Smoothie Recipes Loaded with Winter Superfoods – Infographic


If you want to enjoy a smoothie, why not take one that’s packed with beneficial superfoods? 

Here are some awesome smoothies with winter superfoods. 

  • Pomegranate Smoothie: Antioxidants are really good for the body. Luckily, pomegranates are packed with antioxidants. In addition to these antioxidants, you’ll also get to enjoy a healthy heart. Other benefits of this smoothie include a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s and cancer. 
  • Blood Orange Smoothie: Apart from being delicious, a blood orange smoothie can facilitate weight reduction. Blood oranges are naturally filled with fibers and their excellent for starting your morning. 
  • Kale Smoothie: Kale is a vitamin-rich superfood that contains large amounts of magnesium and foliates. During the winter, you can really enjoy the benefits of Kale by making it into a tasty smoothie. Kale is also low in calories.
  • Maca Smoothie: Powdered Maca has benefits that can be exploited. Do so by making it into a smoothie and enjoying it at home on a cold winter’s evening. A Maca smoothie positively influences mood and increases energy. 
  • Cranberry Smoothie: Cranberries can be made into smoothies that fortify your health against illness. Drinking a cranberry smoothie can help to reduce blood pressure levels.
  • Clementine Smoothie: Benefits of this smoothie include fortified bones from great calcium supply and improved immunity. 
  • Blackberry Smoothie: Blackberry has positive effects on your skin. Its antioxidants help to keep you fresh. 

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