Workout Nutrition Tips – Infographic


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Are you preparing for a fitness competition? Or you simply want to live a healthier lifestyle? Did you know that consuming particular foods at specific times may enhance performance? 

Here are some tips to get your workout nutrition right:


  • Listen to What Your Body Needs


The nutrients each person needs differ from one individual to another. A sports enthusiast that’s more focused on doing endurance-related activities needs a different set and amount of carbohydrates and proteins compared to someone who’s interested in bodybuilding.


  • Primarily Opt for a Whole Food Diet


Put whole foods as your top priority as it provides a complete set of vitamins, fat, proteins, and other nutrients that your body needs to have an adequate amount of energy.


  • Mind Your Meal Times


Great news! If you consume your meals one to two hours pre and post-workout, you’ll still get the maximum nutrients and benefits from the food you eat. 

There’s no other specific time of the way when your food intake should be timed as the total food you consume affects the overall nutrients you have in a day.


  • Make It a Habit


Like any other workout or diet, embracing workout nutrition as a lifestyle or habit will lead to long-term results and effectiveness.

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