The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Cooking Oils – Infographic


We use oil in cooking a wide variety of dishes. There’s really nothing wrong with cooking with oil for as long as you know the healthy way of using it.

Cooking Oil Stability

When cooking at high heat, it’s best to use a type of oil that’s stable and won’t oxidize or get rancid easily. 

If the oil goes through the oxidation process, it will react with the oxygen to produce free radicals and other harmful compounds that you definitely don’t want to consume. 

Coconut Oil is the Healthiest

When cooking in high heat, coconut oil is your best bet. About 90% of the fatty acids in cooking oil are saturated, which is why it’s highly resistant to heat. 

Coconut oil is semi-solid when it’s stored at room temperature and can last for several months or years without turning rancid.

Butter Isn’t Bad Either

Butter has a bad reputation due to the saturated fat content in it. But there’s really no need to fear for as long as you eat real butter. 

What makes butter bad is processed margarine. However, if you only eat real butter, you can rest assured that this food is good for you. 

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