. You want to make them as cool as possible before using them to help with the moisture.

If you do not fancy making a cup of tea, you can use cold water instead. Thisis not as effective, but it is good enough.

Place them in your eyes for about 10 minutes. Just sit back and let them get to work. Once you have finished, just rinse your eyes and allow them to dry in the air. If you used cold water for the teabags, place them on your eyes for 15 minutes.

This is something you will need to do twice a day to gain all the benefits.

Tea is full of antioxidants and tannins. Green tea is one of the best options, but they all have some antioxidants. These antioxidants help to repair your cells, which can mean fixing whatever reason you do not have enough tears being produced. The antioxidants will help to repair the cells within the eyelids, while also protecting the eyes from signs of aging. Not only will you help to correct dry eyelids, but you can also prevent wrinkles and reduce the look of dark circles around your eyes.

Use Baby Shampoo Around Your Eyes

Did you know baby shampoo can be a good way to repair dry eye conditions? It can help to add moisture to your eyelids without damaging anything. After all, the baby shampoo does say no more tears! There aren’t the same chemicals in baby shampoo as there are in other types of shampoos, so there are no irritants for the eyes.

Baby shampoo is not just good to fight against dry eyelids. It can also help to clear up infections, especially conjunctivitis.

You do not want to pour baby shampoo directly into your eyes! That is not going to help matters. Just put a little into some warm water—cool enough to apply directly to the skin but still warm to help encourage the release of moisture from the body and to open pores.

Use a cotton ball to soak up some water and squeeze out the excess water. Place over your eyelids and massage the mixture into your eyes gently. You do not need to put muchpressure on your eyes. There shouldn’t be any pain at all.

If you also have an infection, you will need to wipe the cotton ball from the tear duct to the outside of your eye. Only use the cotton ball once and discard to avoid putting the infection back into your eyes!

Do this on a daily basis. If you find your eyes are dehydrated, do it twice a day. After two weeks you should notice an improvement in the natural moisture released by your eyes.

Chop Up the Cucumber

It is time to grab the cucumber out of the fridge. Cucumbers are used in spas all the time for relaxation and repair. They are full of water, helping to add more moisture back into your eyelids and repair the damage around your eyes. Cucumbers also have some mild bleaching properties, helping to get rid of the dark circles.

The best thing about this is that you will likely have the ingredient in your fridge.

There are two ways that you can do this. If you have a juicer, you can make cucumber juice and use that for repairs. We will share both methods here.

The first is to chop slices of cucumber and place them over your eyes. Just sit back for 15-20 minutes and let the cucumber juice soak straight into your skin. The nutrients in the cucumber, along with the water, will help to repair the cells within the eyelids and around the eyes. You will see visibly lighter dark circles at the bottom of your eyes and immediately feel the difference within your eyelids.

Alternatively, make your cucumber juice and keep it stored in a jug or mason jar in your fridge. When you are ready to use it, get some cotton balls and soak them in the cucumber juice. Place them directly over your eyes, leaving them for 10 minutes to let the skin soak in the moisture. You can gently massage to help add more moisture to your eyelids if you would like.

Like with the other options, you will want to do this twice a day to gain all the benefits.

When you have finished, just rinse your eyes (whichever method you choose), and you will be ready to start your day.

Try Aloe Vera on a Daily Basis

If you want something that you only need to do once a day, you will want to get the aloe vera out. Having your aloe vera plants to get your gel is better, as you can avoid manufacturing chemicals. However, you can use the gel that you get in health stores.

Apply the gel directly to your eyelids to help encourage more moisture to come through. Massage with your fingertips gently. Because of the sensitivity and thinness of the skin around the eyes, you will want to use your ring fingers. These are your weakest fingers in your hands, meaning less risk of damage to your eyes.

Once you have massaged the gel in, just leave it for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off with some warm water. Aloe vera is not going to cause any damage to your eyes.

Aloe vera is one of the most highly recommended products when it comes to skin care. It is full of antioxidants, especially vitamin E, and is highly moisturizing. It will help to add hydration to your eyelidswhile helping to repair the cell damage that may be causing your dry eye problem. You will also find your eyes look and feel smoother and brighter than ever before. The antioxidants will help to reduce the free radical damage to avoid signs of aging, while the moisture will help to repair low collagen levels and add more elasticity to the skin. You will get rid of dark circles, wrinkles, and more.

Even if you no longer have dry eyes, aloe vera is something you want around. It has many more benefits for the skin and hair!

Try Out Avocados Instead

Another daily option is avocados. It is the oil that you want to help add moisture to your eyes, but you can use full avocados to get that. You will only need a quarter of the fruit.

Peel and grate the avocado and then apply it under your eyes. You do not want to put it over your eyes. The oil will get into your skin and repair the dry eyelids, as it helps to encourage more moisture throughout your eyes. Leave it on your skin for 15 minutes and then rinse your face with warm water.

Avocado oil is one of the most nourishing oils available. It is full of antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Everything together will help to remove free radicals, repair cells, reduce signs of aging, and protect against some eye conditions. If you have sensitive skin, this is the number one option for repairing your dry eyelid conditions.

You can use avocado oil instead. Use it on a cotton ball and massage into the skin beneath your eyes. If you do not have access to avocados, you can also use almond oil or olive oil. While they are not as effective, they will help to offer moisturizing benefits to increase the number of tears produced by the eyes.

Other Tips to Repair Dry Eyelids

While using the above home remedies, you will want to make sure you do everything you can to hydrate the body. Your eyes will be the first place to lose moisture, as they are considered the least important of all organs. Drinking plenty of fluids will help to avoid losing too much moisture from the body.

You will also want to make sure the skin on the face is hydrated. Avoid cleansers that have soap, as they are drying. Encouraging a normal, natural oil production within the skin is important.You will also want to use moisturizing creams to help add hydration if you have dry skin.

Avoid rubbing your eyes too much. Thisdoes not encourage more moisture from the tear ducts. It can damage your skin and the cells. You will find it harder to lock moisture into your eyes. A good diet full of nutrients and antioxidants is also important. By getting more antioxidants and other nutrients, the cells in your eyes will be supported, and you will find you have the right hormonal balance for the right tear production.

With all the above tips, you will get rid of many dry eye conditions. Your doctor will help you if there is another medical reason. The tips above will help to reduce the symptoms and make your eyes less itchy while you manage the condition. If you are worried about a more serious problem, talk to your doctor or eye doctor.


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