The Health Benefits Of Sweating – Infographic


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Everyone should know the health benefits of sweating, it’s all part of nature’s design. Some of these benefits include weight loss, reducing body odor, and even reducing the risk of a heart attack. Sweating is essential to our survival. It helps to regulate body temperature and prevents toxins from entering our bodies, including bacteria and other harmful microbes. Our bodies use sweat to cool us down and keep us warm in cooler climates, for instance, when going to the gym or swimming pool. So the first and most obvious benefit of sweating is that it keeps us cool. But there are many more benefits. Let’s look at a few.

First, the effects of sweating on your skin will help to protect you against disease. Sweat contains chemicals called porphyrins that fight off infections by neutralizing bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Some common diseases such as colds and influenza are actually eliminated through sweating.

There are also some natural defense systems in the skin called ‘phytokines’. These cause pain but the end effect is similar to that of painkillers because it stops cells producing the proteins that cause inflammation and pain.

Sweating can also help you maintain an optimum temperature. When you’re hot, it makes it harder to breathe so your body tries to cool down. This is also why you need to keep a cool head and avoid being overheated. The effects of sweating are even more dramatic if you sweat profusely during exercise.

We’ve mentioned how sweat is helpful during exercise, what about your other health benefits? Well, exercise releases hormones that reduce the effects of high blood pressure and reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. Sweat also helps the body to burn more energy. As we age our body tends to use up more energy and this means less fat and fewer calories to fuel our everyday activities. So, while you’re sweating you are burning calories at the same time so your body is not using them for other things.

A natural cure for eczema is found in the same area as sweating. Excessive sweating causes the skin to become itchy and inflamed, and certain bacteria found in sweat, such as the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, causes a rash, itching, and redness.

Antifungal properties of sweat have been found in sweat for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used the substance to kill fungus on their skin, and many Indian yogis recommend the antifungal properties of sweat for treating fungal infections.

Sweating helps to detoxify the body. In our modern world, toxins build up in the body through many different sources. Sweat can help to get rid of these toxins through a process called exfoliation.

Excess water retention is often the result of too much fluid intake, unhealthy diets, and poor circulation. Sweat helps to remove the excess liquid and flush out the system by flushing the bowels, kidneys, and liver. These toxins can also be removed by urination, which helps to keep the digestive tract working efficiently, allowing for a healthier immune system.

Finally, sweating can help you heal yourself. Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly have a significantly higher energy level than those who don’t. Of course, the best natural cures for eczema are the ones that involve a lifestyle change. If your skin condition is due to a lack of moisture then you need to make sure that you drink enough water or take some sort of herbal treatment.

The natural cures that involve changing your diet are the ones that have the least side effects. They include drinking plenty of water, increasing the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet, increasing the amount of fiber you eat, and improving your immune system with herbal treatments.

So, if you want to reap the most health benefits of sweating you will need to look after yourself. By making some simple changes you can make an enormous improvement in your overall health.

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