What Is A Vegan – Infographic


Veganism isn’t something new. This lifestyle requires avoiding all animal products in an attempt to limit the exploitation of animals. 

Lately, veganism has been getting quite a lot of attention. In fact, the number of online searches on veganism has greatly increased over the years. The word vegan was coined by a group of vegetarians in 1944 who broke away from the vegetarian society and decided to create their own society of vegans.

Vegans only eat vegetables and avoid any food products derived from animals, such as eggs and butter. People who switched to this lifestyle have done so because they are against animal exploitation. 

The term “vegan” was derived from a combination of the first and last letters of the term “vegetarian”. Moreover, veganism was originally defined as the principle of emancipating animals from human exploitation.

In 1979, the Society of Vegans was registered as a charity group so the definition was also updated. Currently, veganism is defined as the kind of lifestyle that avoids all sorts of animal cruelty and exploitation. 

This applies to clothes, foods, and all other things. There are also people who have gone vegan for the mere purpose of switching to a healthy lifestyle.

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