Why Water Is Important – Infographic


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There are many reasons why water is important for our health and well-being, but there is only one that has a direct impact on the health of the environment. When we drink contaminated water or consume food or liquid that has been contaminated by chemicals, the risk of cancer rises. Even drinking water from a stream or river that has been treated with chemicals is not sufficient to provide safe drinking water.

Some studies have shown that a third of all cancers in adults are linked to drinking water that is contaminated with industrial contaminants. If you do not drink water that is free of contamination, your chances of contracting cancer are greater than those who regularly drink water from well systems that are cleaned.

The amount of cancer-causing agents in drinking water is a great concern because these agents can enter into our bodies through our skin or drinking water itself. Many chemicals are known to cause cancer in humans, including herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides. Drinking contaminated water or consuming contaminated food or liquid can increase your risk of cancer by as much as 40%. A person who drinks the water that is contaminated with industrial chemicals has a fifty-five-fold increased risk.

You may have heard that drinking tap water will help you lose weight, but studies show that drinking water that is contaminated with chemicals increases your risk of obesity, particularly if you drink contaminated water every day for at least six months. A third of all children living in counties with high concentrations of industrial contaminants are obese, and half of all children living in counties with high levels of pesticides have obesity rates that are twice as high as other children.

When it comes to your health, you can reduce the risk of developing cancer by eliminating the need for contaminated drinking water. By drinking clean, fresh water from a well or other source of purified water, you can protect your health while simultaneously protecting the health of the environment. Drinking tap water from wells has been linked to certain types of cancers, especially cancer of the bladder, cervix, prostate, or rectum. Although tap water may be less contaminated than drinking water from a well system, some well owners still use chlorination to purify the water they sell to homes.

Drinking clean water from a well helps lower your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, and other ailments that cause damage to your cells and affect your healthy life expectancy. The reason why water is so important to our health is because the body relies on it for a variety of bodily functions. Without water, the body can no longer function properly and cannot flush toxins away and eliminate wastes. It also makes waste in our urine and excrement easier to eliminate and remove from the body.

Without water, your life expectancy decreases and your vitality diminishes. With low energy levels and other symptoms of illnesses, you will feel tired and fatigued, not to mention losing your sense of smell. Not drinking water daily can lead to dehydration, which is extremely dangerous.

If you want to live a long, healthy life, drinking water is an essential part of keeping yourself and the environment in good shape. The best way to ensure a healthy lifestyle is to drink purified water from a well, filter water at home, and invest in a home purifier to remove contaminants and prevent the build-up of impurities in your pipes and faucets.

Drinking clean water helps you lead a healthy lifestyle by relieving you of health risks such as asthma, diabetes, and other diseases and ailments. In fact, the National Institutes of Health report that one in four children live in areas where they are at high risk for developing high blood pressure or heart disease due to pollutants in their local groundwater.

If you decide to filter and purify the water you drink, make sure you purchase a quality system that will remove harmful contaminants. Some people find it easier to use water pitchers than filters that use activated carbon to filter water.

By using a water pitcher, you don’t need to worry about the chemicals and heavy metals that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Some pitchers even have filters built into them that remove lead, chlorine, and other chemicals, ensuring that you are drinking pure water. You don’t have to purchase bottled waters when you can buy purified water directly from a well or other source of purified water. Once you start drinking pure water from a well, you will want to take it every day and you will wonder how you lived without it for so long.

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