The Ultimate Guide To The Paleo Diet: The Dos And Don’t’s – Infographic


While many might associate the Paleo diet with other fads, it’s actually modeled after the ancient hunter-gatherer lifestyle. It’s all about consuming whole, natural foods that are found in nature. 

Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • The Paleo diet is rich in fruits and vegetables, which can be consumed fresh, frozen or steamed. You get an all-you-can-eat free pass on Mother Nature’s bounty – no strings attached!
  • Dairy isn’t allowed in the Paleo diet, which makes sense when you consider the growing number of people that have a dairy allergy and the fact that dairy is known to stress out the immune system. 
  • The Paleo diet encourages a high consumption of animal protein as it’s believed to aid in weight loss.
  • Starches are strictly avoided on a Paleo diet. This includes bread, rice, potatoes, and corn. Sweet potatoes and cauliflower are allowed and often utilized as a substitute for starches.
  • Processed foods aren’t allowed on a Paleo diet, which means you shouldn’t consume anything that comes pre-packed as it will contain harmful nitrate. That means goodbye to pre-packaged sausages and burgers too! 
  • Beans, legumes and peanuts are strictly forbidden on a Paleo diet, as are fruit juices.
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